195 day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. # Manus prison



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Not freedom. Not protection. Not resettlement.


18 Manus Island refugees reportedly trafficked to the US today as part of the coercive, secretive and sadistic US "deal" charade --->  18 refugees from Manus flew to America today. They are the third group. After 15 months only 85 people have left Manus. Very long process, the gov knows well how to waste time under American deal. A question remains, what will happen to refugees from banned countries?#Manus @BehrouzBoochani [13/2/18]



Where is the Human Rights Law Centre's evidence that refugees who have been trafficked to the US from Nauru and Manus Island are safe and free? ---> Media Release: Hope for a handful, but further limbo and despair for more than 1800 still left behind on #Nauru #Manus @rightsagenda [11/2/18]



Court overrules immigration decision that left father in detention for 20 months - Australia's arbitrary and bipartisan medieval exile laws continue unopposed [9 News - 12/2/18]:


... Mr Burgess - who had been in Australia for 31 years - has convictions for drink driving, avoiding arrest, disorderly behaviour and breaching bail.

The family won his visa back in September, 2016 - but the Minister appealed the Federal Court’s decision within 25 minutes.

“The court found today - as it has previously - that the Minister failed to take into consideration all the things he should when ripping a man away from his family,” Mr Simmons said.

Ms Ferris broke the news to her partner over the phone after the hearing.

“In between my tears I said, 'we won!', and then he says, 'I can't wait to come and see you and my son - I'm packing my bags right now'.”

But this isn't necessarily the end of the deportation fight - the Immigration Minister still has grounds to cancel Mr Burgess’s visa for a third time. ...



For immigrant students on Long Island, Trump’s war on gangs means the wrong T-Shirt could get you deported [The Intercept - 12/2/18]:


... The path from school to immigration detention usually goes like this: A teenager, often recently resettled in the United States, gets into some sort of trouble at school.

Sometimes, as in Dennis’s case, a fight triggers a criminal charge — making the teen a direct target for removal.

Other times, the violation of some school code, official or unofficial, can prompt school administrators to label a teen as a gang member.

It could be a shirt of the wrong color, a doodle scribbled on a notebook, lingering a moment too long in a certain hallway, or talking to someone the school has already determined belongs to a gang.

In the absence of a criminal record, it’s not always clear how that information ends up in the hands of police and immigration authorities — but it usually does.

Days, weeks, or sometimes months after the incident that earned them the “gangster” label, teens might find Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials knocking on their doors and detaining them, sometimes transferring them to a facility on the other side of the country — a distinct iteration of the criminalization of youth that some have dubbed the “school-to-deportation pipeline.” ...



Retaliation by GEO Group against Tacoma hunger strikers leaves two injured [NWDC Resistance - 10/2/18]



Wilson Rodriguez, 32, called Tukwila police Thursday morning because someone was attempting to break into his house, according to a friend of Rodriguez, who requested not to be named.

When police arrived, they ran Rodriguez's name through the NCIC database and discovered he had a warrant issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Police confirmed it was a valid warrant, and Rodriguez was transferred to ICE officials.

"I know he has a failure to appear in court, and I know that he has the 30-day visa violation, both of those are from 10 years ago when he first came to the country," said Rodriguez's friend.

"What is upsetting to me is that Wilson called for help cause someone was breaking into this house, and he ends up being arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs."

Rodriguez has three young children and a wife.

His friend says Rodriguez came from Honduras.

"He and I made a number of attempts to sort out his immigration issues, but we were getting mixed advice," he said. ... [K5 News - 8/2/18]



Impending deportation puts Tamil man in jeopardy [Red Flag/Tamil Refugee Council - 12/2/18]:


The Australian government’s decision to deport to Sri Lanka a former ranking member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) puts at risk his safety and possibly his life, the Tamil Refugee Council said on Thursday.

Santharuban, the man in question, is subject to a United Nations Committee Against Torture interim measure request that he not be returned to the country.

Yet the government on 8 February issued him a notice stating that he would be deported on 22 February.

“Members and suspected former members of the LTTE continue to be disappeared, detained, tortured and harassed by the Sri Lankan security forces”, said Aran Mylvaganam, Tamil Refugee Council spokesperson.

“This notice ignores the reality facing returning ...



Sri Lanka’s military in Mullaitivu declared open a new entrance to its 59 Division Headquarters earlier this month.

Several senior military officers including the 591 and 592 Brigade Commanders were present at the opening ceremony, which saw Sri Lankan military flags raised above the new entrance. ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/2/18]



Sri Lankan troops across the North-East continued to impose themselves on civilian life in the region, with several divisions involving themselves in Thai Pongal festivities last month. ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/2/18]



@MahdiAlizada18 [13/2/18]:  28Days of #RefugeesProtest in #Balikpapan_idc_prisoncamp 4 #freedom.after 6 days silent protest today we started again The slogan of freedom



@pashi1415 [13/2/18]:  27th days of our peaceful protest in Balikpapan jail, day after day refugees are frustrated because no one takes the responsiblities that refugees expect to be released from closed camp, IOM and IDC authorities make different excuses and play various tricks to calm the refugees



Confinement by proxy: the UK continues arbitrary confinement of journalist as threats from US prosecution escalate [Courage Foundation - 13/2/18]:


... Assange’s lawyer Gareth Peirce said: “If you’re baffled by this [ruling], it’s because it’s a legally baffling situation.”

Judge Arbuthnot dismissed the idea that Sweden would have extradited to the United States as unlikely because doing so would have caused an “international crisis.”

It is unfortunate she did not reflect on the US government’s willingness to provoke precisely that kind of situation in comparable cases.

In 2013, shortly after President Obama said he wasn’t considering grounding planes to apprehend Edward Snowden, the US did exactly that, forcing a plane carrying the Bolivian president to land while it was flying over Austria, on a hunch that Edward Snowden might be on board.

In 2014 it was reported that the CIA had a rendition plane flying over Europe, on hand to transport Snowden to the US.



@JulianAssange [13/2/18]:  Statement on court: We are surprised. The judge went outside what the parties presented in court. This seems to have led to the significant factual errors in the judgment. US DoJ confirmed to Reuters again yesterday that its case is ongoing. There are 3 months to appeal UK ruling



 ... This is an attack on all true journalists ... I don't think that Julian Assange is on trial.  The state is on trial, because the whole world is watching this violation. ... Don't stop mate.  Keep faithful. Live from Embassy of Ecuador where supporters of @julianassange have emerged. @Elle_Greg [13/2/18]



@pwaldieGLOBE [13/2/18]:  Julian Assange supporters rally for him outside and London court. But inside Assange lost a bid for a UK arrest warrant to be dropped, meaning he'll be arrested if he leaves Ecuadoran embassy.  



@GraffitiExpert [13/2/18]: Australians may hate their politicians, but they hate their hated politicians being knifed by faceless men and their establishment media jackals even more.



12 February 2018