@sunosi3 [13/4/18]:  254th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. #Manus SOS



253rd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


#Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [12/4/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [12/4/18]:  Bullshit. ---> "We waited till now to release it [Chauka] so we could show it in film festivals & get our voices out around the world" #Manus



@Aussies4Refugees [12/4/18]: Someone should make a film about what happened to Loghman Sawari. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [10/4/18]:  Replying to @PearsonElaine Describing Australia's trafficking, indefinite imprisonment, sham assessment and exile of refugees as "offshore processing & resettlement" is bogus. Where is Human Rights Watch's most recent statement calling on the Labor Party and LNP to END this illegal policy? #Manus #Nauru



@MahdiAlizada18 [12/4/18]:  86th day of our peaceful protest to get free from detention center of Balikpapan. #Refugees @IOMchief @RefugeesChief @UNHCRIndo #SaveMe 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN :  86th day of our peaceful protest for freedom #BalikpapanDetentionCenter 12 / 4 / 2018 ... 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [12/4/18]: we have been protesting peacefully for the past 86 days for freedom yey no ... #HumanRights have come 2 see us #Balikpapan #AsylumSeeker   



... “In spite of the inherent challenges of returning home, sometimes after decades abroad, IOM and UNHCR are working hand in hand to ensure sustainable solutions are provided to returnees.” ... IOM-UNHCR tout over 600,000 deportations of Afghan refugees from Iran and Pakistan over past year [Pajhwok - 12/4/18]



@pajhwok [12/4/18]: UNAMA documents near record Afghan casualties in 2018 ...



Taliban militants over-ran a district in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province on Thursday, killing more than a dozen people including the district’s governor before retreating, a police official said.

Ghazni’s Khawaja Omari district was considered one of the province’s safest areas. ... [Reuters - 12/4/18]



These Afghan and Iraqi refugees risked their lives for US forces. How are we paying them back? [The Sacramento Bee - 22/3/18]



@wikileaks [12/4/18]:  US Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo is today being examined by the US Senate to replace Rex Tillerson. Here is WikiLeaks editor @JulianAssange's article on the "Pompeo doctrine" ...



@wikileaks [12/4/18]:  Possibly grave consequences for three kidnapped media workers (two journalists and a driver) from @WikiLeaks' Cablegate partner in Ecuador, @elcomerciocom #nosfaltan3



Today on Flashpoints: An in-depth report on the future of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in virtual exile and incommunicado at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Great Brittan.

We’ll speak to legendary filmmaker and longtime Assange friend, John Pilger.

And in the second half of this collaboration with Randy Credico’s Live on the Fly, we’ll be joined by political activist, Christine Assange, one of Assange’s most effective defenders, and his mum. ... [94.1 KPFA -5/4/18]



... They fear archives


They fear political prisoners

They fear the families of political prisoners

They fear today's evening

They fear tomorrow's morning

They fear today and everyday

They fear the future

They fear the past




'100 bodů', The Plastic People of the Universe [1976]



11am Saturday Solidarity with Julian #Assange Vigil outside Ecuadorian embassy London. "If you want loyalty get a dog!" If ya want consistency get a cat! ... @CiaronOReilly [7/4/18]



@CiaronOReilly :  Sunday April 15th 11am -3pm *Hyde Park Speakers Corner, #London *Solidarity speak out against the silencing of Julian #Assange #ReconnectJulian Free Speech - use it or lose it! *At 3pm we will walk to Ecuadorian embassy *Plz spread the word! 



@Aussies4Refugees [12/4/18]:  #ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange Whistleblowers should be protected, but Manning is wrong to call for censorship of social media, and Snowden's silence stinks. 



@Credico2016 [10/4/18]:  Quick must watch video of Christine Assange message to @lenin and @JulianAssange message to all people of conscience



Punishment of Julian Assange is political, not legal [Daily Mirror - 9/4/18]



The silencing of Assange won’t stop the revolution [Epeak - 7/4/18]



@BellaMagnani [9/4/18]: Let's fight back! Make your voice heard! Tell these politicians we're fed up with being lied to all the time by the media! And sign the petition to 'End Julian #Assange's Isolation' ...



@BellaMagnani [4/4/18]:  Julian #Assange, Political Refugee ...



A woman who collapsed during a forced deportation from the UK was accused of faking her poor health by immigration officials, only to die five days later.

Nancy Motsamai, 35, fell ill while being taken to Heathrow airport for a flight deporting her back to South Africa.

Her husband, Fusi Motsamai, said that when Nancy tried to explain feeling unwell an official told her “he would handcuff her hands and feet and make her walk to the plane like a penguin”.


Mr Motsamai said his grief was made worse when the Home Office sent a text message to his wife’s phone warning her of penalties if she did not attend an appointment at a Home Office reporting centre – two weeks after she had died. ... [i News - 11/4/18]



We here at Yarl’s Wood are very glad that the Kgari’s deportation was halted again. [Detained Voices - 10/4/18]:


We here at Yarl’s Wood are very glad that the Kgari’s deportation was halted again.

