... Day 162 peaceful protest. Stand for justice. [West Haus, Manus]



Image: @Shamindan1 [11/1/18]



@sunosi3 [11/1/18]:  162 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. What does the world of refugees look like if a refugee has been treated with respect and dignity as human beings? What does the humanity mean when there’s no value to human beings?



City of Spokane pays out $49K in settlement with immigrant unlawfully detained by police [KREM 2 - 10/1/18]:


... Gomez’s lawsuit alleges that the officer unlawfully detained him to investigate his immigration status and prolonged his detention to help federal immigration officers, even though city police have no authority to enforce immigration violations.

The lawsuit also states that the City of Spokane’s policies unlawfully authorize officers to seize people and extend detentions for purposes of investigating and enforcing possible immigration violations. 

In the settlement, the city has agreed to modify its policies to clarify that police “shall not contact, question, delay, detain or arrest an individual because s/he is suspected of violating immigration laws.”

The city will also provide training to police officers on the new policies.

The city will also pay $49,000 in damages and fees.  ...



The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Tuesday that a judge from the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey “entered an order” canceling a person’s naturalization certificate, revoking his citizenship and reverting him to a lawful permanent resident.

The move potentially makes him subject to deportation.

Baljinder Singh, also known as Davinder Singh, is the first casualty of “Operation Janus,” a joint operation by the DOJ and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

It appears that because USCIS failed to use fingerprint records effectively, those who have been granted citizenship without proper fingerprint records, meaning before fingerprints were digitized, may now be subject to having their citizenship revoked. ... [Rewire - 9/1/18]



Somalis allege abuse by Florida immigration detention guards [MPR News 9/1/18]:


... In a sworn statement included in the complaint, Hassan said he had failed back surgery in the summer and still has a wound from the surgery.

During the botched Dec. 7 flight, Hassan said he explained to a guard that he stood up because his back hurt.

"The guard body-slammed me and put his knee in my back right where my surgery wound is," he wrote in the affidavit.

"He did it on purpose, after I told him about my back." ...



... “In addition, the rights violating practices surrounding Guantanamo are now a model for the detention and incarceration polices of the US and other states. Plans to expand immigration detention for undocumented migrants and the deplorable conditions in such facilities are connected to Guantánamo’s origins and existence, as Trump’s initial travel ban included only Iran in addition to the states in which the resettlement of Guantánamo prisoners was already prohibited.

“Elsewhere, the fact that none of the remaining prisoners were captured on the battlefield by the US military and that eighty-six percent were sold into US custody by Afghan militias and the Pakistani military for cash bounties finds its contemporary resonance in the current brutal slave trade in migrants in Libya. It is the failure of the international community, and not just of the US, to act to close Guantánamo that has helped to legitimise this status quo. ... London Guantánamo Campaign to mark Guantánamo 16th anniversary with US Embassy candlelight vigil, Thursday 11 January 2018



@WitnessTorture [11/1/18]:  Let them go home, Let them go home, Let them go home. #endtorture #closegitmo #Guantanamo 



@carolrosenberg [11/1/18]:  KSM attorney David Nevin: Defense attorneys have a right and an obligation 'to interview people who know things about our clients being tortured.'




Guantánamo guards switch search technique to bring alleged 9/11 plotter to court [Miami Herald - 10/1/18]



US military investigates leaked Afghanistan combat video [Politico - 10/1/18]



WikiLeaks statement on the mass recording of Afghan telephone calls by the NSA [23/5/14]



@wikileaks [10/1/18]: Second developer of WikiLeaks inspired submission system "SecureDrop", security expert James Dolan, aged 36, has tragically died. He is said to have committed suicide. The first, Aaron Swartz, is said to have taken his own life at age 26, after being persecuted by US prosecutors.



Julian Burnside, Greg Barns and Helen Razer too busy Turnbull-Dutton bashing - and protecting Labor Party white supremacy and Shorten's personal anti-refugee policy - to say ANYTHING about the latest developments on the Julian Assange case?




WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has cryptically uploaded a picture of himself dressed in the national colors of Ecuador.

The country’s media reports the whistleblower has been granted an Ecuadorian ID.

Assange’s ID was issued on December 21, Ecuadorian outlet El Universo reports, citing “reliable sources” and providing the civil registry number to check on the government website.

