221st day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center


# Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [11/3/18]  



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : Sunday 11-March -2018 54th day of our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan detention center .it is today's report from situation of Balikpapan



@MahdiAlizada18 : 54th day of our peaceful demonstration in #Balikpapan detention center for freedom Every day we ask for help but no one care Sunday 11-3-2018



@Subhanamir23 [11/3/18]:  #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #SaveMe We are yelling to wake those sleeping consciences ... We are yelling to inform all [the world] about our Innocence. Please consider us.We have been deprived from our rights for 4years . day54 of our peaceful protest for freedom....



Unexploded munition kills 3 Faryab children [MENAFN - 11/3/18]



The Taliban are the stumbling block to the peace process, the Trump administration alleged on Friday, ruling out direct talks with it unless the militant leaders engaged with the elected Afghan government.

In an apparent response to a recent letter from the Taliban to the US, the Trump team also ruled out withdrawing troops from Afghanistan -- a pre-condition set by the rebels for talks. ... [Pajhwok - 10/3/18]



@pajhwok [9/3/18]:  4 #Afghan special force soldiers were killed in attack by Taliban in western #Farah province.  



@ErikGerhardsson [11/3/18]: Today five refugee boats carrying approximately 222 men, women & children has arrived to the Greek islands of Lesvos, Samos & Farmakonisi. That makes it 9 boats with 392 people in two days. ...



@ErikGerhardsson [10/3/18]:  Today four refugee boats carrying a total of 170 men, women & children has arrived to the Greek islands of Lesvos & Samos.  



Arsons, attacks with brass knuckles, vandalisms hate speech and discord.

In the last two years, the list of racially motivated attacks against refugees, migrants and attacks against Greek citizens showing solidarity to refugees is long, and is fueled by the impasse that the majority of the refugee population is experiencing and to the new situation the local community is finding itself in following the EU – Turkey Statement.

The tension on the Aegean islands is particularly high – refugees and locals both have reached their limits, because of the creation of Hot Spots and the confinement conditions.

This timeline presents some indicative incidents of all the hate crimes that happened on the islands in the previous two years. ... [Refugee Support Aegean - 9/3/18]



An island at breaking point:  Filling information gaps relating to refugees and displaced people in Chios, Greece [Refugee Rights Europe - 2017]



Refugee women are particularly vulnerable: Balance after two years of operations in the Mediterranean [SIS Mediterranee - 7/3/18]



Nigeria’s immigration service has launched an investigation after two of its staff members were arrested on suspicion of trying to traffic girls out of the country, it said on Friday. ... [Reuters - 10/3/18]



Nigerian community leaders demanded on Friday that the air force be prosecuted for alleged attacks on their villages in the northeasterly state of Adamawa, which they say killed 78 people. ... [Reuters - 10/3/18]



Push backs and police violence on the rise at Croatian border, report finds [ECRE - 9/3/18]



@JulianAssange [9/3/18]:  New high score in Arbitrary Detention 2.



@JulianAssange [9/3/18]: And that is exactly why you have detained me without charge for eight years in violation of two UN rulings and spent over 20 million pounds spying on me you hypocritical mother fuckers. Your entire international human rights programme is £10.6m you pathetic frauds.



A message from the women of Yarl’s Wood on International Women’s Day [New Statesman - 8/3/18]



@caragcoventry [8/3/18]:  The two page poem from us to the World. It's titled 'The Pain Of Wearing My Shoes'. ...



@Zebrashaun [8/3/18]: @UnityCentreGlas @RaceJustice @TatGaravito Glasgow #HungerForFreedom stands with #YarlsWood #HungerStrikers



@libertyhq [8/3/18]:  "Detention is torture. Torture upon torture." Powerful words from women who've been held in indefinite immigration detention at the #allwomencount lobby of Parliament this #InternationalWomensDay2018  



It was high noon when Ribwar Omar decided it was time.

It was time, he believed on a chilly November day, to make a run for it.

"I had to leave," said Omar, who hails from Northern Iraq.

He decided to methodically plan his departure and entry into Canada.

"I took a flight to Seattle," he said, and "stayed one night there, in the hotel" before getting a ride to Blaine and the Peace Arch Park.

He recounted what happened next.

"There were some pathways, made by humans or whatever," and "I saw lots of bushes, scared, insects snakes whatever."

Yet, he darted through, finding a road called Zero Avenue just over he border and an officer hot on his trail.

"I could see a U.S. police officer next to his car with a dog. He saw me and ignored me and I went to the avenue. He was following me," said Omar, who kept running,

"The Canadian police caught me and stopped me. 'Where you come from? Your passport? Why you come here? Why you cross the border?'"

Omar told the agent he was seeking asylum in Canada.

It is a story that is now oft repeated in British Columbia, which has seen, by every available statistic, a rise in refugee seekers.... [King 5 News - 9/3/18]



A powerful refugee judge accused of a “pattern of incompetence” and aggressive behaviour aimed at lawyers and refugee claimants is no longer employed by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), according to the organization. ... [Global News - 8/3/18]



Canada: Former child refugee's deportation hearing temporarily paused [CBC - 7/3/18]:


... According to Ben Perryman, Abdi's lawyer in Halifax, the court's decision could upend the deportation case because it will consider aspects of the case that the IRB cannot, including Abdi's experiences in the Nova Scotia childcare system and his bleak prospects in Somalia.


According to the CBSA, between 2015 and Feb. 26, 2018, Canada has deported 31 people to Somalia, a war-torn country considered to be very dangerous.

On its travel site, the federal government warns Canadians not to visit Somalia because the "security situation" is "extremely volatile and the threat of domestic terrorism is high." ...



11 March 2018