Photojournalist Javier Bauluz chronicles the route taken by refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh from Greece to Germany [UNIVISION]




How many refugee boats did Australia push back, sink or abandon over the past 24 hours?  --->  @ItalianNavy [10/6/16]:  #SAR Nave Aviere #Marina Militare #MareSicuro arriverà ad Augusta nel pomeriggio di oggi con 750 #Migranti ...



‏@guardiacostiera [10/6/16]:  #SAR #CanalediSicilia Nave Dattilo della #GuardiaCostiera soccorre 1 gommone. Salve 130 persone di cui 36 minori




More than 3,000 boat migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean over the past two days and two bodies have been recovered, Italy's coastguard said on Thursday.

The coastguard coordinated rescues of migrants from 15 different boats on Thursday, bringing 1,950 people to safety.

Two bodies were recovered from a rubber boat. Some 1,100 migrants were rescued at sea on Wednesday. ... [Reuters - 9/6/16]




‏@MSF_Sea [9/6/16]:  In 36 hours @MSF has rescued 1298 men, women & kids. That's 1298 #people with no alternative to the sea #SAFEPASSAGE




A citizenship verification exercise aimed at stateless Muslims in Arakan State, which resumed last month, has been temporarily suspended in Ponnagyun Township, where residents of a small Rohingya village have refused to cooperate.

The Rohingya Muslim residents of Tarle village have refused to accept National Verification Certificates (NVCs) being handed out because the bearer’s ethnicity and religion is not stated on the cards, according to San Hla, commanding officer of a police station in Thaetap village.

The process has been suspended for a week in the township. ... [The Irrawaddy - 10/6/16]




Sri Lankan president vows to ‘eradicate the LTTE ideology’ [Tamil Guardian - 9/6/16]




Reports of the arbitrary detention and torture of a British Tamil citizen that arrived in Sri Lanka to visit his mother have now been confirmed.

Mr Velauthapilai Renugaruban was beaten and forcefully arrested by two men who entered his family home in Jaffna on 2nd of June.

The men informed the family that they had come to arrest Mr Renugaruban on suspicion of assisting LTTE activities in the UK.

Neither an arrest warrant nor identification was provided by the two men, who dragged him out of the house and took him away in a van.

A day after Mr Renugaruban was arrested, two men alleging to be representatives of the British High Commission, visited the detainee’s mother at her family house in Jaffna, advising the family to confess that they were LTTE members so to help them negotiate Mr Renugaruban’s release.

When asked for identification the two men failed to produce documents. ... [Tamil Guardian - 9/6/16]



Rewarded for genocide: It's the US way ---> Sri Lanka’s democratic transition: A new era for the US-Sri Lanka relationship [US House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs - 9/6/16]



These people have the right to seek asylum.


Why has the Australian human rights establishment abandoned them for idiotic tweets --->  New Aust govt elected in July needs to make sure we're pulling our weight to help people seeking asylum. #10things  ‏@amnestyOz [10/6/16]



Day 83 of peaceful protest on Nauru.


Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [10/6/16]



The Supreme Court in Papua New Guinea has cleared the road for it to consider awarding compensation to asylum seekers at the Manus Island detention centre.

The court allowed two cases involving the centre to be joined: the Namah case, that found the centre was unlawful, and the Lomai case, which could also result in Australia being ordered to take custody of the detainees.

The lawyer Ben Lomai said he traveled to Manus Island today to try and sign all the asylum seekers to his case.

"We should be able to get an extra lot of another three hundred or so to join so that we can have everybody to be joined. But we should be able to have about eight to nine hundred people to be joined."

Ben Lomai said the full bench of the Supreme Court was scheduled to hear his case on June 30th if the case was not resolved at a directions hearing on the 16th. [RNZI - 10/6/16]




Withholding medical care is LNP and ALP refugee "deterrence" policy, supported by Australia's professional associations and unions [Brisbane Times - 10/6/16]:


... The decision to take Mr Khazaei to Port Moresby instead of straight to Australia and the "heads of agreement" document governing medical services on Manus were also suggested for examination.