The document number 1729926483, upon checking on the Internal Revenue Service, is indeed registered to one Julian Paul Assange. ... [RT - 10/1/17]



@wikileaks [10/1/18]:  Statement by Mr Assange's legal team responding to yesterday's news: "The UN ruling, issued almost two years ago, is crystal clear in its language, Mr Assange is unlawfully and arbitrarily detained by the UK authorities and must be released."



@wikileaks [10/1/18]:  A look at the propaganda press. Ecuador states "We will continue to protect @JulianAssange" that it is an "untenable situation" to have him detained in the UK for 5.5 years and wants a third state to mediate. Result ...



UN Victory in Assange Case:  Decision has big implications for refugees and whistleblowers - but was roundly dismissed by Australia's establishment "refugee advocates" and seen on TV international law "experts" (eg Rintoul, McAdam and Saul) - who ignored the majority decision and inexplicably focussed on the minority dissenting opinion [Center for Constitutional Rights - 5/2/16]:


... In our briefs to the WGAD, we argued that someone is effectively detained when they are forced to choose between confinement and running the risk of persecution.

That is the precise dilemma faced by Mr. Assange, who would lose the protection of his asylum if he stepped out of the embassy.

The risk of extradition is the 'fourth wall' for the now repudiated claim that he is free to leave the embassy.

As a result, it has been years since Mr. Assange has had access to proper medical care, sunlight, or the ability to see his family.

The WGAD's decision in Mr. Assange's case sets an important precedent for refugees.

In our submissions we analogized the situation faced by Mr. Assange to that of asylum-seekers in detention facilities.

States may claim that asylum-seekers held in subhuman conditions are not 'detained' because they are technically free to leave for their home country, but this is a non-choice, since the home country would persecute the asylum seeker.

The WGAD decision could mean that so-called 'open' facilities like the Israeli Holot, deep in an Israeli desert, and the Australian-run center in Nauru are legally equivalent to closed prisons.

This concept of detention builds on arguments already adopted by many sources of international law, including the European Court of Human Rights, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and WGAD case law.

We expect this decision to be cited in future refugee detention challenges. ...



Self appointed gatekeeping Labor Party "advocates" for refugee voices use PNG Supreme Court judgment in their ongoing futile campaign to pressure Turnbull and Dutton to end Shorten's "never coming here" policy  [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 15/12/17]



@Aussie4Refugees [11/1/18]:  If the PNG Supreme Court has again ruled trafficking, imprisonment and exile of #Manus refugees unconstitutional, why are lawyers, media and "advocates" prioritising compensation over IMMEDIATE RELEASE and ACCESS TO A GENUINE ASYLUM PROCESS? ... 



Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia's remarks while refusing the Manus injunction last week highlight alternative options for legal remedies eg under international law [The National - 8/11/17]



It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.


Michael Ratner [Lawyer who represented Haitian refugees imprisoned on Guantanamo, as well as Julian Assange]



... In hindsight, we can see that we were wrong to allow our trust in Clinton and his election promise to dictate legal strategy.

Clinton sorely disappointed us, and our belief in him caused our clients to spend more time in the inhuman camp conditions.

But for our belief in Clinton, we could have tried the case four of five months earlier and ended the horror of the camp that much sooner.

If there ever is a next time and I am faced with a similar situation and must choose a legal strategy, I will disregard the promises of politicians.

Clinton's promises and our reliance on them seriously jeopardized our relationships with our clients.

We wrongly believed and persuaded our clients to believe that Clinton would change their circumstances.

Regaining the trust of our clients was not easy.  ... How we closed the Guantanamo HIV camp: The intersection of politics and litigation, Michael Ratner  



False Labor and the birth of Manus [The Saturday Paper - 16/12/17]:


... There’s something desperate, when you think about it, about the inner-city left blaming outer-suburb racists for the ALP’s bind, while voting in exactly the same way, decrying the supposedly intractable racism of Australians, while simultaneously endorsing it at the ballot box.

That situation cannot continue.

The humanitarian disaster on Manus is now unignorable and unsupportable.

No person of conscience can vote for it, or a party responsible for it, and those who call themselves humanitarians have to vote on the basis of policies, not platitudes.

The Labor Party needs to be penalised for its culpability, and metropolitan seats offer the prospect of more than a protest vote. ...




"The law of 19 July 2013 relies on such violence and is executed every day, despite the fact that it is contrary to the democratic and liberal concepts and principles Australia professes."  [Overland - 25/4/16]




11 January 2018