“The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country.  Make no mistake about it: We are At War now — with somebody — and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives.”


 ― Hunter S. Thompson



US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan [The Independent - 13/4/17]



@wikileaks [13/4/17]:  Media hype Trump's bomb theatre. But the Pentagon dropped 26,172 bombs during 2016. More than a MOAB every day



@wikileaks [13/4/17]:  Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA ...



... After the airstrikes had commenced, reports began to surface that no identifiable Syrian activists within the country had ever heard of such an organization.

Days after the U.S. initiated military operations within Syria, it became increasingly unclear whether the “Khorasan Group” itself actually existed. ... [The Intercept - 28/5/15]



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China spokesperson Lu Kang press conference [12/4/17]:


... Q: It is reported that the international conference on the issue of Afghanistan is going to be held in Moscow on April 14. Who will attend the conference on behalf of China?

A: Special Envoy on Afghan Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Deng Xijun will attend this conference.

I want to stress that peace and stability of Afghanistan bear on security, development and prosperity of its neighboring countries and the region.

As a close neighbor, China has always supported the process of peaceful reconstruction and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

We are ready to work with all parties to advance the inclusive political reconciliation process that is "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned", and make our due contribution to realizing peace, stability and development of Afghanistan at an early date. ...



... 'Cause you can do the Woolly Bully

But can you pull the Woolly Woolly? ...


'Wag The Dog', Mark Knopfler [1997]



... Following retirement after an injury when he was deployed to Afghanistan, the psychological operation team sergeant was at first leery about his treatment plan, which included art therapy, he said yesterday during the opening of a Pentagon exhibit of therapeutic art produced by wounded warriors.

But it didn’t take long for him to become hooked on expressing himself through his art, he added, and it replaced his longtime coping mechanism of internalizing his thoughts. ... [US Department of Defense - 13/4/17]



US insurers sue Saudis for $4.2 billion over 9/11 [Antiwar.com - 13/4/17]



Pro-Iraqi government paramilitary troops have declared evacuating 1,500 families over the past few days from some regions in western Mosul. Al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said on Friday in a statement that “troops deployed in some regions of western Mosul received hundreds of displaced families coming from Mahalabiya and its vicinity over the past three days.”

The troops, according to the statement, “received the families and offered them food and shelter.”

“The displaced will be transferred later to Qayyarah camps in a gradual way that preserves their safety and dignity,” it added. ... [IraqiNews.com - 14/4/17]



One person was killed and five others were wounded Friday when a bomb blast hit an area south of Baghdad, security sources were quoted saying.

Alghad Press quoted the sources saying the bomb had been placed near a popular market in Maalef area, south of the capital. ... [IraqiNews.com - 14/4/17]



@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [13/4/17]:  ·


Press sources: A new massacre was committed as shelling targeted Yarmouk area at the right side of Mosul killing dozens of civilians mostly women and children.


An indiscriminate shelling targets the neighborhoods in Mosul City.


Press sources: The government forces shelled with Sulfur mustard Thawra neighborhood at the right side of Mosul yesterday.


"5"persons were either killed or wounded as an IED exploded in Yusfiya Nahiya south of Baghdad.


An employee in the minstry of justice was killed as an IED attached to his car exploded in Zoba' area west of Baghdad.



Iran, Russia, Syria condemn US missile attack on Homs [Press TV - 14/4/17]



Israeli warplanes monitor Syrian-Lebanese border [AMN - 14/4/17]



"Misdirected strike" in Syria resulted in deaths of terrorist partners [US Department of Defense - 13/4/17]



Syrian Army Command: Hundreds killed in coalition airstrike on ISIS toxic materials depot [SANA - 13/4/17]



Russia on Wednesday vetoed a draft resolution submitted by UK, France and the US to the UN Security Council about claims of using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun.

Bolivia opposed the draft resolution, three other member states, among them China, abstained, while 10 countries voted in favor of it. ... [SANA - 13/4/17]



The first stage of the agreement to evacuate locals of the terrorist-besieged towns of Kefraya and al-Fouaa in Idleb countryside started on Wednesday. ... [SANA - 12/4/17]



@wikileaks [12/4/17]:  "[al-Quada] is on our side in Syria"--email from policy advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Feb 2012) ...



