Why 5 years punishment and still continue why ?



We are still suffering please don't forget #Manus @VoiceJournalis1 [West Haus - 14/1/18]



@VoiceJournalis1 [14/1/18]:  When we were in lombrum detention center you know what PNG immigration who work under ABF were constantly saying it's not hygienic for you to stay in closed detention. And here it's hygeinic​ in new detention, where toilets sewerage is flowing behind food mess!!!



@sunosi3 [14/1/18]:  ... It’s 165th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center . #lives of Human beings are locked up by political interests #Manus Hell  



Bill Shorten's plaything Senator McKim makes another trip to Manus Island for selfies, self promotion and to pointedly not demand freedom and the end of Labor Party anti-refugee policy [14/1/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [14/1/18]:  Why did Senator McKim withdraw #Senate notice of motion No. 439? ...  "details of the occasions on which Mr Shamshiripour was transferred to Australia ... INCLUDING THE SERVICE PROVIDER OF THE TREATMENT" ...



... German officials stamped “EVACUATED,” a word with neutral connotations, on the passports of Jews deported from Germany and Austria to the “model” ghetto at Theresienstadt, near Prague, or to ghettos in the East.

German bureaucrats characterized deportations from the ghettos as “resettlements,” though such “resettlement” usually ended in death. ... Deceiving the public [US Holocaust Memorial Museum]



Syrian man who accepted slave status in Cambodia after being tortured and lied to on Nauru, exploited by the Guardian as they fire off another "deterrence" salvo. Australia's bipartisan war of attrition against refugees continues unchallenged. [14/1/18]



Australia and the IOM exile Syrian refugee (after years of torture on Nauru) to Cambodia with false promises of rights, citizenship and family reunification [Phnom Penh Post - 25/11/16]



Australia's multi million dollar "Voyage of the Damned" refugee exile-slavery deal with Cambodia is no joke [BBC – 18/9/15]:


... When the first four refugees arrived in June, they were swiftly taken to a gated villa on a quiet street in southern Phnom Penh, where they have been sequestered ever since.

They have had limited contact with outsiders, including other people living in the neighbourhood.

Officials at the International Organisation for Migration who are assisting the refugees will not be drawn on their daily activities, citing privacy concerns.

Sister Denise Coghlan, who heads up the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Cambodia, has extensive experience in welcoming refugees to the country, as well as assisting them in settling in to life here.

But she says by email: "We offered to welcome them and take them out, but received no response."

One Rohingya refugee in Phnom Penh says the refugee experience could be lonely, frightening and stressful, but that he and two other Rohingya there wanted to meet the new arrival to dissuade him from going back.

When he first arrived, he took refuge in a mosque. His own application for asylum took more than three years to process and he has lived, for the past five years, in a dank room in an underground alleyway.

During Cambodia's months-long rainy season, the room floods frequently.

"If I went back home, the government would kill me," says one Rohingya refugee, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears for the safety of his family in Myanmar.

"A few months ago, one of my uncles was killed in Rakhine state, but I didn't share this with anyone, because I want to keep my privacy.

"Cambodia is very, very hard to survive. We don't have any proper documentation.

"Rohingya are not educated persons. For them, finding a job in Cambodian society is very, very hard.

"For restaurant work, you earn less than $5 a day. How can you survive?"

He says Cambodians often yell "Indian, Indian" at him in a manner he feels is derogatory.

"They don't like me - they hate us," he says.

He has also been forced out of the small space where he used to set up his roti cart.

A second Rohingya refugee, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, says he was unable to register the birth of his new daughter, because a village chief was demanding a $50 (£32) bribe to sign certain documents.

The refugees simply don't have that kind of money. ...



Voyage of the St. Louis [United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]



Turner Classic Movies:


Based on a chilling real-life incident from the early days of World War II, Voyage of the Damned (1976) told the dramatic story of a shipload of European Jews expelled from Hitler's Germany who sailed across the Atlantic in 1939 in a quest to gain asylum in Havana, Cuba, and eventually the United States.

What they found when they arrived was a shocking and ultimately deadly slap-in-the-face that still reverberates today, nearly seventy years later.

The ship was the SS St. Louis, out of Hamburg, and the voyage was actually a Nazi-crafted ruse straight from the warped mind of propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

The Nazis knew that the U.S. would be reluctant to offer sanctuary to the passengers, therefore the Nazi policy of persecution would be validated and the world would accept their heinous treatment of Germany's Jewish citizens. ...



@GraffitiExpert [14/1/18]: From Downer and Evans political advisor, to the UN, then Coalition Provisional Authority, to People Smuggling Ambassador, and now High Commissioner [to Malaysia]- quite the protected and unaccountable career trajectory! ...



