Christmas Island:  Dutton confiscates phones so that he, the ALP and Murdoch Press can control the narrative



 RNZI [12/11/15]:



... The mother of one New Zealand detainee still on Christmas Island said she was desperate to find out whether her son was safe.

The woman, who wanted to be known only as Kathryn, told RNZ she heard from her son Luke immediately after the riot on the island earlier this week.

 He was distressed, hurt and told her he needed seven stitches.

"He told me the place was just going off, it was out of control. He said 'Mum, I don't know what to do'... I said, just crawl under a rock until it's over."

Kathryn was desperate for information about her son's whereabouts, she said.

Another lawyer for a detainee who was on the island until very recently said he feared the men's appeals against their visa revocations would be set back in the riot's aftermath.

He was advising his client to keep a low profile amid a groundswell of Australian public opinion against the detainees, citing a Brisbane Courier Mail article yesterday headlined 'Fast-track deportation for thug Kiwis'.

The paper said Mr Dutton was moving to "deport some Kiwis before their cases are reviewed".







Immigration detainees on Christmas Island have had their mobile phones confiscated, restricting their ability to contact family, lawyers and journalists.


Danice Frichitthavong, whose fiance is locked-up on Christmas Island and faces deportation to Syria, said detainees could now only contact the outside world for one hour a day.

"They're allowed out of their cells for one hour a day and they've been given $10 phone cards they can use on the pay phones," she said.

"I called Christmas Island [after the riot] and they said they were keeping the phones for investigations.

"I was told that if they get them back, it might be in a few months."

Violence broke out at the centre on Sunday after news of Mr Chegeni's death spread and one of his friends claimed guards were responsible. ...  [Sydney Morning Herald - 12/11/15]









Protected and unaccountable Turnbull visits Jakarta to thank Indonesia for helping "stop the boats" and congratulate them on 50th anniversary of US backed mass killings  [Jakarta Post - 11/11/15]





Sydney Morning Herald [16/10/15]:


A group of 120 refugees stuck in Pekanbaru, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, have gone on a hunger strike to protest their frustration over delays to their resettlement in a third country.

Ahmad Zaki, a Hazara refugee from Pakistan, said the refugees wanted the UN refugee agency to come to Pekanbaru to discuss their resettlement cases and open an office in the Sumatran city.

"We are waiting for our resettlement process from more than one year," Mr Zaki said. "I want to go to Australia or any other country."

The men, who are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Myanmar, have been found to be genuine refugees by the UNHCR. Their accommodation, medical care and a living stipend is paid for by the International Organisation of Migration.

"We tried to contact UNHCR many times. They make excuses every time. They reached other cities every two to three months regularly," Mr Zaki said.

About 13,000 asylum seekers and refugees are registered with the UNHCR in Indonesia.

Many found to be genuine refugees remain stranded in the archipelago while the UNHCR tries to find a third country in which to resettle them.

In an interview with Fairfax Media last week, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said Indonesia was not a destination country for refugees.

"So we hope that countries like Australia could take more. But of course I understand the domestic situation," she said. "Shared responsibility, shared burden is very important. I leave it to the UNCHR to have a discussion with destination countries that belong to the Convention [relating to the Status of Refugees]."

The UNCHR's Indonesia representative, Thomas Vargas, strongly advised the men against the hunger strike. "It's not going to solve their problem or have their resettlement cases expedited," Mr Vargas said.

"It just causes a lot of problems and the possibility of harm to themselves, which we would consider to be terrible."

Mr Vargas said resettlement was a long process, which could take up to two years in Indonesia due to the limited resettlement places available globally and the various procedures that needed to be completed to comply with requirements made by resettlement countries.

He said the UNHCR regularly visited all locations where refugees were in lndonesia and was about to post a few staff members permanently in Pekanbaru given the high volume.

However he warned this did not mean the resettlement process would move any quicker.

"The UNHCR can't force countries to take refugees," Mr Vargas said. He said the Syrian crisis made it even harder to find resettlement options for refugees coming out of Indonesia.

Former immigration minister Scott Morrison announced on November 18 last year that Australia would cut its annual intake from Indonesia from 600 people to 450. He said anyone who registered with the UNHCR in Indonesia after July 1, 2014, would not be eligible to come to Australia.