Turkey threatens suspension of  EU migrant deal again [Reuters - 14/4/17]:


Turkey could re-evaluate or suspend all agreements under the migrant deal with the European Union if the bloc does not give a positive response on visa-free travel for Turks, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday.

In an interview with broadcaster A Haber, Cavusoglu said the migrant deal and visa liberalization were a package, and added it was Turkey's right to re-evaluate or suspend these if one element was not fulfilled.

Cavusoglu also said Turkey currently had no issues with Russia and would strengthen cooperation on a ceasefire and political solution in Syria, after a chemical attack blamed on Syrian government forces killed scores in rebel-held Idlib province, prompting the United States to launch a missile strike on a Syrian air base.



When the IOM and Libyan coastguard say migrants have been 'rescued', they mean 'captured and detained' [Reuters - 13/4/17]



@sol2refugees [12/4/17]:  120 #refugees by 3 different boats, new arrivals in #Chios island #Greece!



‏@sol2refugees [12/4/17]:  #Solidarity with the #Iranian #refugees in hunger strike the last many days in front of the #UNHCR offices in #Athens #Greece.



Shots fired at Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island [ABC - 14/4/17]:


Papua New Guinea police are responding to reports of shooting at the Manus Island detention centre [concentration camp].

Asylum seekers say members of the PNG Defence Force stationed at the Lombrum Naval Base, next to the detention centre, began firing at 6:30pm.

They said Australian staff were seen running for a boat moored nearby.

Iranian refugee Amir Taghinia was on a bus being driven into the centre when he heard shots.

"It's crazy, many people are in shock," he said.

"The Navy is shooting people.

"The staff were running out of the compound like crazy, I think they were getting on a ship."

Iranian asylum seeker Benham Satah said Australian security staff were sheltering inside the complex with the detainees [political prisoners].

"Security staff were inside, they were hiding with us," he said.

Mr Satah said the attackers were using high-powered weapons and their fire left bullet holes in the accommodation buildings.

"They were repeatedly shooting and a couple of rooms have been shot," he said.

Asylum seekers inside the centre said they did not know if anyone had been shot.

Police on the island said they were sending reinforcements to the centre, but they were not sure who the attackers were.

"We have police on the ground and they are trying to contain the situation," Provincial Police Commander David Yapu said.

"There is a situation at the centre but I am still waiting for a report." ...



@BehrouzBoochani [14/4/17]:


Australian officers just came back to the prison. Navy gone, police driving around the prison. Too scary tonight.


The refugees are scared of another attack on the centre. The Australian officers did not tell us, why did they leave the centre?


Just now the Australian officers left the centre. We're alone now. Their bosses ordered them to leave. We don't know what will happen


Navy have shot more than 100 times, some of the bullets have hit rooms. The situation on #Manus is critical



As the Australian human rights sector continue playing along with their silence, the violations are emboldened ---> Goons specially deployed from Nauru to Manus refugee concentration camp to further torment men facing imminent deportation [RNZI - 14/4/17]



Asylum seeker deported from Manus Island concentration camp fears for his life in Lebanon [Sydney Morning Herald - 22/3/17]



Nepalese asylum seeker in hiding after refoulement from Australia's illegal refugee prison on Manus Island [ABC - 3/3/17]



It is relevant that the phony Obama-Australia refugee "deal" sideshow coincides with brutal deportation theatre --> Why did Obama deport 85 Muslim asylum seekers to Bangladesh, India and Nepal? [Democracy Now - 8/4/16]



Political prisoners say latest uprising at Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island was sparked by forced deportations and lies about "resettlement" [RNZI - 14/4/17]:


... A refugee from Iran, Amir Taghinia, said tension had been building in the centre as asylum seekers denied refugee status were repatriated and in some cases forcibly deported.

"Many people are saying it's about food and it's because of the quality of the food. Yes, the quality of the food is not good. Food distribution is not happening in a proper way, but the main thing is there is not a good atmosphere in the west area," said Mr Taghinia.

"They are forcibly deporting people after four years and there are many people that possibly cannot go back to their homes. They are saying, 'if we could we would have gone back home years ago.' There's a very negative atmosphere in here."


