Day 53, refugee protests on Nauru






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Happening now!! 1026 days in detention. Nauru. #BringThemHere


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The Australian government has kept us as prisoners and slaves.  They use us for their own political benefits, corporate profits, and games.


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9/05/2016 Monday


Australian government


This message is from a large collection of refugees and asylum seekers in Nauru. 

We ask the Australian government to let us buy and prepare boats to leave Nauru Island. 

We have been living in Nauru as prisoners for three years now. 

The Australian government has refused to let us in or accept us. 

We've decided to rescue ourselves by getting on boats once again.

At this time we want to leave Nauru Island.

All people have the basic right to be free.  We want the ability to decide our own future.  We won't let the Australian government tell us where or how we should live our lives!

The Australian government has kept us as prisoners and slaves.  They use us for their own political benefits, corporate profits, and games.

Many of us, refugees and asylum seekers, have been trying to buy boats, to somehow get out of Nauru.  We want to be released from this hell.  We've been stopped from buying boats by Australian Immigration (Australia border force. ABF).

We are asking all the people around the world, especially the govenment of Australia to respect our human rights.  Let us choose our future and make our own decisions...

If the Australian government won't let us choose our own future, then you should know that many of us are on the brink of suicide.

Let this reality weigh on your conscience.

We are all tired and desperate because of the situation that we are living in for three years now.

We chose to die instead of living in this hell.



@margaret_tmsinc[11/5/16]:  .@Pontifex Letter signed by hundreds on #Nauru 11th May 2016 Please respond.


To His Holiness Pope Francis

The Vatican

Open Letter


We the refugees that Australia has sent to Nauru, are writing to you today to ask you to intervene in our case.

We have seen how you care about the refugees of the world.  You understand we did not choose to leave our countries except to save our lives.

The Australian Government, and worse, many Australian people do not understand this, the companies and countries that Australian government has given billions of dollars to tell us we are illegal and to go home to where we come from even if that means we are tortured, imprisoned, persecuted or killed.

The Australian government even pressures people with a positive refugee status to go back to their countries.

They even send back Syrians and Iraqis to their home countries when IOM refuse to.

The companies and corrupt countries are making big profits for treating us as though we are not even human and deserving of our human rights.

We have spent the past three years in detention or imprisoned on Nauru unable to leave. 

We are men, women and children who have experienced poor health, harsh treatement, poor living conditions in mouldy tents in the hot tropics.

Or we are in the communities in camps with  no security and in poverty with  no future.

Some of us have experienced rape or assault and further imprisonment in the jails of Nauru if we protest their cruel treatement.

Many of us think about suicide every day.

There is no reason why the Australian Government has sent us to Nauru except to show the world how cruel they are.

So asylum seekers do not ask for their assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.

The boats that we took to travel to Australia while we were taken to Nauru to slowly die.

One woman here travelled with her sister who is now in Australia but she was sent here with her children.

We don't know why we are separated like that.

It is not justice to separate families or friends.

In Australia there are still some good people they tried to stop people being sent back to Manus and Nauru and called on their government to let these people stay in Australia.

Although no one from Nauru and Manus would like to go to Australia now.

Churches have offered sanctuary and doctors are speaking out about our poor health care.  Even the sisters who follow Australia's Saint.  Saint Mary MacKillop have offered sanctuary.  Still the government does not listen and does not care.

But we are stuck and we have no way to leave the ilsand to find a safe place and a future for ourselves and family. 

We don't want to got to Cambodia neither Australia.  We want to go to one of the UNHCR resettlement countries to taste freedom and life.

We have been protesting for over a month at the gate of the detention centre.  And people inside and outside of the detention will continue protesting until our cries are heard.

We are asking you Holy Father, to intervene on our behalf.  We know we are far away from Rome that their are not many of us compared to people escaping to Europe, but after three years of being called a number and treated cruelly, we are more tired than any person can bear.

We are not only asking for us but for our brothers mprisoned on Manus Island in PNG.  Will you talk to the government of Australia, PNG and Nauru remind them that we are human beings and God's peoples?

We are asking the Catholic Churches to offer sanctuary like other Christian churches.  Please remind the people in Australia how they would like to be treated if they needed help.

Please come to Manus.

Please come to Nauru.




Letter to the Prime Minister on the deteriorating situation on Manus and Nauru [Uniting Justice - 11/5/16]:



On 5 May 2016 the President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Mr Stuart McMillan, wrote to the Prime Minister expressing the Church's concern about the deteriorating situations on Manus Island, PNG and Nauru for people seeking asylum.

