Journalists say they've seen photos of money Australia pays in attempt to escape obligations of UN Refugee Convention


Canberra Times [13/6/15]:

... "Wasn't your trip here because you do not believe my story [that money was paid to crew]?" Mr Hidayat [Police Chief, Rote Island] told Fairfax Media. "I believe it was The Sydney Morning Herald article that says the minister denies the payment? Just say it frankly, you don't believe me."

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have denied the payments took place. However Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to answer the question, saying: "The Australian government will do whatever we need to do to keep this evil trade stopped."

Another source showed Fairfax Media a photograph of six stacks of $US100 bills with the serial numbers and names of the people who were supposed to receive the money. The photo forms part of the report to the National Police.

The crew asked for the money to be sent to their villages but it remains at Rote police station.


The official report says an Australian official named Agus, who spoke fluent Indonesian, told Mr Yohanis that Australia would not accept the asylum seekers.

"From the communication, he was generous and said: 'We can't accept you brought us immigrants here. Each of you will be given $US5000. With one condition: that you go back to Indonesia, use it for business and never do this kind of work ever again'," Agus reportedly told the crew.

The 65 asylum seekers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar were then transferred onto two wooden boats called Jasmine and Kanak. They were given a map of Rote island, life jackets and food and sent back to Indonesia.

Seaweed farmers on Landu island, the southernmost populated island of Indonesia, spotted the asylum seekers stranded on rocks at 4.30pm on May 31.

Some of the crew swum ashore and hired a local fisherman's boat to Rote.

While most of the asylum seekers [52 of whom are registered as refugees] had put on lifejackets and were swimming ashore, village chief Semuel Messak says 10 people, mostly women and children, were still stranded on board the Kanak. One woman was breast feeding.

When all of the asylum seekers had been evacuated in small boats, they gathered at Mr Semuel's home.

The whole village provided clothes, with Mr Semuel donating 18 sarongs and his wife cooked them noodles, fish and rice.

Police took the asylum seekers to Rote the following day.

Police chief Hidayat said humanity was the first consideration for Indonesians when dealing with asylum seekers.

"They are not animals, they are people," he said. "What if it was us in their shoes?"

A source said Australian Federal Police officers had not been allowed to interview the crew.



Australia's silence/inaction emboldens this violence ---->  Rakhine locals plan protest against refugees that Myanmar recaptured [Channel News Asia - 13/6/15]




Myanmar hands over 150 captured refugees to Bangladesh [BNI - 12/6/15]:

The Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) handed over 150 rescued Bangladeshi boat-people to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at the Taungpyo border point after the two agencies held a flag meeting at Dekibania (Burma) on 8 June at around 10:00 am, said a BGB official.

The 150 Bangladeshis had been among the 208 boat-people rescued by the Burmese navy from a traffickers boat in the Bay of Bengal on 21 May.

After being rescued the boat-people were taken to Taungbro temporary refugee camp in Burma. The Burmese authorities claimed that they fed them and supplied them with clothes and medicine whilst they were at the camp. But, according to a local elder who wished to remain anonymous, the authorities forced the local Rohingya population to supply food for the boat-people.

The Bangladesh foreign and home ministries identified 150 of the boat-people as Bangladeshi said Col Mohammad Khalequzzaman, the BGB Sector commander at Cox's Bazar.

The remaining 58. boat-people who were not sent to Bangladesh are believed to be Rohingya said a Border Guard Bangladesh official.

In the latest incident the Burmese navy also seized another boat packed with 734 people (611men, 72 women and 51 children) off the country's southern coast near Leik Island on 29 May. These rescued people were also taken to Taungbro temporary refugee camp on 5 June. Many of them claim to be Bangladeshi and the Bangladeshi authorities are at present trying to work out their true nationalities.

Some 2,500 boat-people are still believed to be drifting in the sea, according to regional migrants' rights bodies.



Vanuatu parliament to debate another no-confidence motion

RNZI [13/6/15]:


Vanuatu's opposition filed a motion of no-confidence in the Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, on Friday, less than 24 hours after he came to power in a no-confidence vote on Thursday.

The notice, signed by 10 MPs, has been lodged with parliament's speaker and will be debated next Thursday.

The opposition says Mr Kilman's appointment should be terminated and a new prime minister appointed, citing the devastation caused by cyclone Pam.

It says the effect of losing cyclone reconstruction programmes, which were put together by the previous government of Joe Natuman, outweighs a change in government as the confidence of donor partners will be affected.

It also argues that with the majority of the new government implicated in a bribery case currently before the Supreme Court, the government will be forced to interfere in the judicial process.

The motion will need the support of 27 MPs for it to be successful.

Meanwhile, the bribery case against 19 MPs in Vanuatu was adjourned on Friday by the Magistrates' Court until the June 23rd.

