‏@MSF [11/6/16]:  52,578 people remain trapped in #Greece. They're not on your TV screen but they're still there and still suffering.



@shul_evolution [11/6/16]:  La desesperación por llegar a Europa y que no te devuelvan. "Prefiero morir a volver a Turquia" @PROACTIVA_SERV



@moas_eu [11/6/16]: ... #Phoenix rescue of 720 people from 6 rubber boats; 366 transferred to #Italy #Libra & 354 transferred to #HMSEnterprise88 #MOASMED




@moas_eu [11/6/16]:  #Responder 140 rescued incl. 48 women, 7 month old baby & 2 paraplegics. Total of 270 now aboard. @emergency_ong providing post-rescue care




@guardiacostiera [11/6/16]:  #SAR #CanalediSicilia Nave Dattilo della #GuardiaCostiera soccorre 2 gommoni con 258 persone a bordo



Day 84 refugee protests, Nauru



 "The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow" ...



Image:  ‏@SuchNigel [11/6/16]




‏@Mums4Refugees [11/6/16]:  Yesterday's daily protest by the men in Nauru Camp 2. ... <---  Take a closer look at the artwork in this picture.




‏@TNannas [11/6/16]:  A few of the many Nannas knitting in Hobart to say #CloseTheCamps joined by Greens Senate candidate Anna Reynolds





‏"PROTECTING OUR BORDERS BY PERSECUTING PEOPLE?  - SEEKING ASYLUM IS A HUMAN RIGHT - REFUGEES RISK EVERYTHING TO BE SAFE - INDEFINITE DETENTION IS TORTURE - BRING THEM HERE - FIRST FLEETERS WERE BOAT PEOPLE" @greensdawn [10/6/16]:  "We are a community willing to put ourselves in the way of what our government is doing" Ian Rintoul [at refugee forum, Ballina]




Teachers for Refugees [11/6/16]:


Wear a Teachers for Refugees badge to work this Refugee Week (19th-25th June) to spark some conversations and inspire others to take a stand.

Badges are $2, pick them up at the Teachers for Refugees contingents at rallies next weekend, or contact Lucy for Melbourne teachers: 0404728104 and Matt for Sydney teachers: 0404136554 and we'll get some to you.




12 mins in ---> Offshore and offlimits: Reporting Australia's anti-refugee policy [Listening Post - Al Jazeera - 11/6/16]




@jacksongs [9/6/16]:  UK Channel 4 crew ambush Turnbull when he leaves tonight's event asking about Nauru. PM blanks them. ...


Are you not a little bit alarmed about the situation on Nauru?

Asylum seekers seem to be setting themselves on fire in protest against your policies.

Lawyers are saying this policy is illegal under international law Prime Minister.

Have you got anything to say about the asylum seeker policy?

Prime Minister?




RISE Arts Present ‘Vessels To A Story’ Exhibition + Series of presentationsSix artists and a museum curator will visually and critically respond to the language and stories on refugees and refugee policies, including the language that is often embedded in the books we find in libraries. ...



Bring Them Here - Sounds of Change:  Members of The Grates, Regurgitator and more to perform in support of refugees [The Music - 10/6/16]




... “I guess I just couldn't understand why the policemen could do that, and that made me write it.” ... Former student dedicates poem to UPNG [PNG Loop – 11/6/16]:



I Fight For You Too



I fight for you too

My brother in blue

Cold metal in your hand

For your future too I stand

I bleed for you too

Friend in combat shoes

That our kids may grow strong

And joy will be their song

I die for you too

Comrade in sky hue

As you aim death towards me

I'm fighting to set you free

I mourn for you too

My wantok trutru

You follow orders from above

Mine's from patriotic love

I plead for you too

Brother cop, yes you

Our leaders have misled us

And stepped us into the dust

Would you stand with me too?

My blood in navy blue

Reach out and hold my hand

And let us take back our land


Bruce Horick





Over 70 people rally in Sydney in support of PNG students [PNG Loop - 11/6/16]







Police mount special operations in Lae [PNG Loop - 10/6/16]







Clarifying everybody's rights in South China Sea necessary for prosperity: Aquino [Channel News - 11/6/16]




China’s Defence Ministry refuted Japan’s protest over Chinese warships sailing close to the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea. ... [The Star - 11/6/16]




Okinawa police served a further arrest warrant Thursday on a detained former U.S. Marine and civilian base worker for the alleged rape and murder of a 20-year-old local woman in April.

Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, 32, refused to enter a plea, the police said. ... [Japan Today - 10/6/16]




Indonesian Doctors Association refuses to participate in castration of sex offenders [Coconuts Jakarta - 10/6/16]:


... The chairman of the Honorary Council of Medical Ethics (MKEK), Dr. Priyo Sidipratomo, said that doctors would not use their knowledge for non-humanitarian purposes.

A principle that was an important part of their professional oath. 

"Doctors are charged with only using their skills for the benefit of humanity. Even in war, doctors must save humanity, even if it is the enemy," said Priyo.

IDI officials recognized their position could pose a serious problem for the implementation of the law, as only doctors have the knowledge and abilities to safely administer the injections needed to carry out chemical castrations.

At the press conference, they argued that there was no  evidence that castration acts as a deterrent against sexual crimes and that it would be more effective for the government to punish criminals with longer sentences. 



Indonesia and exceptionalist, isolationist, regional pariah Australia agree to "enhance intelligence, counterterrorism cooperation" [Jakarta Post - 9/6/16]



A motley collection of instruments were used to torture prisoners to extract confessions and unravel dubious CIA connections during the Khmer Rouge regime, the former head of the infamous S-21 prison told the Khmer Rouge tribunal yesterday.

Kaing Guek Eav, better known by his alias Duch, delved into the intricacies of torture methods used by interrogators at S-21 – and the consequences for those who overdid it.

Duch’s favoured method was beating prisoners with sticks, as other tactics – wrapping electrical wires around toes, holding a plastic bag over a prisoner’s face to suffocate them, or wrapping their head in a scarf and pouring water from a kettle over them – were time-consuming.

“The physical torture was inevitable … there was only one case that physical torture was not used,” he said.

Psychological torture, such as making prisoners’ fear for their families’ welfare, or forcing inmates to worship whips and images of dogs, was also used.


Guiraud also confronted Duch with the testimonies of former interrogators and guards claiming multiple cases of sexual assault or rape committed by S-21 staff against female detainees.

Lach Mean, a former interrogator, in April testified before the court about instances of rape committed against female prisoners. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 10/6/16]



Australia is starving refugees to force them into exile and disappearance.


Gillian Triggs, where the bloody hell are you?


10th of June The kitchen in Oscar closed as local staff refused to feed 500 to 600 men on #Manus   ‏@racvictoria



‏@racvictoria [11/6/16]:  Day 30 of #Manus protests. Australia, #CloseManus not your hearts. Help us. #BringThemHere



 My life is two things listening to music and living fiction


"tweeted" by ‏@SuchNigel [9/6/16]



The LNP and ALP support the torture and rape of refugees on Nauru because they're a manifestation of US foreign policy. Take your report to Ambassador Cefkin if you're serious. [The Saturday Paper - 11/6/16]



Looking forward to the identical campaign to unseat Richard "I'd be worse" Marles. Otherwise this is just hypocrisy ---> ... GetUp! is trying to unseat Dutton in the Queensland seat of Dickson, which the controversial government minister holds on a margin of just 6.7%

It’s believed GetUp! put a call out for donations to fight Dutton and raised more than $190,000 in a few days.

According to the group, the money is not from a single large donor, but instead, more than 5,200 people gave an average of $38 each.

A spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the group had organised more than 100 volunteers around Brisbane for the campaign, and that the money would be spent on a big local media blitz.

The person likely to benefit from the war chest is Labor’s candidate for Dickson (and former Queensland MP), Linda Lavarch. ... [Buzzfeed - 10/6/16]



Australia's Immigration Minister has quite a history.   Where have you all been for the past ten years?  Bashed peace activist abandoned by the CMC [March 2007]



Are Queensland’s police out of control? [Crikey - 6/9/05]:


... A seasoned political protester, Jim Dowling, was also there, standing at the back of the room with a placard resting at his feet that read “Peter Dutton Supports Terrorism.”

According to a lawyer who was among the 50 or so people who attended the debate, just as questions were being taken from the floor several police “jumped the quiet protester and pulled him into the next room and gave him some rough treatment.”  ...



Colombia captures and imprisons South East Asian refugees trying to reach US [Naharnet - 11/6/16]



Bangladesh: Hindu man hacked to death in Pabna [Al Jazeera - 10/6/16]:


Unidentified attackers have hacked to death a 62-year-old Hindu monastery worker in Bangladesh, police say, the latest in a series of such attacks on religious minorities in the mainly Muslim country.

