Australia's offshore refugee concentration camps should be subject to International Criminal Court scrutiny, say coalition of legal experts [UK Law Society Gazette - 13/2/17]



Staff didn't appreciate how sick Hamid was  [Nine MSN - 13/2/17]:


Asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei received "woefully inadequate" treatment at a Port Moresby hospital that likely endangered his life, an inquest has heard.

Mr Kehazaei, also known as Khazaei, was flown to Pacific International Hospital (PIH) after he deteriorated while being treated for an infected cut at a Manus Island clinic in August 2014.

The 24-year-old was later flown to Brisbane where he was declared brain dead and died, two weeks after he first went to the clinic.

The Brisbane Coroners Court heard on Monday that Mr Kehazaei was not intubated at PIH until almost two hours after he arrived at the emergency department.

Patient liaison officer Cher McIntyre for International Health Medical, the contractor tasked with overseeing asylum seekers under Australia's care, said Mr Kehazaei looked "genuinely unwell" when she first saw him.

Ms McIntyre, an experienced nurse, said she was surprised there was no hospital staff member with Mr Kehazaei at all times.

"They did not seem to understand the seriousness of the condition," Ms McIntyre said.

Ms McIntyre said after an hour of nothing happening her colleague asked staff why Mr Kehazaei had not been intubated.

She said they were also left "in the dark" because there had been no handover from the medevac or hospital staff.

"We did ask several times what was going on," she said.

Mr Kehazaei was eventually transferred to intensive care after intervention from a nurse employed by International SOS, the organisation responsible for the care of Australian Federal Police officers.

The court heard Mr Kehazaei went into cardiac arrest shortly after being transferred to the ICU.



A play premiered on Sunday at the Qashqai Hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex, turning the spotlight on asylum seekers caged in the regional processing centers of Manus and Nauru in Australia.

Writer/director Nazanin Sahamizadeh explained in a press release that she got the idea for the play titled “Manus” from a news report about the refugees at the centers published almost two years ago.

She uses verbatim theater, a form of documentary theater in which a play is constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular event or topic, to stage the play.

The play was written based on interviews with asylum seekers held in the Manus and Nauru camps. ... [Tehran Times - 12/2/17]



Dungeon for Victorian prisoners who have served their time to be built at Ararat [ABC – 13/2/17]



We walk in unity to bring better change for our country future, but most of all for our children.



Image: ‏@Clintonswalk [11/2/17]



Murdoch Press report young inmates are rioting at a maximum security adult prison in Victoria [Nine MSN - 13/2/17]



Young Aboriginal girl hospitalised for weeks after Don Dale ‘incident’ [NITV - 13/2/17]



Russia Today is broadcasting a documentary about Don Dale this week.



A teenager who spent two days on the run after escaping from a low-security Queensland prison will spend no extra time in jail.

Charlotte Bowman, 19, went missing from the low-security Numinbah Correctional Facility in the Gold Coast Hinterland on Friday night along with fellow inmate Jahnessa Jerome, 24.

She spent two days at large before she was arrested at Redcliffe, around 130km from the prison farm, while Jerome remains on the loose.

Bowman appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday morning charged with one count of escaping from lawful custody, to which she pleaded guilty.

The court heard Bowman, who is serving a one-year sentence for common assault, fled from the facility because she feared for her safety after another prisoner had accused her of stealing.

Her lawyer Caroline Hunter said Bowman had been making plans to hand herself in when she was arrested.

Magistrate John McGrath sentenced her to a two-month wholly suspended sentence, which will begin in June when her current sentence ends.

The sentence will not require her to spend any actual extra time in jail. [Nine MSN - 13/2/17]



A 15-year-old boy has been charged after a car carrying five children ran out of petrol during a high-speed police pursuit.

