United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 11/8/16]

Putin meets Erdogan for 1st time since downing of Russian jet [RT - 9/8/16]

A car bomb exploded in southeast Turkey's Diyarbakir city on Wednesday, wounding many police officers in an attack believed to have been perpetrated by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants, a Turkish official said.

The official said the bombing had been coordinated with another attack believed to be the work of the PKK in the southeastern province of Mardin.

A security source said initial indications were that seven people had been wounded in Diyarbakir. [Reuters - 10/8/16]

... Obvious questions : Why was there no proper food for 3 days to refugees residing in Vial ? Who gave these orders? Who tolerated this situation ? ... [Chios Solidarity - 10/8/16]

EU envoy to sound out Ankara on refugee outsourcing deal [Ekathimerini - 11/8/16]

A refugee recounts her journey from Turkey to Greece [TRNN - 10/8/16]:

... LASCARIS: And so when you got to the other side, what was the first thing that you encountered?

MAISA: It's- the journey took us 2 and a half hours, which I felt it very long. I felt that the land is never coming again. Or whenever I looked up all I could see was water and only water. People shouting. Just trying to know where did we reach. The motor stopped with us 2, 3 times on the way. It was very terrible, frightening. We were all nervous. Vomiting, headaches. It was totally incomparable.

Once the Greek, the helpers, the volunteers, on the other side on the island, when they came and helped us, we reached the end of the island but once I saw them, I felt something from inside different. I started crying for the way they welcomed us. They helped us there on the island. They covered us.

My mom was in a very bad situation that I couldn't handle myself. I was really afraid that I would lose my mother. She- because of the cold and the water on her, her nerves got frozen. Everyone just knowing- are we alive? We never believed that.

We were so afraid and they kept on telling us that, fine, you're safe now on the island. You've reached- over there they took us Moria, they gave us food and everything. ...

@PROACTIVA_SERV [11/8/16]:  #Lesbos sigue siendo su destino. Esta mañana 44 personas y una emergencia a bordo. Se juegan la vida, literalmente.  

@guardiacostiera [11/8/16]:  #SAR #StrettodiSicilia #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina 3 soccorsi, 161 persone salvate da unità @MOAS_eu  


‏@MSF_Sea [11/8/16]:  On week ago in #Libya, this man was repeatedly beaten with an iron bar on the soles of his feet. He's in agony.

Day 145 refugee protests, Nauru

Never give up


Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar   [11/8/16]



Gross breach of medical ethics - where's the AMA? ---> ... The following May, despite the fact she “sometimes feels like dying” and saw “no future here”, one woman told her case manager she did not want to see an International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) mental health worker, “as they have previously encouraged her to go to Cambodia and this has caused her further distress”. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 11/8/16]


Indonesia seeks funding from Australia to build more concentration camps as refugee bottleneck intensifies [Jakarta Post - 10/8/16]


Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



Guardian [11/12/15]:


Secret federal government documents cast doubt over whether Australia told Indonesia and the United Nations about a retrospective ban on taking refugees from official channels.

In November last year Australia announced it would no longer accept refugees who applied for resettlement through the UN’S refugee agency in Indonesia.

The ban applied to anyone who registered with the UNHCR from 1 July 2014. ...


The impact of Australian policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]:

... While it is widely reported in the media that the number of boats leaving Indonesia for Australia has significantly dropped since the commencement of OSB, NGOs in Indonesia highlight that people seeking asylum have continued to arrive to the country.

While some live in supported shelters or independently in the community, others are locked up in immigration detention centres.

By 2015 there were 33 sites of immigration detention throughout Indonesia.

Australian funding through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has expanded the capacity of this detention network since 2011. ...


Each time an asylum seeker complains about their human rights or about the conditions in the centre, they are offered an appointment with IOM to discuss voluntary return.


Submission 94, Nauru Senate Inquiry



Signing the Strategic Partnership Framework with @IOM_news Director General William Lacy Swing [Image:  ‏@PeterDutton_MP - 28/4/15]



US Embassy in Port Moresby awards two new grants totalling US$1 million to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) [Radio Australia - 16/12/14]


Burma’s Rohingya need international help now more than ever [Huffington Post - 10/8/16]


International law protections for minority groups' right to self-identify  [The Stateless - 11/8/16]


The impact of Australian policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]:


... Australia has only resettled 250 Rohingya since 2008 (most from Bangladesh) and refused to accept any who were rescued after being stranded in southeast Asian waters in May last year.

