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 Stop separating families.





Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [14/2/17]



Michael Gordon? Janet Galbraith? Where are you? Why have you abandoned this man? ---> Loghman Sawari's bail decision further adjourned [PNG Loop - 14/2/17]:


The Boroko District Court in Port Moresby has further adjourned the handing down of its decision on a bail application by Iranian refugee, Loghman Sawari to Wednesday 1:30pm.

The matter was deferred due to technical issues the Presiding Magistrate had over his decision.

Sawari is the refugee who was deported to PNG on Friday February 3, from Fiji.

He will spend another night in remand at Bomana because the vehicle that was supposed to bring him down to Boroko is undergoing service.

Sawari was transported to the CIS facility at Bomana soon after his lawyer asked the court for bail at K500 last Friday.

The 21-year-old was arrested and charged for falsifying passport documents under the Passport Act of 1982 after he was deported back to PNG from Fiji last Friday.

The charge carries a possible fine not exceeding K10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both. 

He allegedly used a false identification to obtain travel documents which he used to leave PNG for Fiji.

Sawari arrived in PNG from Christmas Island in 2013 as a 17 year old seeking asylum.

He was processed in Manus,  given Refugee status and relocated [subjected to a sham assessment process at Australia's concentration camp on Manus Island and exiled] to Lae, however found it difficult to survive there.

Robbed and assaulted he later returned to Manus.

On Friday, his lawyer Loani Henao told the court that in June 2016, Sawari came across a passport agent who advertised his services on Facebook.

The Agent is known as Junior Aisa was from Skyview Consultants.  

A service fee of K1,000 was paid to Junior Aisa and Henao said his client provided similar information which he also provided in Manus to obtain a refugee visa.

The passport was delivered by Junior’s girlfriend to Sawari.

“When the passport was given to him he was under the impression or good faith to travel,” Henao said.

He spent two weeks in Fiji and was on his way to the Fiji Minister of Immigration with his lawyer to discuss his stay in Fiji when he was arrested and deported to PNG on Feb 3.

Sawari’s bail application is supported by his doctor, psychiatric.  [sic.]

Father Francis Xavier of the St Joseph’s parish also supported his bail application as his guarantor.

Police prosecution opposed bail on grounds Sawari is flight risk and can abscond his bail conditions if allowed bail.

 Prosecution also told the court that Sawari should be kept in separate confinement either at Bomana or flown back to Manus where his case can be dealt with by the court.

Lawyer Loani Henao said bail is of right under the constitution and it would be inappropriate to send back Sawari to a detention centre which has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court.



Until Australia's anti-refugee policy ENDS, the men, women and children imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru will have no justice and no rights. ---> No search warrant was used to search the motel room of the Iranian refugee who was arrested last month [PNG Loop - 14/2/17]



Senate:  ALP and LNP vote in favour of forced deportations of political prisoners in Australia's concentration camp on Manus Island [Greens Media Release - 14/2/17]



Fictional "US Deal" sideshow continues [ABC - 14/2/17]



ABC attempts to neutralise the Australian government's atrocities against refugees by exploiting handpicked Syrians and Iraqis to inflate the property market [14/2/17]



Two more Nauru refugees reportedly succumb to nearly four years of torture - and accept Australia/IOM false promises and lies - for exile to Cambodia [Cambodia Daily - 14/2/17]:


Two more refugees being held on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru have "volunteered" to move to Cambodia and are now awaiting the go-ahead from the Interior Ministry, according to an immigration official.

The refugees, one from Syria and the other a member of the beleaguered Rohingya minority of Burma, will arrive under a controversial deal with Australia that allows those being held in detention centers in the island nation—after being caught trying to reach Australian shores—to be resettled in Cambodia [bullies men, women and children being denied the right to seek asylum, into accepting a stateless existance in Cambodia, as a way of escaping their punishment in Nauru concentration camp.]

Only a handful have taken up the offer since the deal was struck in September 2014, with the sixth refugee making the journey to Cambodia in November last year.

Four have already left to return to their home countries, saying they felt unsafe and abandoned by officials. ...



Australia's multi million dollar "Voyage of the Damned" refugee exile deal with Cambodia is no joke [BBC – 18/9/15]




Family compound, Anibare, Nauru [March 2015]



Myanmar military arbitrarily arrest five Rohingya villagers [Rohingya Vision - 14/2/17]:


... 60 Myanmar Military Personnel in three groups conducted raids in Kyikanpyin and ransacked local residences at around 2:00 AM on Friday. 

