Dutton refuses a serious interview about the fate of men condemned by Rudd's illegal 2013 PNG refugee exile deal [ABC - 10/3/17]



PNG Supreme Court to rule on application to halt the deportation of men after their 4 year illegal imprisonment on Manus Island [PNG Loop - 10/3/17]:


The Supreme Court will make its ruling next Monday on an application by 166 men from the Manus Regional Processing Centre.

These men are asking the court to put a stay against their deportation following notices that were issued to them last month.

The application seeking interim orders was moved in court before a three-man Supreme Court bench on Thursday this week.   

The 166 men were processed and found to be non-genuine refugees [subjected to a sham refugee assessment process.]

They are asking the court to stop their deportation pending the substantive case which they filed seeking compensation for their illegal detention since 2013 based on the April 26, 2016 Supreme Court decision in the Namah case.

There are 730 applicants in the substantive case.

The 730 men on Manus Island are asking the court to order their return either to Australia or a third country.



Stateless Loghman Sawari to stand trial after his attempted escape to Fiji from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime [PNG Loop - 10/3/17]



@wikileaks [10/3/17]:  GOP Senator Ben Sasse says WikiLeaks editor Assange should "spend the rest of his life wearing an orange jumpsuit" ...



@wikileaks [10/3/17]:  Pence claims US will use "full force of the law" against WikiLeaks (violating 1st Amendment) but not CIA or Clinton  



@wikileaks [9/3/17]:  NSA staff used spy tools on spouses, ex-lovers. Think it takes a warrant? Nope, just somebody willing to do it.



Among the list of targets there is no reference to terrorism, there's no reference to extremists. At 40 mins --->  WikiLeaks Press Conference Thurday 9 March 2017 On CIA/Vault7/YearZero



Assange accuses CIA of “historic act of devastating incompetence” [arstecbnica - 9/3/17]



WikiLeaks will work with technology companies to help defend them against the CIA’s hacking tools, founder Julian Assange said.

The move sets up a potential conflict between Silicon Valley firms eager to protect their products and an intelligence agency stung by the radical transparency group’s disclosures.

In an online news conference, Mr Assange acknowledged that some companies had asked for more details about the CIA cyber-espionage toolkit that he purportedly revealed in a massive disclosure earlier this week. ... [Daily Echo - 9/3/17]



UK-funded camps in Libya indefinitely detaining asylum seekers [Guardian - 10/3/17]:


British-funded refugee camps in Libya are implementing the indiscriminate and indefinite detention of asylum seekers in the conflict-riven country, the UK government’s official aid watchdog has warned.

In a report published on Friday, the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact expresses concern that UK aid to Libya risks causing unintended harm to migrants and could prevent them from reaching a place of safety.

It also criticises ministers for apparently decided on the funding plan without studying the human rights implications in a country struggling to contain its long-running civil war.

“In Libya, where the operating environment severely constrains choices, the UK has identified some programming options with the potential to improve some of the conditions for migrants in detention,” it finds.

“However, we are concerned about the risk that UK aid is contributing to a system that prevents refugees from reaching a place of safe asylum.”

The UK is spending roughly £10m this year in Libya to stem the flow of migrants from north Africa to Europe, including cash for the Libyan coastguard and to improve the appalling conditions in the camps where many people are now ending up.

“While reducing the number of deaths at sea is vital, we are concerned that the programme delivers migrants back to a system that leads to indiscriminate and indefinite detention and denies refugees their right to asylum,” the report says. ...



@Eva_Cosse [10/3/17]:  Greek Council of State hearing on EU-Turkey deal / lawyers can submit additional evidence by March 17 and then a verdict will be issued.



@Eva_Cosse [10/3/17]:  Lawyer of Syrian says the asylum seeker had been pushed back three times to Syria before managing to enter TK



Turkish diplomat seeks Swiss asylum [BBC - 9/3/17]:


Turkey's Deputy Ambassador to Switzerland has claimed asylum, according to Swiss media.

According to Tages-Anzeiger (in German), Volkan Karagoz is among a number of Turkish diplomats seeking protection from a purge of officials. ...



