Police say an attack on a train on the eastern Swiss border was not connected to terrorism.

One woman and the attacker died after the incident.

A 27-year-old Swiss man attacked several passengers on the train on Saturday afternoon using a knife and flammable liquid.

A 34-year-old woman died from her injuries on Sunday.

The attacker was also confirmed dead after suffering serious burns.

Police were not able to question him before he died.  ... [Swissinfo.ch - 14/8/16]


An Imam and his associate were fatally shot Saturday after leaving afternoon prayer at their New York City mosque.

According to police, Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Thara Uddin, 64, were both shot in the back of the head at the corner of Liberty Avenue and 79th Street in Queens. ... [USA Today - 14/8/16]


Muslim woman mistaken for terrorist sues Chicago officers [Daily Times - 12/8/16]


United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 14/8/16] 


Six Russian Tu-22M3 backfire long-range bombers deliver strikes on IS facilities in Syria [TASS - 14/8/16]


Terrorists from “Jabhat al-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-Sham” targeted al-Zara power plant in the southern countryside of Hama central province with a number of rocket shells, causing a huge material damage to the plant. ... [SANA - 14/8/16]


Two aircrafts loaded with humanitarian aid provided by the World Food Program (WFP) arrived on Saturday to Qamishli International Airport through the air lift that carries aid from Damascus International Airport. ... [SANA - 14/8/16]


‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [14/8/16]:


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb attached to a KIA bus exploded in Sha'b area northeast of Baghdad today night killing two persons and wounding 3................................


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near shops in No'eiriya east of Baghdad today night killing a person and wounding 7....


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb attached to a car exploded in Baya' area southwest of Baghdad today night killing a physician associate


A Kurdish journalist with reported ties to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was found dead on Saturday in the Kurdistan Region’s city of Duhok.  

“Today, Wedat Hussein Ali, our reporter from RojNews News Agency, was kidnapped by some unidentified persons in the Malta neighborhood in Duhok.

A few hours later his dead body was found on the Semel-Duhok road,” read an announcement from the news agency.  

According to preliminary investigations Ali, 28, was tortured to death, RojNews said. ... [RUDAW - 14/8/16]


Four members of the same family, including two children, were reported to have been killed in a Benghazi airstrike today which Islamist militiamen are blaming on a French drone. ... [Libya Herald - 12/8/16]


Egypt arrests 146 refugees attempting to flee by boat [Ahram - 14/8/16]


Sudanese army arrests and detains 26 Libya-bound Somali and Kenyan refugees [Sudan Tribune - 13/8/16]:


... In January 2014, the Sudanese parliament approved an anti-human trafficking law which punishes those involved with human trafficking with up to 20 years imprisonment.


Mehdi Khosravi, an Iranian activist arrested last week in Italy, said on Friday he had been released from jail, following an appeal to the Italian government by the son of the deposed shah.

Reza Pahlavi, 55, whose late father was toppled by the 1979 Islamic Revolution, said in a letter to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Monday that Khosravi risked torture and execution if Italy extradited him as Tehran has demanded. ... [Reuters - 12/8/16]


Germany to send 3,000 refugees back to Greece [Keep Talking Greece - 14/8/16]


Tonight, audiences around the globe will be watching and celebrating the world’s leading discus throwers at the men’s finals at the Olympics in Rio.

Greece might be thousands of miles removed, but here in the birthplace of the Games, two people from very different backgrounds will be celebrating something significant of their own: the fact that they have had the chance to engage in their passion, discus throwing, together.

The two people are Qusai, a Palestinian Syrian, and Kennedy, from Kansas.

They are here at a refugee camp in rural Greece near the northern town of Katsika, where 560 other people are currently residing.

Qusai arrived in spring after deciding with his wife that they could no longer stay in Syria, where there were frequent bombings.

One even destroyed his sanctuary: the gym where he and his buddies trained.

Meanwhile, Kennedy, a student, arrived in June as a volunteer to teach at the community school on the camp grounds. ... [Light House Relief - 13/8/16]


‏@HumanityCrew [14/8/16]:  1 boat landed near Mytilene airport, 18 people on board, 2 people lost at sea and found later, everyone is ok ...


‏@LighthouseRR [13/8/16]:  As people continue landing, we'll continue helping. This morning we assisted another boat on #Lesvos. ...


Day 148 refugee protests, Nauru

Image:  ‏@racvictoria [14/8/16]


@Mums4Refugees [14/8/16]:  ... Life continues despite the abuse, assaults etc etc ...


‏@margaret_tmsinc [14/8/16]:  Men on hunger strike on #Manus are hospitalised ...


