No habeas corpus, no Stephen Keim and no Hedley Thomas for five men with beards who tried to flee Australia by boat [Nine MSN - 12/5/16]:


... The Australian Federal Police this afternoon confirmed a magistrate had granted authorities the extended period of detention under “specified times” provisions.

“These detention provisions recognise that terrorism investigations can be complex and that there may be legitimate reasons for extended periods of detention for suspects in such matters,” the AFP said in a statement.

“The use of ‘specified time’ provisions during investigations like this is vital to gathering, assessing and compiling relevant evidence.

“It should be noted that the presumption of innocence still applies to these men, and no criminal charges have been laid.”

The provisions state the extended period of detention must not exceed seven days.

After the arrests, police confirmed the men are considered to be extremists, and their passports had already been cancelled. ...




... Andrew Stewart, who works at the Palmer River Roadhouse, south of Cooktown, said the men arrived about 9:30am on Tuesday morning.

"They pulled up and filled up the car, went to the toilet, ordered a drink and left," he said.

"Not your typical traveller you get around here." Mr Stewart said the men wore casual clothes and there was nothing unusual in their manner.

But he said the boat appeared to be different from a lot he had seen.

"It didn't look like it had been used much and it didn't look like they had a lot of equipment with them to go fishing," Mr Stewart said.

"I think the boat was pretty clean. It did look a little bit unusual, we just made a little joke at the time about them and thought no more of them."  [ABC - 12/5/16]




Men with beards still in prison following a September 2014 Murdoch beatup about a bookstore - and subsequent AFP raid. ---->  Logan man Agim Kruezi has had eight more terror related charges laid against after being accused of gathering weapons in preparation for a terrorist attack. ... [Channel 10 - 7/4/16]




A man facing terrorism-related charges in Queensland has had a Supreme Court [third] bail bid knocked back.

Former Islamic bookstore owner Omar Succarieh is accused of fundraising for the Jabhat al-Nusra terror group in Syria and arranging to send an alleged associate to join the fighting.

Justice Jean Dalton denied him bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday after finding Succarieh's access to the prosecution's electronic evidence, such as telephone and surveillance recordings, had improved since he was provided with a laptop in prison.

In denying bail, Justice Dalton noted the 32-year-old had the chance to use his laptop more than he was doing now while behind bars.

"In some ways, his affidavit represents a failure by him to come to grips with the seriousness of the situation," she said.

The court heard a trial is possible towards the end of 2016. [Brisbane Times - 15/2/16]




Brisbane Times [23/1/15]:


Court documents have revealed how an undercover police officer infiltrated a Logan Islamic bookstore community, gaining the trust of three members who were later charged with terrorism offences.

The Australian Federal Police agent known as UCO317656 met Omar Succarieh, Agim Kruezi and Robert Louis Maestracci in June 2014 at the iQraa Islamic Centre, according to material filed in the Brisbane Supreme Court this week.

iQraa, which was run by Mr Succarieh, was raided on September 10 last year by AFP anti-terrorism police.  ...




Nazi "Peoples' Court" trial scene from the 2005 movie, 'Sophie Scholl: The Final Days', a dramatisation of the final days of Sophie Scholl, one of the most famous members of the German World War II anti-Nazi resistance movement, The White Rose.






Eleven children under the age of six, including four babies, are among 149 people who have died this year following their detention in horrendous conditions in the notorious Giwa barracks detention centre in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Amnesty International reveals today.

Evidence gathered through interviews with former detainees and eyewitnesses, supported by video and photos, shows many detainees may have died from disease, hunger, dehydration, and gunshots wounds.

The briefing, “If you see it, you will cry”: Life and death in Giwa barracks, also contains satellite imagery which corroborates witness testimonies.


Amnesty International believes that around 1,200 people are currently detained at Giwa barracks in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

Many were arbitrarily rounded up during mass arrests, often with no evidence against them.

Once inside the barracks, they are incarcerated without access to the outside world or trial. At least 120 of those detained are children. ... [Amnesty International - 11/5/16]





Day 54, refugee protests on Nauru


via @InsurrectNews [12/5/16]



Image:  @Mums4Refugees [12/5/16]






@Mums4Refugees [12/5/16]:  Memorial for Rakib on Nauru ...



