WikiLeaks under investigation for exposing censorship of international bribery case


The Age [14/7/15]:

Malaysia is blocking the Australian government's requests for information over a corruption scandal which may involve the country's Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

Fairfax Media understands that senior officials in Canberra are aware of intelligence that implicates people in the offices of both Mr Najib and his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi, in allegedly improper dealings involving two Australian Reserve Bank firms over contracts to print polymer bank notes.

But Malaysia has ignored a formal mutual assistance request from the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department to hand over sensitive information about the financial dealings of a group of Malaysian middlemen embroiled in Australia's most important bribery case.

The Malaysian middlemen are allegedly implicated in the bribery scandal, which has sparked the ongoing prosecution of several Australian businessmen who worked for two RBA firms – Securency and Note Printing Australia.

In another sensational development linked to the case, an Australian judge has accused WikiLeaks of blatant criminal conduct in publishing online last year a suppressed court order naming Mr Najib. It's also been revealed that WikiLeaks is under federal police investigation for the breach.

​The RBA bribery scandal involves allegations that Malaysian officials were to be bribed as part of a scheme by the two Reserve Bank companies to win contracts to turn Malaysia's currency from paper notes to polymer between the late 1990s and 2009.

Fairfax Media can reveal that the scandal is particularly sensitive in Malaysia because some of the allegedly corrupt middlemen are suspected of having close dealings with figures in the offices of both Prime Minister Najib and his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi.

It's understood that while he was deputy prime minister, Mr Najib's office was allegedly used by a middleman to negotiate a kickback from one of the Reserve Bank firms.





Australia bans reporting of multi-nation corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam [WikiLeaks - 29/7/14]



CitizenFour director Laura Poitras sues US over 'Kafkaesque harassment' [Guardian – 14/7/15]



Human beings say no to the Australian government's deportations to war zones

Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney [14/7/15]:

Last minute legal action in the Federal Circuit Court in Perth has failed to prevent the deportation of a 22 year old Afghan man.

An urgent injunction against that deportation was sought yesterday and Judge Lucev handed down his decision this afternoon (14 July).

The denial of the injunction means that this young man, who arrived in Australia in December 2011, will be deported in the early hours of Wednesday, 15 July, to what is now an active war zone.

This Tuesday evening (14 July), Refugee Rights Action Network members, along with other concerned citizens, intend to flyer passengers on flights destined for Kabul.

We will be asking these passengers to show support for a young man they don’t know; a frightened young man who knows that Kabul is not a safe place for him due to his ethnicity and religion.

We will be asking these passengers to do for him what they would do for a son, a grandson, a brother, a friend. We will be asking them to stand up and refuse to sit down until this young man is removed from the plane.

We will be explaining to passengers that ongoing Taliban attacks in Kabul have increased the risks to ethnic and religious minority groups in Afghanistan.

The Australian government when assessing refugee claims by asylum seekers from Afghanistan admit that some regional areas are extremely dangerous for Hazara and Tajik minority Shia Muslims. They state that Kabul is safe and determine that, regardless of where in Afghanistan a person comes from, that person can be resettled in Kabul. This is UNTRUE.

Recent events show this is not the case. On 21st June the Taliban launched an attack on Afghanistan’s parliament, killing five innocent people. On 30th June a suicide car bomb attack on the Kabul airport road killed two civilians and injured 26 others. On 7th July there was another suicide car bomb attack in which civilians were injured and in a separate incident a building was occupied by armed gunmen.

RRAN considers that these ongoing attacks by terrorist groups have turned Kabul into an ACTIVE WAR ZONE and calls on the Australian Government to halt forced deportations to Afghanistan.

The threat of imminent deportation looms over other asylum seekers doomed by our flawed processing regime.

The new “Fast Track” system will increase the number of vulnerable people for whom Australia refuses to provide protection despite our obligations under International Laws.

The use of outdated country information and the refusal of the Government to take new developments into account will lead to more people deported to danger and possible death.


Burmese military captures, arrests and disappears refugees trying to escape.


Australia is complicit in this genocide.




Which country on this map of  South East Asia is a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention?




Asia One [14/7/15]:

Myanmar's navy has discovered over a hundred migrants [refugees] stranded for weeks on a southern island, state media said Tuesday, in the wake of a regional boat crisis earlier this year.

The group of 102 men were picked up by Myanmar's navy off the coast of the country's southernmost Tanintharyi region, according to a report by the Global New Light of Myanmar.