The intention, he said at the time, was to "drain the pool" of asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia.

Mr Vargas said while this had had an impact, he was appreciative that Australia continued to accept refugees who had registered with the UNHCR before July 1 last year.

He said resettlement was only one of a range of protection options.

"We recognise that a very small fraction of the refugee population globally will ever be resettled, which is why we also look at other options and appeal to governments for family reunification, temporary protection and providing labour [programs] for refugees to be able to take care of themselves."



The Welcome Group Inc [16/8/15]: 



 "A Sad News From Indonesia Refugee Camp: There are 285 Hazara Refugee in Balikpapan Indonesia refugee Camp. Most of the refugees have got refugee status.

One of the Refugees collapsed due to weakness, he was taken to the nearby hospital. The duty nurse did not allow him to see the doctor.

Later, the nurse along with other people beat the patient and other refugees and forced them to leave the hospital.

All the refugees are observing hunger strike in the camp against violation of refugees rights by the paramedic staff of the hospital.

Despite the hunger strike continued for the last four days, non of the official/ representatives of UNHCR or IOM have taken any notice of their plight and have not yet visited them."

Many of these men have been found to be refugees by the UNHCR and have been waiting for a country to welcome them, Australia has had holds on settling refugees from Indonesia for months. ‪#‎wearesorry





Australia stopped accepting UNHCR refugees in October 2014.






The second day of a “people’s tribunal” in The Hague, the Netherlands, in relation to Indonesia’s 1965 massacre heard testimony from a survivor of sexual abuse on Wednesday.

Witness Tintin Rahayu (not her real name), who was a member of student group in Yogyakarta in the wake of the so-called Sept. 30, 1965, coup, testified behind a black curtain to having been incarcerated for 11 years by government forces on allegations of insurgency.

Tintin said she was tortured, sexually abused and detained at Wirogunan Prison in Yogyakarta and at Plantungan, a camp for female political prisoners in a remote part of Central Java. ... [Jakarta Post - 12/11/15]




Bahraini court sentences senior opposition figure to two years in jail [Press TV – 12/11/15]



Turkey:  Lawyers condemn crackdown on critical media as police raid Zaman media group [Todays Zaman - 11/11/15]





Terror in Little Saigon:  New documentary ties US-allied kill squad to unsolved murders of Vietnamese journalists in US [Democracy Now - 11/11/15]:



AMY GOODMAN: When journalists are killed for doing their job, their names often become known around the world, martyrs in the cause of media freedom.

But we turn now to a series of killings that happened in this country but were all but ignored.

During the '80s, five Vietnamese-American reporters were murdered. The killings shared key traits. All five victims appeared to be deliberately targeted. All five worked for small outlets serving the Vietnamese refugee community after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. All had either voiced support for Vietnam's Communists or had published criticism of a right-wing paramilitary Vietnamese exile group called the National United Front for the Liberation of Vietnam, known as "the Front."

And despite a lengthy FBI investigation, none of the victims’ killers were ever brought to justice.

But now the case is being re-examined in the new PBS Frontline documentary called Terror in Little Saigon. ...





Lufthansa announced that 933 services would be cancelled on Thursday as cabin crew entered their sixth day of strikes, leaving 107,000 passengers scrambling to find alternate transport to their destinations. ... [The Local - 12/11/15]





Anti-austerity lawmakers forced Portugal's center-right government to resign Tuesday by rejecting its policy proposals at the start of what was supposed to be a second consecutive term in office — and four more years of cutbacks and economic reforms.

The government's dramatic collapse came less than two weeks after it was sworn in and raised questions about debt-heavy Portugal*s commitment to the fiscal discipline demanded of countries sharing the euro currency.

The moderate Socialist Party forged an unprecedented alliance with the Communist Party and the radical Left Bloc to get a 122-seat majority in the 230-seat Parliament, which it used to vote down the proposals. The defeat brought the government's automatic resignation. ... [CNBC - 11/11/15]





A general strike – the first since SYRIZA and Independent Greeks came to power in January – will bring much of the country to a halt on Thursday. ... [Ekathimerini - 11/11/15]





Students across US to march over debt, free public college [Yahoo - 12/11/15]:


... "This is clearly an urgent crisis, but establishment politicians from both parties are failing to take action," their statement said.