"In response to the tragic events on Nauru, with the death of Omid Masoumali and the attempted suicide of Hodan Yasin, a 21 year old Somali woman who set herself alight, Uniting Church members joined with other concerned Australians in prayer vigils around the country. These events are tragic. But they are also the result of a great injustice."

"Prime Minister, I urge you to demonstrate leadership and correct this injustice by closing the offshore detention centre on Nauru and bringing those people who are currently in the centres on Manus Island and Nauru to Australia. The Uniting Church stands ready and willing to work with the Government to support and care for these people, as we have offered to do with refugees from Syria and Iraq."





‏@margaret_tmsinc [115/16]:  Young man beaten up by Australian .@WilsonSecurity threatening suicide on #Manus Denied right to complain to police #assault





THESE MEN WERE TRYING TO FLEE AUSTRALIA ---->   Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio is among five men arrested in far north Queensland over an alleged plan to take a boat to Indonesia and join the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

Shayden Thorne, the brother of another hardline Islamist, Junaid Thorne, was also arrested.

Also in custody is Kadir Kaya, who last year told a Melbourne radio station he wanted to leave Australia because he felt Muslims were not welcome, but could not because the authorities had confiscated his passport.

Police arrested the men yesterday as they were towing a boat towards Cape York, in far north Queensland.

They are being held on suspicion of foreign incursion offences. ... [ABC - 11/5/16]




IS declared a terrorist organisation under Citizenship Act [Minister for Immigration Media Release - 5/5/16]




March for civil disobedience and refugees! [Melbourne, 12 May 2016]:


State Library of Victoria

Shut down offshore processing! SHUT DOWN MELBOURNE!

Despite the horrific scenes of collective trauma in Nauru over the last 2 weeks, Thursday will be their 54th day of continuous protest.

And despite being heavily coerced to resettlement in PNG, refugees on Manus are still refusing to participate, rightfully proclaiming their status as Australia's political prisoners.

The movement here can do more.

Even more than Let Them Stay.

Let’s not wait for another murder, rape or suicide on Manus or Nauru.

Join us to show the Australian government that we will not stop until they close Nauru and Manus Island and give refugees permanent resettlement in Australia.

Time to step up the action to #BringThemHere.



@manusFad22  [11/5/16]:  ... of course yes they lie.



PROVE IT ---> The Ministry of Immigration in Papua New Guinea says all asylum seekers detained on Manus Island are now free to come and go from the processing centre. ... [RNZI - 11/5/16]





A 26-year-old Bangladeshi man has died from suspected heart failure in Nauru today.

The man admitted himself to the Republic of Nauru Hospital on 9 May complaining of chest pains.

He was receiving ongoing treatment in hospital, but died early today after a series of cardiac arrests.

An air ambulance was dispatched to Nauru, but the man’s condition precluded his transfer from hospital to the aircraft and Australia.

Authorities are looking to contact the man’s family and are providing appropriate support to his friends in Nauru. ... [DIPB Media Release - 11/5/16]




David Cameron backtracks on Government's refusal to resettle refugee children from inside Europe [Independent - 4/5/16]:


... Pressure on ministers intensified with the intervention of a former Jewish child refugees from the Nazis, urging them to offer sanctuary to those in need.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Sir Erich Reich, chairman of Kindertransport-Association of Jewish Refugees, appealed to him to "demonstrate compassion", while an amendment to the Immigration Bill to take refugee children from within Europe was started by another refugee from the Nazis, Lord Dubs. ...




... To the ARSC and Greens, here's some free marketing advice.

Get Australia's most beloved refugees (Ahn Do, Frank Lowy and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki etc) and place them on billboards around our major cities.

Next to their faces, place the words: "I'm a refugee". ... [ABC - 16/8/13]




In October 2013, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service announced a joint venture with the Lowy Institute to research and develop policy strategy, options for future border management.   [DIPB Media Release - 30/9/14]:


The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) and the Lowy Institute for International Policy have completed their first joint research fellowship, examining ways to enhance and promote Australia’s border as a strategic economic asset. ...




Dutton has not freed the political prisoners on Manus, and continues attacking refugees and asylum seekers, because no-one is holding him to account.


(except Behrouz and the tireless lawyers)



Behrouz Boochani [25/4/16]




Update from Behrouz Boochani - journalist illegally imprisoned by the Australian government on Nauru [5/5/16]:


Some main information about our court cases:

We will have a court meeting in PNG court on 13 May. it is a hearing with a single judge who will consider the motions from our lawyers regarding joining the Australian government and explicit orders for release , and return to Australia.

The judge will then convene the full bench for a full hearing, hopefully the start of the week of the 16th.

Also we will have a court on Australian high court.the court will sit with one judge to give directions about the hearing of the case on 23 May.