"Some said they were forcibly taken from their country, while others reported having been enticed by human traffickers to work in Malaysia," said the report, which said all of those found had come from Bangladesh.

It said they had been abandoned on the island in early June and were found between the end of June and July 12.

The report contained no details about where they are currently being held.

Thousands of migrants [refugees], most of them Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar or economic migrants from Bangladesh, were stranded in Southeast Asian waters in May following a Thai crackdown on people smuggling that led gang bosses to abandon their victims on land and at sea.

The crisis shone a spotlight on the multi-million dollar industry that prays on the desperation of the tens of thousands trying to escape grinding poverty in Bangladesh and persecution [genocide] in Myanmar.








Nearly half of all homicide victims in Queensland in the eight years to 2013 died at the hands of a current or former partner or family member.

Queensland Coroner Terry Ryan reports about 45 per cent (180) of all homicides between 2006 and 2013 occurred within a close family relationship.


Mr Ryan reported that risk factors at play in the deaths were consistent with international findings and included a history of domestic violence, controlling and jealous behaviour, and actual or impending separation.

"For a significant proportion of these types of deaths there have been key predictors of a heightened risk of harm as well as missed opportunities for intervention," he wrote.

"There are also often similar themes, issues and identifiable risk factors that recur in many of these deaths." ... [Yahoo - 14/7/15]





Boy, 8, hit by car on Gold Coast

Yahoo [14/7/15]:

An eight-year-old boy has facial injuries after being hit by a car on the Gold Coast.

The boy was struck just after 8am near the intersection of Reserve Road and Jessica Drive as Upper Coomera.

He's been taken to the Gold Coast University in a stable condition, the ambulance service said.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.





Toddler injured after being hit by car on Gold Coast [MYGC - 14/7/15]:



A toddler has been taken to hospital after being hit by a car on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

Emergency services rushed to the scene in Tourangeau Court Varsity Lakes, following reports a child had been struck by a vehicle.

The two-year-old boy has been taken in a stable condition to Gold Coast University Hospital for further assessment.





So far in 2015, on average, there are 553 traffic crashes a day. Since January, 15,651 New Yorkers have been injured and 81 killed in traffic crashes. The victims of traffic violence are our parents, our children, our friends. ... [Vigil for Vision Zero, New York – 14 July 2015]





Refugees refused.




Russians denied visas to attend a Gold Coast conference.


Draconian anti rights laws undermine the rule of law.


Bigots plan rally outside the Arts Centre this weekend (heavily promoted by local media).




Fascism and tourism don't mix Australia.




Sydney teenager Mahmoud Hrouk sexually assaulted before being bludgeoned to death in abandoned house [Sydney Morning Herald - 14/7/15]


Asylum seekers kept in detention with violent criminals [Sydney Morning Herald - 14/7/15]




The perils of rebranding! Outrigger to Mantra, Surfers Paradise [14/7/15]




Detectives from Taskforce Maxima yesterday arrested a 24-year-old member of the Hells Angels OMCG at an address in Robina. ... [QPS Media - 14/7/15]



Sixth group of Peace Pilgrims trespass in Shoalwater Bay to slow Talisman Sabre war rehearsal




Peace Convergence Media Release [14/7/15]:

The group is part of the biennial Peace Convergence which protests the Talisman Sabre to highlight the cost of Australian-US alliance and war, in particular that the U.S. / Australian / Japanese joint war exercises are military posturing amidst rising tensions with China.

“I am a concerned Australian citizen who doesn’t want my taxes to fund war in which so many innocent people are killed with so little accountability.” says Sam Quinlan, one of the pilgrims now in Shoalwater Bay.

Activists aim not only to disrupt the exercises but to engage with soldiers and the military to send a message of Peace.

AJ Van Tonder who entered the training area this morning said “My action at Shoalwater Bay is to interrupt the war-games, but more importantly, to create opportunity for dialogue with the soldiers who will be sent to fight in current and future wars”

Three Quaker Grannies were arrested yesterday for setting up a ‘tea table’ blockade in front of one of the gates to the training area in order to have dialogue with the soldiers about peace.

Reverend Simon Moyle, arrested last week for his pilgrimage to talk to soldiers said ‘none of us actually want the death and destruction we’ve seen in the last fourteen years of war, so we actually have a lot in common with soldiers.”


Three Quaker Grannies and two Peace Pilgrims including Margaret Pestorius will appear before the Rockhampton court this morning facing charges, including trespass.



