... We won't give up until we get our freedom.



 ... Day 163 peaceful protest. ‏@Shamindan1 [12/1/18]



@sunosi3 [12/1/18]:  163 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. SOS # Manus refugees.



Fairfax's taking down of story about the racist attack on Sudanese man in Labor heartland of Inala is noted. ---> African-Australian man living in the inherited Labor electorate of Inala blames Australia's only racist politician Peter Dutton for racist attack, but doesn't make formal complaint ... @GraffitiExpert [12/1/18]




... The access by MP Pyne to Mr. Khalesirad was typical and not noteworthy, until Premier Palaszczuk, cajoled by ALP "black hands", decided to make it an issue.  

Palaszczuk instructed local braindead ALP leadership to "get some protestors out in the front of Pyne's parliamentary office", and three blockheads were located and dispatched with their instructions that included what to write on their signs. ... Member for Cairns Rob Pyne under attack as bags of cash start being exposed [Hillbilly Watch - 9/9/17]




Israel trip empowers Australian MPs Tony Pasin, Meryl Swanson and Milton Dick [Australian Jewish News - 4/4/17]




'It is better to go to jail': the African migrants being forced from Israel [Guardian - 12/1/18]



Israel is exposing Africans to danger of slavery [Truthdig - 10/1/18]



Asylum seekers in Israel are scared. I am scared for them [+972 - 9/1/18]:


... This anti-refugee sentiment trickles from the top down.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and other officials regularly refer to the African asylum seekers as “infiltrators” whose presence threatens Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

During 2014 there were several anti-refugee demonstrations, led by Israeli politicians, in which the demonstrators physically attacked refugees.

I worked with one Eritrean family whose infant was stabbed in the head by an Israeli man who claimed God had ordered him to stab a black baby.

He was later deemed mentally ill and unfit to be tried. ...



Two Palestinian teens have been killed and three others seriously wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in Gaza and the West Bank on Thursday, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported.

Both fatalities were 16 years of age, the ministry said.

One fatality occured at protests at the Gaza border, the second at clashes near the West Bank city of Nablus. ... [PNN - 11/1/18]



Two Palestinian youths were injured with live ammunition as Israeli forces conducted predawn detention raids in several districts across the occupied West Bank before dawn on Wednesday, detaining 12 Palestinians. ... [Maan - 10/1/18]



Israeli settler killed in shooting attack near Nablus [Maan - 10/1/18]



Ahed Tamimi—Message from a freedom fighter [teleSUR - 10/1/18]



In his groundbreaking new book "Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom," Norman Finkelstein argues that Israel, with U.S. backing, has caused a "humanitarian disaster" in Gaza, and that international human rights groups have failed to uphold justice for its besieged people ... [TRNN - 8/1/18]



Afghanistan: 2 killed, 6 injured in Ghor blast [Pajhwok - 12/1/18]



Nephew of killed Yemeni President calls on Saudi-led coalition to stop war [Reuters - 12/1/18]



Al Jazeera bureau in Yemen forcibly closed [Al Jazeera - 10/1/18]:


Al Jazeera has condemned the forced closure of its bureau in Yemen's southern city of Taiz.

The office was ordered shut by soldiers on Tuesday for reasons that were not made clear, Al Jazeera Media Network said in a statement. ...



Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday it is known which “provocateur” was behind a drone attack which targeted Russian military bases in Syria earlier this month.

Putin added that he spoke to Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey had nothing to do with the attack, which the defence ministry has said took place overnight on Jan. 6. [Reuters - 12/1/18]



Soccer match ends in blast; 17 killed in Iraq [Antiwar.com - 11/1/18]



Syrian Army regains control over towns and villages in Idleb, Aleppo and Hama [SANA - 10/1/18]



Police in Germany halted a shipment of self-propelled howitzers for the U.S. Army after determining they lacked proper documentation and had been loaded on unsuitable trailers.

They said the howitzers were being loaded onto replacement vehicles Thursday two days after a police patrol stopped the trucks carrying them near the town Bautzen, not far from the Polish border. ... [Military.com - 11/1/18]



The five years a mentally ill man spent in maximum-security immigration custody before being deported to his native Jamaica did not amount to cruel and unusual punishment, Ontario's top court ruled Thursday.