Thousands of fast-food workers took to the streets on Tuesday—a year out from the presidential election— in the largest strike ever in their years-long battle for a $15-an-hour wage.

Workers from Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC and other restaurant chains joined home care, child care, grocery clerks and other low wage workers to walk off the job in 270 cities across America. ... [MSNBC - 11/11/15]





Senator Glenn Lazarus [12/11/15]:



BREAKING NEWS: I have secured the support of the Senate to establish a Senate Committee to inquire into the human impact of CSG and other unconventional mining.

Out of respect for George Bender, I will refer to the Inquiry as the 'Bender Inquiry'.






Is this a joke? ------->  Queensland Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles will be among a select group of “leaders, artists, thinkers and influencers’’ to take part in former US Vice President Al Gore’s special 24-hour global broadcast this weekend to combat climate change.

Dr Miles – Queensland’s first Minister for the Great Barrier Reef – enthusiastically accepted Mr Gore’s invitation to take part in the “call to action to take on the greatest challenge of our time’. ... [Media Release - 12/11/15]




Oakland sues Monsanto for PCB pollution in San Francisco Bay [NBC – 11/11/15]





Montreal has begun a controversial dump of 8bn litres (1.75bn gallons) of raw sewage into the St Lawrence River.

Officials in the Canadian city say that the project is necessary in order to replace old infrastructure in the sewage treatment system. ... [BBC - 11/11/15]



Four Norway glaciers 'too small to measure' [The Local – 12/11/15]






A mysterious purple slime has emerged off the coast of northern Norway, coating millions of cubic meters of a picturesque fjord with a strange mucoid, margarine-like substance. ... [The Local - 10/11/15]


Recent cyclones and heavy rains in Yemen and Africa could trigger locust plagues, UN agency warns [Media Release - 11/11/15]





Shock as border officers draw penis in Israeli’s passport [ - 11/11/15]





Eleven-year-old Shyamaa Khairddin usually walks home from school with her friend Yasmin. She follows the same route every day, but on Monday she was left stranded by especially heavy rains that have pelted Gaza. ... [Middle East Eye - 10/11/15]





Undercover Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian in Hebron hospital [Maan - 12/11/15]





Dozens of Israeli soldiers early Thursday raided al-Arrub refugee camp near Hebron for the third continuous day, detaining 24 residents, locals said. ... [Maan - 12/11/15]





A decision by Britain to refuse a group of Palestinian medical experts from Gaza permission to participate in an international conference at Kingston University on trauma in war zones has been condemned by campaigners.

Three doctors and a nurse who work for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and were due to give presentations at the conference taking place this weekend, have had their visa requests refused by British authorities. 

In addition to the four mental health specialists refused entry, Dr Nahida Al-Arja, a psychologist from Bethlehem University, has had her visa application rejected.  ... [Independent - 10/11/15]





Palestinian groups cancel meetings with London Mayor Boris Johnson after his insulting anti-BDS comments [Independent - 11/11/15]





Eight civilians were shot dead late Wednesday by unknown assailants who raided their home in Egypt's North Sinai Al-Arish city, MENA state news agency reported.

Security and medical sources told the state news agency that the unknown assailants raided a house in Al-Batal district in Al-Arish city and shot everyone present in the house. ... [Ahram - 12/11/15]





Two suicide bombers have been killed in a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) explosion in Paktika province of Afghanistan.

The incident took place outside the office of the governor of Sarobi District Wednesday afternoon. ... [Khaama - 12/11/15]





Representatives of protestors, outraged by the decapitation of seven members of the minority Hazara community, have laid down their demands during talks with government, warning of large-scale demonstrations if their calls were ignored.