"And there is always talk in the centre from the case managers, from the case workers, from the officers and many other people that, 'you're not going to go to America, this is not going to happen. This is just a game to keep you quiet for a while.' The uncertainty in here is the most important thing that people are very angry about."

Mr Heidar was equally sceptical about the deal with the US.

"So when they are decide to sending people to the USA to resettle them, why is it taking so long time?" he asked.

"Why it's not coming in the action? Because I never believed the America deal will become real. If it's come in the real they can't take all the people." ...



WAITING ... WAITING ... WAITING ... WAITING ... ---> US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman renews call for declassification of phony Obama-Australia refugee "deal" [Senator Chuck Grassley Media Release - 2/2/17]



A secret "deal" is no deal. 

There is only indefinite detention, exile, death and lies.  THAT is the policy. ---> ... "It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place." ... I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



Swapping imprisoned human beings is NOT refugee resettlement [Human Rights Watch - 18/4/07]



Loghman Sawari granted bail [PNG Loop - 14/4/17]:


Iranian refugee Loghman Sawari will spend this Easter weekend outside the Waigani Police station holding cells after the Waigani National Court granted bail to him.

Justice Panuel Mogish allowed bail on the same conditions and the amount of K1,000 which was granted on February 15, this year at the Boroko District Court.

He allowed bail to Sawari as he was of the view, that the second charge under the Migration Act was defective.

It is defective because circumstances arising in the earlier charge (under the Passport Act) and the recent charge under the Migration Act are the same.

Both charges relate to Sawari obtaining a false PNG Passport and travelling to Fiji.

Justice Mogish said the prosecution of Sawari on the present charge under the Migration Act is a futile exercise and is of no utility, given the legal defense available to him, whether he is acquitted or convicted under the Passport Act.

He said Sawari was charged with an offense that has no legal basis and to be incarcerated on those basis is unjustifiable.

He exercised his discretion and granted bail on the similar terms as bail was granted to the charge under the Passport Act.

Sawari will return to court on April 18 where the District Court will make a ruling on an application his lawyer moved in court, asking it to dismiss his case on the basis police prosecution did not prove their case beyond reasonable doubt after the trial. ...



PNG media push on with their journalism despite Turnbull's attempts to muzzle them [PNG Loop - 14/4/17]:


... The first incident happened at the Bomana War Cemetery were PNG journalists were asked to leave several times the reason being that only ‘Australian issues’ would be discussed.

The second took place at the Airways Hotel were local journalists were informed not to ask questions during a joint press conference.

In the last, journalists from Post–Courier attending a business breakfast, which their organisation paid tickets for them to attend, were not served. ...



If it's not challenging Australia's anti-refugee policy - or holding ALL those responsible to account - it isn't journalism.  It's exploitative, deterrence propaganda -->  "All I could hear was 'you will never settle in Australia.'" Watch our Guardian documentary, The Island ...  @guardian [13/4/17]



Calling for anything less than FREEDOM and GENUINE resettlement for imprisoned refugees is nothing but partisan damage control and spin ---> ... Alternatives to retreating from the system are proposed, including advocacy through whistleblowing, policy reform and litigation, or subversive action from within.

Social workers are encouraged to act in whatever ways they can, within the ethical, legal and practical limitations which are imposed. ... [Journal of Ethics and Social Welfare - 5/4/17]



You cannot provide "trauma therapy" in a concentration camp.

If you work in these places at this dire stage, you're a COLLABORATOR. ---> ... The Australian Medical Association's code of ethics states: "Regardless of society's attitudes, ensure that you do not countenance, condone or participate in the practice of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman, or degrading procedures, whatever the offence of which the victim of such procedures is suspected, accused or convicted."

The code could not speak more clearly or directly.

By continuing to work within immigration detention we merely provide legitimacy to those that would lie and mislead the public into believing healthcare of a respectable standard is being delivered.

By continuing we maintain and perpetuate suffering and injustice. ...  Australian doctors should boycott working in detention centres, Dr John-Paul Sanggaran [The Age – 19/2/16]



... It is important to consider that health care staff are not functioning in a humanitarian role at present, they are well remunerated – a recent position for a doctor working on Nauru was offering $13,000 a week. ... The “patients first” argument [The Guardian - 5/3/16]



... Sometimes I wake suddenly, because of too much pain.

I feel scared of IHMS because they are using my pain to put me under pressure.

