222nd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit centre


# Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [12/3/18]



Hopefully this film counters the relentless pro "deterrence" propaganda produced by you and your colleagues, particularly your lies about the February 2014 Manus "riot" Virginia Trioli



How the ABC sets up counter narratives when government goons attack refugees as part of "deterrence" policy ---> Michael Rowland, Virginia Trioli and Liam Cochrane establish Manus refugee concentration camp  "riot" lie with dodgy, looped footage and victim blaming [February 2014]



This was a brutal attack, not a “riot” - Refugee Action Collective Victoria – Manus Island Fact Sheet [2/3/14]



Submission 67 Nauru Senate Inquiry [2015]  ... We were expected to "manufacture" Individual Management Plans as this was what the Department of Immigration wanted.

... After the murder of Reza Barati,  we were told to lie to our clients and tell them it was a "riot" to deter them from protesting. ...



Human Flow directed by Ai Weiwei in Australian cinemas on 15 March



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN :  55th day of our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan Detention center for freedom. We need urgent help .please save me....  #UNHCR #IOM Monday 12-32018



@MahdiAlizada18 [12/3/18]: Today's report on the situation of Refugees Balikpapan detention center 55th day of our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan #UNHCR #IOM 



@Aussie4Refugees [12/3/18]:  By continuing to protect their Labor "friends", the Greens are doing nothing but providing cover for Australia's ruthless, bipartisan deportation policy. 



@MarilynShephe15 [10/3/18]: ... This is for all those who think that separating families is something new.



@MarilynShephe15 [10/3/18]: ... For those who believe the lies told by the ALP about refugee prison, this is them , this is what those fuckers did.   



Myanmar: Military land grab as security forces build bases on torched Rohingya villages [Amnesty - 12/3/18]:


... The village of Ah Htet Nan Yar was burned to the ground during the early days of the post-25 August violence in 2017.

By January 2018, a new road has been built directly on land where Rohingya homes had stood. Amnesty International’s analysis of satellite imagery has confirmed that at least three new security bases are being built in northern Rakhine State – two in Maungdaw Township and one in Buthidaung Township.

Construction appears to have started in January.

The largest of the new bases is in the village of Ah Lel Chaung in Buthidaung Township, where eyewitnesses said that the military forcibly evicted Rohingya people from certain areas to make way for construction.

Many of the villagers saw no option but to flee into Bangladesh.

“People are in a panic. No one wants to stay because they are afraid of more violence against them,” said a 31-year-old man who fled to Bangladesh in January when the military erected a new fence and security post close to his village.

In the once mixed ethnicity village of Inn Din – where Amnesty International has documented how security forces and their proxies killed Rohingya villagers and torched their homes in late August and early September 2017 – satellite imagery shows what appears to be a new security force base being built where the Rohingya part of the village used to be.

Satellite imagery also shows how new refugee reception centres – meant to “welcome” Rohingya who return from Bangladesh – are surrounded by security fences and close to areas with a heavy presence of military and border guard personnel.

A massive new transit centre to temporarily house returning Rohingya is built on top of a burned Rohingya village in Maungdaw Township, and also shows signs of heightened security. ...



@nslwin :  #Buthidaung authorities are building the houses for #Rakhine on #Rohingya's land in #MaungNama hamlet, #NantYarGone VT. Rohingya houses were destroyed earlier. This photo taken today (March 11). ...  



A three day hearing in the Federal Court begins today, with Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners seeking a ruling invalidating Adani’s highly contested Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) and the registration of the ILUA without their consent.

This case and its outcome is critical, as this is one of the final approvals Adani needs, with native title extinguishment being essential to its ability to build the mine, in addition to raising finance for the project.

The basis of the court action is outlined below.


“This is no easy fight. Adani is a powerful, unscrupulous, multibillion dollar company which has trampled traditional communities and destroyed environments in its own country. They are pushing hard to extinguish our native title and to mask our profound opposition to their mine with the veneer of consent. ... [Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council - 12/3/18]



Stolen Generations child still stranded in America [Welcome to Country - 9/3/18]



Brisbane City Council blamed for homeless man's CBD laneway death [Brisbane Times - 12/3/18]



Israeli forces kill deaf Palestinian man during clashes in Hebron [Maan - 10/3/18]



Second Palestinian killed in as many days after clashes near Nablus [PNN - 11/3/18]



... The last group to be released yesterday, was after the last bus line that drives from and to Holot had already passed.

The meaning off this is that Israel was perfectly fine with having those people sleeping on the side of the road, outside of Holot detention center, in the cold night of the desert. ... Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity [12/3/18]



Testimony from Holot prison [Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity - 12/3/18]:


... I would like to say please do not play by the innocent refugees in your own politics issues such as right wings and left wings.