In upholding an earlier decision, the Court of Appeal agreed Alvin Brown's lengthy detention was neither arbitrary nor indefinite, and concluded he had no claim to damages in the case. ... [CTV - 11/1/18]



A grandmother who was told she was an illegal immigrant, detained in an immigration removal centre and threatened with deportation despite having lived in Britain for 50 years has finally received official leave to remain in the UK. ... [Guardian - 12/1/18]



A matter of routine: The use of immigration detention in the UK [Amnesty - 14/12/17]



An 83-year-old widowed nurse who worked for the NHS for 30 years before retiring to Jamaica has had multiple requests to visit her family in the UK refused, despite drawing an NHS pension and a full British state pension. ... [Guardian - 11/1/18]



@AHampay [10/1/18]:  Yesterday #Hesam_Shaeri_Hesari started a hunger strike after 2 months in prison. He is also not drinking water for this strike ... #greece #lesvos #refugees #FreeHesamShaeri #opentheislands ...



@AHampay [10/1/18]:  Moria looks like a beautiful hotel when European representatives come. Why? ...



@iwatnew [10/1/18]:  While swiss leftists are upset about Mr Trumps looming visit, their own justice minister silently continues to spend tax money in support of #humanrights violations on #Lesvos #Greece through participation in #Frontex program in the frame of #EUTurkeyDeal. ...



Italian coastguard rescues 264 migrants off Calabrian coast [The Local - 12/1/18]



Survivors, "coastguard" say dozens of migrants missing off Libya [Reuters - 10/1/18]:


... A Nigerian woman who had been on board the boat that sank, Zainab Abdesalam, told Reuters the migrants had waited several hours to be rescued and that the survivors were extremely weak.

“I feel so disappointed because I could not make it to where I want to go,” she said, sobbing.

“I feel so disappointed and I don’t want to go to prison.” ...



@lesboslegal [9/1/18]:  If you talk about #immigrants, #refugees, the undocumented, you'd better be talking about #imperialism, #colonialism, and #military occupation too. 



@Ruptly [11/1/18]: The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives a statement in Quito on the latest developments of the case of Julian Assange ...



@Ruptly [11/1/18]:  ‘The Americans want Assange’s head on a platter’ – former CIA analyst ...



@wikileaks [11/1/18]: More than 100 legal and human rights organizations called for UK to respect UN ruling and free @JulianAssange ...



The Australian Greens have plenty of time to issue a statement condemning Iran, but are silent on Assange developments? Why?




... Queensland Labor Senator Claire Moore, who has known Bartlett for more than 20 years and describes him as an extremely private man, says he was utterly devastated by the way his clash with Ferris was blown up into such a huge story.

"He said he felt like he was in a bunker," she says.

"The media were parked outside his house. He lives in a quiet, suburban street - it was like a royal wedding."

But for Moore, the lowest point of the media coverage was when Bartlett was accused of using Lillith as a prop.

"His daughter is the love of his life, and she always wants him to pick her up. People who have seen the two of them together around Parliament House would know that," Moore says. "Andrew is a genuinely good man," she adds.

"When you first meet him, he has a certain aloofness, but then his dedication and warmth come through." ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 9/2/04]





... The two senators opened the benefit. At the outset, Claire Moore, eager to get started, called Andrew Bartlett to the stage. Senator Bartlett obediently took up his position on stage. His first comment into the microphone was “I do not always do what the ALP asks me” [Workers Bush Telegraph - 26/8/06]



Why the resounding silence from ALL Australian politicians on latest developments in Assange case? --->  FREE JULIAN ASSANGE: It is time to bring him home. ...  @PaulineHansonOz [9/11/16]



Press release from Podemos international secretariat regarding UN’s freedom demand for Assange [February 2016]



On October 1st the Catalan society held a referendum to decide if they wanted to stay part of the Spanish state or create an independent state.

This talk will explain the internet censorship which took place in the weeks before the referendum, on the very same day as well as in the timer after the referendum. ... [Chaos Computer Club - 29/12/17]



The largest independent Indigenous activist and education network in Australia is now in unknown hands after being hacked overnight.

