252nd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center


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@GraffitiExpert [12/4/18]:  Commonwealth Games Cameroon team fly athletes [who media are presenting as criminals] home to prevent any more escapes as Beattie, Trad enforce and explain Australia's anti-refugee border regime ... #StolenWealth


... Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chairman Peter Beattie said the athletes should stick to the visa rules.

"The rules and requirements the Australian Government has," Mr Beattie said.

"We encourage people to get a visa, come here and compete, stay a little while after, spend some money in this country and then go home.

"Border security is aware of it — these people are still within their visa — but at the end of the day I would encourage them to return to the village.

"We anticipated this happening — there's a system in place to deal with it and we'll get on with organising the event."

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said she hoped the athletes do not try to overstay their visas.

"Clearly it's not a great thing to have happened," she said.

"I just hope they're out enjoying the delights of Queensland for a little while and will do the right thing and come back to the Games and go home appropriately."



@Aussie4Refugees [11/4/18]:  Separatists in an English-speaking part of Cameroon have kidnapped a former top judge, a source said on Monday, marking a fresh escalation in the troubled region. ...   



@Aussies4Refugees [12/4/18]: A little background on the enduring legacy of the Labor Party's White Australia Policy in Queensland  ...  #SugarSlaves




A rights group filed a lawsuit against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his visit to France on Tuesday, accusing him of complicity in torture and inhumane treatment in Yemen, lawyers said. ... [Reuters - 10/4/18]



A fish rots from the head.


@GraffitiExpert [12/4/18]: ANU Vice-Chancellor expresses disappointment that an incident involving a highly-awarded law student being stopped from speaking out on Australia's anti refugee policy by a member of the school's marketing team was exposed. ...


Gareth Evans. Vital conduit for expansion of US anti-refugee policy. Never held to account for the lives he has destroyed. ---> ... But the routine detention of asylum seekers arriving without visas and the construction of remote detention centres to house them followed the landing of a boat carrying 26 people at Pender Bay near Broome in November 1989.

It was the first boat to carry asylum seekers to Australian territory since 1981 and its arrival marked the beginning of a second wave of boatpeople landing on Australia shores.

(The first wave lasted from 1976 to 1981.  It was made up of about 2000 refugees arriving in small groups who were fleeing Communism in Indochina after the end of the Vietnam War.  They were not detained on arrival.)

There were many Cambodians aboard the Pender Bay boat and subsequent vessels and their arrival came at a sensitive time for the Labor government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Hawke’s high-profile Foreign Minister Gareth Evans was deeply involved in crafting a peace process for Cambodia, which involved the repatriation of 300,000 Cambodian refugees from camps along the Thai border.

The federal government feared that confidence in the plan could be undermined if Cambodians in Australia were found to be refugees or if their personal stories were allowed to become public.

Hawke was quick to declare categorically that the Cambodians were not ‘political’ but ‘economic’ refugees.

He said he would not allow Cambodian asylum seekers to ‘jump the queue’ of Australia’s orderly migration program.

The label ‘queue jumper’ has been used to denigrate asylum seekers arriving by boat ever since. ... Australia's sledgehammer, Peter Mares [APO - 25/2/2004]



@RameshFernandez [12/4/18]: Labor created xenophobic refugee policy and family separation is a major part of it, now labor pushing Libs for family reunion...what a joke



@Aussies4Refugees [12/4/18]: "It is OUR policy" Bill Shorten ... #Manus #Nauru 



Faced with electoral redistribution, Labor fascists seek ultra safe seat for their oily turd Bill "born to rule" Shorten [Australian Financial Review - 11/4/18]




Kindred spirits bond during visit to "multicultural" Israel [SBS - 19/12/16]



@Aussie4Refugees [8/2/18]: "It is OUR policy" Bill Shorten Labor Machiavelli behind Gillard re-opening #Manus and #Nauru poses with signatory to illegal July 2013 PNG-Aus deal Mark Dreyfus QCMP, and Israeli anti-refugee "opposition" politicians including Avi Gabbay [Oct 2017] ...



... Gabbay is a strong supporter of Israeli violence against Palestinians.

In October he described illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank as “the beautiful and devoted face of Zionism.”

Gabbay has also vowed that under his leadership, Israel’s government would never include parties representing Palestinian citizens of Israel. ... [Electronic Intifada - 10/4/18]



@davidsheen [10/4/18]:  Gabbay accuses Corbyn of “very public hatred of the policies of the gov’t of the State of Israel… policies where the opposition & coalition in Israel are aligned” – among these multi-partisan policies Gabbay is mad at Corbyn for hating is the ethnic cleansing of African refugees 



@davidsheen [10/4/18]:  Israel’s High Court just gave the Netanyahu government another 5 days to strike a deal for Uganda to accept forcibly deported African refugees & then to immediately abandon them to statelessness – with the stipulation that Uganda gets plausible deniability



@HRMIsrael [10/4/18]: Asylum-seekers detained in Saharonim tell us that authorities are continuing to pressure them to leave or be forcibly deported to Uganda and Rwanda, despite the absence of agreements w/ those countries allowing forcible deportations.



African refugees get no reprieve from Israel’s racist rage [Electronic Intifada - 10/4/18] 



11 April 2018