@Mums4Refugees  [12/5/16]: ... For Rakib ...




"STOP violence against women and children.  We are mothers, we are not criminals."  ‏@Mums4Refugees [11/5/16] 




UPDATE ON OCCUPATION No arrests! Everyone safe.

The occupation has ended. ... Solidarity to Manus and Nauru.

Hopefully this is the begining of a movement for civil disobedience to ‪#‎BringThemHere‬! [FFFAD -12/5/16]





‏@lsummersyellow [12/5/16]:   Still locked on #bringthemhere #occupyborderforce




@AntheaBlunden [12/5/16]:  In solidarity w the protests on #Nauru we occupied the Dept of Immigration 2 #BringThemHere ...






@FFFADmelbourne [12/5/16]:  We stay strong to #CloseTheCamps and #BringThemHere








‏@KieranBennett [12/5/16]:  Activists have exited immigration dept... into an intersection ...



@AntheaBlunden [12/5/16]:   People occupying Dept Immigration stand with protesters on #Nauru ... 




"FUCK OFF WE'RE NOT FULL" ‏@FFFADmelbourne [12/5/16]  




@AntheaBlunden [12/5/16]:   A protestor D-locked to the department of immigration entrance #BringThemHere ...



@KieranBennett [12/5/16]:  Police have erected screens to hide protesters inside #immigration dept ...  Similarly ---> Group calling for improved treatment of asylum seekers refuse police instructions to vacate the building on Lonsdale Street ... [Guardian "completely missing the point" Australia - 12/5/16]




@KieranBennett [12/5/16]:  Occupation inside and outside Immigration Dept offices in #Melbourne #freetherefugees



@approachingcrit [12/5/16]:  March for Civil Disobedience & #Refugees! occupying the Dep Imm #Narrm #Melbourne #BringThemHere ...




@arielestrins [12/5/16]:  Divest from mandatory detention and #closethecamps, immigration Dept Melbourne occupied!!! ...




Image:  ‏@approachingcrit [12/5/16]:


@CounterActOz [12/5/16]:  March heading down Swanston left Lonsdale #bringthemhere #freetherefugees



@FFFADmelbourne [12/5/16]:  We are standing for those being tortured by our govt in detention #CloseTheCamps #refugeeswelcome 



@FFFADmelbourne [12/5/16]:  Detention kills #CloseTheCamps <---- Evidently The Age didn't see this sign [12/5/16]:   Hundreds of refugee supporters have shut down part of Melbourne's CBD to protest against the Turnbull government's offshore detention program. ...




1. Concentration camps pre-date Nazi Germany.



2.  Australia's detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru are concentration camps.



3. No-one is fooled by the Janus faced ALP election strategy.



The Age [12/5/16]:


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has called for a Labor candidate to apologise after comparing the government's offshore processing centres for asylum seekers to concentration camps and tantamount to torture.

Ms Bishop condemned Labor's candidate for the western Sydney seat of Macarthur, Dr Michael Freelander, after he described the government's Manus Island processing centre as a "concentration camp". 

"For a candidate to try and draw a parallel between any action of an Australian government and the Holocaust and Nazi Germany is, quite frankly, shocking," Ms Bishop said.

"He should apologise."


Dr Freelander, a paediatrician, is vying to unseat sitting MP Russell Matheson in a seat where the Liberal party's margin has been eroded to little more than three per cent following a redistribution.

He told News Limited that while he formally supported Labor's policy, he personally believed the processing centres should be closed down and refugees should be processed on Australian soil.  

"I would hate to think we would be torturing children in a place like Manus Island in a concentration camp," he said. ... <--- By supporting the party, you support the policy. 




Australia's refugee detention centres are concentration camps and must be closed, Stephen Charles, QC, former judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal [The Age - 4/5/16]




Brisbane Times [18/2/16]:


"Public numbing and indifference" towards state abuses in Nazi Germany resembles that enabling Australia's immigration detention centres, a prominent psychiatrist says, also likening public complicity in the detention regime to the White Australia policy.

