... We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was "legal" and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was "illegal." ...


Martin Luther King Jr [Letter from a Birmingham Jail - 16 April 1963]



More details of expensive and deliberate medical negligence aspect of Australia's refugee "deterrence" policy revealed at Senate Inquiry [Nine MSN - 14/3/17]



More banality of evil Wednesday, as Australia's anti-refugee policy continues unchallenged ---> Serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, and any like allegations in relation to the Manus Regional Processing Centre - Public Hearing Canberra - 15 March 2017.



Perhaps Senators might ask the "People Smuggling Ambassador" what he does all day? --->  Australia's "People Smuggling Ambassador" Andrew Goledzinowski hasn't been to Nauru since his appointment; mystery surrounds his activities at Manus Prison [ABC - 9/11/16]



Guardian [3/6/15]:


... Goledzinowski [Australia’s ambassador for people smuggling issues, Andrew Goledzinowski] said resettlement was raised during the Bangkok meeting on 29 May.

All who spoke on resettlement said that this was not a durable solution for the Rohingya problem and that it would constitute a pull factor,” he told a Senate estimates committee on Wednesday.

“The UNHCR was the most articulate on this point.”

He engaged in bilateral meetings with representatives from some of the other 16 countries in attendance, and is adamant that at least one will seek further briefings on adopting Australia’s key asylum seeker measures.

“We also were able to talk a little bit about our own experiences during operation sovereign borders where we’ve been very successful in disrupting people trafficking and smuggling networks,” Goledzinowski said.





... Andrew Goledzinowski is a career diplomat with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and head of its International Organisations Branch.

He has served on the personal staff of two Foreign Ministers - Gareth Evans and Alexander Downer.

From 2000-2002 Mr Goledzinowski worked as Chief of Staff to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson.

From 2003-2004, he was deployed to Iraq where he served under Paul Bremer as a senior official of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

He was then seconded for a further nine months to the World Bank as its senior adviser in Baghdad. ...



Trial of refugee who attempted escape to Fiji from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime adjourned [PNG Loop - 14/3/17]:


The trial against Iranian refugee, Loghman Sawari at the Waigani District Court has been deferred to March 27.

The trial was supposed to commence on Tuesday however it was deferred because police prosecution were unable to organise witnesses in time.

Sawari and his lawyer Loani Henao appeared before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli today.

With the deferral of the trial, the court told police prosecution to make copies of the state witnesses to Sawari's lawyers next week.

His bail of K1,000 has been extended and he is to continue reporting to the Waigani District Court registry.

The 21-year-old was arrested and charged for providing false information for the purpose of obtaining a PNG passport from the PNG Immigration and Citizen Services Authority, a charge that falls under section 16 (1) of the Passport Act of 1982.

He allegedly used false identification to obtain travel documents which he used to leave PNG for Fiji.

He was arrested on February 3 at the Jackson’s International Airport after he got deported from Fiji.

Summary of facts before the court says he used a passport bearing the name Junior Charles Sawari to travel to Fiji.

The passport was obtained through a consultant, Junior Aisa, who allegedly submitted the falsified information to Immigration on July 8, 2016.

A fee of K1,000 was paid to Aisa for this service.

That passport was released from the PNG Immigration on Aug 2, 2016, and collected by Aisa. ..



Witness statements yet to be collected by PNG police for case against Loghman Sawari [EMTV - 14/3/17]



Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]



PNG Supreme Court Manus ruling confounds everyone (except Australian refugee "advocates", media, human rights and legal fraternity) judging by their silence [RNZI - 14/3/17]



PNG media report on the Supreme Court finding that men imprisoned in Australia's illegal refugee concentration camp on Manus Island are free [The National - 14/3/17]



... Of the 888 men, a total of 819 transferees were processed and 614 determined to be genuine refugees. 205 were determined as non-refugees while 69 still remain asylum seekers and their applications are under processing.

There are 730 applicants in the substantive case.

They commenced the proceeding in the Supreme Court seeking enforcement of their constitutional rights under section 32, 26, 27 and 42 of the constitution.

