255th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


 #Manus SOS



Image:‏ @sunosi3 [14/5/18] 



@riserefugee [12/4/18]:  RISE CALL TO IMMEDIATELY BRING BACK REFUGEES TRAFFICKED BY AUSTRALIA It is the Australian gov who deported our community members to torture camps in Manus & Nauru. It is not for survivors of racist,state sanctioned abuse to clean up this unlawful mess.



@riserefugee [15/4/18]: Members of the First Nations & eX-detainees from RISE have consulted to produce solidarity statement & call for all supporters to boycott the #Stolenwealth (“commonwealth”) games 2018 Full statement here ...



Australians have been desensitized to the suffering of others, right in front of their eyes. ---> ... It had taken a couple of minutes for any medical staff to attend to the Scot, who was lying on the road in clear distress with spectators looking on, some taking photographs.

BBC Sport commentator Steve Cram said it was "a disgrace" it took so long for any paramedics to attend to Hawkins.

Cram added: "I'm just concerned for his welfare. He hit his head on the barrier. I'm sorry if you're watching this at home, it's really distressing. He's going to hurt himself and there's nobody anywhere near.

"We should have some more medical attention. This is a guy in real distress and someone needs to recognise it for his health at this point.

"Where on earth is the help? You cannot just wait at the finish line. They've got radios. And finally somebody arrives. I think it's disgraceful." ... [BBC - 15/4/18]



@GraffitiExpert [14/4/18]:  Remember sportsmanship? [1956 Australian National Championships prior to the Melbourne Olympic Games] ...



Athletes from Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda and Cameroon go missing from #StolenWealthGames as Gold Coast migration agent says he has been contacted by athletes from Ghana, Nigeria and Mauritius [ABC - 12/4/18]



A MESSAGE FROM Camp Freedom - The Spit Gold Coast Qld STOLENWEALTH Games EMBASSY 2018 - “This is our TIME” [Alec Doomadgee - 14/4/18]



Four Palestinians were killed and others injured after Israeli artillery shelling targeted an auto rickshaw in the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza Strip, on Saturday afternoon.

Locals told Ma’an that Israeli artillery stationed along the border with Gaza fired missiles at the auto rickshaw, killing four and injuring other passers-by. ... [Maan - 14/4/18]



At least 9 injured with live fire as Israel suppresses ongoing Gaza protests [Maan - 13/4/18]



@wafa_Gaza [13/4/18]:  #Palestine Protesters raise a large flag of Palestine at a height of 25 meters, as part of the activities of the third Friday of the ongoing #GreatMarchReturn at #Gaza's border with occupied Palestine.



Uganda says Israel gives deported asylum seekers fake visas [Haaretz - 13/4/18]



Israel has continued to deport Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers to Uganda until at least January 2018, Amnesty International revealed today, despite statements by the Ugandan government that no agreement had been in place with Israel to receive them.

New research by the organization shows that, once in Uganda, deported asylum seekers have not received papers, are without legal protection and remain vulnerable to exploitation, despite written assurances from Israel they would be protected. ... [Amnesty - 13/4/18]



@davidsheen [13/4/18]: ... Minister signals Uganda might take in 500 of the tens of thousands of non-Jewish black folks that Netanyahu is desperately trying to ethnically cleanse Israel of



@Aussies4Refugees [13/4/18]:  Crikey! Report this Bernard Keane ---> As Israel massacres Palestinians, Australian politicians warmly welcome prominent anti-refugee fascist Sharren Haskel MK, and her greenwashing medicinal dope dealing tour


Patients in all states and territories will get faster access to medicinal cannabis after their health ministers decided to streamline the process.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has already signed up NSW to the process, which aims to make medicinal cannabis available to patients within two days. ... [SBS - 13/4/18]


Medifarm has an exclusive international intellectual property partnership with Israeli-based company Tikun Olam, which pioneered world production 12 years ago. [Sunshine Coast Daily - 9/4/18]


North coast medical-cannabis pioneer Tony Bower has yet again been locked up after police raided his home and charged him with cultivating cannabis. [Herb - 12/4/18]



Israel’s charm offensive in Africa collapses with foul-mouthed radio rant [Electronic Intifada - 12/4/18]



Israeli airstrike kills one Palestinian, injures another in Gaza [Maan - 12/4/18]



Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man on Thursday along the border of the southern Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The ministry spokesperson, Ashraf al-Qidra, announced that a man identified as Abdullah Muhammad Shahri, 28, was shot in the chest during ongoing protests, east of the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis. ... [Maan - 12/4/18]



@KareemN96 [12/4/18]: ... Last footage filmed by Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja who was shot in Gaza last Friday. #GreatReturnMarch 



