Mikhail Gorbachev’s address to participants in the International Conference devoted to the 30th anniversary of the Reykjavik meeting of leaders of the USSR and the US [TASS - 10/10/16]:


... I am urging veteran leaders and diplomats, scientists, experts, and the global civil society to state in the strongest and unequivocal terms:  Nuclear weapons must be prohibited.

Even more: War must be prohibited.

Of all the principles of international law, the principles of non-use of force in international relations and peaceful settlement of disputes must be considered paramount. ...



Germany suggests combining French, Russian draft UN resolutions on Syria [TASS - 10/10/16]



ISIS and Al-Nusra snipers deliberately shoot at civilians trying to escape Islamist-held eastern Aleppo, letting no one out, local residents told RT’s Murad Gazdiev.

An RT crew has been to the frontline inside the embattled city and brought back the grim picture of what it takes to live there. ... [RT - 10/10/16]



A second generation of U.S. soldiers is now preparing to enter Mosul. U.S. Army Specialist Chase Snow is deployed near the northern Iraqi city that his father patrolled 13 years ago after the U.S. invasion.

In liberated towns such as Qayara or Dhuluiya, tribal mechanisms are being overwhelmed in the attempt to seek justice for those harmed by the Islamic State militants.

In many cases, retribution is being sought against innocent family members. At least 113 people were killed and 77 were wounded ... [Antiwar - 9/10/16]



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 10/10/16]



Paris demanded on Monday that Britain honour promises to take in migrant children from the notorious Jungle camp in the French port city of Calais, adding to pressure following accusations by the Red Cross that London is dragging its heels. ... [Reuters - 10/10/16]



An Eritrean migrant died and his wife was injured in an accident involving a British car driver on a motorway near the French port of Calais.

The pair were knocked down on an interchange where dozens of migrants were reportedly trying to climb on to lorries. ... [BBC - 10/10/16]



‏@Hibai_  [10/10/16]:  Nearly 153,000 people not relocated in one year. Solidarity exists, political decisions needed.



500% rise in African migrants crossing through Mexico in 2016 [teleSUR – 9/10/16]:


... Between January and August 2015, the INM [National Migration Institute] registered 1,513 citizens from African countries, but in 2016—for the same period—7,366 people were registered.

As La Jornada reported, the U.S. border became a bottleneck, as the U.S. administration restricted access to foreigners, even when they would be entitled to claim refugee status. ...



‏@MSF_Sea [10/10/16]:  "What we have seen, we do not want anyone to see it" - Xuedela, a #Yazidi dad, fled #Iraq. The family made it out just before IS arrived.



‏@PROACTIVA_SERV [9/10/16]:  El último rescate #Astral Cayó al agua desde el muelle #Zarzis y ya es una más a bordo de vuelta a zona de rescate @ArisMessinis  



‏@jenelle_eli [10/10/16]:  Last week we met this boat in the middle of the sea & pulled these #migrants aboard the #responder. This pic blows my mind. #protecthumanity



Next time Professor George Williams asks you to support his call for a Bill of Rights, tell him to GET FUCKED! ---> Australia plans indefinite detention even after sentences are served [Washington Post - 8/10/16]:


...  “Since Sept. 11 the unthinkable has not only become possible, it has become commonplace,” said George Williams, the dean of the University of New South Wales law school and author and editor of 34 books, including Human Rights Under the Australian Constitution, in an email.

Williams backs the change, even though he acknowledges it overturns what is regarded by many as a fundamental human right.

“It is, in the circumstances, a necessary evil,” he said. ...


Day 205 refugee protests, Nauru


The ocean offered us a chance to start a new life,

We didn't drown.but the Aus gov has denied our 2nd chance at life.



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [10/10/16]


UNHCR and Australian officials to meet and discuss anything but the release and resettlement of refugees imprisoned on Nauru and Manus Island [RNZI – 10/10/16]



A media that wasn't corrupt would ask Dr Zimmerman why the UNHCR told refugees they would be on Nauru for 10 years.



Lawyer representing illegally imprisoned men on Manus Island may file contempt of court proceedings against PNG government [RNZI - 10/10/16]:


A lawyer representing detainees on Manus Island says he may file contempt of court proceedings against the Papua New Guinea government after it announced a plan last week to close one facility on the island and keep another open.

The lawyer, Ben Lomai, said the plan contravenes the PNG Supreme Court's ruling in April that the detention of asylum seekers was unconstitutional.