The protesters were taking part in a sit in outside the Home Office department when I was approached by Ope and she informed me she was given a removal window, before we could finish our conversation a manager came and asked her if she could speak with her privately and I sensed immediately what was happening.

I could not reach Ope or her mother by phone but I was able to contact one of their solicitors as we are represented by the same firm and I was able to send messages of support.

I feel a great relief that the deportation was halted but at the same time I feel sad when I think about all the nameless people that were herded onto charter flights days ago, no one knows their names, what happened to them or what could be happening to them right now.

Our lives are not valued, our human rights are not upheld, our spirits are crushed, our identities are anonymous, our faces without form, and we continue to be detained indefinitely, perpetually imprisoned pending an endless unjust administrative hellish nightmare.



@nooneisillegal [10/4/18]:  Lucy is facing deportation in 3 days. The Montreal community as well as communities across Canada continue to fight for her release from detention and demand that her application for permanent residency on humanitarian grounds be accepted....



There’s nothing ‘illegal’ about asylum seekers [The Star - 9/4/18]:


We are concerned about a recent spike in the use of the term “illegal” to characterize asylum seekers crossing the Canada-U.S. border.

One newspaper speaks of “illegal migrants” while others focus on “illegal border crossers.”

An editorial from a prominent national paper asks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “yield to Tory measures” by tightening the border.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently said that he has “no qualms about using the term [illegal].”

As MPs Jenny Kwan and Gary Anandasangaree have both argued, word choice is important and the term “illegal” is harmful.

“Irregular” is used by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to describe border crossings “between ports of entry.”

This is not about people trying to sneak across the border undetected, but about the right to seek asylum from persecution.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects this right. Importantly, the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol, to which Canada is a signatory and which are incorporated into Canadian law, both recognize that refugee claimants should not be penalized for irregular entry to seek refuge.

Many news pieces that talk about “illegal migrants” or “illegal border crossing” fail to mention an important context - the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) with the United States.

The agreement, which came into effect in 2004, requires Canada to send refugees back to the U.S. if they come to an official port of entry in all but a few circumstances.

This agreement only applies to refugee claims made at official border points, and is premised on the assumption that the U.S. is a country that protects the rights of refugee claimants.

Given the current Trump administration’s anti-refugee and anti-Muslim policies, there is good reason to think the U.S. is not currently a safe place of return. Applying the term “illegal border crossing” to refugees is based on a misconception.

Irregular entry is not an offence in the Criminal Code, and should not be labelled as such. The language of illegality also tends to violate the presumption of innocence. This is a principle that should inform ethical journalism.

We should recognize that many so-called “illegal border crossers” will become long-term and integral members of Canadian society.

If people come without a well-founded fear of persecution, they will be sent home.

But if they do have legitimate grounds for refugee protection and are legally entitled to remain, there is a strong public interest in their eventual integration. Using criminalizing language makes this transition more difficult.

As refugee law scholar Harold Bauder writes, the language we choose “can also shape the way civic society, employers, and communities engage refugees and immigrants in everyday life.”

Refugees often lack access to the press and to podiums, so their public image and identity tends to be defined by others. Stigmatizing labels embolden a populist politics that positions refugees as outsiders, burdens, and potential criminals.

These labels in turn support problematic policies by making it easier to scapegoat refugees for social ills they are not responsible for.

We stand against a term that divides refugee claimants into “good” and “bad”, “deserving” and “undeserving”, and that removes the dignity of those exercising their fundamental rights to claim asylum and start a new life.

There is a great responsibility for those with elevated voices to not prejudge and malign refugee claimants as “illegal.”


Jesse Beatson and Kylie Sier are Osgoode Hall Law School students writing on behalf of the Immigration Division students at Parkdale Community Legal Services.



The Record’s view: Canada can and should help the persecuted Rohingya [The Record - 9/4/18]



Myanmar judge rejects request for dismissal of case against two jailed Reuters reporters [Reuters - 11/4/18]



Myanmar minister to tour Bangladesh camps: The insanity of an oppressor being allowed to torment his victims is made possible by a region that refuses to condemn genocide and protect refugees [Reuters - 10/4/18]



@nslwin [10/4/18]:  #Rohingya survivors at #Kutupalong camp in #Bangladesh welcoming #MyanmarGenocide leader Win Myat Aye today.



The Sri Lankan military has admitted to detaining and questioning a Tamil journalist, whilst he was reporting on the army’s plans to appropriate land in Mullaitivu last month. ... [Tamil Guardian - 11/4/18]



Sinhalese fishermen brazenly engaging in illegal and pollutive methods of fishing in Mullaitivu [10/4/18]



... On Monday at the sprawling Sea-Air-Space Expo outside Washington, D.C., the naval attaché of the Sri Lankan Embassy in the United States, Rear Admiral Dharmendra Wettewa, repeated the assurances his government has made to India, that there would be no foreign military activity at Hambantota. ... Sri Lanka cedes major port to China [Defense News - 10/4/18]



12 April 2018