‏@PplJustLikeUs [14/8/16]:  People Actions to #NauruFiles begin. At #City2Surf #BringThemHere #closethecamps go 2 ur MPs office at 8am tomorrow


Turnbull and Dutton are under no pressure while the ALP are let off the hook.  PLEASE STOP USING REFUGEES AS PARTISAN PAWNS! CLOSE THE CAMPS! ---> ‏@JulianBurnside [14/8/16]:  Dutton,Turnbull: start worrying ...


It's not over.

Support Josh Bavas!

We need more journalism!

Ronalds [lawyer] said Palm Islanders had been victims of systemic racism that was “so entrenched that it is apparently invisible to those who did it and those who manage and supervise it”.


SERT pointed guns at children in Palm Island raids, court told [Guardian - 21/9/15]


... ABC News director Gaven Morris tweeted following the incident to tell those concerned that Mr Bavas was "fine" and "getting on with his Sunday".

Mr Bavas told his Twitter followers that he would be finishing up the day by building a retaining wall.

"For the record, it's all water under the bridge," he said.

"Police have a job to do. Won't be following this any further. A strange misunderstanding." [Yahoo - 14/8/16]

‏@thezeemail [14/8/16]:  @JoshBavas mate shouldn't be water under the bridge. The locals of Inala, Durack etc put up with this all the time.

@thezeemail [14/8/16]:  @JoshBavas finally a light is shone on members of Inala tactical crime squad so please don't let it be water under bridge


Protestors now calling ABC News journalists liars for coverage of Middle East conflict.  @JoshBavas - ABC journalist [15/8/14]

[Public protest at Brisbane ABC headquarters against biased coverage of Israel's "Protective Edge" 2014 attack on Gaza]


Which side are they on? Brisbane ABC balances silence on pro Gaza rally by covering a pro Israel rally ---> About 150 people at pro-Israel rally in Brisbane  @louisarebgetz - ABC journalist [3/8/14]

Violence erupts in Milwaukee after deadly officer-involved shooting  [WISN - 14/8/16]

Australians want an end to the policy. Where is the Australian politician who will demand an end to the policy?


Neumann reiterates ALP support for torture in Australia's refugee concentration camps  --->  ‏@SkyNewsAust [14/8/16]:  @ShayneNeumannMP: Inquiry into Nauru abuse allegations is needed ...  <--- The ALP indefinitely imprisoned men, women and children to be tortured without a "clear resettlement plan". Cut the crap Neumann.


We are child and we can work out the lie why no one else work out the lie?


"Hiding from Reality" by refugee child M on Nauru 


Free the Children NAURU [23/11/15]:


Lot of people are telling us be happy Sarah Hanson Young is telling Mr Turnbull to let us be free from detention before Christmas.

THIS DOES NOT help us! We need free from Nauru!!! They already tell you we are free because we have paper to say you are refugee not asylum seeker but it change nothing we still live in camp.

We free to walk out of camp but we can not walk to freedom because there is no freedom anywhere on Nauru. We have so sorrow. We see they building new accommodation in the same place as the camp. It is small better than a tent but still in gaol and still no good.

Please don't leave us in Nauru for 5 to 10 years because the 6 km x 4 km is all a goal. No education, no natural water, no food because a cabbage cost $30, no safety. The country ground is poison with phosphate and everyone sick. They say hospital is good but it is broken and dogs inside and no good.

The government tell you this is safe country then why they say they ban facebook because too many sex predators? We are child and we can work out the lie why no one else work out the lie? Country cannot be safe if has to ban facebook for that reason. The Government been telling you that the facility is good here. We show you only one picture of how they flood our tent. That is not good facility.

Please don't leave us here! We know the Government is trick you again and say all children out of detention. No we not! We busy to start petition to say all childs out of detention and all childs get off Nauru.

Please Australia or New Zealand or some good country please take us. Please wait one day for our petition to write. Please be happy for childs in detention in Australia detention. We happy for our friends locked in Australia but we not happy for ourselfs.



"I am only 24 years old and I'm sure if Australia did not send me to Manus I could be a representative for this country in international games, but they exiled me. My dream is that I become champion of the world."


Behrouz Boochani [13/8/16]:


These days the Australian people are watching the Olympic games.

I would like to introduce a refugee who is a huge sporting champion.

Ezatollah is a Pakistani refugee that the Australian government has kept in Manus prison for more than three years.

Ezatollah twice came second in the world Kickboxing championships.

The first time in Iran he defeated all of the other athletes until he reached the final step in the world cup.

He finished second in the world.