Negotiations at the Presidential Palace got underway at around 8:30pm Wednesday night, with President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah, defence and interior ministers in attendance.  ... [Pajhwok - 12/11/15]





UN mission condemns 'senseless murder' of seven civilian hostages in Zabul [Media Release - 11/11/15]





Creep --->  Kabul protest an opportunity to unite Afghans:  General John F. Campbell, Commander of NATO-led Resolute Support in Afghanistan [TOLO News - 11/11/15]





‏@HAS_Blog:   ...  Sydney demonstration against Hazara beheading is taking place on November 14, Saturday, 12pm at Town Hall Station





Russia is not involved in fighting against rebels in Syria and pursues a goal of stopping the Islamic State terrorist organization, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said on Wednesday, aired by the Finnish Yle television channel. ... [TASS - 11/11/15]





Peshmerga forces supported by coalition airstrikes launched a major offensive against Islamic State (ISIS) in Shingal (Sinjar) Wednesday night to free the Kurdish Yezidi town from the militant group. ... [RUDAW - 12/11/15]




Israeli warplanes reportedly hit targets near Damascus airport [Albawaba - 12/11/15]




United States, "allies" continue bombing Iraq and Syria


US Department of Defense [11/11/15]:


U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Bomber, fighter, attack, and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 11 airstrikes in Syria:

-- Near Hasakah, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle bomb and an ISIL staging area.

-- Near Hawl, five strikes struck four separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed eight ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL building, and an ISIL vehicle bomb.

-- Near Dayr Az Zawr, two strikes struck an ISIL gas oil separation plant, damaged two ISIL cranes, and destroyed three ISIL front end loaders.

-- Near Mar’a, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

-- Near Palmyra, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL tactical vehicle and damaged a separate ISIL vehicle.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Bomber, fighter, attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 17 airstrikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of the Iraqi government:

-- Near Kisik, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

-- Near Mosul, a strike destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

-- Near Ramadi, three strikes struck two separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed three ISIL vehicles, an ISIL excavator, two ISIL heavy machine guns, two ISIL buildings, and an ISIL 23mm anti-aircraft artillery piece.

-- Near Sinjar, six strikes struck three separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed eight ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL command and control nodes, three ISIL vehicles, and 18 ISIL staging areas.

-- Near Sultan Abdallah, a strike destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

-- Near Huwayjah, four strikes struck an ISIL headquarters, an ISIL weapons cache, an ISIL logistical facility, and an ISIL security headquarters.

-- Near Albu Hayat, a strike struck a large ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL buildings, three ISIL weapons caches, and three ISIL fighting positions.






Two white men were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of making threats on social media against black people, two days after the University of Missouri's president and chancellor stepped down amid protests over their handling of reports of racial abuse. ... [Reuters - 11/11/15]





UNHCR condemns attack on camp for internally displaced in Central African Republic town of Batangafo [Media Release - 11/11/15]





The United Nations on Wednesday said it was investigating new allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by U.N. peacekeepers in violence-ridden Central African Republic.

A U.N. official said the allegations involve three underage girls. The allegations also involve two pregnancies, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because details have not been made public. ... [Al Jazeera - 11/11/15]





The UK will stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia if it is found to have breached international law during the months-long conflict in Yemen, the foreign secretary has said.

Philip Hammond, speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight programme on Tuesday night, called for “proper investigations” into Saudi Arabia’s actions in Yemen, where human rights groups warn of large-scale violations by both sides.

However, campaigners say British arms have played a "central" role in the conflict so far, and must be halted immediately while an investigation takes place. ... [Middle East Eye - 11/11/15]






As fighting in Yemen intensifies, more flee to Djibouti [UNHCR Media Release - 11/11/15]







The number of Malian refugees in Niger has reached its highest level since conflict erupted there in 2012, with thousands fleeing eastern Mali in recent weeks despite the signing of a recent peace accord, the UN refugee agency said on Tuesday. ... [Media Release - 10/11/15]





Sweden imposes temporary border controls in EU migration crisis [Reuters - 11/11/15]





...  Senegal's President Macky Sall cautioned Europeans against pushing too hard to repatriate Africans already working in the north after braving deserts and seas to get there. He said more should be done to regularise the status of Africans in Europe. ... [Reuters - 11/11/15]





@MSF_Sea [11/11/15]:   ...  Like 8% of #people crossing the central Med all 100 rescued people from today are from #Somalia.





Respect for human life [Times of Malta - 12/11/15]:



... Unfortunately, the humanitarian crisis at sea is not limited to the Mediterranean. Other areas of the world are also affected by a maritime refugee crisis.

In 2016, MOAS will also seek to provide search and rescue in the Bay of Bengal to aid the thousands of Rohingya people fleeing Burma and Bangladesh in southeast Asia. Once again, families have been forced on to the seas to flee persecution and seek a better life. Many have been kidnapped, murdered or have perished at sea.