‏@peaceconvergenc [14/7/15]:  The Cat in the Hat found @ Shoalwater Bay... Purrsuing peace thru an end to US-AUS joint military exercise Talisman Sabre. #pc15 peace meow



Saudi airstrikes, Houthi clashes kill 45 in Yemen [Al Bawaba - 13/7/15]







US drone strike kills 12 in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar [Press TV - 13/7/15]







Afghanistan: Explosion in a mosque in Baghlan injures dozens including local officials [Khaama - 13/7/15]







At least one person was wounded when two back-to-back bomb explosions rocked the Kolola Pushta neighbourhood of the central capital Kabul late on Monday. ... [Pajhwok - 13/7/15]







Nigerian president replaces military's top brass [Al Jazeera - 14/7/15]







US navy chief visits Alexandria to discuss mutual cooperation with Egypt's navy [Ahram - 13/7/15]







An Israeli rights group on Monday released a video challenging the official Israeli account that a soldier was in danger when he shot dead a Palestinian teenager who threw a stone at the soldier's jeep. ... [Maan - 13/7/15]







Israeli forces arrest Khader Adnan in East Jerusalem day after release [Maan - 13/7/15]




Israel to build mall, hotel on historic Muslim cemetery in West Jerusalem [Al Bawaba - 14/7/15]







Netanyahu tweets in Farsi against Iran nuclear deal [Ahram - 13/7/15]







North Korea has challenged the entire US Congress to come and inspect a bio-tech institute in Pyongyang that US experts have suggested is a facility for mass-producing anthrax for the military. ... [Yahoo - 13/7/15]





Security forces in Burundi said Monday they had arrested around 170 suspected rebels and seized a number of weapons in a crackdown ahead of next week's presidential elections. ... [Yahoo - 13/7/15]





UN chief condemns twin suicide bombings in Cameroon [Media Release - 13/7/15]







Central African Republic: UN concerned by decision of authorities to deny refugees vote [Media Release - 13/7/15]







Bahraini king pardons prominent activist Nabeel Rajab on health grounds [Ahram - 13/7/15]







French police on Monday were hunting armed robbers who escaped after holding up a store in a shopping mall near Paris, prompting special forces to intervene and seal off the area. ... [France 24 - 13/7/15]







New York City reached a settlement with the family of Eric Garner on Monday, agreeing to pay $5.9 million to resolve a wrongful-death claim over his killing by the police on Staten Island last July, the city comptroller and a lawyer for the family said. ... [New York Times - 13/7/15]






United States, "allies" continue bombing Iraq and Syria - thus creating more refugees that they pressure sovereign nations to push back


US Department of Defense [13/7/15]:

U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, which took place yesterday, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Bomber, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted nine airstrikes in Syria:

-- Near Hasakah, seven airstrikes struck an ISIL large tactical unit and five ISIL tactical units, destroying seven ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL armored personnel carrier.

-- Near Raqqah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

-- Near Kobani, one airstrike destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Bomber, attack, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 39 airstrikes in Iraq, approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense:

-- Near Huwayjah, an airstrike struck an ISIL rocket position.

-- Near Habbaniyah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying two ISIL bunkers, an ISIL cache and an ISIL heavy machine gun.

-- Near Hit, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

-- Near Makhmur, an airstrike struck an ISIL rocket position.

-- Near Ramadi, 29 airstrikes struck 67 ISIL staging areas, destroying two ISIL excavators, an ISIL armored personnel carrier and an ISIL vehicle.

-- Near Sinjar, two airstrikes struck an ISIL large tactical unit and an ISIL tactical unit, destroying an ISIL personnel carrier, four ISIL buildings and an ISIL light machine gun.

-- Near Tal Afar, four airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and an ISIL rocket position, suppressing ISIL heavy machine gun fire and destroying an ISIL fuel tanker and an ISIL building.



Iraq says operation to retake Anbar province underway [Reuters - 13/7/15]




At least 15,000 civilians have been killed and twice as many wounded in Iraq's armed conflict since the start of 2014, the United Nations said in a report Monday. ... [Naharnet - 13/7/15]



Syrian children are becoming increasingly vulnerable to water borne illnesses amid peaking summer temperatures and dwindling supplies of safe water, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned today. ... [UN Media Release - 13/7/15]



Hungary starts building anti-migrant fence on Serbian border [Yahoo – 13/7/15]:



... Around 80,000 migrants and refugees have reached Hungary so far this year. About 80 percent of them are from war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. ...








Justice is slow, but one day there will be consequences.