One of the three groups went towards the fishery ponds to the West of the villages and nabbed total were 8 Rohingyas while they were sleeping in a hut nearby a fishery pond after fishing.  ...



Myanmar authorities have sentenced a Rohingya man to death for leading raids on police border posts that sparked a deadly military crackdown in the north of Rakhine state, police said.


Sittwe police chief Yan Naing Lett said the court in the town, the capital of Rakhine, had sentenced the leader of the raid on the Kotankauk border post to death on Friday.

“He was sentenced to death on Feb 10, at Sittwe court for intentional murder,” Yan Naing Lett said, without giving a date for the execution.

“He participated in the attacks and led them, and planned them with others. He is one of 14 attackers who were detained in Sittwe township,” the officer said, naming the man as Mamahdnu Aka Aula.

The other 13 people also appeared in court but have yet to be sentenced, he added. ... [The Star - 14/2/17]



Aid for refugees appears even less likely as IOM commandeers the Rohingya Food Flotilla.  What a waste. [The Star - 14/2/17]



Locals around the Northern Province have reported a heightened presence of soldiers in their towns over the weekend.

With protests ongoing in Keppapulavu and Puthukudiyirippu, and several solidarity protests across the province, including in Jaffna and Vavuniya towns, towns have seen more military personnel on their streets. ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/2/17]



Abe not ruling out bilateral free trade pact with US [Japan Today - 14/2/17]



Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto has said Indonesia will try to strengthen bilateral cooperation with the United States to boost trade between the two countries.

“For Indonesia, America is one of our strategic markets. Therefore, trade between the two countries should be increased,” Airlangga said in a statement after meeting with US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph R. Donovan Jr. on Monday.

During the meeting, the minister said he was informed that the US government preferred to cooperate with countries through bilateral agreements. ... [Jakarta Post - 14/2/17]



Flash floods in East Lombok displace hundreds, damage facilities [Jakarta Post - 14/2/17]



... "We look forward to Thailand's re-emergence as a flourishing democracy because we need Thailand to be a strong and stable partner," said Admiral Harry Harris, head of U.S. Pacific Command, which covers about half the earth's surface.

"We need Thailand to get back to being the regional and global leader that it always has been."

Thailand has hosted the Cobra Gold war games since they began in 1982.

This year's event will be attended by more than 8,300 personnel from 29 countries.

Among them will be about 3,600 from the United States. ... [Reuters - 14/2/17]



Charges have been dropped against the majority of a group of Wellington peace activists arrested after protesting at a Defence Industry Association gathering in 2015.

Fifteen people went on trial in the Wellington District Court on Monday, but only six are still before the Court.

Those whose charges were dropped included one of the so-called "Waihopai 3", Adrian Leason and veteran Wellington peace activist, Valerie Morse.

The police case against several of the protesters collapsed after a key witness, the owner of the weapons conference venue TSB Arena, admitted there was an easement around it, meaning the protest was not on private land. ... [RNZI - 14/2/17]



Seven Hong Kong policemen guilty of assault on pro-democracy activist [Reuters - 13/2/17]



Following his abrupt departure as the head of Cambodia’s opposition, Sam Rainsy said on Monday that he would fully remove himself from all roles within the party, including fundraising from abroad. ... [Cambodia Daily - 14/2/17]



Three Indian soldiers, one militant dead in Kashmir gun battle [Reuters – 14/2/17]:


Three Indian soldiers and one militant were killed on Tuesday in a gun battle in its restive region of Kashmir, in the second deadly clash between security forces and separatist fighters in three days.

Five soldiers were also wounded in the shootout in North Kashmir's Bandipora district as a joint army and police team mounted a search following a tip-off that up to three gunmen were in the area, a defense spokesman said. ...



Pakistani bomb disposal commander killed in blast in Quetta city [Reuters - 14/2/17]



A powerful bomb blast on Monday ripped through a protest in the Pakistani city of Lahore, killing at least 13 people and wounding dozens, according to officials.

The explosion went off in Lahore's busy Mall Road during a rally attended by hundreds of pharmacists protesting against changes to a drug sale law outside the provincial assembly building. ... [Al Jazeera - 14/2/17]



20 "militants" killed in airstrikes in southern Uruzgan province [Khaama - 14/2/17]:


... According to [Provincial Governor] Nayab, the airstrikes are being carried out as part of clearance operations against the militants which were launched few days ago.