Killing mosquitoes: The latest Gaza massacres, pro-Israel media bias and the weapon of ‘antisemitism’ [Medialens - 10/4/18]



Camp Freedom has been a deadly time and we've made huge waves felt here and around the world. The closing ceremony will be our biggest action yet. Like, share and be there CALL TO ACTION ... [Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy/Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance [14/4/18]



Queensland Labor Party Standard Operating Procedure: Beattie and Minister Kate Jones play friendly while #StolenWealthGames protests stay in a box, but as protests gain traction, breach boundaries and become effective, leaders are harassed and detained by police, and Camp Freedom is threatened with shutdown by police and government officials ---> Aboriginal rights campaigners Dylan Voller & Ruby Wharton say that the feedback from the general public to their Gold Coast Freedom camp at the Commonwealth Games has been positive.... @CAAMA [10/4/18]



@GraffitiExpert [14/4/18]: Police and govt officials descended on #GoldCoast Spit this PM to harass and intimidate Camp Freedom following latest arrests of leaders. #StolenWealthGames protesters calmly stood their ground. [footage feat local MSM propagandists compiling their lies]



Let it burn: Peter Beattie - who wouldn't know what "solidarity" was if it bit him on the arse - denounces symbolic torching of Southbank countdown surfboard in solidarity with #StolenWealthGames protests on the Gold Coast [ABC - 14/4/18]



@GraffitiExpert [8/4/18]:  I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts: No word on permit extension for Camp Freedom (seemingly conditional on protests being ineffectual) as former Qld Premier, and now #StolenWealthGames chief Peter Beattie, presented as a reasonable negotiator #GoldCoast  



@IndigenousX [14/4/18]:  ... Dylan Voller reportedly to remain in police lock up over the weekend after arrest again this morning....



Queensland police harassment and brutalisation of youth justice advocate Dylan Voller and others - for exercising their right to protest the #StolenWealthGames - continues [14/4/18]



Young organisers of this week's powerful #StolenWealthGames protests relentlessly pursued and detained by Queensland police [13/4/18]



‏@GraffitiExpert [14/4/18]:  Why are people blaming Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton for Peter Beattie and Queensland Labor govt police harassment of #StolenWealthGames protest leaders? #GoldCoast  



Stephen Andrew MP for Mirani [10/4/18]:


Next Parliament sitting I will be officially sworn in and able to give my maiden speech which will mean I will then have the ability to speak in Parliament.

That's not to say that the last few months have been less hectic, I have used this time to put forward Questions on Notice on behalf of my constituency and the Mirani Electorate and advocating my communities concerns on issues that are affecting them.

Those issues such as the rising cost of electricity for cane growers in my electorate, level playing fields for the Australian South Sea Islander people and their culture to open discussions and provide an implementation timeframe for the five point plan for Australian South Sea Islanders which was outlined by the Beattie Government, and the question of whether the people's common law rights will be restored after the Commonwealth Games is finished by rescinding the introduction of the legislation that will allow police powers to stop and detain and search queenslanders.

These are just a few of the Questions that I have sought answer from the Queensland Parliament, all my questions are formulated using the concerns that are bought forward to me by my electorate, as the People's voice in Parliament.

If there is a topic that you think can be addressed as a Question on Notice you can forward your suggestions to mirani@parliament.qld.gov.au

Regardless of whether your issue relates to a Question on Notice, the best way for me to advocate on my Electorate's behalf is hearing from you.

Below are some Questions on Notice that I have asked to date. ...



@GraffitiExpert [13/4/18]:  Every Friday Hare Krishnas, Falun Gong, Animal Liberation make their presence felt in Surfers Paradise, CCTV everywhere, police ignore and everyone respects their right to express themselves



Withholding this footage plays straight into the hands of media, politicians and officials -->  This report of Broadbeach #StolenWealthGames protest indicates there is footage of a peaceful march with hands raised prior to the arrests. Do you want to play along with, or counter the narrative? RELEASE THE RAW DEMO FOOTAGE. BE THE MEDIA. @GraffitiExpert [13/4/18]



@LatimoreJack [13/4/18]: This footage of Dylan Voller’s arrest at the #StolenWealthGames protest this morning was posted by his mother. Dylan was taken to hospital shortly afterwards for “self harm” injuries, say protestors. ...



@GraffitiExpert [13/4/18]:  What sort of "Freedom Camp" lets Peter Beattie and Queensland Labor dictate protest limits, and has "police liaison officers", who have now reportedly evicted Dylan Voller for being violently arrested? ... #StolenWealthGames   



@ruby_wharton [13/3/18]:  Camp Freedom Media Release


Statement of facts.

Seven people from Camp Freedom on the Gold Coast have been arrested for peacefully protesting at Broadbeach this morning.