The driver and his four passengers, aged 11 to 15, were arrested just before 4am when the car ground to a halt in Flowerdale on Monday, police say. ... [Nine MSN - 13/2/17]



Traditional Owners of the Northern Goldfields have reacted to the West Australian Government’s decision to proceed with the development of a proposed Uranium mine at the Yeelirrie site. ... [SBS - 9/2/17]





NSW Police Force [13/2/17]:·  


Police are appealing for public assistance after a statue and memorial was vandalised at a park in Sydney’s North West.

The damage occurred between 5pm yesterday (Sunday 12 February 2017) and 11am today (Monday 13 February 2017), to the statue and memorial of former NSW Governor Lachlan Macquarie, located in McQuade Park on Moses Street, Windsor; with graffiti and paint poured on it. ...



Paris Jackson calls for support protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at the 2017 Grammys [Billboard -12/2/17]



A federal judge in Washington, D.C., is hearing arguments on whether to stop work on the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline until a legal battle with American Indian tribes is resolved. ... [ - 13/2/17]



Israeli naval forces open fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza [Maan - 13/2/17]



Israeli forces detained at least 25 Palestinians, including at least five minors, during predawn detention raids Monday across the occupied territory, according to Palestinian and Israeli sources.

A statement from the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said that nine Palestinians, most of them former prisoners, were detained from different areas in the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem.

PPS identified them as 20 year-old Mazin Mohammad Taqatqa, 21-year-old Amin Abu Ahour, 55-year-old Khader Ahmad Masalma, 18-year-old Fadi Taqatqa, 15-year-old Adam Mahmud Darwish, 29-year-old Eid Kamil al-Kamil, 16-year-old Jawad Ibrahem Taqatqa, 50-year-old Shafiq Ali Radayda, and Ayman Issa Hamdan. 

An Israeli army spokesperson confirmed eight detentions in the Bethlehem area, saying that one was carried out in the village of al-Ubeidiya, one in Beit Fajjar, one in Aida refugee camp, one in Rafida -- also known as al-Asakira, three in Bethlehem city, and one in al-Shawawra. ... [Maan - 13/2/17]



Israeli court increases prison sentence of tortured Palestinian detainee [Maan - 12/2/17]



United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres offered Israeli politician Tzipi Livni a senior position in the international body over the weekend, Israeli media reported, in a move seen as a way to obtain US approval for the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to head a UN mission.

Livni, a leader of the Zionist Union party, was offered a position as one of Guterres’ under-secretary-generals, pending approval by the UN Security Council, Israeli news outlet Haaretz reported.

However, Livni’s office has denied that any “official offer” had been received.

The move comes two days after US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that the US was “disappointed” by the selection of Fayyad to head the UN mission to Libya, claiming that the move was proof of the UN’s bias against US ally Israel, and indicating that the US could use its veto against Fayyad's nomination. ... [Maan - 12/2/17]



‘South Africa will continue to support Palestine’ [PNN - 12/2/17]:


 The South African President, Jacob Zuma, last week said that his country will continue to support Palestine, as he delivered his state of the nation address at the parliament.

According to reports, the South African president highlighted that the Israeli settlement policies obstruct all global efforts for a two-state solution and the implementation of the Oslo Accord.

Reminding the lawmakers that it is the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine by Israel, Zuma said South Africa will continue to support the Palestinians. ...



“We will not move from here until we get our land back”: From inside the Pilavu protest [Tamil Guardian - 13/2/17]



A memorial event was held in Jaffna this weekend, to mark the 8th anniversary since the killing of Tamil journalist Puniyamoorthy Sathiyamoorthy.

Mr Sathiyamoorthy was killed by a Sri Lankan artillery barrage inside the ‘No Fire Zone’ in February 2009, alongside thousands of other civilians during the final stages of the armed conflict. ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/2/17]



Families of the disappeared reject government's offer of a special inquiry [Tamil Guardian - 12/2/17]



Tamil People's Council reiterates calls for self-governance and demilitarisation of North-East [Tamil Guardian - 10/2/17]



‏@Arakan_Times [11/2/17]:  Myanmar authority reduces 3 hours curfew in Maungdaw



Myanmar troops besiege KoeTanKauk and force Rohingya villagers to accept National Verification Cards [RVision TV - 10/2/17]



Food Flotilla for Rohingya chief Abdul Azeez denies claims humanitarian aid seized [Malay Mail Online - 12/2/17]:


‘Food Flotilla For Myanmar’ humanitarian mission head Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim has dismissed allegations that the 500 tonnes of food and supplies delivered to the port of Yangon have been seized by the Myanmar Army.