According to the UNHCR, more than 1,100 Bangladeshis and Rohingyas drowned between January 2014 and June 2015 and the number of crossings is expected to increase this year. Once again, the root causes need to be addressed.

As European and African leaders meet in Valletta to address the root causes and, hopefully, reduce the flow of migrants, MOAS is expanding its operations due to growing maritime migration. It is funded by the public, which believes that no one deserves to die at sea. ...






Polish students got a physics exercise that asked them to push Syrian refugees off a raft [Quartz - 11/11/15]





West, Gulf complicity in oil-fuelled genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya [Middle East Eye - 11/11/15]:


... US, British, Australian and European oil majors have been awarded contracts by the junta, including BG Group and Ophir (UK); Shell (UK-Netherlands); Statoil (Norway); Chevron and Conoco Phillips (US); Woodside (Australia); Eni (Italy) and Total (France).

Many of these contracts - particularly those involving Chevron, Ophir, Woodside, and Eni - are production-sharing initiatives in the Rakhine basin, just off the coast of the Rakhine state where local Rohingya Muslims face the prospect of extinction.

But the West’s eagerness to open up access to Myanmar’s untapped energy resources is also about China.

“Drawing Myanmar out of China’s sphere of influence was touted in Washington as a great diplomatic boon for the US pivot to Asia,” explains Hunter Marsten, a former State Department official based in Rangoon, Myanmar.

“The US aims to inhibit China’s expanding regional influence… to preserve the status quo security architecture put in place by the US and Europe.” That is “why the United States has refrained from criticising Myanmar’s shortcomings… The US needs a ‘good enough’ democratic partner in Myanmar to provide a bulwark on China’s strategic southern border with India”. ...






Okinawa Gov Takeshi Onaga says he will not follow national government instructions to retract a decision to block landfill work for the relocation of a U.S. military base, setting the stage for the government to seek a court approval to overrule the governor over the issue.

The decision was “legal and just,” Onaga told a press conference Wednesday in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, referring to his revocation of the approval granted by his predecessor for landfill work needed to move the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma elsewhere within the southern island prefecture.

The governor also criticized the central government’s plan to seek a court sanction to empower itself to override the governor’s revocation as “extremely unjust,” and said “it is very regrettable that we have come to this situation.” ... [Japan Today - 12/11/15]





Malaysian opposition MPs slam TPP as bad deal [Channel News Asia – 12/11/15]





About 100 garment workers from a factory in Takeo province that supplies German sports brands Puma and Adidas protested in front of the Labor Ministry Wednesday to demand the reinstatement of about 1,600 staff fired last month for striking over inadequate benefits.

The workers from the Hong Sen factory went on strike on October 27 to demand concessions including a monthly transportation allowance of $12, free medical checkups for pregnant workers and a $0.50 lunch allowance, according to a union leader. ... [Cambodia Daily - 12/11/15]




Christmas Island:  Lawyer denied access to client, whereabouts of injured inmate unknown  - yet Australian media has access to publish images of "riot" damage and continues unquestioningly parrotting Dutton's victim blaming excuses for yet another  human rights atrocity.


 RNZI [12/11/15]:



... A lawyer for one of the transferred New Zealanders said the rule of law on the island seemed to have collapsed.

Tauranga barrister Craig Tuck said there was no information from official sources regarding his client or the other six transferred detainees, who have been accused by Mr Dutton of involvement in the riot.

"There's been a lot of damage out there, and I guess that's indicative of how much stress people are under, being in a situation where they don't know what's going on.

"They've been removed from their family. The rule of law seems to have collapsed, and now it's just a jungle mentality, I suspect." ...





SBS [12/11/15]:


Sydney woman Nakita Regan has told SBS News she believes her partner Ricardo Young, 30, was one of the men taken to Western Australia following a riot at the Christmas Island detention centre.

Ms Regan said she has been unable to confirm his whereabouts through the Immigration Department or the prison in Western Australia.

She said the last time she heard from her partner was early on Tuesday morning.

"I was in contact with [Border Force] that night," she said.

