United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 12/9/16]



Turkey says 20 ISIS killed in weekend Syria airstrikes [Antiwar.com - 11/9/16]



Turkish authorities arrested a teacher and a university professor, alleged supporters of Fetullah Gulen, as they tried to flee to Greece.

The two are arrested in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 10th 2016, as they were trying to reach Greece by crossing the Evros river on a inflatable boat. ... [Keep Talking Greece - 12/9/16]



More than 500 migrants were prevented from crossing into Greece from Turkey last week, a border security source said Saturday.

The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to restrictions on discussing operations with the media, said 534 migrants were apprehended across Edirne province, which also borders Bulgaria, between Sept. 2 and 9.

The migrants, from Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia and Bangladesh, were detained as they attempted to cross into Greece illegally, the source added.

They were taken to Edirne detention center to face possible deportation to their home country.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Coast Guard on Saturday said it had detained 66 migrants attempting to sail to the Greek island of Kos. ... [Anadolu Agency - 10/9/16]



Turkey has detained a prominent novelist. We unite to say this vendetta must end [Guardian – 12/9/16]



‏@LighthouseRR [12/9/16]:  This morning 72 people landed in one small rubber dinghy. 29 children and 15 women were in the overcrowded boat. 



‏@MSF_Sea [12/9/16]:  The gorgeous little guy was born in international waters so his nationality is still under discussion.



‏@MSF_Sea [12/9/16]:  Faith was already having contractions when she left #Libya and was terrified she'd give birth on the rubber boat.



There was a baby on this boat ABC - why didn't you report that at the time? ---> ... The group was trying to reach the Australian territory of Christmas Island when their boat’s engine malfunctioned off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island.

They had been at sea for about a month after leaving from India in the Indian-flagged boat.

Amnesty International has said the minority Tamils may have been fleeing persecution in Sri Lanka. ... [Asian Tribune - 19/6/16]



Day 177 refugee protests, Nauru


We are still here do you hear us ?? ...  ‏@SuchNigel




Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [12/9/16]



Another astonishingly bogus Senate Inquiry announced as Australia's war of attrition against men, women and children imprisoned on Nauru continues unchallenged [Greens Media Release - 12/9/16]:

... “While the Greens remain disappointed that Labor did not support a Royal Commission into Australia’s detention system, we thank them for their constructive approach on this inquiry.” ...

Representative from Australian High Commission - complicit in illegal incarceration of men on Manus - insults PNG lawyers [The National - 12/9/16]


It's a matter of taking the side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done.

Harriet Elisabeth Beecher Stowe (June 14, 1811 – July 1, 1896) was an American abolitionist and author.

She is best known for her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) which depicts the harsh life for African Americans under slavery. ...


#NauruFiles reading in Brisbane CBD has been going since 8am this morning ...

Image: ‏@McquireJacob [12/9/16]


Heartless wankers continue pontificating and opinionating as Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee policy hounds another man to his death [ABC - 12/9/16]






Australia: Vigil for near-death Iranian hunger striker [Anadolu Agency - 3/4/15]




‏@riserefugee [8/9/16]:  The ONLY alternative To #detention is NO DETENTION, with FREEDOM, JUSTICE and Proper humanitarian SAFEGUARDS.



Royal Commission: Salvation Army 'failed to protect children' from sexual abuse [ABC - 12/9/16]




Abuse at Salvation Army homes in SA, Victoria and WA [West Australian - 12/9/16]:


Eden Park, SA: Graham Rundle was bashed and abused more than 200 times by both staff and other boys.

Another victim described the home as a "hell hole" where going to bed was a terrifying experience with boys regularly taken away to bathrooms to be abused.

Box Hill, Victoria: Actor Jack Charles was bashed, sexually abused and regarded as an "item of interest" because he was the only Aboriginal boy in the home.

He told how one staff member abused him at least 20 times.

Nedlands, WA: A woman who spent three years at the home from 1969 said she was beaten, humiliated and sexually abused. In one instance she was thrown into a slop bin used to hold food for pigs.



"I'm black, they don't like blackfellas"  Queensland man says he was the victim of horrific police brutality [Buzzfeed - 2/9/16]:


... Petrou, a single father and a radio host who says he had never been in trouble with the law aside from unpaid parking fines, was arrested on seven charges after the incident including obstructing police, serious assault and bodily harm.

“One of the officers that punched me, he got a hairline fracture to his wrist and he reckons that I done that to him. He actually did it himself while punching me in the head.”

Last year, Petrou was found not guilty on all counts. ...




The World Food Programme has cut food aid to internally displaced persons in Rakhine State, the United Nations agency has confirmed to Frontier, while multiple NGO sources say it is considering further reductions in support to some communities.