This further diminishes their resettlement prospects and leaves little space for them to find safety anywhere. ...



36 Bangladeshi children illegally detained in India [Dhaka Tribune - 11/8/16]


Six injured in Trang bomb explosion [Bangkok Post - 11/8/16]


The United States has expressed opposition to any attempt to undermine Japan’s administration of a group of East China Sea islands, in reference to continued intrusions by Chinese government ships into Japanese waters around the islets despite repeated protests by Tokyo. ... [Japan Today - 11/8/16]


Australia bans Chinese and Hong Kong bids to buy Ausgrid on national security concerns [South China Morning Post - 11/8/16]:

... When the Obama administration last year raised concerns that a Chinese company had bought a port in the northern city of Darwin, where US Marines are based, Morrison beefed up oversight of the sale of state assets. He’s also blocked the sale of the S. Kidman & Co. cattle station. ...


Disgruntled landowners are now camping outside the closed gates to the Hides LNG project site in Hela Province after the Government team yesterday failed to convince them to reopen the gate to the conditioning plant. ... [PNG Loop - 11/8/16]


Villagers on Woodlark Island in Milne Bay have reclaimed their customary land from the State after almost 120 years, Lands Minister Benny Allan said yesterday. ... [The National - 11/8/16]

The Waigani Committal Court has dismissed a case against former Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki after finding insufficient evidence against him. ... [PNG Loop - 10/8/16]


UPNG classes to resume on September 5 [PNG Loop – 10/8/16]


Efforts by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to restore the living standards of families evicted by its railway rehabilitation project continue to fall far short of expectations, and urgent action is needed if the bank is to comply with its own safeguard policies, according to a new report.

Some 1,000 families have been evicted from homes to make way for the project to rehabilitate the country’s dilapidated train tracks, and thousands more have lost—or may lose—pieces of their land.

The ADB, which paid the bulk of the $143 million the project was originally predicted to cost, was pushed into a remediation plan by its independent Compliance Review Panel in 2014 following a formal complaint. ... [Cambodia Daily - 11/8/16]



Cambodian-Australian politician barred from country [Cambodia Daily - 11/8/16]


Dutton revels in grotesque "business as usual" media pantomime as Australians await an "opposition" politician who actually holds him to account 


... The nature and essence of this violence in the system is displayed prominently and obviously in front of the Australian political stage. To clarify, the immigration minister occasionally appears as a political figure with the gesture of a dictator, or as a populist representation in the form of a demon, and afterward, he disappears. ...


Australia, exceptional in its brutality, Behrouz Boochani [Overland - 25/4/16]



Where is Hodan?  


[Day 72 refugee protests, Nauru - ‏@InsurrectNews - 30/5/16]



The Nauru self immolations were to protest UNHCR inaction.  The Australian media, "opposition" politicians and human rights establishment are protecting Dutton's lies.



NZ Labour writes to Australian government and requests meeting - NZ Greens call for Nauru refugee concentration camp to be shut down [RNZI - 11/8/16]



On the day of the Guardian's Nauru Leaks, the Australian Greens issued a statement promoting Andrew Denton's latest enterprise [Media Release - 10/8/16]



Turnbull and Dutton are under no pressure to do anything while the once third party - now stand for nothing Greens - continue to let the ALP off the hook --> ... “It is unacceptable for the Turnbull government to continue to send people to an island prison in which we know children are experiencing abuse and violence. ...  [Media Release - 11/8/16]



 Migration amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements Bill) 2015 - Senator Hanson-Young - Senate Hansard - 25/6/15]:


… These amendments provide that child abuse and assault inside detention facilities, when it occurs, would have to be reported to the police—both the Federal Police and the local police at the location of the facility—and, of course, to the department. They are basic mandatory reporting requirements. They mean that, for any staff member engaged in these facilities or any person who is contracted by the Commonwealth or subcontracted by another contractor, if you work inside the facility and you see child abuse, you must report it.

You would think that this type of mandatory reporting would go without saying, but it does not. We know it does not because months and months of evidence has come forward to show that the exact opposite is occurring inside Nauru. Children are suffering at the hands of child abusers; women are being raped and sexually assaulted and harassed; yet there is both underreporting of these incidents internally and no independent reporting as a matter of course.