He said the supplies were currently at a warehouse at the port and in the process being delivered to the Rohingya people in Myanmar’s Rakhine province.

According to Abdul Azeez, the delivery process using ships to the province would take about three days. ...



Rohingya beg in Cox's Bazaar as Bangladesh lawyer issues bizarre interpretation of international law, and officials tout exile to an uninhabited island and/or return to Myanmar [Dhaka Tribune - 13/2/17]:


When contacted, Supreme Court lawyer Jyotirmoy Barua said: “As per the international law, the movement of refugees outside their designated camps is not allowed, as there is a risk of falling prey to further assaults by locals.”

... Describing the deficient handling of the refugee camps, Hamidul Haque Chowdhury, President of the Rohingya Refugee Prevention and Repatriation Action Committee in Ukhiya upazila, said: “Someday the situation will get even worse, and there will be none to lend their generous hands to help them out. ...



Myanmar’s Rohingya genocide is aided by friends in high places [Mint Press News - 28/1/16]



Australian, British and Canadian High Commissoners, IOM and UNHCR inspect Rohingya refugee camp, praise Bangladesh for its durable solutions [Dhaka Tribune - 9/2/17]:


... Australian High Commissioner Julia [Niblett] emphasised the need for international efforts to preserve the rights of the Rohingya people when they are sent back to Myanmar. ...




The Last Days of #rohingya Cartoon By Qutub Shah ‏@RohingyaVision [16/12/16]



US grandstands about accepting 3 Rohingya refugees from Indonesia [Jakarta Post - 13/2/17]



Bangladesh border guards turn back 7 Rohingya refugees boats [ - 12/12/16]



Over a dozen of persecuted Rohingya people including babies/children were killed as the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) ‘indiscriminately’ opened fire on Rohingya-boats on Sunday (Dec 4) night as they were fleeing from the violence in northern Maungdaw. ... [RVision TV - 7/12/16]



Asylum seekers who have been in Indonesia for years rallied in the capital on Monday urging the U.N. refugee agency to speed up the process of resettling them in third countries.

Dozens of people from war-torn nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia called on the UNHCR to accelerate their resettlement, expressing concerns that they could no longer bear to live in limbo in Indonesia without jobs.

They waved banners reading "Refugees are human" and "Save us" during the rally at the refugee agency's office in Jakarta.

Some chanted "Process, process!"


THAT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE PROTECTED AND UNACCOUNTABLE ---> UNHCR officials in Jakarta could not be reached for comment. ... [The Daily Progress - 6/2/17]



‏@HanNguyenNews [7/2/17]:  Following the protest we've been invited to see where some of the refugees live. This place sleeps 16 people each night.



 I hope we all support those people who have no choice but to leave their home ... Open your hearts



Tima Kurdi: Regime change and war has broken my country:


Last night during my tele townhall, Tima Kurdi — the aunt of the boy whose lifeless body was lying face down on a beach in Turkey — joined us for the call.

Tima opened up her heart to all of us, saying how this moment was her wakeup call to be a voice for refugees and work to end the regime change war that is creating the reason for them to leave.

Because of people like Tima, I have a greater resolve to end our illegal counterproductive war to overthrow the Syrian government, and to pass the important legislation, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act.

Every single day that we continue to provide this support directly and indirectly to armed militants who are working or partnered with terrorists groups like al-Qaeda, more people are suffering and more lives are lost like Tima’s nephew. Listen to her powerful message.



Gary airport used to deport immigrants in the US [Chicago Tribune - 11/2/17]:


... Every Friday, detainees sit shackled in silence on a bus waiting to be driven to Gary.

