Multiple witnesses confirmed what UNHCR said. UNHCR deny it. WHERE IS THE NAURU REFUGEES' RIGHT OF REPLY? [ABC]:


*EDITOR'S NOTE (4th May, 2016):

Since this story was broadcast, UNHCR has made this statement:

"No UNHCR staff member or any other individual in our presence throughout last week's mission to Nauru made comments to asylum seekers that they could expect to be on the island 'for up to 10 years' or otherwise return to their country of origin.

"UNHCR had been on Nauru undertaking a monitoring mission in relation to arrangements in place for the asylum-seekers and refugees transferred from Australia, and three staff were present at the site of the incident, though the man had not been interviewed by UNHCR or doctors accompanying the mission. A mission for the same purpose had taken place on Manus Island the previous week. UNHCR undertakes regular visits to offshore processing sites to monitor the situation of refugees and asylum seekers, including on seven separate occasions to Nauru since 2012. UNHCR is deeply saddened by the tragic death of the refugee who sustained fatal burns during the incident at the Nauru refugee settlement last week."




Day 52, refugee protests on Nauru





via ‏@InsurrectNews [10/5/16]




Image:  ‏@Mums4Refugees [10/5/16]




@Mums4Refugees [10/5/16]:   ... Day 52 Peaceful protests on Nauru - Don't stop the boats by killing us #BringThemHere #CloseTheCamps




ABC report on DIVEST FROM DETENTION action at the Australian Council of Superannuation Investor's annual conference in Melbourne today [AUDIO - 10/5/16]:   ... People didn't necessarily know their retirement savings were supporting this brutal industry. ... <--- One of  the reasons for this is that most Australian media wouldn't know a genuine protest if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.




Protest Wayne Swan this Sunday, 15 May - Kidspace - Seventh Brigade Park Chermside  ---> ... Wayne invites all local families with babies up to 18 months of age to register to take part in the ceremony. ...





BITA goons taunt refugees about forced return to Nauru [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 10/5/16]:



... At least two people detained in the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA) have been told that they could be returned to Nauru “soon”.

Astonishingly, one of the people told that will be sent to Nauru is a refugee brought from Manus Island for medical treatment. ...





Dutton won't appeal Federal Court decision that Nauru rape victim owed duty of care while being punished for seeking asylum [Guardian - 10/5/16]:


... The director of the National Justice Project, Duncan Fine, told Guardian Australia he hoped the court’s finding would mean no other woman would have to endure what S99 had.

He said any apology to S99 from Dutton and the government would be too little too late, and that the priority would be getting her adequate healthcare as soon as possible.

“Everything the government has done up to now has really been designed to obstruct her getting the very best and safest medical attention,” he said. ...




Medical establishment, professional associations still silent about Australia's ongoing use of abortion/forced pregnancy as a "deterrence" weapon against refugees -  media appear to revel in this crime against humanity [The Age - 10/5/16]:


... The young woman who, as Fairfax revealed last month, was semi-conscious after suffering a suspected epileptic seizure when she was attacked on Nauru, had begged authorities to let her come to Australia to terminate the pregnancy.

Instead, Australia sent her to Papua New Guinea, where the criminal code states abortion is illegal.

There she remains in limbo in a Port Moresby hotel room after her legal team issued emergency legal proceedings to prevent Australian authorities from arranging an abortion in PNG where, they say, her complex medical and mental health needs could not be assured.

She is now in her second trimester of pregnancy and, the court was told, her mental health is deteriorating rapidly.

Her barrister, Ron Merkel, told the court the woman had told her legal team on Thursday she felt she was "going crazy" and said she might hurt herself "like Hodan" - a reference to the young Somali woman who last week set herself on fire on Nauru.

"I feel bad," she told her lawyers.

"Can you please hurry up the court? My belly is growing bigger every day; I want the baby out." ...




Sultan meets Rohingya families at Malaysian refugee centre, calls for an international response to their plight [Gulf News 7/5/16]:


... Dr Shaikh Sultan also met Richard Towle, UNHCR Representative in Malaysia.

They discussed the situation of refugees in the country and UNHCR’s efforts to support them and help them overcome the trials and challenges of life in exile.