Mr Lomai said his contempt proceedings could target the Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato, the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and the Chief Immigration Officer, Mataio Rabura.

"All the detention centres should be closed, whether it's in Lobrum or in East Lorengau or even in any other part of Manus or for that matter any other areas in Papua New Guinea. With respect to Rimbink Pato, he has misconstrued the judgement and that's why I am contemplating filing contempt proceedings against him and the Chief Migration Officer and the Prime Minister."

Mr Lomai, who represents more than 300 of about a thousand detainees on Manus, says the transit centre in East Lorengau town can only house about 300 people.

"It could be less than 300 or if not 250. It's a very tight facility and also the landmass is very small in terms of the flexibility for the asylum seekers to move around. And it's another place where even if it's open, it still amounts to detention in itself."



Lutheran Church in Madang issues eviction notice to people living along the north coast road near the mission’s Nagada facility [The National – 10/10/16]



National academic doctors employed at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), University of PNG have expressed grievances over delayed industrial claims. ... [PNG Loop - 10/10/16]



The University of PNG administration has allowed student leader Kenneth Rapa and 12 others to resume studies.

The 13 student leaders will join the rest of the students to sit for their semester one exams which will commence on Friday. ... [The National - 10/10/16]



Myanmar deploys military to Rakhine following (false flag??) attacks on police [Reuters - 10/10/16]:


... The Rohingya, who are mostly stateless and are subject to severe restrictions on their movements, make up the majority of the population in the northern part of Rakhine State.

Authorities in the township of Maungdaw on Sunday announced the extension of an existing order banning gatherings of five or more people and imposing a 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.

State media said the military - known as the Tatmadaw - had moved troops into the area by helicopter.

Photographs on social media showed trucks full of infantry purportedly being deployed in the area. ...



10 Rohingya killed by Myanmar military in Rakhine [Arakan Times - 10/10/16]


After imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar for nearly 2 decades, US formally abolished the blacklist on October 7 [Myanmar Times - 10/10/16]



... Woodside’s 1H results for 2016 show the discoveries made late last year at the Shwee Yee Htun-1 and Thalin-1a fields have so far identified 2.4 trillion cubic feet of gas.

“We are looking at how we can access and pursue options to commercialize these discoveries,” Mr Lawrie Tremaine, Woodside’s executive vice-president and chief financial officer, told the teleconference, AOG said.

“We're processing and evaluating currently more than 31,500 square kilometres of newly acquired high-quality seismic data across this [Rakhine] basin and we're preparing for a drilling campaign in 2017 with our JV partners and the Myanmar government,” Tremaine said. ... [Frontier Myanmar - 29/8/16]



‘No release of land for LTTE supporters’ proclaims Sri Lankan Minister [Tamil Guardian – 10/10/16]:


Sri Lanka’s Minister of Defence said his government would not allow the release of land in the North-East currently occupied by the military, if it meant land would be returned to “LTTE supporters”.

"There is no requirement to provide lands to LTTE supporters or to reduce security in the North and East,” said Ruwn Wijewardene at a press conference on Friday.

“We are only providing required land for the people living in the area".

Thousands of Tamil families across the North-East remaind displaced, awaiting resttlement in their native land.

Many have been waiting for years, some displaced for decades.

The Sri Lankan military meanwhile, has continued to increase the presence of camps across the Tamil North-East.

He also reassured the media briefing that there was “no requirement to remove military camps from the North and East to provide lands to LTTE supporters”.

The Ministry of Defence further quoted him as saying that land releases would not take place if it was to “compromise national security”.



UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues visits Sri Lanka [Tamil Guardian – 10/10/16]



Indian police say security forces are battling a group of gunmen inside a government compound in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir.

Police told the Associated Press news agency on Monday that army and paramilitary soldiers cordoned off the compound after gunshots were heard near Pampore town, about 10km outside of Srinagar, capital of Indian Kashmir.

One soldier was reported wounded in the initial fighting. ... [Al Jazeera - 10/10/16]



@ttindia  [9/10/16]:  A soldier trapped in a truck that had crashed near Srinagar was #rescued by #Kashmiri youth after other soldiers failed to pull out the man.  