On Thursday Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, in Washington to discuss border protection at a Five Country ministerial meeting, repeated the Turnbull government's insistence that asylum seekers and refugees in Australia for medical care, and their families, would be returned to Nauru once their treatment has finished.

"The government has been consistent all along in relation to our strong stance to make sure we keep our borders secure," he said.

In a paper published in the Australasian Psychiatry journal this month, Dr Michael Dudley, a psychiatrist at Sydney Children's Hospital and a senior University of NSW lecturer, wrote that prolonged immigration detention shows "reckless indifference and calculated cruelty".

Such policies misuse health and welfare professionals to "underwrite state abuses and promote public numbing and indifference resembling other state abuses," he said, citing the so-called "war on terror" and, with qualification, Nazi Germany.

Dr Dudley said various modern states have purported to protect citizens by identifying security threats, targeting "undesirables" and eliminating public scrutiny.

"Australians may be psychically numbed about boat interceptions and gulags, but cannot claim ignorance," he wrote. ...




ALP helps Coalition lock in offshore detention [ABC - 24/6/15]





Labor will be supporting this legislation because it is our policy.:  "Opposition" Leader, Bill Shorten speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]




ABC [12/5/16]:


... BILL SHORTEN: I understand the frustration with this Government, but I also know that every Labor Party candidate knows that we are determined to stop the drownings at sea and in that regard Australians should be pleased to know that both political parties have a very resolute commitment to defeat the criminal syndicates in South East Asia

NAOMI WOODLEY: In Rockhampton, Labor's candidate Leisa Neaton is trying to take the seat of Capricornia from the Coalition's Michelle Landry. She was asked if she supports turning boats around.

LEISA NEATON: I've never said that I don't. I attended the national conference, I watched the debate there. I can assure you it was a very emotional debate and the Labor Party I'm proud to say has its debates out in the open with nothing to hide. We heard everybody's voice and at the end of that time, we adopted a policy position and that's the position that Bill Shorten has articulated this morning and that is also my position. ... <--- You stand for nothing.





Partisan pot shots at George Christensen while people are dying is not good enough Senator Hanson-Young and Queensland "Greens".  

Where is your clear demand to close the concentration camps, resume meeting our obligations under the UN Refugee Convention, and a call for a Royal Commission into Operation Sovereign Borders?

I refuse to endorse a two party tyranny.  I will #VOTEINFORMAL



… Dance to the tune of a civilized hate

Just a few more Reds to exterminate

Business, labor and Congress agree

Just like they used to in Germany …

'Hitler Ain't Dead', Bill Frederick [1967]



Graffiti on the side of the Trades Hall building in Melbourne ...



Image:  @JarniBlakkarly [12/5/16]





... We have some asylum seekers, but that’s pretty much stopped.

We have stopped the boats with our policies, which are regarded as cruel by many people.

But I have to say again, our policy on border protection is harsh, but it has been absolutely demonstrated that it is better than any other alternative. ...



Israel and Australia: A conversation with Turnbull [Jewish Journal - 25/8/15]




Australian Financial Review [12/5/16] :


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is named in the Panama Papers as a former director of a British Virgin Islands company set up and administered by law firm Mossack Fonseca to exploit a Siberian gold prospect.

Mr Turnbull and former NSW Premier Neville Wran on October 29 1993 joined the board of Star Mining NL, the Australian listed company which hoped to develop a $20 billion Siberian gold mine called Sukhoi Log.  ...





Australia's political prisoners still detained illegally on Manus Island [ABC - 12/5/16]:



... Refugee Behrouz Boochani said the changes had not allowed true freedom of movement.

"They are still controlling us," he said.

"Even when we want to go from Oscar to Delta [internal compounds] we should give our ID cards to the officers.

"It means we are not free to walk."

Mr Boochani said the refugees and asylum seekers were still being separated inside the centre and refugees could not visit the compounds where men who were unsuccessful in their refugee applications were housed.