Psychologists collaborated with CIA and Pentagon on post-9/11 torture program, may face ethics charges  [Democracy Now - 13/7/15]:


… AMY GOODMAN: When you say you were appointed to be duped, what do you mean?

JEAN MARIA ARRIGO [social psychologist, oral historian, and a member of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology] : What I meant was that, apparently, as we see in the Hoffman report, that we were—there were background checks on us. We were looked at. I was supposedly—I thought that I was brought in because of my great expertise, OK? And this fantasy was brought home to me by the ethics director, Stephen Behnke. I was brought in, supposedly, according to the Hoffman report, as a Latina, for diversity. Unfortunately, Latina here meant someone with Sicilian Mafia background, instead of cross the border.

And the manipulation began very early on. So, for instance, I was seated—seating was not at random or by choice. I was seated between, on the one side, Morgan Banks, who was the head of the BSCT psychologists, and, on the other side, the now-president Barry Anton, who was at that time the liaison from the APA board to the task force. And as I felt later, not at the time, and as was borne out in the Hoffman report, Banks, especially, was the person chosen to manipulate me, and as well as Behnke. So we could see, for instance, in the hallway, that one of them would come up to me and say, "Oh, Dr. Arrigo, we’re so gratified that you’re here, with your other point of view, your dissident point of view. We really need to hear from you. Please keep informing us. What we’re doing here right now, you understand, is just a first stage, and the ideas that you’re bringing up will continue to the later, more important stages." So, both Michael Wessells, who was also a peace psychologist, and I were strung along with this idea.



The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Media Release [5/6/14]:


Australasia's largest specialist medical college, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) strongly supports physicians and other medical professionals who place their duty of care to patients first and foremost. The RACP congratulates doctors who are prepared to speak out to protect the health of people in immigration detention.
The oath taken by all doctors, 'to first do not harm' guides their conduct. This oath, and a doctors' ability to act in their patient's best interests, must be respected in all circumstances, including in Australia's immigration detention facilities.
The Physicians for Human Rights report says:
"Health professionals who participate in the immigration detention system are bound by the same standards of conduct that apply to their treatment of patients in private clinics and hospitals: to treat their duty to patients as their first priority and to always act int he best interests of the patient.
Fidelity to patients is the cornerstone of medical ethics considerations around the world, regardless of institutional setting."
The RACP remains concerned about the limited transparency around the health of asylum seekers in detention. Since the the disbandment of the Immigration Health Advisory Group in December 2013, there has been a lack of clarity on measures to ensure appropriate health screening and medical care to help protect the health of men, women and children in detention.
There is an urgent and ongoing need to ensure independent expert oversight of health and menteal health care for children and adults in immigration detention.
The RACP is calling on the Federal Government to work with the RACP and other medical experts to protet and manage the health of people in immigration detetion facilities.




Is it time for doctors to make a stand on detention? Brynn O'Brien [21/2/14]




Australia stopped accepting UNHCR refugees in October 2014.



The ongoing silence of "opposition" and human rights groups is ASTONISHING .





We've asked Andrew Harper - via Twitter - why  the UNHCR has remained silent on Australia's decision to stop accepting refugees since October 2014.




@And_Harper - Andrew Harper - UNHCR's Representative to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan [10/7/15]:   What happens if no one helps? A cemetery for war wounded #Syrians on the #Jo border @refugees incl. #childrenofsyria




West Australian [9/6/14]:


Andrew Harper, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR's representative to Jordan, says Australians "punch above their weight" in war zones and humanitarian disasters.

Mr Harper said he believed he had "one of the best jobs in the world". "I can contribute to improving the wellbeing of those who have fled what is possibly the world's biggest calamity for decades," he said.

"I have a fantastic team working with a Government that, despite its limited resources, has proven it is prepared to offer protection to those fleeing violence when countries that have much more turn away those seeking safety."

The new Member of the Order of Australia said the recognition was humbling.

"Obviously, we don't do what we do for recognition and it is humbling when you receive a reward as there are so many more Australians working out on the front lines doing difficult work on behalf of refugees but they're not in the spotlight," Mr Harper said.