South Korea protests sinking of Coast Guard ship by Chinese fishing boat [Global Times - 10/10/16]



Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Cambodia, Bangladesh, attend BRICS summit [CCTV.com – 10/10/16]



Airports Fiji Limited has blamed one of its Australian-based contractors for problems at Nausori Airport that's caused Fiji Airways to stop some flights. ... [RNZI - 10/10/16]



"Our focus is on action, not gestures” UQ resolves not to divest from fossil fuels [Media Release - 7/10/16]



Severe water shortage on Koh Samui [Bangkok Post - 10/10/16]



Hooters, the US restaurant chain known for its buxom waitresses in skimpy outfits, has pushed back the opening of its first Cambodian branch in Phnom Penh until December, and could open an outlet in Siem Reap as early as next year, according to sources close to the project.

The two Cambodian branches are part of a 30-location Southeast Asia development agreement between Atlanta-based Hooters Inc and Bangkok-based international franchisee, Destination Resorts Co Ltd signed in January 2015.

Four outlets have already opened in Thailand, including a monster 560-seat restaurant in Pattaya – the American chain’s largest offshore outlet to date. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 10/10/16]



Journalists press case for freedom from fear at Asian Investigative Journalism Conference in Kathmandu [Bangkok Post - 10/10/16]:


... Thailand's military junta makes liberal use of an order it issued shortly after the coup, barring media outlets from presenting news that could be deemed harmful to national security, or in other words contrary to the interests of the military.

The Computer Crimes Act and the criminal defamation law are also widely used in Thailand to intimidate journalists and others who raise sensitive subjects.

Prachatai, a small and niche media outlet, also covers issues related to Section 112 of the Criminal Code, or the lese majeste law, which various governments have used as an effective tool to crush political opposition.

"Given the very limited freedom of expression in Thailand at this moment, I think we have been trying our best to use networks. We have been maintaining contacts with student activists and NGOs throughout the country and when something happens we have their support," Mr Kongpob told a forum.

"Even though I'm new, the situation in Thailand is very challenging for journalists. What we do at Prachatai is that we report serious human rights violations as well as stories about marginalised people," he said.

"Of course we are trying our best to protect our journalists and sources. If we get stories that we think are too risky to run by ourselves, then we tend to send them to other international media outlets and NGOs who are based abroad so they could publish them for us. If it is very risky, we will send complaints to the national human rights commission and the UN." ...



Cambodia: Opposition lawmaker sentenced to two and a half years prison over Facebook posts critical of the government’s work demarcating Cambodia’s border with Vietnam [Cambodia Daily - 10/10/16]



The World Bank Group is using poorly regulated intermediaries to help finance the Lower Sesan II hydropower dam and other projects in Cambodia evicting—or threatening to evict—hundreds of families, according to a new report that calls the practice “appalling.”

The report, released last week by a team of rights groups, accuses the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank’s private lending arm, of secretly funding 91 projects across Asia—including three in Cambodia—causing “severe” environmental damage and human rights abuses in breach of its own standards. ... [Cambodia Daily - 10/10/16]



A 27-year-old German woman has died after falling 13 storeys at a Perth construction site on Monday afternoon.

The woman fell at the 38-storey Finbar development on Adelaide Terrace at East Perth.

It is thought she was leaning over a handrail on the 15th storey when she fell to the second storey.

She was rushed to hospital as a "priority one" patient but later pronounced dead.

According to the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, the woman had been in Australia for a matter of months and was performing unskilled labour on the site. ... [WA Today - 10/10/16]



Perth Archbishop stands down over failure to act on child sex abuse claims [WA Today - 10/10/16]



Ticker tape vs sex tape: Notes on the town brawl in St. Louis [Counterpunch - 10/10/16]



Internal strategy documents and emails among Clinton staffers shed light on friendly and highly useful relationships between the campaign and various members of the U.S. media, as well as the campaign’s strategies for manipulating those relationships.

The emails were provided to The Intercept by the source identifying himself as Guccifer 2.0, who was reportedly responsible for prior significant hacks, including one that targeted the Democratic National Committee and resulted in the resignations of its top four officials.

On Friday, Obama administration officials claimed that Russia’s “senior-most officials” were responsible for that hack and others, although they provided no evidence for that assertion. ... [The Intercept - 10/10/16]


@chasestrangio [9/10/16]:  .@xychelsea has not been able to check-in with family, friends and supporters for 5 days. Legal team monitoring and will update when we can.