‏@Tulika_B [10/3/17]:  ... A #Turkish Airline Plane lands at #Mogadishu airport with 97 #Somali nationals deported from US - #RadioDalsan



Book Review: “Kill Boxes: Facing the Legacy of US-Sponsored Torture, Indefinite Detention, and Drone Warfare,” by Elisabeth Weber [Huffington Post - 10/3/17]



Troops of  the 212 Battalion and 233 Battalion, 29 Task Force Brigade, Operation LAFIYA DOLE, in conjunction with elements of Civilian JTF have successfully carried out clearance operations in some towns in Borno. ... [AIT - 9/3/17]



Two Saudi forces and two of their mercenaries have been killed during a retaliatory attack by Yemeni forces against the kingdom’s soil.

The attack hit a military base in Saudi Arabia’s southern border province of Najran on Thursday, Yemen’s al-Masirah television reported.

Yemeni forces also shelled the installations of Saudi forces near another military base in Najran.

They also targeted positions of pro-Saudi militants with missiles in Yemen’s Jawf Province, killing eight of them and wounding several others. ... [Press TV - 10/3/17]



Death in al Ghayil: Women and children in Yemeni village recall horror of Trump’s “highly successful” SEAL raid [The Intercept - 10/3/17]



Death toll from Kabul hospital attack rises to 49 [Reuters - 9/3/17]:


... Gunmen went through the 400-bed hospital, shooting doctors, patients and visitors and battling security forces for several hours in a sophisticated operation claimed by Islamic State.


"We were shocked when we saw AK47s in their hands firing," he [Mohammad Nabi, a doctor at the hospital who escaped] said.

"They killed our patients in their beds and they killed our doctors."

The attack on Afghanistan's largest military hospital, close to the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, underlined warnings from security officials of an increase in high profile attacks in Kabul this year. ...



The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Thursday claimed that intelligence agencies have found some leads regarding yesterday’s hospital attack

On Wednesday militants attacked military hospital in capital Kabul, where dozens of doctor and patients were killed and wounded. Daesh claimed responsibility of the attack.

On his social media account, MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqqi wrote: “Intelligence agencies have found some leads regarding yesterday hospital attack.”

“We are assessing the claims made by Daesh in regards to yesterday’s attack, but at this stage we can't make a prejudgment prior to conclusion of investigation.” he added. ... [Pajhwok - 9/3/17]



Making a case of increasing American footprint in Afghanistan, a top American General on Thursday told lawmakers that current presence of 8,400 US troops in this country is falling short of a few thousand personnel. ... [Pajhwok - 10/3/17]



Syria, megaprojects and assassination of ambassador to dominate Erdogan’s Russia visit [RT - 10/3/17]



US plans to send more troops to Syria [AMN - 10/3/17]



Repairs begin on Hayyan gas fields since Syrian Army has secured the area from ISIS [AMN - 10/3/17]



Syrian army units destroy a munitions depot for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists during operations in Hama and Idleb [SANA - 9/3/17]



A military source said on Thursday that the Turkish regime forces targeted today, with rocket and artillery fires, positions for the Syrian Army and the backing forces in Manbij region in Aleppo countryside.

The source told SANA that the Turkish shelling which targeted the points of border guards claimed the lives of a number of persons and wounded many others.

It added that the Turkish aggression on the Syrian Arab republic territories is just an attempt to stop the success and progress made by the Syrian army, and backing forces, in its war against terrorist organizations and the affiliated groups, to restore stability and security to Aleppo countryside and the whole Syrian territories. [SANA - 9/3/17]



Drawn to northern Syria by their mutual hostility toward ISIS, a growing number of state and non-state actors have coalesced.

Nominally united against ISIS, the forces are finding themselves ever more divided along several lines, with the city of Manbij, a former ISIS hotbed, now a battlefield for everyone but ISIS. ... [Antiwar.com - 9/3/17]



Tony Blair sparks furious backlash by attending Iraq and Afghanistan memorial service [Mirror  9/3/17]:


... Around 2,500 guests including veterans and their families, charity workers and civil servants were also at the service, which has been overshadowed by strong criticism from some military widows who were not invited or informed about the event.