The only sound comes from Murphy, who says a prayer through a hole in the Plexiglas that separates them.

“We pray and talk to them a few minutes and let them know we aren’t with this system at all,” Murphy said.

“We say a protection prayer and let them know we’ll be with them on their journey to their home country.” ...



Despite repeated statements by Republican political leaders that American elections are rife with illegal voting, credible reports of fraud have been hard to find and convictions rarer still.

That may help explain the unusually heavy penalty imposed on Rosa Maria Ortega, 37, a permanent resident and a mother of four who lives outside Dallas.

On Thursday, a Fort Worth judge sentenced her to eight years in prison — and almost certainly deportation later — after she voted illegally in elections in 2012 and 2014.

The sentence for Ms. Ortega, who was brought to this country by her mother as an infant, “shows how serious Texas is about keeping its elections secure,” Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, said in a statement.

Her lawyer called it an egregious overreaction, made to score political points, against someone who wrongly believed she was eligible to vote.

“She has a sixth-grade education. She didn’t know she wasn’t legal,” said Ms. Ortega’s lawyer, Clark Birdsall, who once oversaw voter fraud prosecutions in neighboring Dallas County.

“She can own property; she can serve in the military; she can get a job; she can pay taxes. But she can’t vote, and she didn’t know that.” ... [New York Times - 10/2/17]



Your fears are not credible:  A mother and child trapped in Obama's brutal family deportation system [The Intercept - 14/12/16]



‏@ChuckGrassley [12/2/17]:  Secret agreement between Obama&Australia 4US to take Aussie refugees shld b declassified/If can't be tell me why/WH:ANSWER MY LETTER



US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman renews call for declassification of phoney Obama-Australia refugee "deal" [Senator Chuck Grassley Media Release - 2/2/17]



Reported inspection and interrogation of refugees at Manus concentration camp by US Homeland Security officials allows the Australian media, politicians, and rights establishment to perpetuate the fictional "US Deal" narrative into infinity. --->  American Homeland Security officers are in #Manus, some refugees recieved appointment slip.They'll start interviews after tomorrow  ‏@BehrouzBoochani [13/2/17]



A secret "deal" is no deal. The policy is indefinite detention, exile, death and LIES. --->  I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



The direct and predictable consequences of Australia's anti-refugee torture, exile and murder policy.









Image from the vigil held outside Mater Hospital in Brisbane ... @MaxChalmers90 [4/9/14]



Hamid Khazaei Inquest resumes hearing more banality of evil accounts of aberrant medical care at Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island [SBS - 13/2/17]:


... Coroner Ryan will hear evidence from ten witnesses including Dr Paul Douglas,  then immigration department chief medical officer and staff from contractors International SOS and International Health and Medical Services (IHMS).


Witnesses told how their requests for Mr Khazaei to be flown out were ignored, overruled or went unanswered, until it was too late, by Australian bureaucrats with no medical training.

“The policy was to provide medical care as much as possible to people in these situations and provide first-world care, but there as a pressure regarding finances and budgets of doing air ambulance evacuations… and for people to travel to Australia,”

Dr Stewart Condon, a former employee of International SOS, the company contracted by the department to medivac patients from Manus.

“We knew that there was political pressure in the department. “The policies existed and were understood, but the weren’t necessarily written down.”

Mr Kehazaei arrived on Christmas Island in August 2013, just after the Rudd Labor government re-established off-shore processing for all asylum seekers arriving by boat.

In April last year the PNG Supreme Court ruled the Australia-run, off-shore, regional processing centre was illegal, breached the country's constitution and must be shut down.

It continues to operate.

The inquest is scheduled to run for up to two weeks.



Guardian [4/9/14]:


... Speaking in Farsi from the family home in Tehran, Goldone Kehazaei told Guardian Australia she had not heard her son’s voice since his diagnosis.

“Not even before he boarded the plane,” she said, “They didn’t allow anyone to go with him on the plane, they said he had to give written permission, but he was too ill and unaware of his surroundings at that point. I was very upset because if I was there I would have held his hand and given him some comfort.