Friday's killing of Nityaranjan Pande, in the northeastern district of Pabna, follows the murder of a Hindu priest on Tuesday. ...



... BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has questioned the crackdown, alleging it aims to suppress anyone from Awami League’s rival political parties. ... Over 1,000 detained on first day of "anti-terror crackdown" in Bangladesh [bdnews24.com - 11/6/16]



... Ambassadors are also unlikely to share the testimony of a person like Kalpona Akter, a Bangladeshi garment worker and union organizer who was only twelve years old when she went to work in the factory after her father had died.

Working in grueling conditions, Kalpoona reported she earned as little as $6 a month for working as much as 450 hours.

By the time she was a young adult she had enough.

When the company refused the workers their overtime pay started to organize with her fellow workers and they went on strike.

The company responded by locking up some of the strikers in a room at the factory.

Not even the government, but the company owners kept them prisoner.

Finally, they fired her. ... Women’s Global Leadership Program – Part 2 [Blog For Iowa - 10/6/16]




Palestinian shot, wounded after alleged stabbing attempt at Nablus area checkpoint [Maan - 10/6/16]




An Israeli settler ran over a flock of sheep belonging to a Palestinian shepherd near the al-Zubeidat village in the occupied West Bank district of Jericho on Friday, causing the death of 25 of the sheep, according to Palestinian sources. ... [Maan - 10/6/16]




Israeli authorities sentence Palestinian journalist to 6-months detention [Maan - 10/6/16]




Israel imposed collective punishment measures and its leaders threatened more to come after two Palestinian men opened fire in a busy upscale Tel Aviv square Wednesday night, killing four Israelis and injuring several more. ... [Electronic Intifada - 9/6/16]



Israeli minister wants to annex half of West Bank and kick out the Palestinians [Washington Post - 8/6/16]




Netanyahu asks Putin to let Israeli planes fly freely in Syrian and Lebanese skies [Middle East Monitor - 8/6/16]




A US Army officer has been arrested for trying to kill Muslim worshippers and making death threats against members of a mosque in North Carolina before they were going to pray in observance of the holy Ramadan, authorities say. ... [Press TV - 11/6/16]




... "This is not the action of a Muslim, no Muslim will do such an action," said a resident. ... Explosion at Nangarhar mosque kills 4, wounds 50 [TOLO News - 10/6/16]




Prayer leader shot dead in Kapisa [Pajhwok - 10/6/16]




A female Indian aid worker has been abducted by unknown gunmen from Kabul city late on Thursday night, security officials have said. ... [Khaama - 10/6/16]




Details emerge about killing of Afghan and US journalists [TOLO News - 10/6/16]:


... The group of four journalists were traveling in Humvees.

The two surviving journalist were with an Afghan army general in the lead vehicle, the second vehicle was carrying Afghan security forces while the third was carrying Tamanna and his American colleague.

"When you step back and look how this happened it is very suspicious that suddenly we drive into an ambush when all those military vehicles were on the road and they were never shooting it down. It was only when we arrived that they opened fire," he said. ...




Obama approves broader role for US forces in Afghanistan [Reuters - 10/6/16]



US mission in Afghanistan undermining efforts by harming civilians: Report [TOLO News - 10/6/16]




In Pakistan US drone strike victim's family push for justice [Times of India - 10/6/16]




A Nigerian militant group attacked a pipeline operated by Italy's ENI in the Niger Delta region early on Friday, the militants and a security official said. ... [Reuters - 10/6/16]




Amnesty International on Friday claimed the Nigerian military shot dead unarmed civilians before a march to mark the anniversary of the 1967 Biafran declaration of independence.

Police have said at least 10 people were killed — five in the town of Onitsha, Anambra state, and five in Asaba, in neighbouring Delta state — in violence linked to the commemoration on May 30.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement, which has revived calls for an independent homeland for the Igbo people in southeast Nigeria, claimed at least 35 were killed. ... [Vanguard - 10/6/16]




Uganda plans to withdraw by the end of the year troops involved in an operation to hunt down Lord's Resistance Army rebels in Central African Republic, a military spokesman said on Friday.

Uganda leads a U.S.-supported African Union regional task force tracking the LRA rebels, who are notorious for mutilating civilians and kidnapping children for use as fighters and sex slaves.

Most of its 2,500 troops are in eastern Central African Republic.