I am sure that they will leave me with my pain. ... [The Saturday Paper - 16/4/16]



Green Left Weekly [10/9/16]:


... “If you don’t know about the camps and what you are signing up for with the job, where have you been living for the past 23 years? Doctors and nurses and teachers are not high school students. They know about the abuses.

"Doctors, nurses, teachers — just say no. Boycott the jobs.” ...



Joining the partisan chorus for legal representation, without also calling for an end to the persecution of boat refugees, illustrates the fraudulence of UNHCR [Statement from Regional Representation in Canberra  - 31/3/17]



UNHCR endorses "deal" it claims to know nothing about [Media Release - 13/11/16]:


... It is on this basis that UNHCR will endorse referrals made from Australia to the United States, on a one-off, good offices, humanitarian basis, in light of the acute humanitarian situation.

The full details of the agreement are not yet known, and UNHCR is not a party to it.  ...



UNHCR "welcomes" Australia's lies about releasing refugees on Nauru in lead up to the High Court challenge [5/10/15]



 "UN UN! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!"   Political prisoners of the government and opposition protest complicity of the UNHCR in Australia's anti-refugee policy [Nauru - May 2016]





It is time for the UNHCR to explain why they don't want men, women and children on Nauru and Manus immediately FREED and GENUINELY RESETTLED, and why they are not interested in advocating for Australia to begin meeting its obligations under the Refugee Convention.



UNHCR endorses Australia's proposal to traffick and exile refugees to Malaysia for slavery [ABC - 22/11/16]:


... MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: So a regional solution. One of the countries the Government is in talks with currently is Malaysia. Malaysia hasn't signed the UN Convention on Refugees. Would you be comfortable with any deal involving that country?

VOLKER TURK [UNHCR]: Well, Malaysia has had a tradition of hosting refugees.

It's true they haven't signed the convention, but there are a lot of opportunities, especially when it comes to access to the labour market, to ensure that one could negotiate a certain standard of treatment for people.

Obviously I am not privy to these negotiations. I've heard about it in the press.

There was a deal that was struck a couple of years ago and we thought that the deal was workable at the time. ...



Trapped in Sittwe ghetto or rounded up and imprisoned while registering at a UNHCR office in Malaysia [Myanmar Now - 19/2/16]:


... Malaysian police have carried out arrests of asylum seekers queuing up at the offices of the U.N. refugee agency in the last week or so, and some 2,500 Rohingya are currently held in immigration detention centres across Malaysia, Lewa said. ...



Over 100 have died in Malaysian immigration detention centres in the last 2 years. More than half were from Myanmar. [CDA News - 4/4/17]





The Last Days of #rohingya Cartoon By Qutub Shah ‏@RohingyaVision [16/12/16]



@shahidsiddiqui [13/4/17]:  Nearly hundred #rohingya refugees forced to go homeless after several shelters gutted in fire Wed. night at Nangli, Nuh. ... [India]



@shahidsiddiqui [13/4/17]:  Homeless Rohingya searches for useful items among the ashes of burnt down dwellings after their shelter gutted in fire last night. ...  


Bangladesh Border Guards open fire on refugee boat killing one Rohingya woman and injuring four men [Outlook India - 13/4/17]


The Rohingya Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Shilkhali displacement camp under Rathedaung are facing water crisis in the dry season ... [Arakan Times - 13/4/17]


Media spread rumour to precipitate and justify military action against Rohingyas [Rohingya Vision - 12/4/17]


Displaced Rohingyas denied right to fully reclaim their lands [Rohingya Vision - 11/4/17]:


“The military have burnt down our homes. Now, the authorities claim that we no longer own our lands. They are instead giving us a 40 square feet of plot for a family which has three to four households and said they are giving us these little ground plots on the ground of sympathy” said an internally displaced Rohingya while speaking to Rohingya Vision TV. ...


Myanmar’s Rohingya genocide is aided by friends in high places [Mint Press News - 28/1/16]:


... According to an investigation from Rania Khalek, associate editor at The Electronic Intifada, a site that advocates for Palestinian freedom, Israel has a history of supporting repressive regimes from apartheid South Africa to Serbia, and Myanmar is no exception.