“On the plane his heart stopped and by the time he got to hospital the infection had spread and blood wasn’t getting to his brain. Only his heart and lungs were functioning. His brain and kidneys had failed.”

“No one called us [from the hospital] because it was the weekend, so we called ourselves and they said: ‘We don’t know who you’re talking about’. ...



... Dr Dudley said various modern states have purported to protect citizens by identifying security threats, targeting "undesirables" and eliminating public scrutiny.

"Australians may be psychically numbed about boat interceptions and gulags, but cannot claim ignorance," he wrote.

He later told Fairfax Media that the Nazi regime relied on an underlying ideological commitment in which "the end is seen as justifying the means".

"We haven't seen Nazi death camps in Australia … but we have had some pretty extraordinary policies historically in this country, which include policies towards indigenous people.

"I think White Australia has links to our current policies towards boat people in our unwillingness to systematically think about this issue, to contemplate alternatives."

He said like gulags, detention centres were "places out of sight, out of mind where terrible things are happening and we are assuming the state is looking after us".

In the journal, Dr Dudley said health and welfare workers who assisted the Nazi regime were usually ordinary people motivated by "peer and situational pressures, careerism and ideological commitments", and that "euphemism, bureaucratic routines and missionary zeal facilitated psychic numbing and denial".

He called for the healthcare of asylum seekers to be transferred from the immigration bureaucracy to state and federal health departments to strengthen clinical independence and help uphold ethical codes.

Dr Dudley said health professionals working in the detention regime were "lending credibility to abuses", whether deliberately or inadvertently. ... [Brisbane Times - 18/2/16]:



Australian Human Rights Commission continues promoting the government's OPCAT PR stunt, while simultaneously legitimising indefinite detention. --->  ... With over one thousand people shot dead by US law enforcement agents each year, the alleged risk posed by Guantánamo prisoners to the US is clearly exaggerated, and with the naval base home to another indefinite detention facility since 1991, for immigration detainees, there is no interest in ending indefinite arbitrary detention, a highly lucrative business. ... Why Obama didn't close Guantánamo [One Small Window - 7/1/17]



In August 2015, a Senate motion to expedite the ratification of OPCAT [Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment] didn't even get to a vote because Queensland ALP Senator Claire Moore objected.  



Australian Human Rights Commission urges Turnbull to end ALP anti-refugee policy with "rights based" deterrence [Sydney Morning Herald - 14/9/16]



... Why do people set themselves on fire in front of the UN? Because they remind us how human rights is a big business in this country and there is no real action. ...  Mina Taherkhani - political prisoner of the Australian government, Nauru [Guardian - 7/11/16]



Refugees get it - so why don't we? --->  "UN UN! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!" 


Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru, May 2016




"I am not a criminal, I am a refugee, do you understand what that is?"


 [ABC - 8/2/17]



Someone is lying [RNZI - 13/2/17]:


The Fiji Government forcibly deported Loghman Sawari back to PNG earlier this month after he fled the country on a false passport.

In a statement, Fiji's Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said he had been advised by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees over the deportation.

However, a spokesperson for the UNHCR, Catherine Stubberfield, said the agency was very worried by Fiji's deportation of Mr Sawari.

"We had sought assurances from the Government of Fiji that he would have access to the country's national asylum procedures, which are in place and functioning, and we've very concerned for his welfare now that he has been returned - against that advice."



31 January: UNHCR refuse to comment on Loghman Sawari case [Fiji Times]:


... When contacted, the United Nations refugee agency regional Representation in Canberra external relations officer, Catherine Stubberfield, said the agency could not comment on individual cases of people of concern for the individuals' protection. ...



A decision on Loghman Sawari’s bail application will be handed down this Tuesday [EMTV - 12/2/17]



It is time for the UNHCR to explain why it doesn't want refugees on Manus and Nauru immediately released and GENUINELY resettled.




13 February 2017