... 164th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.



The hardest thing in the life is being treated injustices ways and oppressed by powerful people then called bad peoples or criminals. ... @sunosi3 [13/1/18]






@BehrouzBoochani [13/1/18]:  The local people blocked the road to new camps Hillside and West Haus because they are very angry at immigration that the sewerage is coming to their houses and making them sick.#Manus  



@Aussie4Refugees [13/1/18]: Evidently Australia's pro "deterrence" immigration correspondents are back from their holidays, asking all the wrong questions and protecting all the right people ... Bipartisan war of attrition against refugees continues unchallenged. ...



@GraffitiExpert [13/1/18]:  Ben Wamoi: A voice that has been excluded by so called refugee "advocates", who are more interested in protecting the Labor Party than ending Rudd's July 2013 policy.




"They played a lovely game of chess between two groups of innocent people ... Australia's it's your fault, mate"  [Lucielle Paru - 9/11/17]



And then he was transferred to Malaysia, where he pressures the government to accommodate refugees so Australia can maintain its pristine borders ---> ... RICHARD TOWLE [UNHCR Australia representative]: The key failing is that there are in place no legal frameworks for the processing of refugee claims. If the sole purpose of transfer from Australia to Papua New Guinea was to process people, one would expect there'd be some kind of process in place for people when they get there. These 221 people are being held in mandatory closed and indefinite detention, which is a very serious violation of international law. ... [ABC - 4/2/13]



Legal update on the detention of immigrant rights leader Ravi Ragbir [12/1/18]



Private prison company in Georgia sends immigrants to solitary confinement for refusing “voluntary” labour [The Intercept - 11/1/18]



A Cuban national who was detained by immigration authorities for two months, was released Friday afternoon, in what his attorney is calling a significant win.


For Cabrera, the legal situation was especially tricky to navigate. United States immigration officials tried to deport him while he was detained, but Cuba would not accept the request.

Cuba does not have to accept deportees from the United States.

“ICE tried to get Cuba to take him and they were unsuccessful,” she said.

“He could have been stuck in detention because they want to deport him, but they cannot deport him.”

Bucin said she and the American Civil Liberties Union and Immigrant Protection Project, who have been helping with Cabrera’s case, had prepared to file a federal habeas corpus petition — a measure that would allow a federal judge to decide whether his detention was constitutionally legal.

“He has served his time and I am glad we managed to negotiate with ICE before going to court,” Bucin said.

“In other cases, they’re sticklers. In this case they were willing to comply with the law.” ... [Hartford Courant - 12/1/18]



US Coast Guard forcibly returns 29 migrants to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico (where they face prosecution) following two at-sea interdictions conducted by the Caribbean Border Interagency Group [Media Release - 9/1/18]



September 2016: US Department of Homeland and Security issues warning to undocumented Haitians en route to its southwestern border with Mexico — turn around. Otherwise, you will be deported [Miami Herald - 22/9/16]



Clinton, Haiti, and WikiLeaks [Haiti Liberte -  22/3/16]






... A smidgen of history: Our first Guantanamo detention camp was established in the late stages of the George H.W. Bush presidency.

The detainees there weren't terror suspects, but 300 innocent Haitian refugees seeking safe haven from the military regime that ousted Haiti's democratically elected leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in September 1991.

These refugees—brought to Guantanamo after the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted their vessels on the high seas between Haiti and Cuba—faced a terrible predicament.  ... Clinton's Guantanamo [Slate - December 2005]



Australia's refugee concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island were reopened by the ALP under the watchful guidance of the United States (i.e. Hillary Clinton's State Department) [Buzzfeed - 4/6/16]:


Star Labor candidate Peter Khalil has confirmed he acted as a protected source for the US government, feeding them information about Labor’s asylum seeker policy.

Khalil served as a foreign policy adviser to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd back in 2007 and was also Director of National Security Policy for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003-04.  ...



My client has spent more than a third of his life imprisoned in Guantánamo [The Nation - 12/1/18]:


... On January 11, the 16th anniversary of the prison’s opening, Sharqawi and 10 other Guantánamo detainees brought a new court challenge to their ongoing detention, the perpetual nature of which has never been clearer than under Trump.

In their challenge, filed by their lawyers in the district court in Washington, DC, the men argue that the continuing status quo is untenable—that their detention of more than 15 years without charge or end, on the basis of accusations from another era and with no more evidence than applies in a negligence case, is arbitrary and unlawful.

They argue that the laws of war, which traditionally permit detention of combatants until the end of hostilities, do not save these detentions from arbitrariness.

That body of law never envisioned perpetual detention in connection with an amorphous conflict that bears no resemblance to the conflicts that informed its development. ...





Today’s mass Guantanamo habeas petition and the ongoing human cost of America’s “battle lab” [Just Security - 11/1/18]



WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has bewildered social media users with another enigmatic message.

In the past two weeks, Assange has written only three tweets, with each being a puzzle for his followers.

On Saturday, Julian Assange posted on his Twitter account a picture of a chessboard, showing a famous chess position, without accompanying it with any text.

The move is actually from the famous game in 1918 between then-reigning US champion Frank Marshall and his Cuban rival, José Raúl Capablanca. ... [Sputnik News - 13/1/18]



@wikileaks [12/1/18]:  US statement on Assange extradition ...



It is for the government of Ecuador, not the UK, to determine who is an Ecuadorian citizen.

It is for the government of Ecuador, not the UK, to determine who is an Ecuadorian diplomat ... [Craig Murray - 12/1/18]




13 January 2018