In a letter to President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC-EP leader Rodrigo Londono Echeverri—better known by the nom de guerre Timochenko—the daughter of Colombian politician, Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, whose 1948 assassination sewed the seeds of rebellion, accused the state of fueling the conflict and said that no peace deal could forfeit amnesty for rebel fighters as opponents of the peace deal have demanded. ... [teleSUR - 9/10/16]



Cuba sends additional doctors to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew [Havana Times - 8/10/16]



Forty years ago today, on Oct. 6, 1976, Cubana Flight 455 on its way from Barbados to Jamaica was bombed shortly after takeoff, killing 73 people, including the national fencing team of Cuba.

In what was immediately seen as a terrorist act, most in the international community joined Cuba in denouncing the horrific act.

In 2011, declassified CIA documents showed that one of the key figures in this terrorist attack was Luis Posada Carriles, a right-wing Cuban who had fled the island after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. ... [teleSUR - 6/10/16]



A pair of U.S. Air Force B-2 bombers dropped two 700-pound faux nuclear bombs in the middle of the Nevada desert within the past few days.

Now the Pentagon wants to tell you about it.

Conducted “earlier this month,” according to an Oct. 6 press release, the test involved two dummy variants of the B61, a nuclear bomb that has been in the U.S. arsenal since the 1960s.

One was an “earth penetrator” made to strike underground targets, the other a tactical version of the B61.

Neither carried an actual warhead. ... [Yahoo - 7/10/16]



The United States as destroyer of nations [Counterpunch - 7/10/16]:


... Jose Marti once said, “there are two kinds of people in the world: those who love and create, and those who hate and destroy.”

There is no doubt that the U.S. has proven itself to be of the latter kind; indeed, the very nature of U.S. foreign policy is destruction.

Given this, it is at best foolish and naïve for people of any political stripe, but particularly self-defined leftists, to put any stock in the notion that the U.S. is acting in the defense of human rights, democracy or any such lofty goals in intervening militarily abroad.

There is only one proper goal, then, of people of good will – to oppose U.S. military intervention with every fiber of our being.



US: Navy ship targeted in missile attack from Yemen [Al Jazeera - 10/10/16]



Thousands of people in Sanaa have demonstrated against Saturday's Saudi airstrikes on a funeral procession that killed more than 140 people. ... [Deutsche Welle - 9/10/16]



@YemenPostNews [9/10/16]:  Before/After Yemen MASSACRE: Death toll from Saudi airstrikes on #Sanaa funeral hall yesterday is deadliest in #Yemen since start of war.



A powerful Syrian Islamist insurgent group on Sunday pledged allegiance to former al Qaeda branch Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, a statement circulated by rebel officials and reported by a monitoring group said. ... [Ahram - 9/10/16]


‏@oulosP [8/10/16]: 
Jaafari speaks some truth about the walk out of the #UN by the usual imperialist suspects. #Syria



German police commandos stormed an apartment in the eastern city of Chemnitz on Sunday and detained a man in connection with a hunt for a Syrian refugee suspected of planning a bomb attack. ... [Reuters - 9/10/16]



Suicide bomber kills at least 10 in town north of Baghdad [Reuters - 9/10/16]



Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the Iraqi territory, stating that he would not agree to the participation of their forces in the forthcoming operation to liberate the strategic northern city of Mosul from Daesh terrorists.

Speaking at a press conference in the holy shrine city of Karbala on Sunday, Abadi condemned the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil as violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, pointing out that the Turkish military deployment in Iraq is unacceptable for bilateral relations between Baghdad and Ankara, Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network reported. ... [Press TV - 9/10/16]



A senior official of Mozambique's Renamo opposition party was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on a Maputo beach, Renamo's national spokesperson was quoted as saying, potentially blocking progress in its talks with the government.

The killing of Jeremias Pondeca, a member of the Joint Commission set up to find solutions in the standoff between the government and Renamo, comes days before the commission was due to resume its work.

It was not immediately clear if it would do so following the shooting.

Pondeca was shot while exercising on the beach on Saturday, Renamo spokesman Antonio Muchanga was quoted as saying by state news agency AIM.  ...  [Reuters - 9/10/16]



Ethiopia declares state of emergency to restore order after protests [Reuters - 9/10/16]:


Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn declared a six-month nationwide state of emergency on Sunday, saying months of unrest threatened the nation's stability.