The men are only allowed to leave Manus Island if they sign an agreement to be resettled in PNG, and the ABC understands only eight men have done that.  ...




... KIM LANDERS: So last months the PNG Supreme Court ruled that the centre was unconstitutional.

Is this change to security, allowing the men to move out of the centre, is that a short term solution or does the PNG government still want the detention centre to be shut down completely?

ERIC TLOZEK: As we understand it, that's still the position of the PNG government. The Australian Government obviously has been quite strongly urging against the centre's closure and maintaining its line that PNG is responsible for these 900 men on Manus Island but, you know, I understand that the PNG government's position is that the centre needs to close.

It's been described as a problem and that the men are Australia's responsibility and in fact there's, you know, a number of court actions underway at the moment that would transfer responsibility for the men back to Australia. ... [ABC - 12/5/16]




The UNHCR visited Manus Island in April - just before the PNG Supreme Court decision.  What has been their role in pressuring refugees to succumb to exile or return home - as they did on Nauru?



Australia's vicious, anti-refugee border regime is NOT in disarray - it's working precisely as intended.


Now it's finally being exposed.



Image: ‏@cathywilcox1 [30/4/16]




... Just stop for a moment. Can you imagine the decision to set yourself on fire? How do you make that decision? If you stop and consider it - to put yourself in that individual's position - the act is almost unimaginable.

It can only be seen as a call from those individuals to see their despair. In front of us is a pure injustice endured by those fleeing persecution who are then subjected to this further affront to human dignity.

This is implemented through the deliberate policy choices of the Australian government and the level of desperation speaks directly to its moral failure. ... Michael Timmins [New Zealand Herald - 11/5/16]




... "They took us by force to here and they want to settle us here by force. This is a kind of modern slavery and there is not any reason that we go to East Lorengau and they take us from there and this is a risk.  We want to stay here and wait for the court order and we don't want to live in PNG, in Manus, because this country is unsafe." ...


Behrouz Bouchani  [AUDIO - RNZI - 12/5/16]




Update from Behrouz Boochani - journalist illegally imprisoned by the Australian government on Nauru [5/5/16]:


Some main information about our court cases:

We will have a court meeting in PNG court on 13 May.

It is a hearing with a single judge who will consider the motions from our lawyers regarding joining the Australian government and explicit orders for release , and return to Australia.

The judge will then convene the full bench for a full hearing, hopefully the start of the week of the 16th.

Also we will have a court on Australian high court.the court will sit with one judge to give directions about the hearing of the case on 23 May.

The main purpose of this court is to prevent our transfer from Manus to Nauru




More on Manus Island political prisoners' High Court challenge [The Conversation - 5/5/16]




Did the UNHCR give this the tick of approval before the PNG Supreme Court decision?   ---->  Australia tortures refugees for three years then says they are to be deported [ABC - 25/4/16]:


... This means Boochani remains detained with asylum seekers who have had their refugee claims refused and have been told they have no option but to return to their countries of origin.




... Representatives from the UNHCR visited the Manus Island detention centre last week and met the men detained there.


The UNHCR in Australia has been approached for comment. ... [Guardian - 18/4/16] 




UNHCR "welcomes" Australia's lies about releasing refugees on Nauru [5/10/15]




 Join our action today ...  #closethecamps #BringThemHere #Melbourne



Image:  ‏@FFFADmelbourne [12/5/16]





‏@AboutTheHouse [12/5/16]:   The End Of Representative Politics? - free lecture tomorrow at APH ...





Center for Constitutional Rights mourns the passing of Michael Ratner [11/5/16]




More than 90 people have been killed and many more have been injured in three separate car bomb explosions in Iraq.

The first targeted a crowded market during rush hour in a predominately Shi'ite Muslim area of eastern Baghdad, killing more than 60.

The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The second exploded at the entrance to Baghdad's Kadhimiya district, killing at least 15. A third in western Baghdad has killed at least seven. [ITV - 11/5/16]




Hibakusha want Obama to send nuclear message after Hiroshima, but he's only there to deliver an up yours and to sabre rattle [The Asahi Shimbun - 11/5/16]:



... “The question will be what he says after his visit,” said Kunihiko Sakuma, the 71-year-old leader of the Hiroshima prefectural federation of A-bomb sufferers organizations.