Sarah Adams, whose son Private James Prosser, 21, was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 in a Taliban bombing said angrily: “It seems Tony Blair has moved on from the war and the decisions he made but for us who have lost loved ones that is not possible.

“We live this every day and it just never goes away. Today marks 2,721 days since the day I got the knock on the door to tell me James had been killed.

“But the pain does not go away and you would think Blair would have turned down the invitation and not gone, perhaps stay out of the forefront of things.

“Many of us - not just those who have lost loved ones but also some who were sent there - find his presence at such an occasion really offensive.” ...



Czech planes arrive; 13 killed in Iraq [Antiwar.com - 9/3/17]:


The Iraqi military received two Czech-made L-159 fighter jets, bringing the number of these Czech planes to eight total.

At least 13 were killed and 11 were wounded: In Taji, one person was killed and three more were wounded in a blast.

A teacher was shot dead on a highway between Baquba and Khalis. ...



@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [9/3/17]:


An aerial and artillery shelling has targeted the civilian homes in some areas in the western Mosul especially "Mo'limeen,Amil ,new Mosul and Nablus",casualties resulted unknown.


Press sources: More than "200"dead bodies of civilians are still under rubble ; which they were killed as the US-led coalition and artillery of the government army shelled their homes west of Mosul.



Head of Hīt District Council in Anbar Province Mohamed al-Mohamadi declared on Thursday, that three civilians were wounded in a car bomb explosion, north of the district. ... [IraqiNews.com - 9/3/17]



Suicide bombings kill at least 30 at Tikrit wedding [Antiwar.com - 8/3/17]



Rare books, artifacts in Mosul museum destroyed [Kurdistan24 - 8/3/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense  - 9/3/17]



The joint force puts the U.S. nuclear deterrent at the top of its list for modernization and recapitalization and these no longer can be deferred, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told House Armed Services Committee members this morning. ... [US Department of Defense - 8/3/17]



The military's senior enlisted members appeared before Congress today to discuss quality of life issues and advocate for budget certainty to maintain military superiority and recruit and retain the best people. ... [US Department of Defense - 8/3/17]



Marines nude photo scandal expands to all branches of military [CBS - 9/3/17]:


... This military-wide message board came to light just days after the exposure of a Facebook group called Marines United, which included nearly 30,000 active duty and retired Marines, some of whom shared nude photos of female Marines along with raunchy and sexually violent comments ...



@sol2refugees [9/3/17]:  Tomorrow the #Greek high court will decide if the #Eu & #Turkey legal or not! Very important issue.



More than 20,000 flee Myanmar conflict and cross border to China [South China Morning Post - 9/3/17]



Despite harsh conditions, Rohingya students sit for university entrance examination [Rohingya Vision - 8/3/17]:


... There are approximately 2,000 Rohingya students sitting for the examination in several examination centers across both Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships.

Most of the students were affected by the military attacks of the Rohingya population under the so-called ‘Region Clearance Operation’ that began on October 9, 2016.

“Most of the students were unable to go to school or tuitions and prevented from studying at home as they had to often flee in fear of the arbitrary arrests by the Myanmar Military and Border Guard Police (BGP). They were not having proper studying materials such as books and journals.

“However, with the little they have studied, they are still hopeful and sitting for the examinations”, said a Rohingya youth based in Maungdaw. ...



Permanent People's Tribunal (PPT) convinced case against Myanmar on Rohingya issue [New Straits Times - 8/3/17]:


... In the remarks, the panel of judges expressed their deepest appreciation to the many victims for having the courage to come forward, and to the lawyers, researchers and activists who collected documentations to present as evidence to the PPT.

They also urged the United Nations, ASEAN and other international bodies to move beyond descriptive reports of the situation, and called on the media to keep focusing the spotlight on this humanitarian crisis and expose the truth.

"We also trust the commitment of the social movements worldwide to stand in solidarity and provide concrete assistance and action," they said. ...



@JamilaHanan [8/3/17]:  #EU diplomats would like #Myanmar to continue on the tried and tested path to #Rohingya #genocide completion ---> EU resolution stops short of full investigation sought by UN human rights commissioner [Irish Times - 8/3/17]



... Community leaders told AFP more than 5,000 Rohingya had now returned to the Buddhist-majority nation despite the risk of persecution.