Rights groups say more than 500 people have been killed in protests in the Oromiya region since last year, when anger over a development scheme for the capital turned into broader anti-government demonstrations over politics and human rights abuses. ...



Iran temporarily releases hunger-striking journalist [Middle East Eye - 9/10/16]



Reports from Vanuatu say West Papua is poised to be granted full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) in December.

The Daily Post said this was announced by the MSG chair, the Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare, in Port Vila at a meeting with West Papuan representatives.

Mr Sogavare reportedly said Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia's FLNKS movement would admit West Papua at the next MSG Leaders Summit in Vanuatu even if Papua New Guinea and Fiji stay away. ... [RNZI - 10/10/16]



"I saw the navy patrol boat towing the Indonesian fishing boat out to sea away from Christmas Island ...

"It's a wicked thing to do."


SBS [20/11/15]



Image:   ‏@KJBar [20/11/15]



Let's assume that the Australian Government is conducting mass-executions of refugees at sea to prevent them attempting to seek asylum in Australia.

Sounds outrageous? Why?

How do you know it isn't happening right now?

If it is happening, and we have no way of knowing that it isn't, it can only be happening because the ALP/LNP duopoly together with the fascist US controlled establishment media in Australia are happily complicitly silent.

And you can be assured that they most definitely are.

So, who cares if it is? Do you?

What will you do to try to find out whether Australia is executing refugees?

Will you send an email to your MP?

If not, why not? A fucking email for fucks sake! It costs you a few electrons and a tenth of a cent!

Try it. You will be terrified by the response, guaranteed.



Dutton taunts the ALP with their own policy, while lying about Australia's humanitarian program [Media Release - 10/10/16]:


... "It is only when we are sure that out our borders are secured that we can turn our attention to our successful migration programmes." ...



Indonesia seeks funding from Australia to build more concentration camps as refugee bottleneck intensifies [Jakarta Post - 10/8/16]



The impact of Australian policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]:


... While it is widely reported in the media that the number of boats leaving Indonesia for Australia has significantly dropped since the commencement of OSB, NGOs in Indonesia highlight that people seeking asylum have continued to arrive to the country.

While some live in supported shelters or independently in the community, others are locked up in immigration detention centres.

By 2015 there were 33 sites of immigration detention throughout Indonesia.

Australian funding through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has expanded the capacity of this detention network since 2011. ...



Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



Guardian [11/12/15]:


Secret federal government documents cast doubt over whether Australia told Indonesia and the United Nations about a retrospective ban on taking refugees from official channels.

In November last year Australia announced it would no longer accept refugees who applied for resettlement through the UN’S refugee agency in Indonesia.

The ban applied to anyone who registered with the UNHCR from 1 July 2014. ...



No opposition to Australia's anti-refugee policy + zero journalism = empowerment of the extreme right and their false debates [ABC - 10/10/16]:


... Retired Major General Jim Molan, former federal government advisor and envoy for Operation Sovereign Borders, says Australia's current refugee policy is heading in the right direction. ...



PEOPLE ARE BEING TORTURED AND ARE DYING BECAUSE OF AUSTRALIAN POLICY.  This phony, atrocity invisibilising event ought to be protested ---> "Out of the Refugee Impasse"



Perhaps Genevieve Jacobs could interview Thomas "send in the military" Albrecht again, and - among other things - ask him how many of the refugees he repatriated from Ghana he thinks are still alive? [UNHCR starts repatriation to Liberia; first refugees arrive on convoy, airlift - 1/10/04]



Love your oppressor: ANU releases results of poll that asks all the wrong questions at just the right time! [Media Release - 10/1016]:


... The poll also found strong support for the government’s strict border protection controls, the retention of telecommunications metadata, revoking citizenship for foreign fighters with dual nationalities, and for bans on Australians traveling to conflict areas. 


The latest ANUpoll is a result of a national random telephone survey of 1,200 people, interviewed between late June and early July 2016. ...