“For four days in September, Israel literally rolled out the red carpet for a delegation of senior officers from Myanmar’s ground, air and naval forces,” Khalek wrote.

The delegation was given a guided tour of Israel’s leading aerospace and weapons companies. ...



West, Gulf complicity in oil-fuelled genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya [Middle East Eye - 11/11/15]:


... US, British, Australian and European oil majors have been awarded contracts by the junta, including BG Group and Ophir (UK); Shell (UK-Netherlands); Statoil (Norway); Chevron and Conoco Phillips (US); Woodside (Australia); Eni (Italy) and Total (France).

Many of these contracts - particularly those involving Chevron, Ophir, Woodside, and Eni - are production-sharing initiatives in the Rakhine basin, just off the coast of the Rakhine state where local Rohingya Muslims face the prospect of extinction. ...



At least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeeping forces exploited children in a sex ring in Haiti, an Associated Press report has revealed.

An internal UN report obtained by the AP said that at least 134 Sri Lankan soldiers in Haiti exploited nine children in a sex ring from 2004 to 2007. ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/4/17]



Mallakam Judge orders inquiry into illegal detention of Tamil man [Tamil Guardian - 13/4/17]



... Young hearts be free tonight.

Time is on your side,

Don't let them put you down, don't let 'em push you around,

Don't let 'em ever change your point of view. ...


'Young Turks', Rod Stewart [1981]



... Jayden's mother told reporters that the young parents were afraid the baby would be taken away from them.

"They don't want to be apart from their baby, they're good parents," she said. ... Teenage parents found after disappearing from Nepean Hospital with three-day-old baby [Sydney Morning Herald - 13/4/17]




Anti-violence Murdoch hack assaults politician [The Age - 24/11/07]:


Award winning journalist Caroline Overington hurled abuse at Labor candidate for Wentworth George Newhouse before slapping him across the face at a polling station in Sydney's east, witnesses say.

Ms Overington denies slapping Mr Newhouse but says she pushed him away with an open hand when he approached her. ...




Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia [13/4/17]:


... As for media coverage and political commentary on the matter, well what can one say?

Apparently the likes of The Australian, shock-jocks like Ben Fordham and Andrew Bolt, and government ministers care about women and the violence against them!

These are the same folk whose careers have been built on the consistent shameless demonisation of Muslim women (and Islam generally) and who carry water from the political establishment and its foreign policies that kill thousands of women every year in Asia and Africa and destroy the lives of many more.

These are the same folk who are a hundred times louder on “terrorism” and “extremism”, simply because it sells, than on the domestic violence, which is a far greater menace in this country.

Domestic violence kills around 70 women every year in Australia and destroys the lives of thousands.

Yet, it is giving nothing more than nominal lip-service by policy makers and mainstream media alike.

For them, this is just another opportunity, just another day of the week, in which to attack Islam and Muslims as they do every other day.

As such, they can continue talking to themselves as far as we are concerned, pretending to occupy the moral high ground while throwing stones from glass houses.

We firmly refuse them their demand of interrogating Islam for they are in no position to lecture anyone on women or violence.



The harm caused by Australia's worst pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale is still being felt, a victims' advocate says.

The former Victorian Catholic priest has admitted to abusing more than 60 children, but the true number could be as high as 1,000.

Ridsdale, 82, on Thursday pleaded guilty to 20 new charges including rape, buggery and indecent assault against another 11 victims between 1962 to 1988.


Two Ballarat Bishops knew of Ridsdale's crimes, one as early as his first year as a priest.

And two Sydney archbishops knew he had "sexual problems" and should be kept away from children, the Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission has previously heard.

"The lives of children were not as important as the reputation of the Catholic Church," Dr Chamley said.

Former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, who died last year, knew in 1975 Ridsdale had abused boys but moved him between parishes where he continued offending.

"The combination of Mulkearns' alcoholism and Ridsdale's pedophilia was a total disaster for children from Ballarat to Portland," Dr Chamely said.