A smaller contingent is based in South Sudan. ... [Reuters - 10/6/16]




Prominent activist freed in Bahrain leaves for Denmark [US News - 11/6/16]




Egypt stops 445 refugees from escaping via coast [Ahram - 10/6/16]




Former Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy regains Egyptian nationality [Ahram - 8/6/16]




Libya unity forces in street battle with Islamic State group in Sirte [Indian Express - 11/6/16]:



... Warplanes also carried out air strikes around the centre and other IS positions inside Sirte, according to social media accounts belonging to the anti-jihadist operation.

Two GNA fighters were killed and eight wounded and taken to a Misrata hospital, further east, the government said.

An AFP correspondent at the scene reported heavy street fighting about two kilometres (one mile) from the Ouagadougou centre. GNA forces used tanks, rocket launchers and artillery, the correspondent said, while the jihadists responded with machineguns, mortar rounds and sniper fire.

“It was a war with planes and artillery, but now it is street fighting,” said one GNA combatant, who declined to be named.

“We are fighting between houses, on the streets, and we won’t back down before we eliminate them.” ...



Street gangs in Tripoli, known as Asma Boys, attacked him with shards of broken glass, slicing his leg and his face, 17-year-old Augustine Okukpon from Nigeria said at a shelter in Sicily.


"In Libya there are all those Asma Boys, street boys. They said they don't need any blacks in Libya," he told Reuters at an old villa turned into a shelter for migrant boys in the medieval hilltop town of Caltagirone. ... [Reuters - 10/6/16]




Eleven family members executed in home in central Mexico [Reuters - 10/6/16]




The US government is keeping Wildin Acosta detained [#NOT1MORE - 10/6/16]




Ghosts in history? [American Immigration Lawyers Association - 9/6/16]:


... The “22 Lewd Chinese Women” case led to the Circuit Court’s analysis that all people, not just citizens, were owed the proper course of law when addressing issues of the deprivation of life, liberty or property.

The court noted the statute’s differing use of the word “citizen” when addressing the “privileges and immunities clause” versus the use of the word “person” when addressing due process rights.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s holding in Chy Lung v. Freeman stemmed from a Commerce Clause argument but alluded to the protections afforded by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Despite this precedent, today’s government seems unable to learn from history, as shown by the admission by ICE that they are instituting a new wave of raids with the express purpose of deporting Central American families and young people.

My concern, really my fear, is that history will indeed repeat itself when century-old decisions that all people are entitled to due process are ignored and the most vulnerable of populations faces mass, expedited deportations without these protections or their day in court. ...



If you can rise up - while your government collaborates with a foreign invader, and allows your country to be bombed and attacked - you can do anything



... Now I no longer hear them calling

from my window every morning

my life at last means something

to the birds ...



'Birds', The Veils [2013]




‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [10/6/16]: 



The demonstrators have continued in heading for Tahrir Square in the middle of Baghdad in spite of that the governmnet forces have closed the roads............




Najaf demonstrators have closed Da'wa Party office led by Noori Al-Maliki ,and he has described them as Fedayeen Saddam and the Republican Guard ............




Wasit demonstrators stormed into the religious parties headquarters in the province last night and closed them including Ammar Al-Hakim party ,Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari bloc and Da'wa party led by Noori Al-Maliki in addition to the paliament offices and the guards of these headquarters responded by shooting fires towards the demonstrators....



Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Amin Neighborhood east of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 7 injuries....................




Antiquities destroyed; 111 killed in Iraq [Antiwar - 9/6/16]





United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 10/6/16]




Turkish army airstrike, soldiers kill 13 Kurdish PKK militants [Press TV - 10/6/16]




ISIS massacres 40 civilians in Aleppo countryside, 5 civilians killed in terrorist attacks in Aleppo city [SANA - 10/6/16]




Russia: More than 200 terrorists crossed Turkish border to Syria along with huge arms-laden trucks [SANA - 10/6/16]




French special forces are advising rebels on the ground in northern Syria in an offensive against Islamic State fighters for control of the border town of Manbij, the military said on Thursday. ... [Reuters - 9/6/16]




In a historic step toward justice for victims of civil war violence, a Guatemalan court sent eight former dictatorship-era military officers to trial on Tuesday for crimes against humanity and enforced disappearances carried out under the Central American country’s brutal U.S.-backed military regimes.