The 19 MPs are charged with bribery over police claims regarding Moana Carcasses and his attempts to lobby support to topple the then prime minister.

The group were opposition MPs at the time the charges were laid, along with Mr Carcasses.

But a no confidence vote on Thursday lead to the Natuman-led government being ousted, with Sato Kilman voted in as prime minister and Moana Carcasses as his deputy.



Greek delegation heads back to Brussels for new round of talks [12/6/15]:


Talks between Greece and its lenders are due to resume in Brussels on Saturday after a clutch of government officials flew back to the Belgian capital on Friday in an attempt to salvage hopes of an agreement to secure another 7.2 billion euros in bailout funds.

Deputy Prime Minister Yiannis Dragasakis is leading the Greek delegation, which also includes State Minister Nikos Pappas and Alternate Minister for International Economic Relations Euclid Tsakalotos. Pappas and Tsakalotos were in Brussels earlier in the week but their talks with representatives of Greece’s lenders did not lead anywhere.

It is believed that the delegation is going back to Brussels, where they will meet a representative of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, with proposals aimed at overcoming the deadlock in the talks, which revolves largely around differences over fiscal targets, pension cuts and labor market reforms. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke with Juncker yesterday ahead of dispatching his team to Brussels.

European Commission sources stressed that the contact with Dragasakis and the accompanying officials would be an exchange of information and not part of the negotiating process as the other two institutions, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, would also have to take part for decisions to be taken. There was no confirmation last night from Washington that IMF officials would be meeting the Greek delegation in Brussels.

Creditors have advised Greece that an agreement is needed by Thursday, June 18, when eurozone finance ministers are due to meet in Bratislava, otherwise there may not be enough time to approve disbursements or extend Greece’s program beyond the end of the month, when it is due to expire.

The lack of time left to reach a deal led to the possibility of an agreement not being reached being discussed for the first time at Friday’s Euro Working Group meeting, sources said. Greece’s representative, Giorgos Houliarakis, is said to have heard colleagues discuss the need for capital controls and even humanitarian aid in the case of a Greek default.




Right-Wing demonstrations over wealth tax continue in Ecuador [teleSUR - 12/6/15]:


Right-wing Opposition demonstrators [are] gathering once again outside of the headquarters of the Ecuador’s governing party in Quito Friday night, threatening to storm the offices.

Police are surrounding the entire area, but tensions are high as nearly 1,000 demonstrators are gathering just outside of the security perimeter set up outside of the PAIS Alliance offices.

Initially justified by opposition to the wealthy paying higher taxes, the right-wing protesters are openly calling for the ousting of the elected government of President Correa. Correa was elected in landslide victory in 2013 with 57% of the vote.

Protesters were countered by the supporters of the government.

On Wednesday night, opposition demonstrations against a redistributive tax measure became violent, with right-wing protestors throwing bottles and other projectiles at police and supporters of the left-wing governing party. Several people, including a former government minister were injured.

Since Monday, protests lead by privileged sectors have emerged in response to President Rafael Correa’s announcement to increase inheritance and capital gains taxes on the top 2 percent of Ecuadorean society.



Ex-Guantanamo inmate stopped from flying to Montreal

Naharnet [12/6/15]:


A French former Guantanamo detainee was barred from flying to Montreal, where he was to address a conference on Western youth radicalization, he said Friday.

Mourad Benchellali told public broadcaster Radio-Canada that he was stopped in Lyon, France from boarding an Air Transat flight because of U.S. concerns the aircraft would fly through U.S. airspace.

He said he was shocked to learn that he was on the U.S. no-fly list.

"I was coming to Canada to talk about prevention, to talk about my story. The goal is to dissuade young people from falling into a downward spiral," he said.

Conference organizers decried the application of "inconsistent measures that are both unjust and ineffective, and have been taken in an indiscriminate way in the fight against terrorism."

U.S. flight tracking website FlightAware showed the Lyon to Montreal flight did not cross into U.S. airspace. But the return flight would have flown over the U.S. state of Maine.

Benchellali, 33, was released from the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba in 2004 after spending two years in detention.

He had been arrested by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, where he said he trained with al-Qaida to gain the respect of his militant brother.

But at a subsequent French trial he denied fighting U.S. forces or planning attacks.

The youngest in a French-Algerian family of radical Islamists, all of whom had been convicted for acts of terrorism, Benchellali recently told AFP he had been young and "naive" and eager to travel.

"At the time, al-Qaida, bin Laden did not evoke anything for anyone. I wasn't going there with bad intentions," he said.

Since his release from French custody in 2007, Benchellali has published a book about his experiences and lectures often in France, Switzerland and Belgium on the perils of radicalization.