"They chose to die by bullets than to be killed by nature," community leader Noor Hafiz said.

"People became very concerned after they learnt about the relocation plan. We heard the island submerges during the monsoon. Now we can only hope the situation back home is better." ... [Deccan Chronicle - 8/3/17]



So it's good to know there's an upcoming exhibition - isn't it Australia? ---> ... Unlike the photojournalism of poverty and angst, Ali MC also wanted to portray Rohingya as a people with pride and determination, despite their adverse living conditions.

The portraits included in Rohingya: Refugee Crisis in Colour accomplish just that - strength and resilience captured on camera. ... ROHINGYA: Refugee Crisis in Colour



Australia's Attorney-General George Brandis: "Thanks to this government, it [the right to seek asylum as a genocide unfolds]  isn't Australia's problem anymore"


[Senate - May 2015]



STOP KILLING FAMILIES:   Rohingya refugees - now political prisoners of the Australian government - protest at Manus Island concentration camp [November 2016]



Since 2008, Australia has resettled 250 Rohingya. We have pushed away, imprisoned and tortured 1,000s more. The impact of Australia's fanatical policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]



Region continues pushing back Rohingya refugees to Aung San Suu Kyi's genocide - UNHCR says nothing [bdnews24.com - 30/12/16]



... After five days at sea, their boat reached Australian waters, but the engine failed as they struggled to make their way closer to Christmas Island.

The Rohingya desperately waved to the crew of a passing Australian Navy vessel, which Mr Abdul said did not respond.  ...  [The Straits Times - 1/2/16]



During the 2015 boat crisis, the ALP and LNP voted down a Senate motion for Australia to provide SAR assistance/help resettle some of the Rohingya @GraffitiExpert [9/3/17]



Woodside 2016 Annual Report:  Our significant footprint in Myanmar represents an organic, high-value growth opportunity [1/3/17]




 The CEO of Australian company Woodside, Mr Peter Coleman, and Australian Ambassador to Myanmar, HE Nicholas Coppel, met with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to discuss Woodside's investment in Myanmar on 12 May 2015.  Australian Embassy in Myanmar



The Age [19/11/16]:


... The 21-year-old, according to federal government sources, is an asylum seeker from Myanmar living in the community on a bridging visa.

It's understood he arrived in 2012 or 2013 and spent time in the Christmas Island detention centre.

Australian Burmese Rohingya Organisation president Habib Habib said the man was in Australia without family, but close to his friends in the small local community.

He said the man, from the south of Myanmar, had been struggling financially and mentally.

He had shared concerns about his immigration status and the safety of his family back home.

"He was struggling mentally for the past year or two because his visa has not been processing," he said.

"He has been suffering and his friends say his welfare payment was not received and he couldn't pay his rent."

Mr Habib said there is not adequate support for asylum seekers facing mental health issues exacerbated by settlement pressures. ...



French Tamils arrested on arrival at Colombo airport [Tamil Guardian - 9/3/17]



The land of a civil society activist who led land-return protests in Mullaitivu has been confiscated by the Sri Lankan Air Force.

Mrs S Chandraleela heads a local women’s organisation and has been at the forefront of protests demanding the release of land in Pilakudiyirippu and now Keppapulavu.

Her agricultural land which was released two years ago was today confiscated by Sri Lankan Air Force personnel.

Mrs Chandraleela and some workers who have been clearing and fixing up the field for cultivation were barred from entering by Air Force personnel who claimed the land belonged to the Forestry Department. ... [Tamil Guardian - 8/3/17]



Deportation halted for Faribault local, Cambodian refugee after regaining Green Card [Faribault.com - 8/3/17]:


Faribault local and Cambodian refugee Ched Nin regained his green-card status and has been released to his family after six months of detention, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) announced Wednesday.

Nin faced deportation at the same time as seven other Cambodian Americans in the state, forming the group “Minnesota 8,” sparking months of activism.

Nin was released Feb. 24, hours after an immigration judge granted him a waiver to regain his green card due to the hardship his family would suffer if his deportation went through, according to SEARAC.