The Responsibility to Protect the world … from the United States [Counterpunch - 12/1/18]



New novel about Tamil asylum-seekers reveals Canada's 'split personality' about refugees [CBC - 14/1/18]:


On August 13, 2010, the Canadian navy intercepted a rusty cargo ship called the MV Sun Sea off the coast of British Columbia.

There were nearly 500 Tamil asylum-seekers onboard.

They had fled Sri Lanka after the end of a long and gruesome civil war between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, also known as the Tamil Tigers.

The Tigers had been fighting to establish a separate state for Tamils, an ethnic minority in Sri Lanka. They were also a terrorist group, responsible for the invention of the suicide belt and the assassinations of a Sri Lankan president and a former Indian prime minister.

The MV Sun Sea meant very different things to different people. Some worried that passengers onboard could have connections to the Tamil Tigers. To them, the ship looked like an invasion — a faceless throng of terrorists coming to Canada to wreak havoc and to regroup for another war. Others saw the refugees as vulnerable people desperate for a better life, who had crossed the ocean on a rickety boat with their children, and their hopes, in their arms.

Bala's debut novel, The Boat People, begins with ship's arrival off the coast of Canada, and then follows its passengers into the legal purgatory that awaited them when they disembarked. ...



The Sri Lankan military continued its militarisation of the North-East last week, as it held a series of civilian activities to mark the New Year.

In Kilinochchi, the military once again stepped up its involvemment in activities with Tamil children.

Toddlers at the Annai Illam pre-school were visited by soldiers from the nearby Sri Lankan Security Force Headquarters in Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN).

Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana was present and distributed gifts to the pre-school children.

The commander made an appearance at yet another event held by the military at the Aruchholai Boys Home in Kilinochchi.

The children at the home – referred to as “inmates” by the Sri Lankan military – were visited by several Sri Lankan military commanders last week in an event to mark the New Year. ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/1/18]



Demining staff shot by gunmen in Palai [Tamil Guardian - 10/1/18]



@nslwin [13/1/18]: These #Rohingya arrived to #Bangladesh camp on 6th Jan 2018. They are from #PhaYoneChaung VT #Buthidaung. As they are blocked inside the village, no access to health care, no access to market. Fled to Bangladesh to escape from starving.



At least 10 #Rohingya families from #AleyChaung VT #Buthidaung fled to #Bangladesh today (13th Jan) afternoon. As 300+ acres of Rohingyas lands were confiscated by #Myanmar BGP the remaining Rohingyas are thinking to flee soon. @nslwin



Rohingya family killed in UN-run refugee camp, Bangladesh [The Stateless - 13/1/18]



A subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), the country’s largest oil producer, is looking for new sources of natural gas in Myanmar to feed a pipeline between the two nations, the China Daily reported on Friday.


The firm is also considering building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at the Made Island oil port in the western Myanmar state of Rakhine, the starting point of the Myanmar-China pipeline. ... [Reuters - 12/1/18]



@Aussies4Refugees  [‏ [8/12/17: [Economic Counsellor at the Australian Embassy in Yangon Nick] Cumpston said that Woodside alone has invested half a billion dollars in [Myanmar] gas exploration, and many other Australian firms have also invested through holding companies in Singapore. ...



Woodside has completed its long-awaited move into new offices on the third floor of the Quarter in Karratha.

The new office is home to Woodside’s six-person corporate affairs team, and will also play host to visitors from the company’s operating facilities in Karratha, Perth headquarters and abroad. ... [West Australian - 11/1/18]



... Inn Din villager Hossain Ahammad said the slain men were "fishermen, farmers, lumberjacks and clerics". ... Rohingya survivors dispute Myanmar army massacre account [Bangkok Post - 12/1/18]



Japan to provide $3 million to assist in refoulement of Rohingya refugees [US News - 12/1/18]



As 100s and 1,000s of Rohingya face ongoing genocide, US attempts to offset its complicity by settling 2 refugees in Boston (more than that might have repercussions for their demented "deterrence" policy) [PRI - 12/1/18]



Anne Richard is the architect of the phony US-Australia refugee "deal" [CBS - [1/6/15]



This fanaticism was echoed by Australian officials, the IOM and UNHCR at the 2015 Bangkok Summit (the region's sham response to 1,000s of Rohingya refugees dying at sea). [Guardian - 3/6/15]:


... Goledzinowski [Australia’s Ambassador for People Smuggling, Andrew Goledzinowski] said resettlement was raised during the Bangkok meeting on 29 May.

“All who spoke on resettlement said that this was not a durable solution for the Rohingya problem and that it would constitute a pull factor,” he told a Senate estimates committee on Wednesday.

“The UNHCR was the most articulate on this point.”

He engaged in bilateral meetings with representatives from some of the other 16 countries in attendance, and is adamant that at least one will seek further briefings on adopting Australia’s key asylum seeker measures.