US exiles six Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo to Oman [Reuters – 13/66/15]




Drunken soldier injures Papuan civilian

Jakarta Post [12//15]:


The military in Papua arrested a drunk soldier for injuring a civilian in Central Memberamo Thursday.

The victim is still undergoing medical treatment at the Marthen Indey Hospital on Friday.

Spokesman for the Papua Military Command Lt. Col. Teguh Puji Raharjo said Friday the military command was responsible for the incident and also the victim’s medical treatment, and would make an apology to the people in Central Memberamo for the incident.

The incident occurred on Thursday when 2nd Sgt. Benedictus Umarop stationed in Kobigma opened fire on a concrete wall with a SS1-V2 rifle while he was drunk.

Bullets ricocheting off the wall hit Jimmi Winata in the back, a 22-year-old resident of Kelila Village in Kobagma.

Director of Marthen Indey Hospital Didik Catur Prasetyo said the victim was in good condition after the bullets were taken out during surgery on Friday morning.



Refugee exiled by Australia in hiding on Manus Island after being exploited by Transfield for propaganda campaign


This is not life. I get the refugee status, why I wait here, why I don't go outside, why this situation?



ABC [13/6/15]:


A refugee is in hiding on Manus Island in fear of his life, after allegedly being tricked by Papua New Guinea immigration officials into making a newspaper advertisement promoting resettlement [exile].

Haider Khan told the ABC other refugees are furious with him and have threatened his life for appearing in a photograph holding a digitally-altered sign saying: "Thank you for helping us."

Mr Khan said he did not agree to the campaign and specifically asked PNG officials not to use his image publicly.

"Why Australian Government and PNG Government play with us, this is our lives," he said in a phone call from Manus Island.

Mr Khan said the photo was taken during a trip to PNG's capital Port Moresby, which was suggested by a woman named Jenna working for Transfield Services.

Mr Khan said PNG immigration officials promised him a meeting with the immigration minister and refugee status if he agreed to go on the trip.

He said he felt "very happy" to have a break from Manus Island, where he has spent 19 months, mostly in detention.

Mr Khan said he posed for a photo to thank officials for giving him $303 to buy food and T-shirts, but warned PNG immigration not to publish the image.

"[I said] if you put my photo in the poster, here the refugees and asylum seekers will be very angry with me," he said.

On June 10, two national newspapers published an advertisement featuring a photograph of Mr Khan, as well as his name, nationality and occupation.

"The Government of PNG has permitted refugees to live and rebuild their lives in PNG," the newspaper advertisement said.

"Let's give them a positive start."

But that positive start quickly turned negative for Mr Khan, when other refugees in the transit centre accused him of speaking on their behalf and promoting a[n] resettlement [exile] plan many see as deeply flawed.

"Many refugees said, 'Everyone witness, if I see his face, we are kill him'," Mr Khan told the ABC.

He said he understands why other refugees are upset but insists he did not mean to speak on their behalf and was duped into appearing in the promotion.

The ABC has independently confirmed the threats against Mr Khan.

"Yes unfortunately, somebody are still threatening him," another refugee staying at the East Lorengau transit centre said.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old Bangladeshi man fled the Australian-funded transit centre, a place for those who have been released from detention and are awaiting resettlement [exile].

"In front of the road there is one small empty shop ... I'm sleeping there, many mosquitoes bit me," Mr Khan said.

He then walked away from the transit centre and is sheltering in the home of a local resident with only bread and biscuits to eat.

"Now I'm in a very bad situation, I have one T-shirt, one shorts, I can't shower here, no toilet," he said.

"I'm so much hungry," he said, breaking into tears on the phone.

He has been hiding for three days.

Mr Khan said he does not want to return to the transit centre where other refugees have threatened him and cursed his mother.

"This is not life. I get the refugee status, why I wait here, why I don't go outside, why this situation?" he said.

Papua New Guinea's immigration minister Rimbink Pato, chief migration officer Mataio Rabura and Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton have been contacted for comment.

Earlier this month an Iranian refugee at the transit centre was repeatedly punched in the face and allegedly threatened with death for missing a 6:00pm curfew.

Three PNG immigration officials have been charged over the incident.

In July 2013, Papua New Guinea agreed to take about 1,300 asylum seekers who had tried to reach Australia by boat, detaining them on a naval base on remote Manus Island.

In exchange, Australia is giving PNG $420 million in additional aid and spending $513 million to upgrade immigration infrastructure, on top of the cost of detention and processing on Manus Island.

More than 400 asylum seekers have returned [been deported] to the country they fled and 129 have been found to be refugees.

Two Iranian men have died – one bashed to death allegedly by local staff at the detention centre, and the other from an infected foot.

Almost two years after the Refugee Resettlement [Exile] Arrangement was signed, no refugees have been resettled [exiled] in Papua New Guinea and the Government does not have a policy for resettlement [exile].



Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia fobs off Foreign Minister's questions about paid refoulement of refugees


... "I just asked him what is it about, tell me what is it about," she told reporters. "He promised to take my inquiry, my questions, to Canberra and he promised to get back to me again." ...

[Yahoo - 13/6/15]




Jakarta Globe [13/6/15]:


Australia would have stooped to a “new low” if reports that its navy paid people-smugglers bound for Australia thousands of dollars to turn back their boat are true, an Indonesian government official said on Saturday.

Australia has vowed to stop asylum-seekers reaching its shores, turning boats back to Indonesia when it can and sending asylum-seekers to camps in impoverished Papua New Guinea and Nauru for long-term detention.

A boat captain and two crew members arrested this week on suspicion of human trafficking told Indonesian police Australian authorities had paid each of them A$5,000 ($3,860) to turn back their vessel with 65 migrants on board.

The passengers, including children and a pregnant woman, were from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton have both denied reports of payment to the smugglers but Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declined to comment, citing operational security.

“Under Australian’s push-back policy we have been consistently saying they are on a slippery slope,” Indonesian foreign ministry spokesman Armanatha Nasir told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference.

“Should this situation be confirmed and it turns out to be true, it would be a new low for the way the government of Australia handles the situation on irregular migration.”

Nasir said it would be the first time such an incident occurred involving Australian authorities.

Indonesian foreign minister Retno Marsudi raised the issue with Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia, Paul Grigson, on the sidelines of a foreign policy conference in the Indonesian capital.

“He promised to bring my question to Canberra,” Retno told reporters. “We are really concerned, if it is confirmed.”

Indonesia plans to ask Australia for clarification, he said.

The United Nations and human rights groups have criticized Australia over its tough asylum-seeker policy, which Abbott defends as necessary to stop deaths at sea.




Australia: Where champions of marriage equality are responsible for incarcerating gay refugees in death camps




Hundreds [A handful] of people [operatives] joined Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Senator Wong at a rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Saturday to promote the cause of same-sex marriage [do PR for the ALP] ... [ABC - 13/6/15]




Fears for gay refugees on Manus Island [Star Observer - 20/12/13]:


... Since July when then- Prime Minister Kevin Rudd introduced a policy of resettling all refugees arriving by boat in either Manus Island or Nauru, the population at the Manus facility has tripled to over 1000 people.


The report also highlighted claims of bullying of gay asylum seekers by staff and other detainees. The most senior Australian immigration official on the island, Renate Croker, is also alleged to have warned gay asylum seekers that any sexual relations between them would be reported to the local police.

Amnesty International Australia refugee crisis spokesperson Graeme McGregor said they had spoken to gay men who detailed the extent to which they were forced to hide their true identities, including altering their asylum bids to remove any claims of sexuality persecution so as not to come to the attention of PNG authorities. ...





"Opposition" trade spokeswoman Penny Wong has [pretended to discipline] urged the Labor movement [ALP machinery] to reject the “false panacea” of protectionism and support "free trade" agreements signed off by the Abbott government. ... [Guardian - 13/6/15]





A raging battle over President Barack Obama's request for "fast-track" authority central to improving U.S. ties with Asia resumes in the House of Representatives next week when lawmakers are expected to try to reverse Friday's defeat of linchpin trade legislation.

House Democrats disregarded Obama's personal pleas and teamed up with Republicans, for different reasons, to overwhelmingly defeat a program that helps American workers who lose their jobs as a result of trade deals.

Supporters were heartened, however, when the House narrowly approved a separate measure to give Obama "fast-track" authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. But the legislation is stuck in the House because of the defeat Obama and House Speaker John Boehner suffered on the first vote. ... [Reuters - 12/6/15]




Great to chat to @BarackObama about importance of minimum wage &Abbott's refusal to engage with L20

Image: ‏@GedKACTU - President, Australian Council of Trade Unions [15/11/14]



United States, “allies” continue bombing Iraq and Syria

US Department of Defense [12/6/15]:

U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, which took place between 8 a.m. yesterday and 8 a.m. today, local time, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Attack, bomber and fighter aircraft conducted 10 airstrikes in Syria:

-- Near Raqqah, four airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying three ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL rocket system.

-- Near Dayr Az Zawr, four airstrikes struck four ISIL crude oil collection points.

-- Near Kobani, two airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units, destroying an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL mortar firing position.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Attack, bomber, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 13 airstrikes in Iraq, approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense:

-- Near Kirkuk, three airstrikes struck three ISIL tactical units, destroying three ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL motorcycle.

-- Near Mosul, two airstrikes struck an ISIL checkpoint and an ISIL staging area.

-- Near Ramadi, two airstrikes destroyed an ISIL excavator, an ISIL tank and an ISIL artillery piece.