We request basically human rights.we kindly demand to check our problems and to grant us temporary shelter until our country become safe.

Then you can deport us to our country. ...



The government announced on Sunday that it had finalized the details of the sale of one of Israel’s major defense contractors, the state-owned IMI Systems, to Elbit Systems, a major Israeli defense electronics company. ... [Times of Israel - 11/3/18]



An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.

The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history. ... [WSWS - 7/3/18]



@GraffitiExpert [12/3/18]:  Murdoch hacked the phone of a murdered child, and he - along with the rest of the political, media and security establishment - don't want you to be able to protect yours. ... 



@NeilClark66 [11/3/18]:  This is a hugely disappointing cave in to the neocon attack dogs of the Murdoch media (and their groupies) & certainly doesn’t augur well for the future : John McDonnell urges Labour MPs to stop appearing on Russia Today 



Vladimir Putin answered questions from NBC anchor Megyn Kelly. The interview was recorded in the Kremlin on March 1, 2018, and in Kaliningrad on March 2, 2018. ... [President of Russia]



Where is the EVIDENCE Australia has received an exemption from Trump's tariffs?  Why aren't Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina bound by "security agreement" provisions in their exemptions? [Canberra Times - 12/3/18]



At least 44 "pro-Islamic State" militants killed in clash with Philippine troops [Reuters - 11/3/18]



Colleagues denounce inclusion of Philippines journalist on "terror list" [BULATLAT - 11/3/18]



@EmpireFiles [9/3/18]: We detail the story behind this [Moro] massacre—and how the US Empire never left—in our documentary on the Philippines ...



Why doesn't the UNHCR ever say this about refugees in South East Asia? ---> ... Bertrand Blanc, a Senior Emergency Officer at the UN Refugee Agency, said, “UNHCR is at the position that the Venezuelans entering Brazil are in need of international protection. They are refugees, and Brazil needs the support of the international community to protect all Venezuelans crossing the border.”  ... [CGTN - 10/3/18]



It’s time to abolish ICE:  A mass-deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights. [The Nation - 9/3/18]



The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is pursuing a massive increase in resources for immigrant detention centers, a fundamentally flawed network of largely privatized and remote facilities used to hold immigrants.

Yet this already unwieldy system has a concerning history of abuses and substandard conditions, which would likely only worsen with the proposed expansion.

The country has been reminded of these fatal flaws multiple times in the last few months, as more people die while in the supposed care of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ... [American Immigration Council - 9/3/18]



... American law is uncompromising: Deportation applies to legal permanent residents who commit an aggravated felony in the United States.

Such crimes include failing to appear in court or filing a false tax return, as well as more serious offenses.

Deportees are barred from returning to the United States. Mr. Hin had served five years and was holding down a job in California when Immigration and Customs Enforcement came for him.

For 18 months, he shuffled through various detention centers across the United States.

Three years ago, he was deported to Cambodia. It was his first time in the country.

He did not speak Khmer, the local language.

That’s how Mr. Hin ended up on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, in the house of a family friend he couldn’t understand, eating fish three meals a day. ... [New York Times - 11/3/18]



They survived the Khmer Rouge. Now some Cambodians face deportation [Crosscut. - 1/3/18]



A federal judge late on Thursday said President Donald Trump’s administration cannot immediately deport 92 Cambodian citizens from the United States without first allowing them a chance to challenge the action in court. ... [Reuters - 27/1/18]



Australia grants asylum to wife of murdered Cambodian dissident and her 5 sons [after 2 years], as Gareth "R2P" Evans and other assorted Labor Party fascists police the country's human rights on behalf of US neocons [Phnom Penh Post - 12/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [12/3/18]:  Vital conduit for expansion of US anti-refugee policy and imperialist "R2P" doctrine - Gareth Evans - continues rewriting history



Phnom Penh Post [21/2/18]:


The wife of slain political analyst Kem Ley, Bou Rachana, yesterday said she was grateful to begin a new life with her five sons on Australian shores, where she vowed to continue to seek justice for her husband.

The family arrived safely in Melbourne, Australia, in the early hours of Saturday morning, more than 18 months after the broad-daylight murder of Ley, widely believed to have been a politically motivated killing.

“I am so excited and thankful for our Cambodian-Australian [community] for helping us to reach this safe and democratic country,” Rachana said in a live Radio Free Asia broadcast from Australia late last night.