Dr Shaikh Sultan and Shaikha Jawaher inquired about UNHCR’s needs to be able to continue providing support and assistance to refugees residing in Malaysia, specifically displaced Rohingya Muslim families from Myanmar. ...




UNHCR appeals to Kenya over decision to end refugee hosting [Media Release - 9/5/16]  Couldn't be reached for comment when Australia did the same in July 2014.




‘War machinery still in place in Sri Lanka’ – UN Special Rapporteur [Tamil Guardan - 10/5/16]




US sails warship near Chinese-claimed reef in South China Sea [Channel News Asia - 10/5/16]




Queensland government continues its punishment regime in Aurukun [ABC - 10/5/16]




Government warned of ‘blood on the streets’ over Wik bauxite plan [National Indigenous Times – 26/2/16]:


... The submission, one of 16 to the Senate Standing Committee, questions among many other things the signing of a Development Agreement between Glencore and the Queensland Government on January 5, 2015, the day before Campbell Newman announced a snap poll for January 31.

On January 14, during caretaker mode, a Mineral Development License was signed and accepted by the state, which ABD [Aurukun Bauxite Development Pty Ltd] claims was a blatant break with convention.

It also alleges that both Glencore and the State Development Department hired a Wik Traditional Owner to help sever ties between NAK [Ngan Aak-Kunch Aboriginal Corporation] and the influential Cape York Land Council at the height of the negotiations, a claim emphatically denied by Glencore.

The submission also claims successive Queensland governments going back to Peter Beattie’s Labor administration in 2006 had done everything in their power to keep the Wik hamstrung during any bidding process and strip them of any chance to create economic opportunity in their communities, often described as the most disadvantaged in Australia.

ABD and NAK believe that in 2006, legislative changes to the Mineral Resources Act 1989 (Qld) effectively removed the Wik’s Native Title rights and every subsequent action of successive governments had “followed this pattern of denial”.

NAK is now challenging those amendments in the High Court. It argues that because the amendments were flawed, every decision relating to Aurukun since those amendments came into law are also flawed. ...





Activists protest "Displacement from Brooklyn to Palestine" inside Brooklyn Museum [Democracy Now - 9/5/16]:


In New York, more than 150 activists gathered at the Brooklyn Museum to protest a photography exhibition they say normalizes the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

The protesters say the exhibition, entitled "This Place," is backed by funders who also support the Israeli military.

 The action also targeted the museum’s role in gentrification and displacement of people of color in Brooklyn.

 Protesters draped banners that read "decolonize this place" and "displacement destroys culture," and affixed new labels to photographs with the indigenous Arabic names of locations.

Amin Husain spoke out inside the museum before being escorted away.



 "The days in which art and artists are instrumentalized to normalize oppression, displacement and dispossession of any people are over. We are watching you."




A Papua New Guinea student leader Hercules Jim says a formal vote on the boycott of classes at the country's national university is expected tomorrow.

Students at the University of Papua New Guinea have been staying away from classes as part of a protest against the prime minister Peter O'Neill.

They want him to step down to face allegations against him.

Mr Jim said demands for the students to return to class were motivating them further to stay away. ... [RNZI - 10/5/16]




TPP bill introduced to New Zealand Parliament [RNZI - 10/5/16]




"A step too far"?  More like "taking partisan pot shots at a decades long ideology" [Guardian - 10/5/16]:



... But doctors as an arm of Border Protection? Really?

If a surgeon can be invoked to eschew his duty of care to a patient on the whim of an executive, which patient is next?

The pregnant, unmarried mother? The gay man with syphilis? The morbidly obese woman with a heart attack? The depressed, suicidal adolescent? ... <---- NO TRUST IN A HEALTH SYSTEM THAT PRIORITISES PROFIT OVER PATIENT CARE AND ETHICS - WHICH HAS BEEN ENDEMIC ACROSS AUSTRALIA FOR YEARS.





Neoliberalism + war on refugees, asylum seekers and migrants = A fascist health system.  --->  ... They came for her at St Vincent's on July 12.

Her discharge note reads: "C4-5 incomplete quadriplegia 11 to central disc herniation and she walks with a 4-wheel walker for safety (gait problems and hand weakness)."

A social worker added: "Vivian is independent with self-care, with encouragement."

As a farewell gift, St Vincent's gave her a walker.