Nayab says at least 43 militants have been killed or wounded since the operation was launched a few days ago. ...



16 "ISIS militants" killed in Nangarhar air and ground operations [Khaama - 14/2/17]



The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UANAMA) says preliminary enquiries suggest at least 18 civilians were killed in Helmand airstrikes.

Expressing grave concerns at the recent escalation of violence in Helmand province, UNAMA said at least 25 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed and injured many more. ... [Khaama - 13/2/17]



Saudi Arabia tells OPEC it cut output to 9.7million brrels per day last month, way ahead of pledge [The National - 13/2/17]



Yemeni women condemn Saudi invasion [ABNA - 13/2/17]



The story headlined "Arab coalition declares Yemen's Hodeidah a military zone" is wrong and is withdrawn.

The coalition says it did not issue such a statement.

There will be no substitute story. [Reuters - 13/2/17]



‏@NABEELRAJAB [14/2/17]:  Security forces attacking protesters in the morning of the 6th anniversary of #Bahrain revolution #14Feb



Netherlands grants 18-month political asylum to Turkish soldiers [apa - 14/2/17]



Turkish police detain more than 500 people in operations targeting PKK [Reuters – 14/2/17]


AP photographer Burhan Ozbilici has won the 2017 World Press Photo competition for his image of the assassin of Russia's ambassador to Turkey.

In the photo, Mevlut Mert Altintas shouted after shooting Andrei Karlov at an art gallery in Ankara, Turkey, on December 19, last year. ... [Al Jazeera - 13/2/17]



Syria ready to swap prisoners in exchange for Syrian abductees and hostages held by terrorist groups [SANA - 13/2/17]



Geneva talks about the crisis in Syria will be officially launched on February 23rd, Yara Sharif, Spokeswoman of UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura announced on Monday.

Sharif told the Associated Press that de Mistura started sending out formal invitations to the participants in the upcoming Geneva talks. ... [SANA - 13/2/17]



Turkey will advance to Manbij and Raqqa in Syria if Ankara reaches a consensus with coalition forces, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said Feb. 13. 

His words came after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan vowed to move to other regions in Syria after Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters liberate the town of al-Bab from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).   ... [Hurriyet Daily News - 13/2/17]



Russian Ministry of Defense releases drone footage of Roman theatre in Palmyra blown up by ISIS [RT - 13/2/17]



200 killed in Iraq [Antiwar.com - 13/2/17]



‏@IraqiSMCEn  - Iraqi Spring Media Center [13/2/17]:


Baghdad: "5"persons were either killed or wounded as an IED exploded in E'lam neighborhood south of Baghdad.


Nineveh: News agencies: "7" persons including children were either killed or wounded as the government army targeted Sha'areen Market at the right side of Mosul.



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [CENTCOM - 13/2/17]



The George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group (GHWBCSG) commenced strike missions in support of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Feb. 13. ... [CENTCOM - 13/2/17]



West ‘did nothing’ to end war in Syria, says aunt of drowned Syrian boy [RT - 13/2/17]:


... “We need to help those suffering refugees. They have a right to be protected and they are peaceful people, like me and you. There is no difference. We need to help them rebuild their lives and welcome them with open arms until their country is safe to go back,” Kurdi said.

“I want people around the world to understand one thing: what will you do if you will be forced to leave your country one day and leave everything behind? What would you want the others to do for you? Do it for my people!” she added.



Lesvos doctors accuse NGOs of failing to care for refugees [Ekathimerini - 13/2/17]:


... In a statement released on Monday, the island’s union of state hospital doctors said the two refugee camps at Moria and Kara Tepe do not have any pediatricians, meaning that all sick children from the camps must be treated at local hospitals, which are seriously understaffed.

Noting that the NGOs “get paid handsomely” by the EU to help refugees, the union claimed they had “totally failed to provide humane conditions for the refugees.” ...