They sought orders that the respondents be restrained from deporting them to their home country, that they be allowed to be sent back to Australia, or in the alternative, to another country of their choice.

They are also claiming damages for breach of their constitutional rights.  

The 730 men on Manus Island are asking the court to order their return either to Australia or a third country. [PNG Loop - 14/3/17]



Nepalese asylum seeker in hiding after refoulement from Australia's illegal refugee prison on Manus Island [ABC - 3/3/17]



Dutton refuses a serious interview about the fate of men condemned by Rudd's illegal 2013 PNG refugee exile deal [ABC - 10/3/17]



UN Special Rapporteur says Myanmar trying to expel all Rohingya from its territory [Al Jazeera - 13/3/17]



@drzarni [13/3/17]:  My country is committing a genocide against #Rohingya. I witnessed today UN Monkey Show in @UNGeneva where a genocide is ignored. ...



Myanmar to solicit bids for its first LNG terminal [Nikkei Asian Review - 14/3/17]



Four Rohingya women and three men were detained by Myanmar police without any legal ground while they were going to Sittwe Township on March 10, 2017. ... [Arakan Times - 13/3/17]



Almost 40 hours after three Myanmar troops went absconding, they were nabbed by their commander and other troop members from the jungles of Northern Maungdaw on Sunday evening, it has been reported.

The three soldiers in uniforms along with their guns fled from their battalion 536 based at the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ Buddhist monastery in the village of ‘Londoong’ in northern Maungdaw at around 11:00 PM last Friday. ... [Rohingya Vision - 13/3/17]



Having fulfilled a key propaganda role in Myanmar's Rohingya genocide, senior monks move to make Wirathu a martyr [Al Jazeera - 12/3/17]



Media and human rights organizations issue statement in support of Myanmar Now editor [Coconuts Yangon - 9/3/17]:


In a joint statement released yesterday evening, 10 media and human rights organizations have voiced their support for Myanmar Now editor-in-chief Swe Win, who is currently being charged under Section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law.

“By gathering evidence and writing about those who are disseminating hate speech, Ko Swe Win is keeping the interest of the public in mind and fulfilling his duty as a journalist,” the statement reads.

The case against Swe Win was brought to the No. 7 Police Station in Mandalay’s Maha Aung Myay Township by Kyaw Myo Shwe, a Ma Ba Tha supporter and follower of 969 movement leader Wirathu.

It was in response to a post that Swe Win, under the name Ba Kaung, had put on Facebook a week ago accusing Wirathu of having broken the rules of Parazika for publicly lauding the murder of NLD legal advisor Ko Ni, who was also a prominent member of the Myanmar Muslim community. ...



Jammu: Right-wing groups try to evict Rohingya refugees [Al Jazeera - 13/3/17]



Academics, NGOs and rights organisations continue pressuring transit countries, as regional pariah Australia repudiates refugee convention with impunity [Inside Indonesia - 13/3/17]



One Afghan refugee - out of 1,000s stranded in Indonesia - accepted into the US [New York Times - 10/3/17]



Refugees trapped in Indonesia [Policy Forum - 18/1/17]



The impact of Australia's fanatical anti-refugee policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]:


... While it is widely reported in the media that the number of boats leaving Indonesia for Australia has significantly dropped since the commencement of OSB, NGOs in Indonesia highlight that people seeking asylum have continued to arrive to the country.

While some live in supported shelters or independently in the community, others are locked up in immigration detention centres.

By 2015 there were 33 sites of immigration detention throughout Indonesia.

Australian funding through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has expanded the capacity of this detention network since 2011. ...



Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



Secret federal government documents cast doubt over whether Australia told Indonesia and the United Nations about a retrospective ban on taking refugees from official channels. ... [Guardian - 11/12/15]



Seventy-seven Indian and 12 Sri Lankan fishermen were on Tuesday repatriated in line with the decision taken by two countries to set free fishermen in each other’s custody to defuse tension following the killing of an Indian fisherman last week.