-- Near Tal Afar, four airstrikes struck four ISIL tactical units and an ISIL rocket, destroying five ISIL structures, two ISIL heavy machine guns, an ISIL mortar firing position and an ISIL rocket-propelled grenade.

-- Near Walweed, two airstrikes destroyed an ISIL armored vehicle.




US-backed Saudi airstrikes kill 5 Yemenis, injure 40 in capital Sana’a [Press TV - 13/6/15]







The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) condemned the early morning bombing raid today on the Old City of the Yemeni capital Sana’a, saying ‘”this heritage bears the soul of the Yemeni people, it is a symbol of a millennia history of knowledge and it belongs to all humankind.” ... [Media Release - 12/6/15]



5 killed, 13 injured as blast targets wedding-bound vehicle in Helmand [Khaama – 12/6/15]:



... According to local government officials, the vehicle was bound for a wedding when it struck an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Marjah district.

Provincial governor spokesman Omar Zwak said the incident took place around 8:30 pm local time leaving at least five dead including two women and three children. ...




Taliban shadow governor for Nangarhar shot dead by unknown gunmen in Peshawar city [Khaama – 12/6/15]


Explosion in Darul Aman area of Kabul city injures 4 [Khaama – 12/6/15]



The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan (MoD) will have a new building in the near future as the construction work for the architecture has been completed with the financial support of the United States.

The five-story $160 million Defense Ministry is called the “mini-Pentagon” which is expected to serve as the headquarters of a modern military more than a decade in the making.

According to US officials quoted by The Associated Press during an exclusive tour of the building, the new building will help the military streamline its operations and more effectively counter the Taliban now that the U.S. and NATO combat mission has officially ended. ... [Khaama - 12/6/15]





Libyan militiamen kidnapped 10 staffers from Tunisia's consulate in Tripoli Friday after storming the mission, the government in Tunis said.

A foreign ministry statement denounced "the intrusion of an armed group in the offices of the Tunisian consulate in Tripoli and the detention of 10 staff of the mission." … [Naharnet – 12/6/15]




5 injured, 2 critically as Israeli forces fire on Kafr Qaddum march

Maan [12/6/15]:

Five Palestinians were injured, two critically, when Israelis forces opened live fire on the Kafr Qaddum weekly march Friday.

A coordinator for the village's popular resistance committee, Murad Shtewi, said that Muhammad Majid, 20, had been shot in the stomach and chest with live rounds and is in critical condition.

Ibrahim Mousa, 35, is also in critical condition after he was shot in the abdomen while in his house.

Shtewi also said that Muhammad Nidal, 20, and Mouiz Khader had been shot in the leg, and Ayman Farouq, 38, in the hand.

Dozens others suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation. ...




The Israeli army said on Thursday that it was dropping proceedings over a July 16 bombing of a Gaza beach where four children were killed during last summer's war. ... [Maan - 12/6/15]

The Wanted 18: Israel Blocks Palestinian Filmmaker from Making NYC Film Premiere About Intifada Cows [Democracy Now – 12/6/15]


Cinemas should not host London Israeli Film and Television Festival, Letter to the Editor [Guardian – 9/6/15]:


...This is not a request to refuse to show films by individual film-makers, but to reject the involvement and financial support of the Israeli state. We call on these cinemas to stand with the oppressed Palestinian people and to take no part in presenting the festival. ...




ICH/Electronic Intifada [VIDEO - 11/6/15]:



... Boyd Barrett was speaking in Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the parliament of the Republic of Ireland, yesterday (10 June 2015) during questions to Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny about his visit to Paris earlier this year. Kenny had taken part in a staged photo opportunity with other heads of state and government following the killings at Charlie Hebdo.

“The world was of course utterly appalled by the killing of 12 innocent people, 10 of whom were journalists, at Charlie Hebdo earlier this year,” Boyd Barrett, a deputy for the People Before Profit Alliance, begins. “I have to ask the Taoiseach about the attendance of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the demonstration he joined in the aftermath of those killings.”

After he finishes reading out the statements, Boyd Barrett asks: “These are the official statements of several ministers of the current government of Israel. In one case, the genocide of all Palestinians, including children, has actually been advocated and they have been referred to as ‘snakes.’ Does the Taoiseach agree that if we are defining terrorism, that is the language and thinking of terrorists?” ...



Miami police officer shoots, kills homeless man in Overtown Park [NBC – 12/6/15]:



… Antoine Ezell is the maintenance man at the park. He said the homeless man had a routine there every morning.

"To sit down and go to the library and use the computer, read the newspaper, that's his thing every morning and wait for me to open up the door," he said. "Man, for that to happen to a guy like that, no I don't understand that."