Before they raise one more cent, Naomi Steer - and/or her associates - should explain why the UNHCR does not want refugees imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru released and resettled ---> ‏@NaomiCSteer [9/10/16]:
 I encourage everyone to watch @QandA tomorrow on #RefugeeCrisis w panel feat Huy Truong, bus. leader, former refugee & @UNrefugees supporter



School of the Americas Watch "Convergence at the Border" [Photographs by Steve Pavey]



Thai king's condition unstable after hemodialysis treatment - palace [Reuters - 9/10/16]



Albania hosts only its second ever royal wedding - and the first since the end of communism - as King Leka II marries longtime fiancee Elia Zaharia in a lavish ceremony [Daily Mail - 9/10/16]



SBS fined after filming for their class war propaganda in Brisbane suburb of Inala [Brisbane Times - 8/10/16]



… The program is garbage so we’ve brought garbage trucks out here as a symbolic protest. Struggle Street protest brings garbage truck blockade to SBS Sydney offices [Guardian - 6/5/15]



ADHD linked to ‘lifelong trajectory of disadvantage’ [UQ News - 10/10/16]



Juvenile detainees at Perth's Banksia Hill detention centre have been involved in a disturbance at the facility for the third time in five weeks, damaging a building. ... [ABC - 8/10/16]



Time for First Nations and Peoples to pick up the pace for 'decolonisation' [Sovereign Union - 4/10/16]:


… It is an insufficient solution for the Australian political parties to now argue that they have 'Aborigines' as members, who now represent that political party in parliamentary offices and positions.

These people do NOT have an Aboriginal/First Nations mandate. They were elected to serve the mandate of the political party of which they are a member, and to serve the interests of that political party's policies. They are NOT representatives of their own First Nations and are MPs in the broadest sense and are elected by the mainstream mainly non-Aboriginal vote.

Their presence in the colonial parliament does NOT erode the rights and status of First Nations' pre-existing and continuing inherent sovereign rights. It does not matter how many First Nations people become MPs in the Westminster parliamentary system in Australia, because they will not and cannot undermine the Continental Common Law held by First Nations under our Law and culture across this continent.

This Continental Common Law of Australia, known in some parts of Australia as the Law of the Dreaming, can only be taken or given away by defeat in war, in which case a peace treaty/pact will have to be signed with each Nation and until that peace treaty /pact is put in place ' the laws of the ancient kingdom remain'.

The other way is by the First Nations ceding all that they have and own under their Law and custom to the new invader or occupier State on conditions agreed upon by the parties concerned.

If neither of these two methods is used then our First Nations remain independent of the colonial occupier State and its Laws, which is our position today and has resulted in increasing numbers of Unilateral Declarations of Independence (UDIs) by First Nations.

The tyrannical acts that we are subjected to in the present day are indeed equivalent to acts of war, without any declaration of war, and are classified as internationally recognised wrongful acts.

The brutality and excessive over policing and continued subjugation by the Australian States are gross acts of aggression against our Peoples.

Our Peoples' inability to defend themselves is due to the fact that our Peoples have never been made fully familiar with a) their rights and b) the definition of tyranny and subjugation, oppression and occupation by a superior force.

Our Peoples are ruled by a policy of 'better to have them fear you than to love you.'

My trip to London is a step towards defining an international pathway to decolonisation, reparations, self-determination and governance. …



‏@davidsheen [9/10/16]:   TODAY: Israeli High Court debates ethnically cleansing non-Jewish African refugees, makes Africans & their supporters sit in the back 2 rows



Glassenberg notes from the high court's hearing this morning.

Now the state presents its claims infront of the judges without the NGOs' presence.

We don't expect a decision today, but we hope that our lawyers managed to convince the court that the state is lying when presenting the "secret third country" as a safe one ... [Holot Refugee Prisoners in Israel - 9/10/16]



Dr. Imad Barghouthi, professor at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, was sentenced to seven months in Israeli prison at the Ofer military court on Sunday, 9 October.

Barghouthi was sentenced on charges of “incitement” for posting about Palestinian politics and occupation on Facebook and social media.

His imprisonment will be calculated from the date of his arrest in April, meaning that he will be released in November.

He was originally arrested on 24 April by Israeli occupation forces at a checkpoint near Nabi Saleh as he traveled to his hometown of Beit Rima.

He was originally ordered to administrative detention without charge or trial; he had been held once before in administrative detention in December 2014, arrested by occupation forces as he traveled to an academic conference in the United Arab Emirates. ... [Samidoun - 9/10/16]



The State of Palestine on Sunday welcomed the first visit of a delegation from the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC). ... [PNN - 9/10/16]



‏@RaniaKhalek [7/10/16]:  Equal rights for Palestinians is "a hypothetical" that's not worth discussing, says the State Department ...



Outrage as Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign bank accounts closed [Electronic Intifada - 6/10/16]




10 October 2016