Sri Lankan Navy handed over the 77 fishermen from Tamil Nadu, arrested over the past two months, to Indian Coast Guard at the International Maritime Boundary Line in the Palk Bay.

Similarly, 12 Sri Lankan fishermen, released from the Puzhal Prison in Chennai on March 10, were handed over to the Sri Lankan Navy.

The twelve were arrested off Nagapattinam coast separately on March 8 and 9 for allegedly fishing in Indian waters. ... [Hindustan Times - 14/3/17]



An agreement to be signed between the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and China Merchant Port Holdings Company (CMPort) for the privatisation of Hambantota Port expressly forbids military activity and envisages the setting up of an oversight committee to oversee national security of port property. ... [Sunday Times - 12/3/17]



International police conference starts in Dhaka [bdnews24.com – 12/3/17]:


A three-day conference for police and other law enforcement officers from 15 countries on the topic of militancy, terrorism and transnational crime has started in Dhaka.

The programme was inaugurated by Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Sundaymorning at a hotel in the capital.

Fifty-eight foreign representatives, including Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock, and police chiefs from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Malaysia are attending the conference.

A comprehensive strategy to combat transnational crime and terrorism will be developed through the exchange of information and experiences, said Bangladesh Police Chief AKM Shahidul Haque at the end of the first session on Sunday.

The conference hopes to also create a platform for cooperation between the various police forces and create a professional and technical support network for law enforcement within the framework for bilateral and regional cooperation in the South Asia region.

Representatives from Afghanistan, Australia, Bhutan, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam will be participating in the conference.

Officials from Interpol, Facebook, US IGCI, FBI, ASEANpol and ICITAP and other international organisations are also attending the conference.

14 work sessions will be held on various subjects at the event.

These topics include terrorism, human trafficking, financial crime, terrorism financing, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, intelligence and cybercrime issues.

At the end of the conference the international group of law enforcement officials will sign a joint declaration on terrorism and transnational crime.



Boeing Co's new 737 completion plant in China will aim to deliver 100 planes a year, with the first expected to take place in 2018, China's official Xinhua news agency said. ... [Reuters - 13/3/17]



Việt Nam has halted the import of poultry and poultry products from two US states, Tennessee and Wisconsin, which have been affected by avian flu. ... [Vietnam News - 13/3/17]



Armed police and security guards yesterday shut down a screening about the murder of political commentator Kem Ley and arrested four young activists in charge of the event.

The Khmer Student Intelligent League Association (KSILA) – some of them former students of Ley’s – had arranged to screen a two-month-old Al Jazeera report, with Khmer subtitles, about the suspicious circumstances surrounding Ley’s murder for a small audience of 20 in a private residence.

But a force of almost 50 men surrounded the venue and interrogated the young organisers in heated tones, saying they had not asked permission to show the film.

Four activists – Moung Sony, Heng Samnang, Soung Neakpon and Vorn Chanlut – were then asked to board a police vehicle and were transported to Tuol Sangke police station, where they were questioned for more than three hours.

 They were released shortly before 6pm after thumb-printing a contract saying they would ask permission from municipal authorities before screening the video or face the legal consequences. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 13/3/17]



@cambodiadaily [12/3/17]:  Son of Jailed Surrogacy Broker Deported Weeks After Arrest ...



Pence to tour Asia next month amid security crises [Reuters - 13/3/17]



U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will make his first trip to Asia next week and meet with senior officials to discuss North Korea's recent missile tests and U.S. economic and security interests in the region.

He will arrive in Japan on March 15, continue on to South Korea on March 17 and visit China from March 18-19. ... [Reuters - 8/3/17]



Japan to send its largest warship to South China Sea [Japan Times - 13/3/17]



The Maritime Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Navy are conducting a joint military exercise in the East China Sea, a Japanese government source said Friday. ... [Japan Times - 10/3/17]



North Korea warned the United States on Tuesday of "merciless" attacks if an aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson, which is joining South Korean forces for exercises, infringes on its sovereignty or dignity.