Assessing, rightly, that this woman couldn't do a runner, Immigration decided not to hold her pending deportation in Brisbane's women's prison but to lock her in a ground floor room at the Airport 85 Motel in the Brisbane suburb of Ascot.

She would stay there for a week with guards on the door supplied by Australian Correctional Management while the department worked to overcome a last hurdle: the Philippines had to be persuaded to issue this woman with travel papers and they weren't happy. ... [The lies that kept Vivian Alvarez hidden for years - Sydney Morning Herald - 20/8/05]





Detention deja vu as victimising begins anew  [Canberra Times - 15/8/12]:


... How long has it been since anyone raised the point that a private and overseas prison corporation, Serco, runs our detention centres?

How long since any politician gave reliable figures for the cost of detention, the sheer waste of shipping goods and services back and forth from Christmas Island - closer to Indonesia than to Australia - and the profound lack of healthcare for people detained for the legally valid motive of seeking refuge from torture and trauma?

How long since the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler, visited a detention centre to see for himself what mental state the ''inmates'' were in? ...





Report shows poor medical care led to deaths at US immigration detention centres [National Immigrant Justice Center - 25/2/16]:


A report, Fatal Neglect: How ICE Inspections Ignore Deaths in Detention, released today by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Detention Watch Network (DWN) and the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), examines egregious violations of medical standards by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that played a significant role in the deaths of eight people in detention centers across the country.

During the Obama administration, 56 individuals have died while in ICE custody. This report focuses on eight deaths during a three-year period (2010 to 2012). Based on documentation from ICE investigations conducted after each death, which the ACLU received through a Freedom of Information Act request, the report shows that violations of ICE’s medical standards contributed to the deaths.

More perniciously, additional research shows that ICE inspections of the detention facilities before and after these deaths failed to acknowledge -- or sometimes dismissed -- the substandard medical care.  ...





3-day "Building Partnership to Advance Tourism" seminar held as Australia's political prisoners remain illegally detained on Manus Island [The National - 10/5/16]





President of Nauruan Community Australia Inc. worried about reputation as refugees are tortured and die in Australia's concentration camp [ABC - 10/5/16]




More scripted bullshit as another Labor alibi emerges in North Queensland [ABC - 10/5/16]:


... TOM IGGULDEN: Cathy O'Toole stood alongside the Opposition leader at his media appearance today at a Townsville school.

CATHY O'TOOLE: I want to be really clear - I 100 per cent support the Labor policy.

REPORTER: But can you articulate what that is?

CATHY O'TOOLE: I can say to you that Labor will put money into the UNHCR to ensure that we are supporting people and not being left in camps for decades.

REPORTER: But you don't support boat turn-backs?

CATHY O'TOOLE: I support the Labor policy which says that we will not be allowing people to put their lives at risk to be exploited and to come to this country when we can make an alternative arrangement for them. ...





UNHCR told refugees to abandon hope, then called for their "immediate movement".





@FFFADmelbourne [10/5/16]:  Solidarity 2 #Nauru. Loud n clear. #DivestFromDetention #auspol #refugees #acsiconf16 #CloseTheCamps #BringThemHere




‏@FFFADmelbourne [10/5/16]:  Activists have been kicked out now!  ...




"BULLSHIT! COME OFF IT! REFUGEES ARE NOT FOR PROFIT!" --->  ‏@FFFADmelbourne [10/5/16]:  ...  #DivestFromDetention activists refuse 2 leave stage @ #acsiconf16 ...


This morning Divest from Detention network disrupted the Australian Council of Super Investors annual conference, gaining access to the main stage where they played audio recordings of protestors on Nauru and held banners reading "Close the Camps" and "Mandatory detention can't be RISK MANAGED



Image:  @xBorderOps [10/5/16]



‏@Ann1912 [10/5/16]: ...



‏@xBorderOps  [10/5/16]: ... DIVEST FROM DETENTION disrupt ACSI conference now



‏@xBorderOps [10/5/16]:  ACSI conference right now ...





‏@nrcars [10/5/16]: ... #divestfromdetention




HESTA Divest [10/5/16]:


This morning the Divest from Detention network disrupted the Australian Council of Super Investors annual conference.

Activists gained access to the main stage where they played audio recordings of protestors on Nauru and held banners reading “Close the camps” and “Mandatory detention can’t be risk managed.”