The culture of secrecy inside these detention camps provides for a lack of reporting to an independent authority. That is wrong. It should not be the case that staff and asylum seekers are intimidated into staying quiet. They are not prepared to put their hand up and say what is going on. It must be a requirement of people engaged by the Commonwealth to report when they see things happening that are wrong. There is nothing worse than seeing a child sexually abused and saying nothing about it. It is wrong.  ...


Ayes ...................... 16

Noes ...................... 31

Majority ................. 15




Di Natale, R

Hanson-Young, SC

Lazarus, GP

Leyonhjelm, DE

Ludlam, S

Madigan, JJ

Milne, C

Muir, R

Rhiannon, L

Rice, J

Siewert, R (teller)

Wang, Z

Waters, LJ

Whish-Wilson, PS

Wright, PL

Xenophon, N




Back, CJ

Bernardi, C

Bilyk, CL (teller)

Brandis, GH

Bullock, J.W.

Bushby, DC

Canavan, M.J.

Carr, KJ

Colbeck, R

Edwards, S

Fawcett, DJ

Gallacher, AM

Gallagher, KR

Ketter, CR

Lindgren, JM

Lines, S

Ludwig, JW

Macdonald, ID

McGrath, J

McKenzie, B

McLucas, J

Moore, CM

O'Neill, DM

O'Sullivan, B

Peris, N

Ruston, A

Seselja, Z

Singh, LM

Smith, D

Sterle, G



‏@AHampay [11/8/16]:  #freeHamid who was arrested by #Nauru police on fake charge to stifle ongoing protests ...



‏@mariemcinerney [11/8/16]:  From Iranian journalist Behrouz Boochani, in detention on #Manus ...


From Manus prison.

The Guardian report about abuse in Nauru detention showed the Australian people what is really happening in Australia's Guantanamos in Nauru and Manus.

This report was too important because it was published only a few days after Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International's revelations.

The Australian government declared that those organisations lied but now there is so much evidence to show the truth.

It is big moment that the Australian people ask the gov why they are controlling the detention system behind such a veil of secrecy.

All Australians should be asking the government why don't you allow media access to detention?

And why did you rule that any workers that speak out about your crimes must go to jail?

I think the media should also be asking the gov what they are doing in these hell prisons, and putting pressure on the gov to allow them access to detention centres to hear refugees' stories.

The government is obviously lying and I wonder how they can get away with it in a country that claims the media are free.

I as a refugee in this Manus prison have witnessed assault and sexual abuse and ask the media to try to pressure the Australian gov to publish the secret reports about Manus prison too.

Australia claims that it is a free country and so must behave like a democracy.

I ask the media to use freedom of information lawss and every legal means to get access to the secret documents detailing the truth about Manus prison.

I am sure that if the media have access to these documents they will see that it is equally bad or even worse than Nauru.



Dear Malcolm and Bill ...


I do understand your job is difficult but this is not a “policy”, it has crossed the line and become a crime. Please get together and fix it.


Asylum seekers to Australia — and acting morally, Dally Messenger [26/7/16]:


... I am particularly sickened, Malcolm and Bill, to cause you to face the fact that these crimes are all the more hideous because they are enacted by people, like you, who claim to be doing the right thing.

Like all criminals committing criminal acts,  there is always the attempt to justify.

But all the spin doctors in the world cannot make this one wash.

I am particularly galled to note that the worst perpetrators of this crime are practising catholics and practising christians.

How am I supposed to get my brain around that? “Do unto others”, the most basic of all Christian tenets, has become a sick joke. ...



Durable solutions: Australia-bound Nepalese refugees dismissed as "duped trafficking victims" and deported from Yap [RNZI - 10/8/16]:


... A senator in the Yap state legislature Nicholas Figirlaarwon said the men suffered during their time on Yap and it took a long time to get the issue sorted out.

He said local customs around welcoming outsiders meant people were embarrassed over their treatment.

"Yap is very small and limited in many ways. It took them so long, the government and the international community to involve in this situation where they can give these people what they need under the law. They also stopped the community from helping them in whatever they can," said Mr Figirlaarwon.

The final group of seventeen Indians are due to be sent home over the next fortnight while the four Nepalese given refugee status await resettlement.



More than four years after Ecuador offered Swedish authorities the opportunity to interview Julian Assange in the nation’s London embassy, a deal appears to have been struck Wednesday after Ecuador’s Attorney General responded positively to a request from the Swedish government to interview the WikiLeaks founder in the building. ... [teleSUR - 10/8/16]



Human Rights First (HRF) and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) each released reports this month detailing the flawed treatment of asylum seekers in the United States.