The main purpose of this court is to prevent our transfer from Manus to Nauru




More on Manus Island political prisoners' High Court challenge [The Conversation - 5/5/16]




Richard "I'd be worse" Marles lies about refugee concentration camps stopping death, says PNG should change their law [ABC - 28/4/16]:


... LOUISE YAXLEY: The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, says there will be continued discussions with the PNG government to resolve the matters. And the shadow minister, Richard Marles, says it is very important to try to convince PNG to keep the centre open.

RICHARD MARLES: Because it is very clear that offshore processing has been the single most important decision of any Australian government in bringing an end to the loss of life at sea.

LOUISE YAXLEY: Mr O'Neill is definitive that the centre will be closed but he also talks about the harm that that will cause the local economy and the need for Australia to help support businesses that will suffer. Richard Marles says the Government should talk to PNG about potentially changing the law to make the detention legal or offer PNG more money.

RICHARD MARLES: All of those options need to be talked through with the PNG government. ...




As LNP and ALP politicians line up to discipline PNG, O'Neill says Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island must be closed [Australian Financial Review - 27/4/16]




Did UNHCR give this the tick of approval before the PNG Supreme Court decision?   ---->  Australia tortures refugees for three years then says they are to be deported [ABC - 25/4/16]:


... This means Boochani remains detained with asylum seekers who have had their refugee claims refused and have been told they have no option but to return to their countries of origin.




... Representatives from the UNHCR visited the Manus Island detention centre last week and met the men detained there.


The UNHCR in Australia has been approached for comment. ... [Guardian - 18/4/16] 




UNHCR "welcomes" Australia's lies about releasing refugees on Nauru [5/10/15]







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 I gag every time I hear another Australian politician justifying appalling brutal incarceration of refugees as 'saving lives'.




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On Nauru and Manus Island, people are under attack and are dying.  THIS makes me gag ---> Join the Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, on 30 May 2016 for a RightsTalk focussed on media and cultural diversity. Featuring guest speakers Benjamin Law, Helen Kapalos and Rob Shehadie, the RightsTalk will explore the state of Australian media. Is our media diverse enough? What needs to be done? And will recent debates and controversies be enough to prompt some change? ...




As does this --->  The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists is delighted to announce the International RANZCP Congress of Psychiatry, to be held in Hong Kong from 8-12 May 2016, at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. ...





And as refugees continue being subjected to forced pregnancy/abortion as a "deterrence" weapon, this partisan stunt is beyond sick --->  About 100 pro-choice activists rallied outside parliament in support of Mr Pyne's bill. Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, who faces an ethics probe for allegedly bullying Mr Pyne, put their differences aside at the rally, telling the crowd she was "unashamedly pro-choice". "Like Rob, I believe that abortion should not belong in the criminal code," Ms Trad said to applause. "What a woman decides to do with her own body in consultation with her doctor does not belong in the criminal code." She was quick to point out the bill could fail if the LNP didn't grant its MPs a conscience vote. ... [SBS - 10/5/16]




... Greens candidate for Brisbane, Kirsten Lovejoy stated “It’s incumbent on all of us today to put the pressure on”.

Larissa Waters, Greens Senator for Queensland spoke about the need for the decision to be between a woman and her doctor.

“This is a health decision, completely free of the criminal system”.

Ms Waters quoted the pro-choice slogan “Get your rosaries off my ovaries.”  ... [Semper Floreat - 10/5/16]




Our hearts may be breaking at the utter depravity of our politicians, but the people will not give up.









... About 30 protesters from the Great Lakes branch of Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR) attended the demonstration [Monday] marching with their protest banners held high and chanting as they crossed the bridge from Tuncurry to Forster.

Spokesperson, Kathleen Smith says it is the federal government’s responsibility to bring them to Australia and to process their requests quickly and efficiently. ...  [Great Lakes Advocate -10/5/16]




Refugees continue being attacked in Australia's gulag archipelago as human rights establishment and politicians look the other way.  I WILL #VOTEINFORMAL [ABC - 11/5/16]:


Two men on Nauru, one an asylum seeker and one a refugee, were reportedly attacked and robbed by local men armed with stones and a knife last night, witnesses said.

Nasir Uddin, a roommate and friend of the Bangladeshi pair, said the attack on his friends Shabuddin and Almamun happened near a local hotel.

He added that the attackers were local men who then proceeded to steal his friends' wallets, phones, and their motorbike.

Shabuddin, an asylum seeker, and Almamun, a refugee, were on their way to the island's hospital to visit their friend Rakhib, another refugee who had reportedly suffered a heart attack earlier in the evening.