"I told them that there [were] 15 Kiwis inside blue-compound. They asked me to contact them and tell them that [Border Force] will be entering the compound.

"Ricardo was with an elderly Samoan gentleman and he was extremely distressed and in panic."

Ms Regan said has sent SBS recordings of phone calls in which she says her partner is shot by a rubber bullet as Border Force officers entered the detention centre.

In the recordings an obviously upset Ms Regan tries to speak to Young and an alarm can be heard sounding in the background.

She said Young was not involved in the riot, but was trying to help shelter other detainees from the unrest.

Seven Christmas Island detainees have been transferred to a maximum security prison in Perth, accused of rioting.

Lawyers for Young say he was transferred into immigration detention earlier this year from Sydney’s Silverwater prison after serving a two-year sentence for aggravated assault and robbery.

They say, although he has lived in Australia since childhood and has a young child with Ms Regan, his visa was cancelled under recent changes to the immigration character test.




It all boils down to basic human rights:  New Zealand Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne's FULL opinion piece [ - 12/11/15]:


... In New Zealand, from the earliest days of the 19th century, settlers were working alongside Maori in a loose sort of partnership, culminating in the Treaty of Waitangi with the Crown in 1840.

No matter the uneven way in which the Treaty was subsequently honoured, the land confiscations and wars in the 1860s, and other similar repressions, and no matter how awkward the Treaty relationship has been at times, it – and the consequent need for a clear relationship between Maori and Pakeha – has always been a factor in our national life.

That, and New Zealand's moves from the 1890s to be the world's original welfare state, have meant that the power of the community has always been a strong feature in our national life.


Our small population means we do not have or need the same layers of government (we abolished our federal system in 1876) so central government can, and is expected to, quickly respond to pressing issues of the day.

The detention camp issue of one of these. No-one here is attempting to suggest that New Zealanders living in Australia who commit crimes, and often nasty and serious ones, should not pay the penalty in Australia and only the leader of our Labour Party is suggesting Australia should not have the right to deport these villains upon the completion of their sentences.

Rather, the issue is about these people being detained in pretty disgusting detention camps while awaiting deportation. We are, as your leaders keep telling us, family after all.

That offends our sense of justice, and the way good neighbours should treat each other. Funnily enough, despite the appalling uproars and disgraceful behaviours in the New Zealand Parliament this week, there is close to universal political agreement on this point.






High Court upholds but curtails Northern Territory’s paperless arrest laws [Human Rights Law Centre - 11/11/15]





Apple is investigating after a group of six teenagers of African descent were kicked out of one of its Melbourne stores because employees believed they might steal something.

The six Year 10 students, who all moved to Australia as children from Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Eritrea and Egypt, were told to leave the Apple store in Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong on Tuesday.

 In a video posted on Facebook and Twitter, an employee wearing an Apple shirt is seen talking to the students, all in their school uniforms, outside the shop. ... [Nine MSN - 12/11/15]





The major parties are beyond reform, yet Melissa Parke MP continues using refugees to garner votes for the ALP. 



Instead of giving her hypocrisy a platform, the media should be holding her to account.




If you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and that the ALP will ever drop its inhumane refugee policy,  read this []





Malcolm Fraser: The ALP and libs are "beyond reform" - 55 mins in ---->  ASRC Information Evening [VIDEO - 30/10/14]




Malcolm Fraser left the Liberal Party - thus becoming a powerful (and authentic) advocate.





Malcolm Fraser: ‘we have lost our way’ [The Conversation - 10/10/11]:


… Eckersley: Let’s turn to refugees because you have a really strong record there. There were massive numbers of Vietnamese boat people which Australia comfortably accommodated. We now have much smaller numbers of boat people, many from war torn areas we are involved in, just like Vietnam.

The Cabinet documents that have been revealed from your time show that the same items were on the menu: offshore processing, mandatory detention and so forth but you were able to resist that.

How did you manage to persuade your colleagues?

Fraser: I said we had an ethical responsibility to do what we could to help. Those other arguments might have had three minutes of Cabinet time over the years. They weren’t even considered. They were in departmental papers.

The department won with Gerry Hand, who introduced mandatory detention in 1992, and the Liberal party supported it.

Politicians have done more to distort facts on this issue than almost any other. Over 80% of those who come by boat have been proven be genuine refugees by fairly harsh judgement standards.