Interview with Andrew Harper, UNHCR Country Representative in Jordan [UNHCR]




This weekend marks the third anniversary of what has become the largest refugee crisis of the 21st century, that of the Syrian conflict. Violence continues unabated and millions of Syrians have been forced from their homes. In Syria itself the UN estimates that 9 million are in need of aid, including 3.5 million living in areas where aid groups cannot reach them. Another 2.5 million are now registered as refugees — half of whom are children. Statistics, however shocking, cannot possibly convey the extent of the suffering that is taking place in Syria and of those who have had to flee their homeland. ... [Jordan Times - 12/3/14]




"About an hour before he died, Major General Anmar Hmoud held my arm and said: “we need to help these people”. ... [Sunday Night - 17/5/14]



Great to see @And_Harper, #UNHCR rep in #Jordan, in today's Australian honours list. Congratulations, Andrew Harper AM

Well done, Marilla Lowrey OAM, of Braidwood Rural Australians for #Refugees, in Australian #HonoursList today.

Congrats to Virginia Walker OAM, honoured today for her work as founder of Bridge for #AsylumSeekers


"tweeted" by @OzRefugeeCounc - Refugee Council of Australia [9/6/14]






Fundraising for what?  Keeping refugees stranded in the desert while Australia refuses to take any in? [UNHCR Australia - 14/7/15]






Why is education being prioritised when these people urgently need safe places to live?

Malala warns of education funding threat for Syrian refugees [UNHCR Media Release – 13/7/15]:



... UNHCR's Representative to Jordan Andrew Harper said funding shortages have already had a negative effect on school enrollment among Syrian refugees in Jordan.

"What we're seeing at the moment, because we're having to cut back on assistance because of the lack of donor support, is that some 20 percent of the children who were previously going to school are now not going," he said.

"Unfortunately we think that they are now working, or in some cases girls are being forced due to circumstances into early marriage. This is something which we should not allow to happen," he added.







‏@moas_eu [13/7/15]:  Breaking: Another rescue successfully concluded by #MOAS earlier today from a small wooden boat. More to follow.





‏@sarahinthesen8 - Senator Sarah Hanson-Young [13/7/15]:  Amazing to experience the rescue of 414 men, women & children out here at sea. @moas_eu & @MSF teams are incredible

‏@seawatchcrew [13/7/15]:   #Einsatz6 – heute, am 13.07. - 121 Personen, alle gerettet, 14 Frauen, ein Kind. Keine Schwangeren, keine Verletzten


117 rescued from refugee boat off Greek island of Zakinthos [Yahoo – 12/7/15]




UK: Birmingham councillors urge Foreign Secretary and UN to intervene on Rohingya genocide




Birmingham Mail [13/7/15]:


More than 100 Birmingham City Councillors have signed a letter calling on the Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond to take a lead in the fight against human rights abuses in Burma.

The letter calls on the British Government to use its influence on the United National Security Council to intervene in Burma and put a stop to the genocide and persecution of the Muslim Rohingya people of Burma.

The Rohingya people have been described as “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities” and are denied basic citizenship in Burma, have been herded into ghettos.

Recently many have fled persecution to neighbouring countries where they are being housed in refugee camps. Others have been abandoned by human traffickers and in May mass graves were found along the borders.

Now Birmingham’s councillors want Britain to back a United Nations resolution demanding the Burmese Government grant citizenship to Rohingya people, allow UN observers and peace keeping forces in and bring to justice those responsible for the genocide.

Two Labour councillors Waseem Zaffar (Lozells and East Handsworth) and Mariam Khan (Washwood Heath) composed the letter and secured the signature of almost all of their colleagues.

Coun Khan said: “I am pleased that 101 Birmingham City Councillors, including the three party leaders, signed and supported my letter to the Foreign Secretary highlighting the genocide in Rohingya people in Burma.

“This genocide must stop and our Government should be taking a lead at the United Nations Security Council to call for an end to ethnic cleansing of the innocent Rohingya people.

“As someone who is passionate about human rights, it is important for me to highlight this atrocity especially as we mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrinica.”

The Srebrinica massacre of July 1995 saw the deaths of 8,000 Bosnians and was the worst human rights atrocity in Europe since the Second World War.


Australia whitewashes genocide with PR [Australian Embassy in Myanmar - 13/7/15]:


Sayadaw Shwe Nya War, Ven Suriya and San Chaung Ko Ko Gyi meeting with Australian Ambassador to Myanmar, HE Nicholas Coppel, to discuss the Australia-Burma Society's forthcoming “Buddhist Literature Symposiums” to be held in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Perth.