“I hope he will present a specific plan for eliminating nuclear weapons.”

Hiroshima resident Haruko Moritaki, 77, who has long been involved in the anti-nuclear movement, agreed with that sentiment.

“It is wrong to simply welcome him unconditionally,” she said.

“I hope he will clearly state that dropping the atomic bomb was a mistake. That will serve as a start to creating a nuclear-free world.” ...





US quietly upgrades nuclear arsenal [Democracy Now - 11/5/16]:


... KEVIN MARTIN [Peace Action]: First of all, as you just mentioned, this 30-year, $1 trillion cockamamie plan—a colleague of ours called it a "trillion-dollar train wreck"—to totally upgrade all of our nuclear weapons complex, from the research laboratories to new warheads to new missiles, bombers, submarines, I can’t think of a worse misappropriation of our tax dollars. And predictably, every other nuclear-weapon state has followed suit, saying that they are going to upgrade their nuclear weapons, as well. It totally shreds any credibility that the United States has on nonproliferation. So that would be the first thing, is cancel that.


AMY GOODMAN: And the significance of it being Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who will take him around, the prime minister of Japan? When we were in Japan, I interviewed the prime minister at the time of the Fukushima meltdown, Naoto Kan, who was a big supporter of nuclear power before the meltdown, now is one of the leading proponents in the world against nuclear power and weapons. What about Shinzo Abe’s relationship with Obama and his role in renuclearizing Japan?

KEVIN MARTIN: Abe is terrible. He’s a nightmare for the people of Japan and the people of the region. He’s a militarist. He’s in league with the United States in terms of the so-called Asia-Pacific pivot to try to encircle and isolate China and Russia. And one of the worst things he’s doing is shredding Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, the so-called pacifist part of the Constitution. So, he has to, I think, pay lip service to the goal of nuclear weapons abolition. I think most Japanese national politicians have to do that. But he’s no ally at all, as far as I’m concerned or the Japanese peace groups or Japanese survivors are concerned. ...




Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger criticized the tone of today's political discourse, as well as those who confuse "extrication" from wars as strategy, at a Pentagon ceremony honoring him on Monday.

"We've engaged in a number of wars that we entered with great public support, and which after [awhile] turned into a domestic issue and in which the argument was made that the purpose of a war is extrication," he said.

"Extrication is not a strategy, it's an abdication. The purpose of strategy is to achieve your objective, and that was never questioned in this building."

The former secretary of State and national security adviser recalled anti-war protestors making it hard to enter the Pentagon, adding that the U.S. was returning to another difficult political period.

"Now we are again in an extremely difficult period," he said. ... [The Hill - 9/5/16]





They need our help - will we let West Papuans lose everything? Padre James Bhagwan [Fiji Times - 11/5/16]:


Last week I ended my column drawing a correlation between the writing of JW Burton, Totaram Sandhya and CF Andrews on the indenture system and the recent report of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane on the injustice and human rights abuse in West Papua.

Titled, "We Will Lose Everything: A Report On A Human Rights Fact Finding Mission To West Papua", this document seeks to present the voice of the people of West Papua as accurately as possible.

The delegation's program, while in West Papua, was determined by Papuans who worked closely with them throughout the two-week visit.

Beginning with the dealings by international powers which enabled the Indonesian Government to occupy West Papua in the 1960s without the free consent of the people, the report highlights the violence and marginalisation endured by the Papuan people.


The Australian Government should urgently consider the mounting evidence of involvement in human rights violations in West Papua by members of the Indonesian military, police force, including Detachment 88, and intelligence service.

Based on this investigation, it should review any support, training and funding of any units involved in human rights violations in West Papua with a view to suspending such support until policy changes to end violations are implemented by the Indonesian Government. ...




Soldiers bashed their heads against prison cell walls, threw themselves on the ground and held imaginary conversations after allegedly taking drugs, a military policeman has told a Court Martial.