North Korea, which has alarmed its neighbors with two nuclear tests and a string of missile launches since last year, said the arrival of the U.S. strike group was part of a "reckless scheme" to attack it. ... [Reuters - 14/3/17]



US to deploy new Gray Eagle attack drone system in South Korea [Stars and Stripes - 13/3/17]



China proposes North Korea halt nuclear program and US halt wargames [Antiwar.com - 7/3/17]



Pacific Air Forces hold inaugural flying turkey symposium [US Department of Defense - 13/3/17]:


... The two-day conference, which starts tomorrow, marks the largest gathering of the region’s F-35 experts, including senior officers and warfighters from Japan, Australia and South Korea as well as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force, PACAF officials said. ...



Airmen and aircraft from the 67th Fighter Squadron, 909th Air Refueling Squadron, 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron, and 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron returned here after participating in Exercise Cope North.

The exercise was held at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Exercise Cope North Guam aims to cultivate regional ties and seeks to enhance the Air Force's interoperability with allied forces in the Pacific region.

The bilateral exercise is designed to enhance joint operational capability alongside 22 flying units from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Royal Australian Air Force, and the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. ... [US Department of Defense - 13/3/17]



John Pilger, The Coming War on China - Q &A from the Riverside Theatre Parramatta, Sydney Australia [March - 2017]



April 16, 8:30 PM - SBS Australia - The Coming War on China



King Salman arrives in Japan [Arab News – 12/3/17]:


King Salman arrived in Japan on Sunday in the fourth leg of a seven-nation tour that started on February 26.

The King was received at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo by Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan, Saudi Ambassador to Japan Ahmed Younis Al-Barrak, and officials of the Saudi Embassy.

He flew in from Indonesia, where he had a brief stay in Bali island following his official visits to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Jakarta and Brunei Darussalam. ...



@HussainBukhaiti [13/3/17]:  #Saudi #UAE CO strike targeted a car on road to Nehim E #Sanaa #Yemen yesterday killing 3 civilians ic 1 women injured 2 Cthread 4 Prvs car 



@narrabyee [13/3/17]:  US-UK leaders Provide Saudi war criminals to kill Yemenis,pointlessly, with banned cluster bombs every day. Dirty war. Shame on humanity.



Yemen on brink of famine, warns UN food relief agency chief, appealing for resources and access [Media Release - 13/3/17]



The Pakistan army is sending a brigade of combat troops to shore up Saudi Arabia’s vulnerable southern border from reprisal attacks mounted by the Houthis in Yemen, according to senior security sources. ... [Middle East Eye - 13/3/17]



Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in charge of Saudi Arabia's reforms, left on Monday for Washington to meet President Donald Trump on a visit expected to promote the world's top oil exporter as an investment destination. ... [Reuters - 13/3/17]



A teenager has died from wounds after Saudi police "responded" under fire in a flashpoint Shia community, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

The officers came under heavy fire on Saturday morning while looking for "suspects" hiding among abandoned homes slated for redevelopment in the Almosara area of Awamiya, on the Gulf coast, the ministry said in a statement.

Police "responded as necessary," wounding Waleed Talal Ali, aged about 18, who died in hospital, it said. ... [Middle East Eye - 12/3/17]



The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Monday said one person was killed and 19 wounded in a roadside bombing in the capital Kabul this afternoon.

The MoI spokesman, Seddiq Seddiqi tweeted on his twitter account that a woman was killed and four women were among 19 others injured in the blast.

The dead and the injured were civilians, he said. ... [Pajhwok - 13/3/17]



@pajhwok [13/3/17]: ... 3 children were killed in a blast in Khogyani district of eastern #Nangarhar province. ...



@pajhwok [13/3/17]:  3 #US solders were wounded in a blast in eastern #Nangarhar province, IS climes responsibility. ...



More than 10 people, including a security officer of the hospital, have been arrested in relation to the recent attack on Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan military hospital in Kabul for which Daesh has claimed responsibility.

Officials of the hospital told a TOLOnews journalist that the primary findings show that the attack was masterminded three months prior and was carried out with the help of people from inside the hospital.