"We're still living with the fallout." ... [Nine MSN - 13/4/17]



Police firing tear gas have clashed with prison guards protesting working conditions in a notorious prison south of Paris. ... [France 24 - 11/4/17]



Three prison guards hospitalised as Woodford prison overcrowding increases [Brisbane Times - 13/4/17]



The West Australian Coroner has recommended an end to the practice of locking up people who have been drinking, but has not recommenced anyone be charged after an Aboriginal woman died in a police lock up in 2012. ... [NITV - 13/4/17]



@AbbyMartin [13/4/17]:  By investing in healthcare—not war—Cuba becomes 1st country to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS



Australia: Campaign to criminalise patients and demonise the public health system never misses a beat [The Age - 13/4/17]



Prince Charles Hospital guard granted bail after being charged over elderly patient's death [Nine MSN - 22/8/16]



... Queensland Ambulance Service Deputy Commissioner Dee Taylor-Dutton said new clinical practice procedures would allow paramedics to administer the anti-psychotic drug Droperidol to patients in situations with a high risk of violence. ...

"I [Health Minister Cameron Dick] thank the Commissioner for his leadership on this issue and also thank the members of the Taskforce - including QAS staff, United Voice Queensland and representatives from the university sector - for the work they have done in delivering this report. ...  [Sunshine Coast Daily - 28/4/16]



...  Doctors for Refugees [ALP] convenor Barri Phatarfod said almost every patient whose files the group had reviewed was "on some sort of sedative, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic or a combination of all of them".

"The whole system seems designed to keep people in this compliant, groggy state of either sleeping or just getting about doing basic functions," she said.

"The Immigration Department has decided that it's a lot easier to give them wholesale mass sedation and anti-psychotic medication … rather than make sure each person has an individually tailored mental health plan.

"People in their 20s and 30s who presumably have a productive life ahead of them are sitting there … effectively in a stupor." ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 22/8/16]



Unions representing border control workers [xBorder - 22/7/15]:


... United Voice has been organising detention centre workers, including guards, since 2009.

As the numbers of members working in detention centres has grown, sources from inside the union have noted a diminishment in the union’s public opposition to detention policies, including an effective silence over laws that give stronger protections to guards to use deadly force against detainees.

United Voice has also taken positions against the closure of onshore detention centres in Tasmania and Darwin.

The recent amalgamation of Customs and Immigration into the Australian Border Force drew the CPSU into dispute with the government over the termination of the Customs enterprise bargaining agreement.

This campaign, however, should not be mistaken as resistance to the running of Border Force operations as such.

As has been the case with United Voice, industrial action of this kind helps the union to both retain and increase its membership base in this industry. ...



Refugees who fled from Uganda because they are gay, lesbian or another sexual minority say they are also unwelcome in Kenya.

A group of LGBT refugees have been protesting at the U.N. refugee agency’s Nairobi headquarters, demanding to be resettled somewhere safer. 


“We do not need money, all we need is protection,” says Musa, an LGBT refugee who asked that his full name not be used to protect his identity.

The refugees say they plan to protest at the UNHCR offices again until their issues are resolved.

Being within sight of the building is a measure of protection, Maate says. ... [Global Press Journal - 5/4/17]



Africans leaving Israel under "voluntary" secret deals arrive on Europe’s shores [News Deeply - 11/4/17]:


... Another Sudanese asylum seeker who made it from Israel to France, Ahmed Adam, agreed to go to an unnamed third country in July 2016.

“It was a group of 30 of us Sudanese on the plane,” he remembers.

“It landed at the Cairo airport. From there, we switched planes. Two hours later, we landed, but not in Uganda – in Khartoum, Sudan.”

Adam says he was promptly arrested, interrogated and beaten for three days.

“They kept asking me, ‘Why did you go to Israel?’” he said.

Adam eventually bribed one of the guards to let him out.

He fled to Libya, where he was kidnapped by a militia and made to work on a farm for a month, he says.

When released, he took a boat to Sicily with the help of money sent by friends in Israel.

He also spent time in Calais and is waiting on his asylum claim in a shelter in Nancy, northeastern France. ...



In a barren corner of the Negev desert, near the Egyptian border, dozens of young Israelis and African asylum-seekers danced to a drum beat, shielding their eyes from the blinding dust whipping through the crowd.

The Passover event, held outside the gates of the Holot detention center, sought to draw parallels between the conditions of asylum-seekers in Israel and the ancient Jews’ escape from Egypt. ... [Times of Israel - 10/4/17]



No-one should be separated from their family, exiled and/or imprisoned for being a refugee.