Geared up Adelaide police descend on siege like they're looking for a war, unsurprisingly shoot man [Nine MSN - 12/6/15]:



A man has been taken to hospital after being shot during a stand-off with tactical police in the Adelaide CBD.

Two shots were earlier fired while officers were on an East Terrace rooftop along with two people believed to have fled to the roof after breaking in to a business.

Police have now confirmed one man has been taken to hospital with what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses said the man was shot in the upper arm.

Footage of the incident suggests the man was warned repeatedly before being shot, with loud voices heard instructing him to "put it down" before the second gunshot is heard.

The other alleged burglar is still at large with police searching the area. About 5.15am, police were alerted to two men who had allegedly broken into a business premises on East Terrace and were on the roof of the building.

East Terrace has been closed to all traffic between Carrington Street and Angas Street and there may be restrictions in the area.

The public are asked to avoid the area if possible.





Another dangerous, resource wasting, race and class based police pursuit in Logan [QPS Media - 13/6/15]:


Two men and a teenage boy are in custody following an incident involving an allegedly stolen vehicle at Logan early this morning.

Around 12.20am the vehicle was sighted by Polair 2 driving along the Logan Motorway and then into the Logan area.

Police attempted to intercept the vehicle however it will be alleged it failed to stop.

A tyre deflation device was successfully deployed, deflating all four tyres, however the vehicle continued to be driven in the Logan area with police initially commencing a pursuit.

The pursuit by ground units was terminated with the vehicle continuing to be monitored by Polair as it was driven through Logan and then south along the M1. Police continued to follow the vehicle at a distance, slowing traffic behind it to ensure the safety of other road users, as the vehicle travelled south at approximately 20km/hr.

The vehicle then did a U-turn and travelled north along the M1, still at slow speed with police continuing to slow traffic behind it.

Around 2am police forced the vehicle to stop due to continuing concerns for the safety of both the public and the occupants of the vehicle who were allegedly hanging out the vehicle at various times.

Two police vehicles were damaged, with one towed. The allegedly stolen vehicle sustained extensive damage due to being driven on rims for some distance.

Three males were taken into custody.

No one was injured during the incident.

Investigations are continuing.





Not in my name: Queensland Premier pays fealty to US empire, arms industry while visiting Washington DC




Premier Media Release [13/6/15]:



Brisbane has been chosen to host the prestigious 6th McDonnell Academy International Symposium in September 2016, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced following a meeting at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC today.

Ms Palaszczuk said the Symposium – hosted by the University of Queensland in partnership with the Washington University in St Louis - would enable Queensland to showcase significant achievements in the areas of science, innovation and the creative industries.

“The University of Queensland will be well-positioned to host the 2016 Symposium,” Ms Palaszczuk said.





What a crock --->  "Premier meets US Navy at Pentagon to discuss renewable energy".  They want uranium and assurances of unimpeded access to ports.



Submarine bids to be subsidised with $24m from Australian taxpayers [ABC - 12/6/15]:

Australian taxpayers will spend $24 million helping three overseas bidders state their case to build the Australian Navy's next generation of submarines.

The Defence Department has confirmed the Japanese government, French firm DCNS and German shipbuilder TKMS will each receive $8 million to provide "defined deliverables" under the Federal Government's so-called "competitive evaluation process".

All three foreign bidders have been asked to consider building the fleet of submarines offshore, in Australia, or a combination of both.

It is not unusual for governments to compensate private firms for the cost of preparing complex tenders.

But South Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said he is concerned Australian taxpayers will end up subsidising Japan to take Australian jobs.

"Mr Abbott made a promise to build 12 submarines in South Australia. We expect him to keep that promise and honour that promise," Mr Koutsantonis said.

"If he's funding Japanese tenderers to win a tender to build submarines in Japan, quite frankly every South Australian, indeed every Australian would be angry."

The South Australian Government and industry groups have previously expressed concerns the Federal Government is leaning towards a Japanese build.

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews last week appointed an expert advisory panel to oversee the competitive evaluation process which is due to conclude by the end of this year.

Federal Cabinet is expected to make a final decision on the submarine contract early next year.




UN agency urges more funding to boost humanitarian aid to children in Sudan [Media Release – 12/6/15]



Funding shortage forces UN agency to temporarily cut food aid to 500,000 refugees in Kenya [Media Release - 12/6/15]




Kenya Official Denies Australian Company Tax Refund Claim [IB Times - 23/5/15]




Australia in East Africa: [27/5/15]: 



If you are wondering where to watch the State of Origin in Kenya, then find someone who has the Zuku cable TV network and it will be on channel 320 (Fox Sports) at the following times:

NSW v Queensland 27 May 2015 - 12:30 State of Origin - Game 1

NSW v Queensland 17 June 2015 - 12:30 State of Origin - Game 2

Queensland v NSW 8 July 2015 - 12:30 State of Origin - Game 3






Increasing numbers of refugees and migrants using the less well known "Western Balkans route" to reach Europe are facing growing risks, including abuse, violence, and accidents while walking along remote train tracks.