“I am happy to be back home with my family and am moved by the love and support of the community,” Nin said in a press release.

“My family and I went through a lot these past six months and my heart breaks for those who continue to be separated from their families.”

Nin’s attorneys through the James Bringer Center for New Americans demonstrated that Nin’s family would experience extreme hardship should he be deported, which made him eligible for a 212(h) waiver.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, section 212(h) of the Immigration of Nationality Act allows for some crime-based annulment of permanent resident status to be waived in cases like Nin’s.

Nin has not set foot in Cambodia, as he was born in a refugee camp in Thailand after his parents fled for safety.

His family entered the country when he was 6 years old, becoming part of Faribault for around 30 years before moving to Farmington.

Nin served a two-year sentence for a 2010 conviction of assault, which came from an incident when he fired a BB gun at a car, his wife Jenny Srey said.

The Minnesota 8, and others who have been ordered for removal, have served time in jail for crimes, but were released after authorities declared they were not a threat to society, which immigration advocates say is where the punishment should stop. ...



The Petah Tikva municipality disconnected dozens of apartments where African asylum seekers were living from electricity, the Mayor doesn’t like seeing black people in public, and casual racism has a common occurrence.

Faisal, a refugee from Darfur, describes what it’s like to live in a city where he is unwanted. ... [+972 - 4/3/17]



A Sudanese migrant was arrested Saturday on suspicion of breaking into a Petah Tikva home and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl while she slept, police said. ... [Times of Israel - 14/1/17]



Brother suspected in Petah Tikva stabbing death [Jerusalem Post - 21/11/16]:


... This stabbing comes as another 27-year-old man was killed after being stabbed outside a Petah Tikva bar on Friday and a Sudanese asylum seeker succumbed to head wounds on Sunday after being attacked in Petah Tikva last week.



Has the UK used budget day to bury news of deportations? [Guardian - 9/3/17]:


... If you are one of the unlucky ones, your immigration case, along with any appeal, becomes a dead letter.

Worse still, you are left with no realistic right of redress. In many instances, those deported were raised here and regard Britain as their home. In one case, the mother of a sick boy is being deported, despite having lived in the UK for 25 years.

The woman in question was being held in Yarl’s Wood, an immigration removal centre that the chief prisons inspector called “a place of national concern”, after allegations of sexual abuse and intimidation of women detained there.

In 2015, the UN’s rapporteur on violence against women was denied access to this particular centre. That comes as no surprise to me. I have made repeated requests directly to the minister for immigration to be allowed to visit Britain’s biggest, most controversial immigration detention centre for women, and I have yet to receive a formal response or indication as to when I might be granted access. ...



Shares in outsourcing giant G4S jumped as much as 9 per cent after it reported surging full-year profits following an overhaul parked by a series of high profile scandals. ... [Independent - 8/3/17]



London NGOs help authorities detain, deport homeless migrants [teleSUR - 8/3/17]:


 London nonprofits are collaborating with immigration authorities that collect intelligence and conduct raids to detain and deport hundreds of homeless people, and are even lobbying for harsher policies, according to a report published Tuesday.

At least three organizations with the shared goal of ending homelessness and connecting the vulnerable to appropriate resources — St. Mungo’s, Thames Reach, and Change, Grow, Live — regularly conduct joint operations with the Home Office “Immigration Compliance and Enforcement” and “through a creeping process of changes they are being turned into informers,” Corporate Watch found in its investigation.

The nonprofits fill in a “rough sleeper (homeless) database” for municipal and local authorities including “sleepers” location, and they provide intelligence like nationality and if they are European citizens, employment and education information to determine whether they are legally able to be deported.

They are also paid a “social impact bond” by municipal authorities based on the number of migrants they help to deport. ...



"Temporariness". What the fuck does that even mean? --->  We're hosting the Temporary Migration Forum @MonashUni engaging NGO, policy, academic & gov stakeholders on issues of temporariness in Aust  @BObservatory [9/3/17]



@BarnsGreg [9/3/17]:  ... #Manus PNG Supreme Court totally over Canberra refusal to comply with order to close.




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