We received a message late last night from a devastated admin who found herself and other admins booted off from the Blackfulla Revolution Facebook page which currently has over 156,000 likes.


Blackfulla Revolution has been instrumental in building pressure and educating the general public upon a wide range of Indigenous issues for a number of years now and to lose control over one of the largest independent media tools just days out from Invasion Day is heartbreaking for the admins who volunteer with countless hours each an every week. ... [Welcome to Country - 11/1/18]



Aboriginal woman sacked after filing discrimination complaint [11/1/18]:


... A former case manager at the Centre Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) in Queensland's Moreton Bay region, Samantha Cooper made an official complaint in November after a string of alleged racial discrimination incidents.

She claims to have been described as going “walkabout”, told she was “quite pretty for an Aboriginal” and asked if she had ever met a “real” Aboriginal person.

The 25-year-old says one manager continually asked what "percentage" Aboriginal she was, and where her Indigenous heritage stemmed from. 

 "I constantly felt like I was having to justify things about my identity that she (the manager) would never question about anybody else, and I thought that’s just getting a bit ridiculous – not only having to continually advocate for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families that I was working with, to continually have to advocate for myself. Just to walk in the door was really tiring, and I found myself burning out," Ms Cooper told NITV News

She says she had several meetings with her team leader in a bid to address the behaviour, requesting that all staff be advised to exercise cultural sensitivity.

When, after six months, the alleged incidents were still occurring, Ms Cooper filed a formal complaint.

She was fired two days later, and will now take her government-funded former employer to the Fair Work Commission. ...



Two protesters from Front Line Action on Coal are currently blocking Aurizon’s coal railway near Bowen, calling on the Queensland Government to rule out funding for Aurizon.

They have prevented any coal trains getting to Adani’s Abbot Point coal terminal by locking their arms inside a steel barrel filled with concrete on the train tracks since 7:15am today.

The Queensland Labor government is currently considering rail operator Aurizon’s bid for a NAIF loan, which would open the floodgates for new coalmines in the Galilee Basin.

Lilli Barto, a physics student, is currently locked onto the concrete barrel near Mt Buckley Rd, 20 minutes south-west of Bowen.

‘State Labor said during the election campaign that they would veto ‘any NAIF loan’ that would enable Adani’s dirty coal project,’ she said.

‘Funding Aurizon would be a back-door route to allow Adani to build the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere.’ ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 9/1/18]



@empathiser [8/1/18]:  Michael G Swifte Retweeted Ben Pennings Nobody is talking about the ILUA that Hancock Coal has with the W&J People. Signed and registered. It covers a coal mine and a rail corridor that starts near the spot where the Adani rail corridor ends. #StopAdani #NGBR #MistakeCreek



Bob Katter? Pauline Hanson?

Did the Queensland media even try to get hold of you for comment on the latest example of the destructive impact LNP-Labor neoliberalism, and selling out to the US, is having on this country? ---> Pineapples go to waste as farmers warn of shortage of canned fruit produced in Australia [ABC - 11/1/18]



ABC-Murdoch propagandists for the 1% are at it again ---> Harts Family Funerals are your new local funeral directors proudly serving Rockhampton, Yeppoon and all of Central Queensland.

We pride ourselves on offering families a funeral that is affordable, professional, modern in standards and of the highest integrity.

Local owner Tony Hart has proudly served families of Rockhampton and surrounding districts for many years and has now opened new premises at 247 Ford Street in North Rockhampton and offers you and your loved ones the personal and exceptional care you deserve. ...



See 2014 one-sided hit job on Australian, family owned business Alex Gow Funerals [6/11/14]



“And the question is for families: do they really want their loved ones life to be remembered by the stock exchange?” [Crikey - 21/6/11]



A 61-year-old man has died following a single vehicle traffic crash on the Peak Downs Highway at Eton, west of Mackay this morning. Initial inquiries indicate around 7am, a truck carrying water left the roadway, crashed into a fence and overturned.