When he returned to Pakistan a terrorist group invited him to join them to fight against American and Australian forces in Afghanistan, but he refused to join them.

The Taliban threatened him, saying you must join us and leave Kickboxing, but he did not care and went to the Doby world Kickboxing competition and again reached the final stage to come second in the world.

Again when he returned to Pakistan the terrorist groups threatened him and he finally had to leave Pakistan for Australia.

I interviewed him and when I asked him 'what is your dream'? he answered me in these words "I am only 24 years old and I'm sure if Australia did not send me to Manus I could be a representative for this country in international games, but they exiled me. My dream is that I become champion of the world."

I think Ezatt is a real champion and at this time that people are watching the Olympic games this young man is under such pressure.

We should have much respect to his determination and personality.

"AUSSIES DON'T BE SILENT PLEASE" @riserefugee [13/8/16]:  Day 147 of protests ... [Nauru]


Powerful article tainted by GetUp's blatant partisanship [Guardian - 14/8/16]:

Graphic evidence has emerged of two refugee men being attacked on Manus Island by local men who beat them with an iron bar.

The men, Afghan Hazaras who are being held in the Australian-run detention centre on the island, were attacked as they walked for a bus from the beach in Manus’s main city of Lorengau.


Matthew Phillips, human rights director with GetUp, said the violence Abbott and Webb witnessed was “the grave danger the Turnbull government’s abusive policy of offshore detention places people in on a daily basis”.

“Peter Dutton must take responsibility, acknowledge this clear danger, stop blaming other people and end the detention of the men, women and children detained on Manus Island and Nauru.” ... <--- By pretending the exile and imprisonment of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru was not introduced by the ALP, you are ensuring its continuation, because the policy will never end while the pressure is only on one half of the duopoly.


Does the ABC think Australia's internationally condemned, bipartisan anti-refugee policy is wrong or not?  Publishing a ringing endorsement of the atrocities being committed in our name , while simultaneously and deliberately failing to hold our own politicians to account, is objectivity? --->  German far-right leader draws on Australian border policies in 'two islands' plan [ABC – 14/8/16]


Press briefing notes, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights [12/8/16]:

We are extremely concerned about the serious allegations of violence, sexual assault, degrading treatment and self-harm contained in more than 1,000 incident reports from offshore processing centres on Nauru, many of which reportedly involved children.

Many of the migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in these centres were transferred by Australia to Nauru more than three years ago and have been living in very difficult conditions ever since.

We have conducted regular visits to Nauru in recent years and many of the allegations contained in the documents are, sadly, consistent with the findings from these visits.

We have regularly and persistently brought these to the attention of the governments of Nauru and of Australia.

It is not clear to what extent the alleged incidents were properly investigated either by the companies contracted by Australia to run the regional processing centre or by the Nauru police force.  

Teams from our office have witnessed many of the migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, including children, in Nauru suffering from severe mental health problems as a result of their detention and lack of certainty.

Some of these individuals had already experienced trauma in their home countries and sometimes also during theirs journey to Australia.

They were then transferred to Nauru, where they were initially detained at the regional processing centre in harsh conditions.

Over the years, and despite the opening up of the centres in October 2015, their situation has become increasingly dire and untenable, exacerbated by the indefinite nature of their time in Nauru, or for that matter in Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.  

The allegations contained in the documents must be systematically and properly investigated and those responsible held accountable.

We have consistently called on the authorities in Nauru and Australia to put an end to the model of processing and keeping migrants offshore.

We have urged them to promptly put in place measures to prevent the kinds of incidents revealed in the reports from occurring and to ensure that the physical and mental integrity of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers is protected.

We call on Australia and Nauru to expeditiously end the immigration detention of children, and urge the authorities to institute human rights-compliant alternatives.

We urge Nauru, as a party to the Optional Protocol on the UN Convention against Torture, to establish a national mechanism for the prevention of torture and we reiterate our offer to assist in this regard. ...


United Nations special rapporteur for asylum seeker human rights delays Australian visit, cites Border Force Act [ABC - 27/9/15]


Cancellation of the first official visit to Nauru by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention [9/4/14]


... But it is obvious that regarding to UNHCR, absence of visiting Guantanamo, government of Australia have used the opportunity to cover some of the problems and disasters therefore it is fair for us to doubt on your visitation of Nauru after all these years for another political games.  ...  Open letter to UNHCR from Nauru refugees questions motive of their April visit, calls for GENUINE resettlement after three years of punishment and torture [OP Voice - 2/5/16]


During the UNHCR's secret visit to Nauru in April 2016, refugees were told to expect to remain on the island for "another ten years".