“We also were able to talk a little bit about our own experiences during operation sovereign borders where we’ve been very successful in disrupting people trafficking and smuggling networks,” Goledzinowski said.



In a press conference at the conclusion of the June 2015 Bangkok Summit, Anne Richard signalled boat turnbacks (like the US conduct in the Caribbean) as an acceptable course of action.



... Trump: What is the thing with boats?

Why do you discriminate against boats?


No, I know, they come from certain regions.

I get it.


Washington Post [3/8/17]



7 October 2016:  Obama lifts sanctions on Myanmar - two days before the military began a previous operation in Rakhine [Reuters]



“Two helicopters were deployed to our village. The helicopters flew over the village for over 20 minutes, firing randomly at the villagers. The first round of attack was carried out from a higher altitude, but in the second and third rounds, they flew just over the rooftops of the houses. Seven members of my brother’s family in-law were killed in the helicopter attack.” ...


Report of OHCHR mission to Bangladesh:  Interviews with Rohingyas fleeing from Myanmar since 9 October 2016 [3/2/17]



Will AUNG SAN SUY KYI provide a prosthetic leg? Little #Rohingya kid shot last year in #Maungdaw. Left leg amputated below knee. #Myanmar @shafiur [20/5/17]



Ambassador Cefkin must be extremely proud of the ongoing US influence in establishing Guantanamo-style refugee gulags - and the conditions for enslavement - throughout the region.


Why don't Stefan Armbruster, Ben Doherty, Liam Fox or Eric Tlozek ask?  She seems very approachable.



US Ambassadors have never been asked a single question by Australian journalists covering refugees and the Asia Pacific region. [Ambassador Cefkin with Nauru President Baron Waqa - December 2016]



Peter Lloyd and Doctors 4 ALP are not producing journalism or advocating for the rights of trafficked and exiled refugees, they are promulgating medical torture "deterrence" propaganda [ABC - 13/1/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [20/11/17]: If DRS4ALP truly "fear" for life of refugee on #Nauru they'd denounce "deterrence" once and for all and demand END to this ALP-LNP anti-refugee policy. Like AMA, DRS4ALP are providing cover for ongoing atrocity, as is Peter Lloyd, who ran dead on explosive UNHCR-Omid revelations  



@BehrouzBoochani [10/1/18]: A refugee with a serious mental illness is in Lorengau hospital. This man has become mentally unwell in the past few days. There are no psychological facilities in Manus to protect him.#Manus  



Interview with refugee Behrouz Bouchani - trafficked and exiled the Australian government on Manus Island [11/11/15]:


... Are there any psychologists or counselors available to talk to refugees?


Yes, but the behavior of the psychologists who work here has always had an element of torture to it.

In a remote corner of the camp there is a solitary detention center called Chauka were offenders have been kept.

Now it has been replaced with another solitary detention center called the Green Zone.

The psychologists mostly spend their time there and subject inmates to meticulous and agonizing question-and-answer sessions that resemble interrogations.

They ask them all kinds of questions about their mental health and their dreams.

They really upset people, and many refugees who have been questioned by the psychologists say that when they talk to them they feel like they are being tortured.

I have had the same experience.

I am really scared of them. ...



The “patients first” argument, Dr John-Paul Sanggaran [The Guardian - 5/3/16]:


... This argument puts forward that the clinicians’ duty is to attend to the patient first.

That is, they should provide care irrespective of the circumstances and this act is in and of itself a justification for working in immigration detention.

It is important to consider that health care staff are not functioning in a humanitarian role at present, they are well remunerated – a recent position for a doctor working on Nauru was offering $13,000 a week.

This unfortunately lends credence to accusations of profiteering.

Certainly no one can criticise an individual clinician for doing their best to deliver care to a patient at any single point, this is however a particularly myopic assessment.

Any acts of care cannot justify maintaining a system of suffering.

By providing labour for this system, you are in effect part of it, whatever rationalisation used to excuse this fact.  ...



... He said like gulags, detention centres were "places out of sight, out of mind where terrible things are happening and we are assuming the state is looking after us".

In the journal, Dr Dudley said health and welfare workers who assisted the Nazi regime were usually ordinary people motivated by "peer and situational pressures, careerism and ideological commitments", and that "euphemism, bureaucratic routines and missionary zeal facilitated psychic numbing and denial".

He called for the healthcare of asylum seekers to be transferred from the immigration bureaucracy to state and federal health departments to strengthen clinical independence and help uphold ethical codes.

Dr Dudley said health professionals working in the detention regime were "lending credibility to abuses", whether deliberately or inadvertently. ... [Brisbane Times - 18/2/16]



UN Special Rapporteur finds Australia's treatment of asylum seekers violates convention against torture [March 2015]




14 January 2018