"I am not a criminal, I am a refugee, do you understand what that is?"


 [ABC - 8/2/17]



  Today the Australia - United Nations Parliamentary Group, co-chaired by Melissa and Senator Chris Back, along with the United Nations Association of Australia hosted a morning tea to celebrate Refugee Day (20 June). Mr. Thomas Albrecht, UNHCR regional representative spoke about the plight of refugees around the world and reminded the audience that it was important to also “celebrate” refugees on Refugee Day as these are courageous people who have come through so much, are resilient and contribute enormously. [Melissa Parke - 25/6/14]



Latest news on the persecution of a man who attempted an escape to Fiji from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime [PNG Loop - 13/4/17]:


[The] Lawyer representing Iranian refugee Loghman Sawari will ask the Waigani National Court for bail today.  

He is seeking bail in the National Court after he was arrested and charged with two more charges under the Migration Act on April 4.

The 21 year old refugee was taken to the Waigani Police Station on the afternoon of April 4, straight from his court trial at the Waigani District Court by police and Immigration officials.

He was then charged for making False Representation under section 16(1)(e) of the Migration act.

He has been held in custody at the Waigani Police station since his arrest.

He was also charged under section 16(1)(k) of the same act for using a passport which was fraudulently obtained.

His case under these new charges was briefly mentioned in the District court last week by Magistrate John Kaumi. Sawari was not in court and the matter was adjourned to a later date.

Under section 16 of the Migration act, (1) A person who; (e) makes or causes to be made a false return, false statement, false representation, or wilfully withholds any relevant fact or information in connection with an obligation imposed on him under or by virtue of this Act; or (k) without lawful authority has in his possession or uses a forged, unlawfully altered, or irregular passport or entry permit or a passport or entry permit in which an endorsement has been forged or unlawfully altered; is guilty of an offence.

The Penalty is a fine not exceeding K5,000.00 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

Sawari was first arrested on Feb 3 for providing false information for the purpose of obtaining a PNG passport from the PNG Immigration and Citizen Services Authority, a charge that falls under section 16 (1) of the Passport Act of 1982.  

He allegedly used false identification to obtain travel documents which he later used to leave PNG for Fiji.

For the first case, his lawyer, Loani Henao told the court on Tuesday that there was no evidence that he used a PNG Passport, number e133854 to travel out nor obtained the passport from falsified information.

A ruling on the no-case submission is expected on April 11. ... <---- WHERE IS IT?






Loghman Sawari - and all the other men, women and children imprisoned on Manus and Nauru by the Australian government and opposition - are stateless because of the inaction of the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]



West Papuan refugees' decades long wait for PNG citizenship exposes false claim of resettlement under Rudd's illegal July 2013 deal [The National - 13/4/17]:


... Yustus Dyomdoan, 68, from Umap village in Mitipitanda, West Papua was among 1093 West Papuan refugees to be given their citizenship in Western.

“I was one of the first refugees to settle in this camp in 1987,” he said.

“I had fled my village in fear for my life and possible persecution from the Indonesian government.

“I came across the border with my wife and 10-year-old daughter to Atkampa in North Fly in 1984.

“From Atkampa, we came to East Awin in 1987.

“My wife died here and my daughter is now married to a local man.”

Dyomdoan said with his new citizenship status, he could return to his village to see his traditional land and participate in traditional activities like making sago and building traditional houses.

“I did not want to return while being a refugee because I was scared that I would be mistreated by the Indonesian government,” he said.

“But now, I can return and see my family and see my traditional land.

“I can now freely cross the border to my village and return to East Awin at any time.” ...



The world is a vampire ...


'Bullet with Butterfly Wings', Smashing Pumpkins [1995]




A viral video of a man being forcibly removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight has led to an online revival of a Maritime song.

Nova Scotia singer-songwriter Dave Carroll says the incident has sparked renewed interest in his public battle with the airline after his guitar was broken on a flight several years ago.

Carroll gained international fame after his song "United Breaks Guitars” was released in 2009.

He's since travelled to 26 countries, sharing his story and speaking about customer service. ... [CTV - 11/4/17]



@wikileaks [12/4/17]:  Hillary Clinton on North Korea in private paid speech to Goldman Sachs (see attachment 1) ...




14 April 2017