The case concerns hundreds of abuses committed at the former military base, now known as Creompaz, in the northern department of Alta Verapaz, where the military detained, tortured, and killed targets of the regime’s bloody counterinsurgency strategy, particularly in the 1980’s during the conflict's bloodiest years. ... [teleSUR - 8/6/16]



Human and civil rights activists acting in solidarity with family members of victims of the civil war in South Sudan have expressed disappointments at president Salva Kiir for soliciting international support for reconciliation at the expense of justice. ... [Sudan Tribune - 9/6/16]



... Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state when the first waivers were issued, was apparently never asked to comment on them, and the State Department never provided any explanations about its role.

Clinton had spent years vowing to defend the rights of children worldwide — in 2012, she railed against “modern-day slavery” in the introduction to a State Department report on human trafficking that took aim at the “unlawful recruitment or use of children” by armed forces.

Yet she does not appear to have publicly explained her role in allowing South Sudan and other countries to receive military support despite using children as combatants. In fact, the State Department played a central role in issuing the controversial waivers, according to two sources, including a former State Department official. ...  Clinton’s State Department gave South Sudan’s military a pass for its child soldiers  [The Intercept - 9/16/16]



“We can assassinate you at any time” — journalists face abduction and murder in South Sudan [The Intercept - 10/6/16]




Newseum hosts death cult conference ----> One theme of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s term in office has been ensuring the department gets warfighters what they need when they need it -- now and in the future.

Carter told the Defense One Tech Summit at the Newseum here today that he is looking at the intersection between technology and defense as the logical place for this emphasis as he continues to put in place programs and organizations to meet the needs of warfighters faster and more efficiently in an increasingly competitive world. ... [US Department of Defense - 10/6/16]




What a bunch of assholes ---> President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton's candidacy on Thursday, shortly after meeting with Bernie Sanders at the White House.

"I'm with her. I am fired up and I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary," he said in a video released by the Clinton campaign.

"I want to congratulate Hillary Clinton on making history. ... I know how hard this job can be. That's why I know Hillary will be so good at it. ... I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office."

Obama's statement was not a big surprise, but the timing was sooner than some expected, especially as Vice President Joe Biden and others said it was appropriate to give Sanders time to adjust to the reality that he will not be the party's nominee.

Clinton told NPR moments after the endorsement that she was "thrilled" to have it and noted that she and Obama started as fierce competitors in 2008 and then became close colleagues and friends.  ... [Alternet - 9/6/16]



Jill Stein to Bernie Sanders: Run on the Green Party Ticket and continue your political revolution [Democracy Now - 9/6/16]:



... So, in many ways, the Democratic Party creates campaigns that fake left while it moves right and becomes more corporatist, more militarist, more imperialist.

This is why we say it’s hard to have a revolutionary campaign inside of a counterrevolutionary party.

That’s why we’re here as the Green Party to build a place where a revolutionary movement can truly grow with a political voice. ...



He wasn't against just war, but empire [Democracy Now - 10/6/16]:



... AMY GOODMAN: Dave Zirin, the thoughts on who’s giving the eulogy, which I think is what Muhammad Ali wanted, but President Clinton, Billy Crystal, Bryant Gumbel?

DAVE ZIRIN: Well, first of all, Bryant Gumbel is one of the most lucid analysts of Muhammad Ali’s history. It’s Bryant Gumbel who said that Muhammad Ali allowed the black freedom struggle to move forward because he made people less afraid. Billy Crystal, a longtime friend of Muhammad Ali.

I’ll be honest, the Bill Clinton, the presence there, it honestly—it does hurt, given Muhammad Ali’s historic place as a great figure against war and against bigotry, to have the person who signed the welfare bill, the person who signed the crime bill, the person who was in charge of the sanctions in Iraq—it will be painful to see him up there.

But in many ways, in some respects, that is Muhammad Ali’s last victory. The same presidents that used to bug his phone and harass him and subject him to COINTELPRO now have to stand over his body. ...




What an FBI office break-in and WikiLeaks reveal about government surveillance of Muhammad Ali [Mint Press - 9/6/16]




Police shoot man amid domestic disturbance at Dallas Airport [ABC News - 10/6/16]




An Eritrean man extradited to Italy from Sudan this week and accused of being a human-trafficking boss has denied the allegation and says he is the victim of mistaken identity, his lawyer said on Friday.

If confirmed, it would be a huge blow to Italy and Britain, which had combined forces to track down alleged trafficker Medhane Yehdego Mered and had hailed his deportation from Sudan as a rare victory in the fight against people smuggling.

However, when photographs of the detained man were released after his arrival in Rome on Wednesday, family and friends said he was an Eritrean refugee named Medhanie Tesfamariam Berhe. ... [Reuters - 9/6/16]




11 June 2016