Austrian Foreign Minister defends closing borders to stop people from seeking asylum [Ekathimerini - 13/2/17]



An Italian mayor has dumped a pile of earth on a road leading to a residential building to prevent migrants and refugees coming into his community, ANSA news agency reported on Monday. ... [Europe Online - 13/2/17]



A 11-year-old girl from Nigeria, who said her mother died in Libya, cries next to her 10-year-old brother, aboard a rescue boat assisted by an NGO, after sailing for hours aboard an overcrowded rubber boat with other refugees and migrants, during a rescue operation on the Mediterranean Sea, about 23 kilometers (14 miles) north of Sabratha, Libya, on Thursday, July 28, 2016. ...  ‏@SantiPalacios [13/2/17]


... After five days at sea, their boat reached Australian waters, but the engine failed as they struggled to make their way closer to Christmas Island.

The Rohingya desperately waved to the crew of a passing Australian Navy vessel, which Mr Abdul said did not respond.  ...  [The Straits Times - 1/2/16]



... Australian Operation Sovereign Borders personnel told asylum seekers:  Fuck your mothers ... fuck your family ... [AUDIO - ABC - 22/7/14]











“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


Joseph Goebbels

Australians being denied THEIR RIGHT to render assistance to a refugee boat [Geraldton, April 2013]



NO JOURNALISM and NO OPPOSITION as the Australian media allows human rights fascists Frank Brennan, Tim Costello, Robert Manne and John Menadue reheat their vile false choice.



1. Close all of the refugee the concentration camps - offshore AND onshore;

2. Release, compensate and give all necessary assistance to the refugees currently on Manus Island and Nauru - including full resettlement in Australia to any who would still be willing to give us a second chance;

3. Start taking refugees from the "queue" again - with a particular focus on those already in our region such as the thousands in Indonesia and surrounding countries (Australia takes about 200,000 migrants every year already - the refugees under this plan would be included in that number);

4. Put the "people smugglers" out of business by offering a free and safe alternative way of coming to Australia for refugees departing from countries in our region who cannot afford or attain the far more numerically significant mode of arrival in Australia for asylum seekers (i.e. by airplane with a "valid" visa);

5. Where necessary, ocean surveillance and rescue of all distressed vessels regardless of whether they are millionaire adventurers or asylum seekers;

6. Adherence to both the spirit and the letter of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention for ALL asylum seekers regardless of mode of arrival; and perhaps most importantly,

7. An end to ALL support (whether financial, military, political or diplomatic) for the wars, economic policies and resource exploitation that have created all of these refugees in the first place.



Jason Smith, Everything Geraldton [9/4/13]:


"Quick, get down to the foreshore! There's an asylum seeker boat here."

I started to jog down from the centre of town after a friend dropped her sandwich in disbelief as to what she was seeing, then quickly rang whoever she knew might be near by.

The boat had gotten within a few metres of the shore, as though they were heading for a casual coffee from Skeetas, before a customs boat encircled them and guided them back out a little.

Still only a stones throw from the shore, we took some photos and I quickly uploaded them to Everything Geraldton, Facebook and Twitter.

Within moments the story went viral as of course it would. Comments were rather mixed. Some people were simply gob smacked, others upset that a boat could make it this close to the shore.

But for the most part, people were compassionate and understanding... that some people had travelled a long way under harsh conditions risking their lives.

They must have been leaving something not very pleasant to risk such a journey and the least we could do is treat them like fellow human beings.

People were asking how they could provide assistance, and who to talk to offer any help they could.

The desire of Geraldton locals to be hospitable to these people was touching.  ...



Where is the Australian politician, rights organisation, refugee advocate, NGO or professional association who will demand AN END to the policy? --> Human Rights Watch continues legitimising Australia's imprisonment and exile of refugees [Media Release - 13/2/17]



Australian Greens use their parliamentary platform to state the bleeding obvious [ABC - 14/2/17]



He's still waiting ---> US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman renews call for declassification of phoney Obama-Australia refugee "deal" [Senator Chuck Grassley Media Release - 2/2/17]



"They killed Reza Barati, Hamid Kehazaei, Faysal Ishak and they are trying to kill us":  Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island say "US deal" fake news [RNZI - 24/1/17]



Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island lodge new claim for illegal detention compensation [ABC - 8/11/16]:


... Mr Boochani said he was sceptical of reports Australia is close to reaching a deal to resettle the men in a third country.

"I myself won't leave Manus Island without my compensation, because this is my right," he said.

"They cannot keep people in the prison for a long time and after that say: 'OK, go away, go to a third country'.

"I don't care if the third country is America, Canada or anywhere, I won't leave Manus without my rights, because they used my body, my soul for their political ends."




Australia's Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru, June 2016




14 February 2017