Police presence was overpowering, outnumbering the group three to one.

In the presence of children excessive force was used on the elderley, the chronically ill and youth.

Polce entrapped the group, claiming they could continue if they walked in single file through the mall.

The police used this as a tactic to bottleneck the group and target community leaders.

Police then formed a barricade in five rows of officers to push the group back, trampling a chronically ill disabled woman who had only recently left hospital resulting in serious injuries that saw her rehospitalised.

There were no clear move on orders provided to all members of the group at any time by either building security or police that would provide lawful grounds for arrest.

Dylan Voller is amongst the five that were arrested and is currently being treated in hospital for unknown reasons.

Police have refused to provide an update on his condition, however, it is known that he was not injured when he was taken into custody.

Members of the group are currently being detained at Southport Watch House where a number of people have gathered to support them.

The group was protesting the many issues that face the First Nations community of Australia that has stemmed from the presence of the Commonwealth in so called Australia. ... 



@tomforbesGC [13/4/18]:  Police have moved a large group of protesters out of Broadbeach mall and into Kurrawa Park. Four protesters have been taken away. ...



@chrismbbcsport [13/4/18]:  Peaceful #indigenous protest but increased police presence at Broadbeach #CommonwealthGames2018 ...



@TheLastSamW [12/4/1/18]: ... On the broadwalk on Broad Beach on Tuesday night I defended a brother who ended up being arrested by #GoldCoast police for watching the cops as they walked past. #StolenWealthGames #GC2018 It started with them saying they wanted to talk to him about looking at them... 



We know you want us to move, but we are here to stay":  #StolenWealthGames protests continue on the Gold Coast [NITV - 12/4/18]



@IndigenousX [11/4/18]: Not Australia Fair #Stolenwealthgames



“This here is Yolngu Land, we are sovereign people and we live by Yolngu law.":  Member for Nhulunbuy, Yingiya Mark Guyula, and Yolŋu clan leaders met with His Royal Highness Prince Charles at the Buku – Larrŋgay Mulka Centre in Yirrkala [Tasmanian Times - 10/4/18]



@isobelroe [9/4/18]: Protestors have turned up to stand behind Sunrise broadcast at Kurrawa Beach....



@edinthewater [9/4/18]:  Must be hard to hear in there with all this chanting hey @kochie_online? When's that apology coming @samarmytage? #SovereigntyNeverCeded #ColonisationIsNotAGame #NoJusticeNoGames 



@GraffitiExpert [9/4/18]: March 2018: Incendiary Australian breakfast television show Sunrise doubles down on its racist provocations after week long protests outside its Sydney studios ...



@edinthewater [7/4/18]:  There's a strong police presence for this peaceful silent protest as people leave the church.  




Today the #StolenwealthGames are at Saint Peter's Church in Southport, protesting the violent and racist colonial history of the Christian churches - highlighting their role in stealing land, people and culture. ... @edinthewater [7/4/18]



@ruby_wharton [7/4/18]: We are not violent people, there are times to speak and times to be silent, within the revolution we don’t see the silent part too often but today we held our voices and lead with our presence. Black people occupy white spaces #Stolenwealthgames



@GraffitiExpert [7/4/18]: "The answer is always, opening up dialogue." Silent #StolenWealth protest at Southport church #GoldCoast  A Commonwealth Games Federation rep paid low key visit to camp yesterday, said he could advocate for protest charges to dropped #StolenWealthGames  





@Aussies4Refugees [14/4/18]:  Australia's war of attrition against refugees continues unopposed and unchallenged as pro Labor Party "advocates" and lawyers castigate Dutton for fanatically adhering to the Labor Party's "deterrence" policy ...


A mentally unwell refugee girl, who has attempted suicide several times, will be rushed from Nauru to Australia for urgent care after lawyers took court action.

In a Federal Court hearing in Melbourne on Saturday, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's department promised to fly the girl - as well as her brother and father - to the Australian mainland on Sunday.

It comes after legal firm Maurice Blackburn lodged an urgent application on the girl's behalf on Friday night, asking for her to be transferred off the island in light of her health.

The firm's head of social justice Jennifer Kanis welcome the decision but she said it was "outrageous" that it took court action to get the girl the help she needs.

"We're delighted that the government has this morning agreed to bring our client from Nauru to Australia so that she can get the medical attention she so desperately needs," she said outside court. ... 



@Aussie4Refugees [14/4/18]:  Meanwhile, Australian "advocates", lawyers, UNHCR, HRW and media silent as mass deportations of unrepresented Bangladeshi refugees - illegally trafficked and imprisoned on #Manus for five years, and subjected to sham assessment process - well underway  



13 April 2018