223rd day of peaceful protest. [Manus Island]



Nothing is easy to gain without pain so we have paid all our lives in order to get freedom. ...  The life is very short journey & so simple to live in but it has a lot of challenges to be face throughout your short life. @sunosi3 [13/3/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [13/3/18]: OK thanks I will wait to hear from you. It just seems that only a handful of guys are sending tweets from #Manus and I think it can only strengthen your case for freedom and the end of this policy if everyone's voices were heard, and not just those who hate Turnbull and Dutton.



‏@Aussie4Refugees [13/3/18]: Amir Taghinia emerges to change his story about how he got to Canada, while pro-"deterrence" propagandist Pats Karvelas pretends the entire PNG-Aus indefinite detention and exile arrangement isn't illegal, and "resettlement" deals aren't fraudulent ... #Manus



The curious story of Amir Taghinia [UPDATED]  



Increasingly demented and expensive medical torture aspect of Australia's refugee "deterrence" policy continues unopposed [Guardian - 13/3/18]



@GraffitiExpert [13/3/18]: In March 2017, 10% of refugee prisoners on #Nauru were struck down with Dengue and Australia's medical profession said nothing.



@Aussie4Refugees [13/3/18]:  Blatantly pro Labor-Australia wide refugee action collectives/coalitions are now welcoming supporters of "deterrence" like Tim "stop the boats" Costello" to promote themselves on Palm Sunday It is well past time to reject these fake "advocates" and RESIST. ...



@end_md [13/3/18]:  Can @racvictoria please confirm whether or not they support refugee boat turnbacks. 



Everybody loves Roman "stop the boats" Quaedvlieg - hero of Australia's pro "deterrence" academy, rights establishment, legal "experts" and media.


His indiscretions ameliorate any need for actual scrutiny of anti-refugee policy, and associated Border Force-Operation Sovereign Borders atrocities.



Guests honoured to hear from alumnus Roman Quaedvlieg APM, @ABFComm at our Prize Ceremony on Wednesday. ... @qutlaw [11/5/17]



13 March 2018