Of those who come by air, which is a very much larger number, 15, maybe 20%, are found to be genuine refugees. These are all people who have had money, who have had money, they have had papers certainly, but they have also lied to get the visa.

They generally come on an education visa or a visitor’s visa. The Refugee Convention recognises that genuine refugees often travel without papers, often travel in unorthodox means because if you haven’t got papers you can’t travel by orthodox means.

If you ask refugees who fled out of Eastern Europe or from the Soviet Union after the war, a lot of them would have paid today’s people smugglers for some part of the journey. There is a minister of the crown in one of the states whose parents were refugees and I said “Do you know if they had to pay for any part of the journey to get to Australia”. He said yes, they had to pay for a boat to get across to Italy.






The Murdoch Press and Senator Abetz are so terrified of democracy, they have taken a pre-emptive strike at refugee activists BEFORE a protest!





Australian politicians and media ignore Rosie Batty's call for a Royal Commission into Operation Sovereign Borders [Amnesty - 11/11/15]



Christmas Island asylum seekers left without water or guards

Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney [12/11/15]:

Around 20 asylum seekers now in White 2 compound on Christmas Island have been left without enough food or water for more than the last 24 hours.

The asylum seekers were initially in the “protection compound”, Gold 2 on Christmas Island and locked in when the disturbance broke out late on Saturday night.

The doors of the compound unlocked on Sunday morning when fires were set from outside the compound.

The asylum seekers were taken from Gold 2 to Red 2 (the high security unit), where they were held three to a cell with no matresses.

Around 1am Monday morning, prior to police re-entering the detention centre, the detainees were woken and verbally abused by masked Serco guards who ordered them to move from Red 2 to be locked in the basketball court.

They were moved to the basketball court it seems to make room for other detainees who were placed in the high security Red Compound after the police action to re-enter the detention centre.

Early on Tuesday morning they were moved from the basketball court and placed in White 2 – another high security area.

Before the moved they were forced to sign consent forms to be strip searched.

They have had little food or water since they were locked in White 2 on Monday morning.

They were delivered expired beef lasagne on Monday night on the basket-ball court, but no-one ate it.

On Tuesday morning, after being stripped-searched, and moved to White 2, they were given just two packets of bread between twenty people; for lunch they each got a pie and two potatoes (but no water).

On Tuesday night they received no food but their first water in over 24 hours – two litres each.

They have only been allowed to the toilet twice in almost three days.

Despite being locked in White 2, there are no guards present in White 2. There has already been one attempted suicide on Monday night that they were left to try and manage themselves.

“The detainees in White 2 asked me to get help for them,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“’Why is the government saying the guards are in the detention centre, when it is not true?’ they asked.”

“More than anything they want water. But the asylum seekers also need justice. They should never have been sent to Christmas Island. There needs to be immediate moves to get all asylum seekers and 501s off Christmas Island as a first step to its total closure. And there needs to be a full inquiry to expose Christmas Island’s ‘behaviour management regime’ that has brutalised all those who were sent there.

“The secrecy with which the government surrounds the detention centres has allowed the government and Serco to violate human rights with impunity. The Minister says that order has been restored to the Christmas Island detention centre, but it is the detainees in White 2 tell who tell us what their ‘order’ really looks like.”







No Kiwi rapists or murderers on Christmas Island [NZ Herald - 12/11/15]



Senate Inquiry into impact of CSG essential

Senator Lazarus Media Release [12/11/1]:

Senator for Queensland, Glenn Lazarus this morning said he was putting a motion to the Australian Senate today to establish a Senate Select Committee to inquire into the impact of unconventional gas mining in Australia.

“I am determined to bring about change in Australia,” Senator Glenn Lazarus said today.

“Governments can no longer ignore the impact of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining and other types of unconventional gas mining on the people of Australia.

“I have been to gasfields in Queensland and they are a living hell for people having to live in them.

“Queensland cotton farmer George Bender fought for ten years to keep CSG mining companies from coming on to his land. It is an absolute tragedy that he saw no way out other than to take his own life. George was bullied to death. Governments and resource companies have blood on their hands.

“George Bender’s death will not be in vain.