The USCIRF report, Barriers to Protection: The Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Expedited Removal, looks at the Department of Homeland Security’s overall process for asylum seekers, while the HRF report, Lifeline on Lockdown: Increased U.S. Detention of Asylum Seekers, focuses on the increased detention of asylum seekers. ... [American Immigration Council - 10/8/16]



... He also called on Australia to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. ... UN rights office shocked by inhumane treatment of children in Australian detention centre [Media Release - 29/7/16]



Last August, a Senate motion to expedite the ratification of OPCAT [Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment] didn't even get to a vote because protected and unaccountable  Queensland ALP Senator Claire Moore objected.  



Senate Hansard [11/8/15]:


... Senator MOORE: Yes, Senator Wright, we did deny formality to this important motion, because it is our longstanding practice.

Where we have an issue such as this which is complex and creates a number of complex situations and also determines significant discussions across all states and territories, we believe it is not appropriate to use the notice of motion process for that, and that is our standard practice.



The Northern Territory's chief minister denies a report into the corrections system was being withheld until after this month's election.

Following a Four Corners broadcast featuring footage of boys being abused [tortured] at Darwin's Don Dale detention centre, Chief Minister Adam Giles says the report by former Queensland corrections boss Keith Hamburger will be made public as soon as the government receives it.

At the same time, however, another report on indigenous incarceration has been handed up, which has competing recommendations. ... [MIX 104.9 - 8/8/16]



Keith Hamburger AM - Managing Director [Knowledge Consulting]:


... Keith, as Director-General of Corrective Services (1988 to 1997), led a major successful reform of the Queensland Prison System.

This success was demonstrated by Commonwealth Industry Commission reports showing Queensland to have, at the conclusion of Keith’s stewardship, the most cost-effective system of Corrections in Australia, including the lowest return to prison rate.

Keith has considerable expertise in the area of outsourcing of public services to the private sector, including issues relating to the separation of “purchaser” and “provider” roles, specification of deliverables and the auditing and monitoring of “provider” services.

Under Keith’s leadership Queensland Corrective Services became the first jurisdiction outside of the United States of America to successfully outsource the management of high security prisons to private sector correctional service providers.



Kevin Rudd:


... Returning to Australia in 1988, he was appointed Chief of Staff to the Opposition Leader in Queensland, Wayne Goss.

He remained in that role when Goss was elected Premier in 1989, a position he held until 1992 when Goss appointed him Director-General of the Office of Cabinet. ...


UK: G4S youth detention centre violence condemned in OFSTED [Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills] report [BBC - 8/8/16]



G4S, the giant British-based security company that is under pressure for providing services in Israel, is in advanced talks to sell its Israeli unit to the private equity fund FIMI for a price that could reach 400 million shekels ($104.9 million.)

The talks come five months after G4S announced it was selling its Israeli unit for what it called “commercial reasons.”

But activists for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement hailed is as a victory in its campaign against the company for proving services that aid the occupation. ... [Haaretz - 11/8/16]



UK Labour Party conference WILL go ahead after "security fears" beatup dismissed  [Liverpool Echo - 10/8/16]



Britain's G4S (GFS.L) posted strong results on Wednesday, sending its shares soaring on signs the world's largest security group had bounded back after previous scandals, helped by more demand for its services and a shift in focus away from the UK.


The firm appears to have put behind it a series of scandals, having gained notoriety in 2012 after failing to provide enough guards for the London Olympics in 2012. It was later investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for overcharging the government to provide electronic tags for offenders, some of whom turned out to have been in jail or dead.

In June it emerged that a gunman who killed 49 people in a Florida nightclub was an employee. G4S denies its vetting was lax.

A G4S spokesman said losses on a contract to provide housing for migrants seeking asylum in Britain had not widened. G4S took a 31 million charge for the contract in March, and said on Wednesday it would have to take another charge for 57 million if the contract is extended until Aug. 2019. ... [Reuters - 10/8/16]




Local G4S staff member from #Manus Island RPC poses with gun and radio.


Image: @Asher_Wolf [2/3/14]



ABC, PM [18/2/14]:


MARK COLVIN: Our correspondent Liam Cochrane is on Manus Island. He joins me now.

Now, we've heard from Ronnie Knight, the local MP, about his difficulties getting information. Liam, what's it like for the press?

LIAM COCHRANE: It's very difficult for the press to get information from Manus Island Detention Centre at the moment. I tried today to get quotes from the centre and was followed by the Papua New Guinea mobile squad until we left.