Heineken opens $60 million brewery in Myanmar [Naharnet – 13/7/15]




 Australian media, "opposition" LIE by omission:  US requests WTO panel to examine Indonesia’s import restrictions [Media Release - March 2015]:




United States Trade Representative Michael Froman announced today that the United States has requested the World Trade Organization (WTO) to establish a dispute settlement panel to examine Indonesia’s wide-ranging import restrictions on fruits and vegetables (such as apples, grapes, and potatoes), animal products (such as beef and poultry), and other agricultural products.

These measures include a ban on poultry and certain meat products and Indonesia’s trade-restrictive import licensing regimes for horticultural products and animals and animal products. Indonesia’s prohibitions and restrictions have unfairly limited opportunities for U.S. farmers and ranchers to export their world-class products to Indonesia’s large and growing market.

The United States has been working closely with New Zealand in this dispute, and New Zealand is also requesting the establishment of a WTO panel to examine Indonesia’s import restrictions.

In 2014, the United States exported a record-high $155.1 billion of agricultural exports to the world, supporting over a million American jobs. Increasing those exports and protecting the trade rights of American farmers and ranchers is a high economic priority for President Obama.





He may be a former MP, but there is no evidence protected and unaccountable Gary Johns has left the ALP.



He is a prominent ALP figure.



His genocidal remarks are not being condemned because the political, media and human rights establishment largely agree with him. (Shayne Neumann's opinionating in the Murdoch Press and the views of former Murdoch staffers like Pats Karvelas being aired on The Drum don't count)



Why are intelligent Australians still allowing incendiary Murdoch fascists to greenlight bigotry?




Dr Chelsea Bond [New Matilda - 14/7/15]:

... Aboriginal people have long been depicted as animalistic, not quite human, and accordingly were counted among the flora and fauna up until the 1960s. The depiction of Aboriginal women as cows more specifically suggests that we are not just animals, but that we are the most docile creature lacking agency over our own lives.

This docility is evidenced in a series of caricatures published in The Australian by cartoonist Bill Leaks a few years ago. The fact that an issue as serious as domestic violence can readily and repeatedly be made light of when the victims are Aboriginal women is further evidence of the ongoing dehumanization of Aboriginal women.

Prime Minster Abbott’s suggestion at the 2013 Garma Festival that Aboriginal women “were cowering in their houses or huts” again reveals to us the construction of Aboriginal women as both primitive and powerless.

These contemporary narrative possibilities are reproductions of colonial constructions of Aboriginal women which served to enable the ongoing exploitation of Aboriginal women for labour and sex by white men. They enabled the forced removal of children from their Aboriginal mothers and they enable the ongoing regulations imposed upon the lives of Aboriginal women in this country today, most notably evidenced through the Northern Territory Emergency Intervention, as well as Income and Alcohol Management Plans.

I agree that the abuse of Aboriginal women is real and it must stop. However it must be recognized that the deployment of Aboriginal women as passive, docile and incapable objects to justify the ongoing regulation and control over Aboriginal lives and lands also constitutes a form of abuse that, too, must stop.

I am an Aboriginal mother of five children, but I am not a cash cow. I live in one of the most socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in Brisbane, but my decision to have a large family is not a product of my “lack of education and lack of employment”. It is not indicative of my lack of control over my reproductive organs.

I am not a recipient of government support to provide for my children (i.e. Family Tax Benefit, Child Care Rebate etc) and I certainly don’t begrudge those who are. While my reality may contest the narrative truths of Aboriginal women as articulated by Johns, it does not prohibit me from experiencing the social stigma resulting from such representations.





What are the chances Billy Gordon would have achieved this for the people of Cook if he was still in the ALP?






Billy Gordon MP [14/7/15]:

I am pleased to announce that after two years of lobbying for cheaper airfares for Cape York and the Torres Strait, the Palaszcuk government has delivered a commitment to provide an airfare subsidy scheme.

I commend the current government for listening to the call from the community and for providing a much needed break for Queenslanders that are struggling with the high cost of living in the region.



Jokowi wants work on Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train to begin in August

Coconuts Jakarta [13/7/15]:

The much anticipated Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train project, which could take passengers from the capital to Paris van Java in around half-an-hour, may become a reality sooner than you’d think.

"The president would like it groundbreaking was already done in August," Coordinating Minister for the Economy Sofyan Djalil told Republika Online after attending a cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office today.

However, the government has still not decided whether to use high-speed train technology from Japan or China, both of which have shown interest in backing the project.

Sofyan said the government would decide the matter by holding a “beauty contest” in which an independent third-party consultant would judge both countries offers and assess which had the most favorable terms and which had the right technology for Indonesia’s needs.




14 July 2015