The UN refugee agency added on Friday there had been a dramatic increase in men, women and children walking for days along this route, which is much less in the spotlight than Mediterranean sea crossings

Some are registering for asylum in the Balkans while others headed onwards, but both groups face mounting danger, according to UNHCR.


The majority of people using this route are mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea and Somalia. They mostly come via Greece, and with the recent surge in sea arrivals there, the number of people undertaking this journey is expected to grow. ... [Media Release - 12/6/15]







‏@ItalianNavy [12/6/15]:  #SAR Nave Driade #MarinaMilitare ha ultimato lo sbarco a #ReggioCalabria dei 193 #migranti soccorsi


EU States 'working on plan B for migrants' [Gazzetta del Sud - 12/6/15]


‘EU migrant crisis - direct consequence of Western Europe colonial practice’ [RT - 9/6/15]:

To deal with the migrant crisis the EU has to change its relations with the countries of the global South, to implement a policy to integrate migrants into the EU and to ensure they won’t be socially discriminated, says human rights activist Ajamu Baraka.


RT: Do you think the situation with migrants in Europe is reaching boiling point?

Ajamu Baraka: I think we have reached this boiling point quite some time ago. We have to put this in a historic perspective. The contradiction of many of these individuals who are now going to Europe to seek a ‘better life’ is a direct consequence of the colonial practices of Western Europe. The unevenness in the terms of the level of economic development in the global South and the development in the North is a direct consequence of the exploitative relationship between Western Europe and the global South. So what we have now in Europe are basically the people who have been exposed, exploited and oppressed, who are now making their way to Europe in order to live a decent life.

RT: France isn't the only European nation dealing with an influx of migrants. Discontent is growing in Italy too, where the governor of Lombardy has urged local mayors not to accept migrants. Do you think Europe is becoming less tolerant?

AB: Europe has been less tolerant for quite some time and the latest example of that of course are pending plans to address the migrant crisis in Europe by attacking Libya, in essence, attacking the boats, exercising its right to unleash violence against a country in a situation that Libya finds itself in.

Look, this was a situation created by Europe. They have this so-called crisis now because you have something like 200,000 illegal migrants who are going to Europe, a population of over 500 million people, and the result now is to engage in violence and to engage in repressive behavior. So this is something that we have seen not just recently but it’s been a long standing policy to repress and to brutalize individuals who have been trying to penetrate the European fortress for the last couple of decades.

RT: What will stop this then?

AB: It’s not going to be completely stopped. What has to happen is to allow these nations who are struggling to correct the situation imposed on them by the US and by NATO, to allow them to fully develop. We have to change the relationships between Western Europe and these various countries in the global South. In the meantime, though, there has to be some kind of rational policy to incorporate, to integrate these populations into European countries and to ensure that they are not going to be subjected to social discrimination.

Western multinationals plundering raw materials and the labor force from Middle East and African countries makes it impossible for people to live there, so they have to come to the EU to find money and help their families to survive, investigative journalist Michel Collon told RT. Moreover, these enterprises do need migrant labor but they don’t want to provide them with any rights, he adds.






Part of the united rhetoric of the Coalition and Labor is to condemn people smugglers. 

Both sides of politics describe people smugglers as “evil” and as “the scum of the earth”.

We need to put to one side whether that generalisation is correct or not, because it automatically consigns Oskar Schindler and Dietrich Bonnhoeffer to the worst category of infamy. 


On Abbott’s argument, prolonging the time boat people spend in the hands of people smugglers increases their risk of drowning.  But he is willing to pay the people smugglers to take their passengers further. And of course we are not allowed to know the consequences of his willingness to deal with the Devil. 

If boat people drown as a result of the payment, we won’t be told because it is an “on-water” matter.   And if they don’t drown, we won’t be told, because that would contradict the government’s main narrative. ...  [Julian Burnside QC - 12/6/15]





Australia does not allow journalists to visit the centres but the BBC's Jon Donnison travelled undercover to Papua New Guinea to reach one such camp on Manus Island.  [VIDEO - BBC - 12/6/15]





Manus Island: Australia's Guantanamo [BBC - 12/6/15]:



...  He now lives in a heavily guarded "resettlement centre."

Ahmed is allowed out and about in the day time; many of the refugees can be seen jogging or cycling along the roadside to pass the time.

But he is not allowed to work, and he has to stick to a strict curfew between 6pm and 6am.

 Like many of the asylum seekers he is well educated, with a degree and a professional qualification.

"There are doctors, teachers, engineers, carpet makers. They are intelligent people. We could use their skills," one of the security guards on Manus told us.