Lance Corporal Joshua Mapson and Private Bishop Barclay are facing a Court Martial at Linton Military Camp, charged with doing an act likely to prejudice service discipline, namely taking a psychoactive substance on the night of 24 October.

They were part of a larger group of soldiers who took the drug commonly known as "N-Bomb" and also ended up in police custody, where some hit their heads into the walls until they bled. ... [RNZI - 11//5/16]




Myanmar offshore exploration continues despite low oil prices [Myanmar Times - 26/4/16]:


... Australia’s Woodside Energy has been conducting 2D seismic surveys in blocks AD-5 and AD-7 in Rakhine basin since the end of March.

The company also led a 3D seismic campaign in the same blocks in November 2015 according a notice in state media. It announced two gas discoveries in blocks A-6 and AD-7 in January and February of this year.

Extensive 2D and 3D seismic surveys in blocks A-4, A-7, AD-2 and AD-5 started in late 2015 and will continue into the second quarter of 2016, according to the company’s first-quarter report published on April 20. ...




The government has resumed a controversial citizenship verification process in Rakhine State, an immigration official has revealed, amid pressure from Rakhine politicians to implement the 1982 Citizenship Act in the restive state. ... [Frontier Myanmar - 11/5/16]




‏@pierre_peron - Public Information Officer in Myanmar for @UNOCHA [11/5/16]:  #Rakhine #Myanmar:Severe acute #malnutrition rates in children in Buthidaung+Maungdaw are above emergency thresholds ... 




... In the final part of our three-part series, VICE News correspondent Danny Gold reveals leaked internal UN documents that suggest an effort to keep concerns about the Rohingya quiet, and speaks to a former UN human rights officer about the organization's passive response to the situation in Myanmar. ... [VICE News - 11/5/16]




UN says Myanmar's discrimination against Rohingya Muslims could lead to genocide [Daily Sabah - 10/5/16]




Aung Ko, Burma’s new religious affairs minister, has twice in less than a week stirred controversy, with the latest involving his visit to nationalist Buddhist monks from the Association for the Protection of Race and Religion on Monday in Rangoon, including the firebrand U Wirathu.

Ashin Nya Neinda, a spokesperson from the organization better known by its acronym Ma Ba Tha, told The Irrawaddy that Aung Ko met eight senior monks from the Buddhist nationalist group on Monday before later meeting Wirathu. The spokesman did not provide details on what was discussed at the meetings. ... [The Irrawaddy - 5/4/16]




Canberra gives Royal Embassy of Cambodia a taste of Australia's border regime [Phnom Penh Post - 11/5/16]




‘She lives in fear,’ Not in El Salvador, but in Texas detention [The Texas Observer - 10/5/16]




During separate conference calls to talk about earnings reports, two of the country’s largest for-profit private prisons indicated that they saw their profits soar from holding immigrant mothers and children in detention centers across the country.

Revenues increased during the first quarter of 2016 for both the Corrections Corp. of America and GEO Group, executives told shareholders on conference calls. ... [Think Progress - 10/5/16]




Tortured, killed and driven to suicide: Whistleblower exposes abuse of mentally ill in Florida prison [Democracy Now - 11/5/16]:


... AMY GOODMAN: I want to ask you about another case, George Mallinckrodt, about Latandra Ellington, a prisoner who was found dead at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida, in 2014. She died just days after telling her family, fellow prisoners and officers at the women’s state prison that a guard had threatened to kill her.

Ellington’s aunt, Algarene Jennings, spoke to the Miami Herald.

ALGARENE JENNINGS: September 21st, she wrote a letter to me, and she was telling me about he took her into some room and told her she talked too much, and he will muzzle her like a dog and kill her, and he ought to take his radio and bust her in her head with it. Latandra feared for her life. They told her what "Sergeant Q" would do to you. She was afraid of him. She told me she couldn’t fight these people; and in the same line, she put in parentheses "the guards." "Please call, Auntie." And I did. I talked to Major Patterson on September the 30th. October the 1st, she was dead. Less than 18 hours after I talked to him, she was dead. ...




12 May 2016