“Super funds need to get out of this sick industry immediately and fully, and commit to screening out any such future investments,” said spokesperson Javed de Costa.

“People are still being raped, illegally detained, tortured and are still dying on Manus and Nauru, all on the dime of some of Australia’s largest super funds.”

“ACSI already recommends divestment from unethical businesses like tobacco – they must extend this to detention,” said spokesperson Liz Patterson.

“These camps can’t be made more ethical: they have to be shut down completely. People inside and outside detention will continue to protest until the camps close for good.”




... ACSI members such as AustralianSuper have even sought to suggest that the power of the funds could be used for good, to make conditions in the camps better.

Tell that to Omid Masoumali’s wife.

UniSuper have tried to have it both ways, refusing to divest but allowing some board members to mislead members into believing they have done so. ACTU, NTEU: we see you.


This is not a negotiation.

You cannot manage this risk.

Resistance in the camps will never stop.

You should get out with your members’ money while you still can. (Text of pamphlet distributed at meeting of Australian Council of Superannutation investors annual conference, Melbourne, 10th May 2016)




Australian superannuation executives to meet with US Government to discuss super fund investment [ABC - 3/5/16]:


.. MARK VAILE: People enjoy being a part of, if you like, investing in much needed infrastructure and I suppose the political discussion that takes place or the debate that takes place around the privatisation of public sector assets is mitigated to an extent if part of that investment is coming from, you know, Australian superannuation savings. And so Australians seeing themselves investing in the future of the nation.

ZOE DANIEL: Today's meeting apparently follows US interest in the idea sparked after discussions at the G20 in Brisbane in 2014, when the idea of so-called social privatisation was introduced to attending finance ministers. ...




Brisbane G20


Image: ‏@GedKACTU - President, Australian Council of Trade Unions [15/11/14]




‏@end_md [29/4/16]:  You're either in the business of financing detention or abolishing it. You can't have it both ways




Queensland political and media establishment taunt with reproductive rights diversion as abortion continues to be used as a weapon against refugees [Guardian - 9/5/16]:


Peter Dutton has signalled that he may appeal against a Federal Court ruling that he breached his duty of care for an asylum seeker who sought an abortion after being raped on Nauru.

It came as he revealed that Abyan, the Somali asylum seeker whose similar request to have an abortion in Australia created a storm in 2015, had now given birth to the child. ...




International Criminal Court:


“Crimes against humanity” include any of the following acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:




deportation or forcible transfer of population;



rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;

persecution against an identifiable group on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious or gender grounds;

enforced disappearance of persons;

the crime of apartheid;

other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury.




DUTTON LIED. AND NOT ONE AUSTRALIAN POLITICIAN, HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION OR PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION SAID ANYTHING.  ---->  1/2 I can confirm that the offices of T.Plibersek/P. Wong/R. Marles/S Hanson-Young & the PM have all been contacted abt the #Abyan FOI docs


 2/2 I am also waiting on comments allegedly made by Minister Dutton's spokesperson in relation to #Abyan to be emailed to me. #auspol  "tweeted" by @KellieTranter [5/1/16]




How we were misled about Abyan’s case [Kellie Tranter - 30/12/15]




PR stunt for fascist, anti-refugee ALP featuring Melissa Parke --->  ... These Calls to Account have now been gathered into a moving and powerful documentary.

To coincide with the Human Rights Film Festival a number of pop-up screenings will be held throughout May, beginning with a screening at Curtin University on May 12 at which Human Rights Commissioner Professor Gillian Triggs will be present. ... [RAPBS]




Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites


I, Melissa Parke call you to account for a policy of calculated cruelty towards around 1500 children, women and men imprisoned in conditions of extreme hardship and damage to their physical and mental health in offshore prisons on Manus Island and Nauru. <--- As far as we know, she said nothing about Abyan's case.




In August, a Senate motion to expedite the ratification of OPCAT [Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment] didn't even get to a vote because Queensland ALP Senator Claire Moore objected



... Burke and Parke said they would continue to work for the election of a Shorten-led Labor government at this year’s election.   <--- Only a fraud or a fool stays in - and/or supports - a party whose policies they disagree with. [Melissa Parke won't recontest seat - Guardian - 22/1/16]





10 May 2016