“Since the day of the attack, security officials have been working on the investigation and between 10 and 12 people have been arrested,” said Asif Bromand, surgeon of the hospital.

According to a number of doctors and soldiers, the terrorists were completely familiar with the hospital. They even knew names of the doctors.

An Afghan National Army soldier said: “Terrorists were knocking on the door and called out names of the doctors. They were firing pistols.” ... [TOLO News - 13/3/17]



“Afghanistan: As only love could hurt” [Dissident Voice - 10/3/17]:


... Of course, Western institutions and organizations have the most impressive fences, as well as the Afghan military and military bases and government offices.

Enormous surveillance drone-zeppelins are levitating above the city.

It could all be seen as thoroughly grotesque, even laughable, but no one is amused. It is all very serious, damn serious here.

Afghanistan has been gradually overtaken by something absolutely foreign: by the Western-style security apparatus.

Tens of thousands of highly paid North American and European ‘experts’ have been getting extremely busy, fulfilling their secret wet dream: fencing everything in sight, monitoring each and every movement in the capital city, building taller and taller barriers, while installing the latest hi-tech cameras at almost every intersection, and above each gate. ...



Car bomb kills at least 13 in Somali capital - police, medics [Reuters - 13/3/17]



Mutilated bodies are being found once again in Burundi where politically-motivated violence will soon enter its third year, according to a U.N. human rights inquiry. ... [Reuters - 13/3/17]



Syrian opposition refuses to attend Astana peace talks [AMN - 14/3/17]



Russia was forced to recall its draft statement of the United Nations Security Council condemning the March 11 terror attack in Damascus because a number of Western countries tried to change the document’s essence, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday. ... [TASS - 13/3/17]



President al-Assad to European media: Western and European embargo is complimentary with the destruction and attacks of the terrorists in pushing people to leave their country [SANA - 13/3/17]



Turkish regime forces killed at least three Syrian civilians in the countryside of Raqqa province near the Syrian-Turkish borders. ... [SANA - 13/3/17]



US-led international alliance aircrafts kill 19 civilians in Raqqa’s southern countryside [SANA - 13/3/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 13/3/17]



Islamic State fighters remaining in Mosul after U.S. coalition-backed Iraqi forces besieged the city will face death, according to a senior envoy for the international coalition fighting the extremist group in Iraq and Syria.

“ISIS is trapped. … Any of the fighters left in Mosul, they’re going to die there,” Brett McGurk said in a conference in Baghdad late Sunday, noting that Iraqi forces had recently consummated a siege on Iraq’s second largest city. ... [IraqiNews.com - 13/3/17]



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [13/3/17]:


Nineveh: News agencies: The aviation has targeted the civilian homes near Yaqadha Masjid in New Mosul neighborhood west of Mosul, casualties resulted unknown


Press sources: "2000"US soldiers have arrived at Aien Al-Asad Base in Anbar.  [The Joint Operations Command denied on Monday news regarding the arrival of 2000 US Marine soldiers in Anbar Province. ... IraqiNews.com - 13/3/17]


"7" persons were either killed or wounded as an IED exploded in Doura area south of Baghdad.


Ta'meem: News agencies:A person was killed as gunmen shot fire towards him near Askari Bridge in the middle of Kirkuk today night.



Saudis propose coordination panel with Iraq following delegation’s visit [IraqiNews.com - 13/3/17]



US accuses Russia of aiding former CIA General in Libya oil battle [Antiwar.com - 12/3/17]



@th1an1:  #Austria, 13.03.2017: Protest against deportations to #Afghanistan at #Vienna International Airport.



Expelled and blocked in no man's land between Morocco and Algeria. Sick and without food launch an SOS #Fronteras @HelenaMaleno [13/3/17]



‏@sol2refugees [13/3/17]:  This is what happened after the squat eviction. #refugees released homeless in middle of night. In #CityPlaza we receive some families.



‏@sol2refugees [13/3/17]:  Photos from inside the #detention centre today, following an eviction of a #squat housing 200 #refugees.