Doctors for Refugees barrister Gerard Mullins, instructed by Maurice Blackburn, called for the documents sitting under this, setting out guidelines directly for medical practitioners, to also be looked into.

He pointed to the experts' testimony identifying "poor governance" and "poor and confusing documentation" on Manus Island, leading them to declare there appeared to be "be no process to identify and escalate medical assistance if a patient deteriorated in the clinic".

The inquest was set down for two weeks from November 28.




American Immigration Council v. United States Department of Homeland Security [Hold CPB Accountable - 9/6/16]






The British security firm Serco has moved a step closer to entering the controversial but lucrative immigration detention market in the US, as the company successfully lobbied public officials in a small Texas county near the Mexico border to propose that the federal government open a family detention centre in the jurisdiction. ... [Guardian - 9/6/16]



Former MI6 officer will not face charges for alleged handing over of Libyan families to Colonel Gaddafi's prisons [Telegraph - 9/6/16]



An Indian-origin former CIA official, being extradited to Italy to serve a jail term for her alleged role in the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian cleric, has appealed to Pope Francis to speak out against the extraordinary renditions used by the spy agency post 9/11 attacks.

In an open letter to the Pope, Sabrina De Sousa said imposition of state secrets on the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation programme, ensure that abuses of power or human rights are never exposed.

"State secrets, as I discovered, are also used to hinder proper investigations," said De Sousa, who is to be extradited from Portugal to Italy to serve a four-year sentence after Portugal's Constitutional Court rejected her final appeal. ... [NDTV - 9/6/16]



Pro-ALP "refugee advocates" want to get Richard "offshore is the single most important policy any Australian government has made" Marles and his party elected



 Great visit to our MCC adult migrant English program at Blacktown with @RichardMarlesMP and @MRowlandMP today


Image: @Resycoll [10/6/16]



@Resycoll [7/6/16]: There are more displaced people in 2016 than after ww2. Glad that Macquarie community college is part of the settlement solution. <--- Problem is, Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



UNE and Armidale Express: Helping Australia and Nauru airbrush the refugee concentration camp [10/6/16]



‏@UNrefugees - Australia for UNHCR [10/6/16]:  Experts sound the alarm over mental health of refugees ...  <--- But UNHCR refuse to call for closure of Australia's camps, and the release and GENUINE resettlement of refugees imprisoned on Nauru and Manus Island.



‏@UNrefugees - Australia for UNHCR [10/6/16]:  This is what a refugee looks like - pick up this month's edition of @marieclaireau to join #WithRefugees   <-- This is what corporate media whitewashing of Australia's atrocities looks like.



There is no refugee assessment, and there is no freedom. It is all lies ---> Operation Sovereign Borders monthly update: May 2016 [9/6/16]



Former worker at Australia's concentration camp on Manus Island tells forum claim rejected because refugee "too educated" to be a Rohingya [Brisbane Times - 9/4/16]:


Brisbane maths teacher Jacob Rice taught at the Manus Island immigration detention centre in 2014 when a 23-year-old Iranian man name Reza Berati was bashed to death by security guards during a riot by hunger strikers [when refugees were attacked].

One of the friends the teacher-turned-whistleblower made while working on Manus for nine months was a Rohingya maths teacher.

His friend is still in indefinite detention as his application for asylum had just been rejected on the grounds that he was educated. 

The man has told his family that they should consider him dead.

Mr Rice said the Immigration Department had rejected his friend's asylum claim because they concluded he could not be a genuine Rohingya person because members of this religious minority in Burma were not allowed to be educated.

He holds a masters degree in mathematics.

One of his daughters was studying medicine while the other had won a maths competition. ...




Or you could advocate for equal access to health care:  Welcome back to the 19th Century  --->  An extraordinary project that captures the genome sequences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is underway to ensure Indigenous Australians are not left behind by advances in medical science. ... [Australian Human Rights Commission]




10 June 2016