"The two boys, they were coming from Fly Camp to visit Ron Hospital to Rakhib [patient]," Mr Uddin said.

"When they come near the Odeon Hotel, the two local boys [were] standing there," Mr Uddin said, adding they then threw rocks at the pair, knocking them off the motorbike they were riding, before attacking them on the ground with rocks and a knife.

The two attackers then stole their money, as well as their motorbike and mobile phones.

Shabuddin and Almamun have since been released from hospital, but Mr Uddin, who shares a room with Almamun, said he has not returned home.

"Last night the doctor sent Shabuddin to RPC2 [Regional Processing Centre], and also Almamun they're not keeping in the hospital, they say there's no way," he said.

Mr Uddin stayed at the hospital until early morning and said he did not see police visit the men.

"I didn't see policemen come ... no police man entered the hospital ... I was there until 2:00am (local time), until 2:00am I didn't see police officers there."

Mr Uddin is also a friend of Rakhib, and supplied audio of an Australian doctor asking him and a friend to go back to the camp to check what medication Rakhib was taking.

"You know a short cut?", the doctor is heard saying, adding: "Would you mind going to get the tablets? Would that be okay with you? It might have nothing to do with your friend being sick, but at least it's something we can consider."

While one of Mr Uddin's neighbours said he saw an air ambulance arrive, Mr Uddin said he can't confirm if Rakhib is still in Nauru or whether he was sent to Australia, as security guards did not allow him to enter the hospital to see any of the three men.

"I didn't see him get sent to Australia, but some [of my neighbours] said they saw a jet plane come and take him to Australia but I didn't see [it]."




Refugees settled on Nauru woke on Monday to find an ominous letter, signed “Youth of Republic of Nauru”, had been delivered overnight. Copies had been left at shops, homes, workplaces employing refugees.


The letter campaign is the latest chilling symptom of the toxic effects of Australia’s “no advantage” policy.

That it invokes the horrific spectre of ethnic cleansing is an indictment of the great wrong we have perpetrated in our region.  [Manifesto for a pogrom: hostility to exiled refugees grows on Nauru  -  The Conversation - 20/11/14]




And still only the Financial Times calls on Australia to close its illegal camps and respect the UN Refugee Convention.



Day 44, refugee protests on Nauru


Image:  @InsurrectNews [2/5/16]






... UNHCR Representative Thomas Albrecht told Ref Coord he had had to deliver a stern warning to the refugees: either shape up or he will ask the GOG [Government of Ghana] to post several military officers inside the camp.

To emphasize the seriousness of his message, he suspended all UNHCR services to Budumburam during the week of May 1-7.


Albrecht was dismayed that an "entitlement mentality" had gripped many of the refugees, some of whom have spent 15 years in camps. ...




Queensland "Greens" continue impliedly endorsing ALP with protest theatre outside office of Warren Entsch MP [11/5/16]




In August, a Senate motion to expedite the ratification of OPCAT [Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment] didn't even get to a vote because Queensland ALP Senator Claire Moore objected.  




... I did an interview with Qld Labor Senator Claire Moore on my regular weekly shift on radio 4ZZZ this week, which included her perspective on the politics of abortion issue.   You can listen to that interview at this page, or you can download the podcast by clicking on this link (mp3 – 3.2 mb) ... [Andrew Bartlett - 6/9/09]





... I was a Staff Sergeant in the South African Police during and after the Apartheid era and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never witnessed the injustice and ill-treatment of human beings that I witnessed at Bravo Camp, RPC Nauru.  ...


Nauru Senate Inquiry, Submission 98






... Arash, an Iranian asylum seeker, said: “Since 3 years ago we living in this situation. Sometimes we had no water for 4 or 5 days. We had no water in toilets. We had to take shower when it was raining. Where is hot water? Since 3 years ago we didn’t see hot water in shower.”


Smartphones and all recording devices are banned at the detention centre.

“We are not allowed to hold smartphones and anything which we can record sound or take footage,” Arash said.


The President of Nauru and Peter Dutton said that here is safe. Do they know what’s meaning of safe? Really what’s the meaning of fucking safe life? ...  [Medium - 8/5/16]




@shanebazzi [10/5/16]:   I've been told the refugee who attempted to set himself on fire on Saturday is now at RON [Republic of Nauru] hospital. ...






@shanebazzi [10/5/16]:   I've been told a Bangladeshi refugee is at RON Hospital in a serious condition. Sources don't know what happened to him. ...




‏@shanebazzi [10/5/16]:  More horrific news from #Nauru. I've been told a Lebanese asylum seeker tried to set himself on fire today and was arrested after.




11 May 2016