Some pictures of the demonstration and rioting against the eviction of Vila Zografou's this afternoon. @Hibai_ [13/3/17]



Turkish journalists and opposition lawmakers protested in Istanbul Saturday against the detention of reporters, as a crackdown on the media has accelerated after the failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. ... [Daily Star - 11/3/17]



Four Turkish nationals who arrived on the Aegean islet of Panagia, one of the Oinousses cluster, last Friday are expected to seek political asylum.

The four men, all of Kurdish descent, are said to have expressed fear for their lives if returned to Turkey.

A fifth man from Afghanistan arrived on the island with the four Turkish Kurds.

The five are to face a court on Thursday on charges of illegally entering the country and are expected to lodge their appeals for asylum during the hearing.

All five are in temporary police detention on Chios. [Ekathimerini - 13/3/17]



Despite threat of arrest, detention and deportation, boat migrants pursue their efforts to seek asylum in the US [FL Keys News - 13/3/17]:


The migrants caught off Key Largo Sunday morning and at Black Point Marina in Miami-Dade County later in the afternoon are not the only human smuggling cases to happen Sunday in South Florida.

Agents with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations are also looking into a third case where a boat was stopped by authorities off the coast of Tavernier in the Upper Keys Sunday afternoon.

The vessel was carrying an unknown number of migrants whose nationalities have not been released by Homeland Security.


Captain Jeffrey Janszen, commander of Coast Guard Sector Key West, said his men and women stopped around the same amount of migrants in the past month sailing across the Florida Straits as they would in one day prior to the repeal of wet-foot, dry-foot. ...



Lighthouse Cuban migrants in legal limbo after months of imprisonment at Guantánamo [Miami Herald - 9/1/17]



People across the United States marked International Women’s Day on Wednesday as a day of action to recognize the sacrifices made by women and those who have been marginalized by society.

But one group who did not show up at rallies or protests across the country were the female immigrant detainees who are consistently denied dignity and do not enjoy adequate rights.

The United States has the largest immigration detention infrastructure in the world, roughly holding a combined 40,000 people men, women, and children every day who are waiting for their immigration court hearings. ... [Think Progress - 9/3/17]



How immigration detention retraumatises women and children fleeing violence [Think Progress - 22/10/15]:


... Respondents in O’Connor’s report said that they faced the most difficult and traumatic experiences in the initial holding areas after border patrol agents took them in.

That’s where children are separated from parents.

The report indicated that the separation of family members caused the potential for trauma and mental anguish for parents who previously experienced the real possibility of kidnapping and murder of their children in their countries of origin.

Confinement in a detention facility also brought back memories for individuals who may have been trapped or in hiding from gang members.

And some mothers reported that their children would be taken away if they didn’t comply with ICE rules and demands or if they complained about mental health issues.


O’Connor also criticized private prison operators for making the detention of Central American women into an “economic incentive.”

The government has paid roughly $2 billion annually for private prison operators like The GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America to keep immigrants in detention.

“They are not refugees or immigrants — they are commodities,” O’Connor said.

“The government has a contract to fill a certain number of beds, so they’ve been ordered to release people, but they’re filling them back up with new people… Deterrence is not working. It’s an inhumane policy. People wouldn’t come here if there wasn’t awful things happening in their sending countries.” ...



Flawed US response to Central American refugees reiterated by DHS officials [American Immigration Council - 24/2/16]:


Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continue to believe that deporting families and children quickly deters others who are considering coming to the United States.

This view was reiterated during a Senate Judiciary hearing about unaccompanied children this week, in statements made by DHS officials Ronald Vitiello, Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol at Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Thomas Homan, Executive Associate Director of Enforcement and Removal Operations at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In response to questioning by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), both Deputy Chief Vitiello and Mr. Homan stated that they believe fewer Central American families and unaccompanied children would come to the United States if DHS is deporting people quickly.

Yet, using detention and deportation to deter future immigration both raised legal concerns and is ineffective.  Last year, a federal judge ruled that DHS could not detain asylum-seeking mothers and children in order to deter other Central Americans fleeing violence from coming to the United States.