The cuts have been criticised by members of the state’s Muslim community, while UN agencies and International NGOs have privately expressed concerns about the moves in documents seen by Frontier.

About 120,000 people, most of whom identify as Rohingya, remain in IDP camps since long-simmering communal tensions erupted into violence in 2012.

They are dependent on aid for their survival.

The cuts, which were reported by sources in the Muslim community and subsequently confirmed by WFP in an email to Frontier, will affect 22,000 people in what is known as “zone one” – an area that covers Kyauktaw, Minbya and Mrauk-U Townships – who are no longer regarded as IDPs. ... [Frontier Myanmar - 12/9/16]




Kofi Annan: Myanmar Rohingya Panel will not police human rights [Burma Times - 9/9/16]:

United Nations chief Kofi Annan assured residents of Myanmar he is not in the country to police human rights violations, but instead to recommend solutions to ease tensions between Buddhists and the Muslim minority.

“We are not here as inspectors, as policemen,” he told a news conference Thursday in Yangon.

“We are here to help at the request of the government and we see this as a Myanmar Commission that we are participating in, bringing some international dimensions and you will get an honest report from all of us.”

Ghanaian-born Annan was met by hundreds of jeering protesters when he arrived in Myanmar’s western Rakhine state earlier this week as part of a nine-member panel on a fact-finding mission into the bitter ethnic and religious strife that has triggered a humanitarian crisis.

The protesters were gathered outside the airport in the capital city of Rakhine, where they voiced anger over what they see as foreign meddling in their internal affairs.

Annan said he was not upset by the protests, and in fact admired them as a show of democracy and freedom of expression.

“I think it was a healthy sign that the people felt they should make their views known in their own way,” he said.

The special advisory committee, made up of six of Myanmar and three foreigners (none of whom are Muslim), is charged with finding solutions on ending the crisis that began in 2012, when fighting broke out between majority Buddhist nationalists and minority Rohingya Muslims.

More than 100 people were killed, while as many as 120,000 Rohingyas are currently languishing in squalid displaced persons camps, where their movements are severely restricted.


US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State joins chorus of appreciation for ongoing pacification of Tamils in Sri Lanka [Tamil Guardian - 12/9/16]


Three workers were killed and another severely injured in an explosion at an ethanol factory in Khon Kaen Monday morning.

Police said the explosion occurred at the Thai Ethanol Power Plc's factory on Mittraparp Road in Nonesila district at 9:40 am.

A preliminary investigation found that the explosion was triggered by a welder that a worker was used to fix a ruptured bio-gas tank inside the factory.

The bio-gas tank was located near the ethanol storage tank. [The National - 12/9/16]


Salvador Allende's daughter announces Presidential run in Chile [teleSUR - 12/9/16]


Chile marks 43 anniversary of the military coup headed by Pinochet that ousted Allende [Merco Press - 12/9/16]:

... People gathered outside one of the stadiums in Santiago where many people were tortured and disappeared following the coup.

Many of the families of the victims never knew what happened to their loved ones.

The crimes committed by the Pinochet regime continue to blight the country with many marching for justice for the victims.

The anniversary is often marked by violence, and this year was no different as police clashed with vandals.

One officer was injured, but authorities said that demos were less fierce than previous years.


@wikileaks [12/9/16]:  Friday 16th 11am: Swedish court will issue decision on #Assange detention appeal ...



‏@wikileaks [11/9/16]:  Australian dept of PM & Cabinet refuses FOIA on emails+docs about Assange & WikiLeaks saying that there are too many




Are "unrepentant", ignorant fascists the type of people Australians want in their houses of parliament, or on the airwaves?



First they came for ... As Australia moves to lock more people up for longer than their judicially imposed sentence --->  "EVEN THE DEAD HAVE NO MEANING ON MANUS" day 121 of courageous protesting on #Manus These men are being illegally kept in detention. ...  ‏@racvictoria [11/9/16]



"WE ARE ASKING THE WORLD TO TAKE US FROM THE HELL" @racvictoria [11/9/16]: Day 176 peaceful protests on #Nauru. ...



Prominent Fijians released after weekend in police cells [RNZI – 12/9/16]



Rights group Amnesty International called on Monday for the release of a Yazidi woman detained by Iraqi Kurdish authorities for nearly two years following her escape from Islamic State enslavement. ... [Reuters - 11/9/16]



Catalans rally in support of independence from Spain [Reuters - 11/9/16]



The NSW Greens are celebrating strong wins across NSW in the weekend’s local council elections, including Byron shire.