Rachana and her children fled to Thailand and sought asylum after Ley was shot on July 10, 2016. She was pregnant at the time with Ley’s fifth son.

Victorian [Labor] MP Hong Lim, who worked to bring the Leys to Australia, said that it would be “an understatement” to say he felt “happy and relieved” the family had finally arrived.


The Australian government declined to comment on individual visa cases yesterday, but in a statement late last week, it stressed that “the MOU on refugee settlement is not a driver of Australia’s approach to Cambodia’s human rights and democracy”. ... <--- i.e. the MOU - along with the US "deal" have nothing to do with genuine refugee resettlement, and simply form part of Australia's warped and bipartisan "deterrence" policy.



@Aussie4Refugees [12/2/18]:  The Rohingya refugee - who has family in Australia - was told if he did not agree to being trafficked to the US, he could expect to be on #Nauru for 20 years or be trafficked to Cambodia. 



@Aussie4Refugees [12/3/18]:  Other Australian "advocates" - and the UNHCR - would prefer to traffick refugees to Malaysia 



 Australia's border barbarity will never end until we also hold Labor Party politicians to account. 



Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela, Queensland [Petition]




 Bill Shorten is congratulated by Shayne Neumann after he was announced as the ALP leader at Parliament House in 2013.  [Sydney Morning Herald - 4/4/17]



Where are the Greens, and where is the Meatworkers Union [AMIEU]? ---> Shock after Border Force removes refugee family from community [Tamil Refugee Council - 10/3/18]



Sri Lankan refugee family detained as they attempted to enter Iran via Azerbaijan [Daily Mirror - 11/3/18]



In Sri Lanka, UN Feltman ends trip, restrictions on social media [Inner City Press - 11/3/18]:


... On July 18 Inner City Press asked UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: the Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson recent… has visited… concluded a visit to Sri Lanka, and he issued a report where he said that torture is wide-spread today, not in the past, but today, and that the reforms that were called for by the Human Rights Council have not… that… that progress on them have… has “ground to a halt”. 

So, I wanted to know two things.  One is, with Mr. [Jeffrey] Feltman going there, is he going to raise this issue of ongoing torture?  And, number two, the UN is still continuing, I've seen pictures, to recruit Sri Lankan troops to serve in [the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission] in Mali (MINUSMA). 

Given this new finding by the UN that the security forces in Sri Lanka are engaged in torture, what particular safeguards are in place to make sure that those involved in the abuse aren't, in fact, just shipped to Mali to continue it? ...



The Sri Lankan government continued to block access to Facebook, Whats App and Viber despite the lifting of the curfew in villages affected by the anti Muslim violence. 

Social media websites were blocked by the government on March 7 following attacks against Muslims carried out by Sinhala Buddhist mobs. 

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) said the decision to continue the suspension was made at the request of the Ministry of Defence.  [Tamil Guardian - 11/3/18]



‘Sri Lanka’s Disappeared’, a documentary filmed and produced by British Tamil students to highlight the struggle of Tamil families of the disappeared protesting across the North-East was screened for the first time to a sell-out venue in London last month, with more screenings planned across the UK as well as around the world.

The film by the British Tamil youth-led media platform, ’47 Roots’, centres the voices of the women protesting, who share their hopes and expectations, as well as the challenges they have faced in their search for justice. Further analysis from civil society and journalists in the North-East and the diaspora also features in the documentary. ... [Tamil Guardian - 11/3/18]



@TamilGuardian [10/3/18]: Almost 9 years since #Colombo ended the #Tamil armed movement with massacres at Mullivaikkal, #Sinhala nationalism has been strengthened, left unchecked and has set its sights on the #Muslims



In a move that is unprecedented internationally, the Labor government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday announced an immediate suspension of all refugee applications from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. ... [WSWS - 12/4/10]



South East Asia correspondent Liam Cochrane tells his braindead ABC News audience about dolphins in the Irrawaddy



STOP KILLING FAMILIES:   Rohingya refugees - now political prisoners of Australia - protest at Manus Island concentration camp [November 2016]



39 foreign aid workers detained without papers outside Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh [Dhaka Tribune - 12/3/18]



Myanmar monk Wirathu returns to preaching after ban, denies fueling Rakhine genocide [News 18 - 10/3/18]



@shafiur [9/3/18]:  ... Burmese border security force. Rakhine youth and army throw various objects at the Rohingya encamped in No Man's Land during the night and behave threateningly.  



As region continues refusing to condemn Myanmar genocide and offer protection to the Rohingya, UN and Bangladesh seek enough funds to keep refugees immiserated and trapped until December [The Daily Star - 10/3/18]



12 March 2018