The CEO of the main public hospital here was initially willing to speak to us and do an interview about the asylum seekers that he is treating, the most seriously injured ones, and he was then approached by G4S guards, Australian G4S guards, who told him not to speak to the media.

MARK COLVIN: So G4S guards are telling the hospital chief executive what to do?

LIAM COCHRANE: That's correct. And that's about 20 kilometres away from the detention centre, back in town, at a public hospital. They were indicating to a public servant that he should make no media statement and the CEO agreed to their request at the time. ...



He doesn't care about you, ABC "Current Affairs" are helping him with his PR problem. ---> NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has arrived back home from his Israel trip last week determined to make use of blue-and-white innovations to fight cybercrime, including cyberterrorism.


Scipione is the second high-profile figure from the world of law enforcement to visit Israel searching for cyber solutions in around a month.

In early March, Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York mayor, visited Israel as one of his first foreign trips after becoming the new global chairman of cybersecurity and crisis management practice at the law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP. ... [Australian Jewish News - 14/4/16]



Israeli police finds no wrongdoing in death of Palestinian minister beaten during protest [Maan - 10/8/16]



A Palestinian man was announced dead after he was run over by an Israeli settler riding a motorcycle in Duma village south of Nablus.

According to WAFA news agency, Mousa Salman (83) was instantly killed after the run over attack while he was crossing the road. [PNN - 10/8/16]



Israel bans 15 Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners from seeing lawyers [Maan - 10/8/16]



Israeli forces injured four Palestinian youths with live fire early Wednesday during clashes that erupted when Israeli soldiers raided al-Amari refugee camp near the city of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank. ... [Maan - 10/8/16]



Israeli settler bulldozers under the protection of Israeli army and intelligence forces uprooted hundreds of olive trees from Palestinian lands in the village of Iskaka in eastern Salfit on Wednesday morning. ... [Maan - 10/8/16]



... "We have to give a voice to those who have been rendered voiceless," he would say. ... Remembering my fallen colleague Mehmood Khan [Dawn - 10/8/16]



Lawyers and journalists as well as media personnel held condolence meetings, vigils and demonstrations in almost all towns of the interior of Sindh on Tuesday, the second day of a three-day mourning being observed across the country for the many people, most of them lawyers, who lost their lives in the suicide bomb attack at Quetta Civil Hospital on Monday. ... [Dawn - 10/8/16]



Vietnam moves new rocket launchers into disputed South China Sea [Reuters - 10/8/16]



Can you see the war? Like it or not, we're all invited ... --->  Pacific Resilience Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange kicks off in Port Vila, Vanuatu [US Pacific Command - 4/8/16]



France: Teenager remanded for thought crimes, man jailed 2 years for looking at websites [RFI - 10/8/16]



Canadian police detain person for thought crimes [Reuters - 10/8/16]



Canada bars hundreds of activists from attending the World Social Forum [TRNN - 10/8/16]



Oman closes down newspaper, journalists held: Amnesty International [Reuters - 10/8/16]



‏@wikileaks [10/8/16]:  America's journalistic class showing class on assassination. Grunwald, an Obama hagiographer, is now at Politico.



Ex-CIA director who endorsed Clinton calls for killing Iranians and Russians in Syria [Intercept - 10/8/16]



In news on climate change, rapidly melting ice sheets in Greenland may unearth hazardous radioactive waste stored at a secret Cold War-era U.S. military base.

The U.S. deposited the waste in deep underground tunnels at Camp Century in northern Greenland in the 1960s, expecting it would be secure underneath the ice forever.

But a new study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters says rapidly warming temperatures may now unearth the dangerous waste as soon as the end of this century, threatening local ecosystems. [Democracy Now - 10/8/16]



Multiple fires whipped by high winds were ravaging sites in southern France on Wednesday, moving from village to village and creeping toward the Mediterranean port city of Marseille.

Hundreds of children and adults were evacuated from recreation centers and homes in the town of Vitrolles, about 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) north of Marseille where some homes were burned down, and in nearby Pennes-Mirabeau. ... [France 24 - 10/8/16]


Several hundred people were forced to leave their homes in southern Portugal and Madeira overnight in the face of forest fires that have also ravaged parts of the north of the country, emergency officials said. ... [RTE - 10/8/16]



Fires sweep across Bolivia [Reuters - 9/8/16]



Honduran land rights activist fears for her children but vows to fight on [Reuters - 10/8/16]




11 August 2016