Further, a recent report analyzing the U.S.’ deterrence policies found that knowing about migration risks—including an increase in deportations—did not have any significant effect on whether or not a Central American intended to migrate to the United States.

The report, Understanding the Central American Refugee Crisis: Why they are Fleeing and How U.S. Policies are Failing to Deter Them, also details how the U.S.’ deterrence policy is based on a fundamentally flawed assumption—that greater migration dangers and knowledge of them would effectively deter Central Americans from coming to the United States.

The report analyzes surveys of Hondurans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans conducted in the spring and summer of 2014, revealing that crime and violence have the most powerful impact on someone’s decision to migrate.

During the hearing, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) emphasized this fact, stating that


“the Administration’s ‘deterrence’ approach is wrong, it is not working—and it will not work. These children are fleeing for their lives. They will not be deterred. As Pope Francis said last week, this is a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and he urged us to open our eyes and our hearts to those suffering violence and show them mercy.” ...



Silence in NGO discourse [Counterpunch - 13/3/17]



... Why do people set themselves on fire in front of UN? Because they remind us how human rights is a big business in this country and there is no real action. ...   Mina Taherkhani - political prisoner of the Australian government, Nauru [Guardian - 7/11/16]



Loghman Sawari to stand trial today after his attempted escape to Fiji from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime [PNG Loop - 10/3/17]



Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]


If you aren't explicitly condemning Australia's demented, anti-refugee "deterrence" policy, you are sustaining it (as well as impliedly endorsing ALP fascists).


Plibersek: People coming to Australia by boat should not expect to be accepted into our refugee & humanitarian intake ...


"tweeted" by @ABCNews24 [29/9/15]



 Shorten: Offshore regional processing is an important part of defeating the crime gangs. ... ‏@ABCNews24 [4/2/16]



Labor will be supporting this legislation because it is our policy.  "Opposition" Leader, Bill Shorten speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]



Political prisoners on Manus and Nauru understand the "DIRTY POLICY" Where is the politician, rights organisation, NGO, academic, "advocate", professional association, artist, musician, writer or poet who will demand AN END to Australia's anti-refugee policy?



Australian actors silent on imprisoned refugee performer, as cynical, racist frauds at the pro-ALP MEAA exposed [RNZI - 22/2/17]



Not enough "expletives in the thesaurus" to also comment on the pretzel logic behind the latest finding? ---> There are not enough expletives in the thesaurus for me to comment on #OperationSovereignBorders - Mem Fox on #QandA @OzRefugeeCounc [13/3/17]



PNG Chief Justice finds men imprisoned in Australia's illegal refugee concentration camp on Manus Island are free [ABC - 13/3/17]



So raise your glass to Thomas Keneally and friends as they flog another book fetishising the misery flowing from the ALP's anti-refugee policy (while pretending it is only Turnbull/Dutton policy) --> Revealing, moving and confronting accounts of the reality of life in mandatory detention by those who've experienced it. ... [Allen & Unwin]



... Academic people, writer people, artist people. Those people that they can make change and put pressure on the government.

Why are they silent?


Behrouz Boochani - political prisoner of the Australian government, Manus Island [RNZI - 15/10/16]



Last week, in partnership with the Australian and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts, we hosted a special conversation event with one of Australia’s greatest authors, Thomas Keneally, and British arts and culture journalist Mark Lawson. ... [Australian High Commission in the United Kingdom · - June 2016]



No opposition, and the Australian media's stubborn refusal to challenge the demented, anti-refugee "deterrence" policy, allows Dutton to continue playing God ---> ... Mojgan Shamsalipoor, 23, has been living in the community in Brisbane for the past six months after being released from immigration detention.

Now she faces a new battle as her bridging visa — which allows her to live and work in the community — expires next week.

If the visa, which has already been renewed once, is not renewed again Ms Shamsalipoor faces the threat of being sent back to detention. ... [ABC - 13/3/17]




14 March 2017