He didn't want to give his name for fear of losing his job.

"I feel sorry for them. They're human beings. They want their freedom."  ...




There is no "pressure" on the Australian Prime Minister.


 Has anyone heard any actual political opposition to his anti UN refugee convention stance?





… Somebody says, “What’s a better thing to do?”

Well, it’s not just me

And it’s not just you

This is all around the world ...


'All Around the World' (The Myth of Fingerprints), Paul Simon [1986]







Pressure on PM over 'paid' boat returns [West Australian - 13/6/15]:

Tony Abbott is under pressure to respond to claims the navy is paying people smugglers to turn back.

Mr Abbott did not deny the allegations in a radio interview but he did say officials were being "incredibly creative" in following Australia's policy to turn back the boats.

"What we do is stop the boats by hook or by crook," the prime minister said.

"We have stopped the trade and we will do what we have to do to ensure that it stays stopped."

He also repeatedly refused to confirm whether Australia was investigating the claims.

His comments have been slammed by an Indonesian official, who says Mr Abbott's comments might be interpreted as endorsing bribery.

Agus Barnas, spokesman for Indonesia's co-ordinating ministry for political, legal and security affairs, also said the practice could encourage people smuggling.

The boat, travelling to New Zealand, was turned around and sent back to the Indonesian island of Rote in late May.

The asylum seekers have corroborated the account given by the crew and have spoken to police officers from New Zealand and Australia, a local police chief says.




Australian politicians, human rights establishment launch "I'm not racist but" book



... The book was officially launched by former Liberal federal minister the Hon Fred Chaney AO at an event in Sydney on Thursday 11 June. Mr Chaney played an important role in the passage of the Racial Discrimination Bill through Parliament forty years ago. ...





#Imnotracistbut which of these South East Asian nations (whose political media and human rights establishment are helping invisabalise Rohingya) are signatories to the UN Refugee Convention?





The Power Index: biz directors, Michael Chaney at #3 [Crikey - 12/12/12]: ... But it’s not just boardroom influence — ideas have always coursed through the Chaney household. He’s the son of Menzies government minister Sir Fred Chaney and the brother of former Liberal Party deputy leader Fred Chaney Jr (a WA senator and member for the federal seat of Pearce). Another brother, John, is a WA Supreme Court Judge. ...





Address by Chairman Michael Chaney and CEO and Managing Director Peter Coleman Woodside Petroleum Ltd. 2015 Annual General Meeting [16/4/15]:


... In Myanmar, we’re now the leading acreage holder in the underexplored Rakhine Basin. We’ve consolidated and built a strong position across the Atlantic margin play, with acreage in Nova Scotia, Ireland and Morocco. ...




Half a million in need of critical aid in Myanmar [UN Media Release – 12/6/15]:




Football disappears them --->   When Myanmar’s footballers left for the Southeast Asian Games without their two star attractions, Yangon United duo Kyaw Ko and Kyi Lin, few expected them to return from Singapore with a medal. ... [Jakarta Globe - 12/6/15]


Nearly half a million people continue to require humanitarian assistance three years after inter-communal violence raked Myanmar’s western Rakhine state, the United Nations relief arm reported today.

According to the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), over 416,000 people remain in need of relief, including almost 140,000 displaced people living in dire conditions in camps and many others without citizenship in isolated villages.

To that point, OCHA confirmed that up to 40,000 of the displaced people in Rakhine state live in camps within 500 metres of the coastline, leaving them vulnerable to the elements amid an imminent monsoon season.

The UN body added that access to adequate healthcare and livelihoods remained a major concern for displaced people and vulnerable communities across Rakhine state while restrictions on the freedom of movement of hundreds of thousands of people had severely compromised their basic rights to food, healthcare, education, livelihoods and other basic services, leaving them dependent on humanitarian aid.

The tensions in Rakhine state have contributed to a growing exodus of ethnic Rohingya who have been risking their lives by crossing the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea for nearby states.

The UN refugee agency recently reported that more than 1,000 new Rohingya arrivals have been registered in Indonesia, which has distributed relief supplies and are counselling dozens of new arrivals in southern Thailand, and in Malaysia the refugee agency is scaling up to meet the needs of arrivals.





Pakistan:  Lawyers boycott courts for Rohingya [Tribune - 13/6/15]





Woodside, Telstra, BHP star in S&P top yield index [Sydney Morning Herald - 12/6/15]





Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Myanmar National Airlines celebrated the delivery of the airline's first Next-Generation 737-800 leased from GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), the commercial aircraft leasing arm of GE. The celebration also marked the first all-new Boeing airplane to be delivered to any Myanmar-based airline.  ... [Media Release - 11/6/15]





Australian Embassy in Myanmar [12/6/15]:


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