Immediately after they conveyed this message to the refugees, Omid Masoumali covered himself in flammable liquid and set himself alight shouting at the delegation "We're sick and exhausted! You've destroyed our lives! Did you come just to gape at our misery? We lead miserable lives! You've been torturing us for three years!"

After more than 24 hours without adequate medical attention he was airlifted by private contractor to Brisbane, where he died on 29 April 2016 from his burns.


... He also called on Australia to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. ... UN rights office shocked by inhumane treatment of children in Australian detention centre [Media Release - 29/7/16]


Last August, a Senate motion to expedite the ratification of OPCAT [Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment] didn't even get to a vote because protected and unaccountable  Queensland ALP Senator Claire Moore objected.  


Senate Hansard [11/8/15]:


... Senator MOORE: Yes, Senator Wright, we did deny formality to this important motion, because it is our longstanding practice.

Where we have an issue such as this which is complex and creates a number of complex situations and also determines significant discussions across all states and territories, we believe it is not appropriate to use the notice of motion process for that, and that is our standard practice.


The hunger strikers at the Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania are responding to recent comments made by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in which he said the average length of stay in family detention is 20 days.

The women say they've been in detention with their children between 270 and 365 days.


Berks has a history of human rights abuses. A 41-year-old former counselor at Berks was recently sentenced to between six and 23 months of jail time for the repeated sexual assault of a 19-year-old asylum-seeking mother.

The young woman, along with her 3-year-old son, fled sexual domestic violence in her native Honduras. The assaults on the young mother at the detention center were witnessed by at least one of the children detained with her.

There have also been health-care issues at Berks, including the failure by the detention center to provide adequate services, according to Human Rights First.

The organization was able to collect some of the letters women detained at Berks wrote to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), along with ICE’s response to their concerns.

One woman, detained at Berks for four months, told ICE that her 5-year-old daughter had diarrhea for three weeks and that the detention center’s doctor failed to provide her child with any medication or other care.

The woman asked for “adequate medication” for her daughter and for the opportunity to have her asylum case handled outside of detention.

ICE’s response: “Thank you! You may disolve [sic] your case at any time and return to your country. Please use the medical department [at Berks] in reference to health related issues.” ... Mothers in family detention launch hunger strike: ‘We will get out alive or dead’ [Rewire - 12/8/16]


The Guantanamo parole board has cleared for release an Algerian captive who was for a time considered for prosecution as part of a Pakistan-based bomb-making cell, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

Sufiyan Barhoumi, 43, went before the board on May 26 with a letter of support from a former guard, the second known captive to do such a thing and get approved for release. ... [Military.com - 12/8/16]


Israel erases Palestine-related contents from school books in Jerusalem [PNN - 13/8/16]


Palestinians are expressing dismay that representatives of Sinn Féin have been hosting delegations from Likud, the party of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Many rank and file members of the Irish nationalist party led by Gerry Adams are on the frontlines in Ireland’s Palestine solidarity movement, both in the North and the Republic.

That has heightened the consternation at news of the meetings. ... [Electronic Intifada - 11/8/16]


Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian lands in southern Gaza Strip [Maan - 13/8/16]


Israeli forces Friday injured a Palestinian with live fire in the eastern part of al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip during clashes with Israeli forces deployed near the border between the besieged enclave and Israel.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma’an that a 23-year-old sustained light injuries in the leg as Israeli snipers opened live fire at several Palestinians as protests erupted in the refugee camp.

Meanwhile, protests were also reported in the eastern part of Gaza City, where witnesses told Ma’an Israeli snipers hid behind large dirt mounds as they shot live fire and tear gas bombs at the protestors. ... [Maan - 12/8/16]


Israeli authorities released on Friday evening five Palestinian fishermen who were detained earlier Friday off the coast of the northern Gaza Strip.

Locals told Ma’an that the Israeli authorities released Saed Jumaa Bakr, Mahmoud Saed Bakr, Ibrahim Saed Bakr, Yasser Nasser Bakr, and Ahmad Mahmoud al-Luh.

Israeli naval forces opened live fire at the fishermen’s boats off the coast of the northern part of the besieged Gaza Strip, before detaining the five men and confiscating their boats, according to the head of the fishermen union Zakariya Bakr. ... [Maan - 12/8/16]


Israeli court rejects request to remove handcuffs of bedridden hunger striker Bilal Kayid [Maan - 12/8/16]


Israel prevents Palestinian child from visiting imprisoned father [Palestine Chronicle - 11/8/16]


14 August 2016