“I am calling on all sides of politics to support me today to ensure the Senate Committee is established to investigate the impact of CSG and other forms of unconventional gas on the people of Australia.

“If successful, the Inquiry will be be known as the ‘Bender Inquiry’ and any law changes which come out of the Inquiry should be known as ‘George’s Law’.

“The Inquiry will hold public hearings across the country to give all Australians impacted by CSG and other forms of unconventional gas mining a voice.

“I need all Australians to get behind me and place pressure on all sides of politics to support my motion.

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing and I need everyone’s help to make sure good prevails.”







Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham’s media release claiming new laws will protect waterways and farmers’ rights is ‘simply media spin’, says water expert, Tom Crothers.

Mr Crothers, a former General Manager of Water Allocation and Planning in the Queensland Government, said the ALP had made ‘an unequivocal’ pre-election promise to protect water and farmers and it was using ‘diversionary tactics ’ to try to save face. ... [Lock The Gate - 10/11/15]




What domestic violence, homicide and child abuse epidemic?



Last night Queensland parliament passed laws extending the preventive detention of "terror suspects"



Image: @QPSmedia  [3/12/14]





Counter-Terrorism and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015





ABC does PR for dangerous, resource wasting, class and race based police pursuit on M1 [ABC - 12/11/15]






Murdered Gold Coast mum Tara Brown begged for her life in chilling 000 call [Yahoo - 12/11/15]






A Queensland police officer accused of tipping off a drug dealer that he was being spied on by a police informant is expected to face court.

It's also alleged the 37-year-old constable from the southeast region told the dealer the name of the informant and also failed to investigate information he was given.

The officer is due to face Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday on five charges. [Yahoo - 12/11/15]






The murder case against a New Zealand man accused of murdering father-of-two Greg Dufty has been adjourned until the new year.

Aaron Crawford, 27, didn't face Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday when his case was adjourned until January 28. ... [Yahoo - 11/11/15]





Child Abuse Royal Commission: Brisbane Grammar School ex-students demand school acts on sex abuse claims [ABC - 11/11/15]





A 13-year-old boy has been stabbed in the chest during a schoolyard brawl on the Gold Coast.

It’s understood the teenager suffered a 2cm wound to his chest, dangerously close to his heart, during the confrontation at Coombabah State High School on Tuesday morning.


A 13-year-old girl who allegedly brought the knife to school will be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act. [MYGC - 12/11/15]






Serious Traffic Crash, Rockhampton [QPS Media - 11/11/15]:


Police are investigating a two vehicle traffic crash that occurred in Rockhampton this morning.

Around 10.50am, a motorcycle and a utility have collided on Boundary Road, Rockhampton.

The 22-year-old male motorcycle rider was transported to Rockhampton Base Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Forensic Crash Unit and scientific officers are investigating the incident. Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.






Powerful explosion rips through Sydney shop [Nine MSN - 12/11/15]





Teys abattoir shuts early due to lack of supply [ABC - 12/11/15]






The NDIS is a neoliberal scam.




Australians need universal health care and properly funded services, not to be abandoned to the free market.






Disabled students at a country high school are being forced to use a cramped, run-down transportable classroom next to a rubbish disposal area — even though the facilities were deemed “inadequate” by the Education Department more than a year ago. ... [West Australian - 12/11/15]





Boy with autism died after being bound to chair and showered in cold water: court [Sydney Morning Herald – 11/11/15]






Cancer patient left $20k out of pocket despite private health insurance, as Australians dump cover amid rising fees [ABC - 11/11/15]







Brisbane Times helps racist Australian politicians with their "handpicked, non-Muslim refugees who don't come by boat" PR stunt [11/11/15]





Torture, rape and humiliation of women. It's bipartisan, and the Australian media support it ---->  ... They were allocated housing by Nauru and Australian governments.

Then Connect – a consortium of the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) in Queensland and Adult Multicultural Education Services (Ames) in Victoria – was contracted to provide caseworkers to oversee any difficulties. The young single women were placed in isolated housing without security.

Late at night drunken locals knock down their doors with flimsy locks and invade their rooms. The women barricade themselves in the bathrooms and ring Connect for help:

“I miscall her – I had no credit. She rang and said that she will ring me tomorrow. It was 3am. No help.” ... [Guardian - 10/10/15]  






12 November 2015