At Kyogle, 19-year-old Greens candidate Kleon Toffetti has the highest vote of any candidate in his ward and looks assured of being elected. ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 12/9/16]



Urgent action needed to curb catastrophic loss of worldwide wilderness [UQ News – 9/9/16]:


A University of Queensland-led international study released today reports catastrophic declines in wilderness areas around the world over the past 20 years.

UQ School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management and Wildlife Conservation Society in New York researcher Associate Professor James Watson said findings demonstrated alarming losses comprising a 10th of global wilderness since the 1990s.

He said the Amazon and Central Africa were hardest hit. ...



An explosion at a waste dump in Benin earlier this week killed eight people, local mayor Robert Tolegbon said on Sunday.

The blast occurred late on Thursday at a giant trash heap in Tori, a town about 40 km (25 miles) northwest of the capital Cotonou, as locals were sifting for food.

Previously, the health ministry said two people had died.

Safety standards for waste management are poor in much of West Africa and debris is rarely filtered to eliminate toxic or flammable materials. [Reuters - 11/9/16]



The situation surrounding Libya’s various government and other factions continues to grow more complicated all the time, with reports over the weekend that Libyan Army forces loyal to Gen. Khalifa Hifter have attacked and captured multiple oil ports formerly controlled by the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) and the UN-backed unity government.

The PFG are designed wholly around protecting oil facilities, but the unity government has recently been using them in US-backed offensive operations. ... [Antiwar.com - 11/9/16]



France arrests 15-year-old boy for thought crime [Reuters - 11/9/16]



How America learned to stop worrying and love the War on Terror [Counterpunch - 9/9/16]:


... According to this same official narrative, these Islamic terrorists who hate our freedom magically appeared, more or less fully-formed, out of nowhere, just prior to 2001.

The entire modern history of the Middle East, the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire, Western colonialism, two world wars, the Cold War chess game, and the end thereof, not to mention the now unimpeded spread of global Capitalism throughout the world … none of this has anything to do with anything.

No, according to our official narrative, these terrorists materialized out of the ether.

They took a look around, spotted America sitting there peacefully minding its business, and enjoying its cherished values, and so on, were overcome with fanatical hatred, and started strapping on their suicide vests. ...



Smear or PR stunt?:  ABC Brisbane were the media partner for the 2016 Brisbane Writers' Festival.


Where's the transcript/audio of Lionel Shriver's keynote so we can make up our own minds?



World's leading authors: state surveillance of personal data is theft [Guardian - 10/12/13]:


... The open letter to the US president, Barack Obama, from firms including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, will be followed by the petition, which has drawn together a remarkable list of the world's most respected and widely-read authors, who have accused states of systematically abusing their powers by conducting intrusive mass surveillance.

Julian Barnes, Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Irvine Welsh, Hari Kunzru, Jeanette Winterson and Kazuo Ishiguro are among the British authors on the list.

It also includes JM Coetzee, Yann Martel, Ariel Dorfman, Amit Chaudhuri, Roddy Doyle, Amos Oz, David Grossman, and the Russian Mikhail Shishkin.

Henning Mankell, Lionel Shriver, Hanif Kureishi and the antipodean writers CK Stead, Thomas Keneally and Anna Funder are other globally renowned signatories. ...



9/11 Terror Trading: 15 years later (Lars Schall interviews Professor Marc Chesney) [The Saker - 9/9/16]


@KimDotcom [12/9/16]:  Lawyer: 10 waves of attack by US & Hollywood to stop KDC from having funds for living expenses & legal fees. LIVE ...  



‏@KimDotcom [12/9/16]:  Based on evidence in the High Court there's no basis in law to extradite me. US/NZ Govt knew that and strategized to decline a fair hearing.



Dotcom's court livestream a positive move toward open justice - academic [Stuff.co.nz - 31/8/16]



Turkey appointed new administrators in two dozen Kurdish-run municipalities on Sunday after removing their elected mayors over suspected links to militants, triggering pockets of protest in its volatile southeastern region bordering Syria and Iraq.

Police fired water cannon and tear gas to disperse demonstrators outside local government buildings in Suruc on the Syrian border as new administrators took over, security sources said. There were smaller protests elsewhere in the town. ... [Reuters - 11/9/16]



Iran welcomes Syria deal, urges political solution [Reuters – 11/9/16]



Reconciliation agreements were signed during the day with representatives of five settlements in Syria but terrorists continue their provocations, the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties said in its regular daily news bulletin posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s official website on Sunday. ... [TASS - 12/9/16]



... Bills pile up sky high

Send that boy off to die ...


'Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)', Marvin Gaye [1971]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Syria and Iraq [Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve - 11/9/16]



A source in the Ministry of Interior revealed that seven persons have been either killed or wounded in a bomb blast in southern Baghdad. ... [IraqiNews.com - 11/9/16]




12 September 2016