The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle was declared deceased at the scene. ... [QPS Media - 11/1/18]



@7NewsGoldCoast [11/1/18]:  A single $1.6 million earring will be worn at the Magic Millions races on Saturday. ...



Three shooting incidents on the Gold Coast in two weeks [9 News - 11/1/18]



Man filmed kicking dog on the Gold Coast charged with animal cruelty [MYGC - 11/1/18]



Dead koala photographed screwed to a post in south-east Queensland, sparking investigation [ABC - 11/1/18]



A fish rots from the head: Beware politicians, media, and cyber bullying experts and organisations who exploit tragedies to push internet censorship as a solution to our violent, hateful and degraded society ---> The devastating story of Warwick schoolgirl Amy "Dolly" Jayne Everett, who tragically took her own life after constant bullying, has captured the hearts of the nation.

Just a week after her passing, her father Tick Everett said bullying convinced her she had little choice but "to escape the evil in this world".

The Scots PGC College student was a former face of retail giant Akubra hats.  ... [Warwick Daily News - 10/1/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [11/1/18]:  Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, and his army of anti-Turnbull-Dutton media, cultural, human rights and refugee "advocates", are counting on your gullibility.



@Aussie4Refugees [6/1/18]:  On the impending mass deportation of African refugees from Israel ---> "... this is an opportunity to fulfil my promises to the residents of south Tel Aviv and restore tranquility and security," Deri said. ... 



How Israel hopes to make Palestinian refugees disappear [Electronic Intifada - 8/1/18]



Reminder: Israel offering citizens $9,000 apiece to hunt down non-Jewish African refugees, going house to house in south Tel Aviv & other Israeli cities, rounding up black folks, putting them onto planes, & forcing them back to the tortures they fled from  @davidsheen [10/1/18]



'God Help Us if This Gets Out': Full transcript of Netanyahu's son consorting with strippers, Roman Abramov's son and a James Packer rep  @wikileaks [11/1/18]



@GraffitiExpert [4/1/18]:  Victorian State Labor government gives the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre $600,000 to continue playing partisan games with refugee lives and keep Shorten's personal - and illegal - July 2013 policy intact ...



March 2016: Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews announces ramping up of efforts to racially profile African-Australians.  Media lap it up; human rights sector silent [The Age - 14/3/16]



Systemic racism and police racial profiling of African-Australians has a long history - particularly in Victoria.

Typically, Labor Party operatives are noisily blaming only Turnbull and Dutton - even encouraging refugees on Manus and Nauru to act against their interests and play along! ---> The Victorian police force has today promised to investigate claims that its officers commonly resort to racial profiling.

That undertaking was given to help settle a case brought by six young men of African descent.

They claimed they were regularly stopped, searched, questioned and even beaten by police just because they were black. ... [ABC - 18/2/13]



The ABC has uncovered details of a secret Victoria Police operation targeting young African-Australians in Melbourne's inner north.

Operation Molto was conducted by the Flemington Police Station in 2006.

According to the police force's operation order document, Molto was established to find criminality in young African-Australians living in or visiting the Flemington public housing estate. ... [ABC -  30/12/13]



... Our young clients were being abused, called ‘Black C**ts,’ and ‘N**gers, told to go back to Africa, and, under such intense policing, it was impacting every aspect of their lives. ... [New Matilda - 13/1/15]



Stephen Phillip "Steve" Bracks AC (born 15 October 1954) is a former Australian politician and the 44th Premier of Victoria.

He first won the electoral district of Williamstown in 1994 for the Australian Labor Party and was party leader and Premier from 1999 to 2007. ... [Wikipedia]



One of Fairfax (and now the ABC's) best anti-refugee "deterrence" propagandists Sarah Whyte tells us the Department of Immigration paid out $230,000 in compensation claims last year.  Australia's bipartisan war of attrition policy continues unchallenged [12/1/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [11/1/18]:  If the PNG Supreme Court has again ruled trafficking, imprisonment and exile of #Manus refugees unconstitutional, why are lawyers, media and "advocates" prioritising compensation over IMMEDIATE RELEASE and ACCESS TO A GENUINE ASYLUM PROCESS? ... 




12 January 2018