193rd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. # Manus prison



Image: @sunosi3 [11/2/18]



As responsible politicians like Kevin Rudd enjoy having their reputations rehabilitated in our daily media sideshow, Al Jazeera holds Behrouz Boochani to account for Australia's war of attrition against refugees [10/2/18]



Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island [2015]



Not freedom. Not protection. Not resettlement:  US State Department. IOM, Guardian and Refugee Action Coalition collaborate on latest instalment of "deterrence" propaganda, as 22 Nauru refugees are coerced into participating in sadistic US "deal" charade [11/2/18]:


... According to the Refugee Action Coalition, one of the Rohingyan men being resettled has family in Australia.

They say the man was been told that if he declined to go to the US, he could expect to be on Nauru for 20 years, or could go to Cambodia. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [7/2/18]:  Fate of Rohingya refugee trafficked into statelessness by Australia and the IOM from #Nauru to Cambodia, now in the hands of Myanmar government ...



@GraffitiExpert [11/2/18]: Prince Human Rights issues statement on Syria after fobbing off Fiji audience, whose questions revealed increasing frustration with the UN, and a yearning for more than just weasel words ...


... Mr Al Hussein is also expected to hold meetings with the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission, the Speaker of Parliament, Opposition politicians and civil society representatives, which includes regional leaders as well.

He will deliver a public lecture at the University of the South Pacific today, which will be webcast live on YouTube across the university's 12 campuses. ...



@MahdiAlizada18 [11/2/18]: #Refugees #Balikpapan need urgent help to be release and get their right.freedom is our right. ...



@Hamidullah4030 [11/2/18]: ... #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers 26 days of peaceful protest for freedom



Six young Afghans have been awarded a poetry prize named after Else Lasker-Schüler.

Words, feelings and their refugee fate — the teenage refugees have a lot in common with the famous German Jewish poet. ... [Deutsche Welle - 9/2/18]



US drone strike kills "2 IS militants" in Afghanistan [The Siasat Daily - 11/2/18]



P&O cruise ship forced to return to Sydney after brawl [Yahoo - 10/2/18]



Two women in Katherine have been killed after a car drove into a group of people sitting in a front yard. ... [ABC - 11/2/18]



A 16-year-old boy who died when the car he was driving slammed into a tree following a police pursuit through Perth's eastern suburbs has been described by his girlfriend's family as a "gorgeous" young man with a "cheeky smile".

Jack Patterson died instantly in the crash in Hovea on Thursday, which left his 18-year-old girlfriend Jade and friend James, also 16, in hospital with several broken bones. The couple's two dogs also died in the crash. ... [Yahoo - 11/2/18]



"The thing that is to be asked in this situation is was this job necessary, was there work to be done at this skill level, what was the case made for having to hire someone additional into those offices?"


Tanya Plibersek


Senior Labor MP Tony Burke rejects links to underground campaign that propelled Indonesian live exports crisis [Queensland Country Life - 6/6/16]:


... On June 8, 2011, the day after the Gillard government announced live cattle exports to Indonesia would halt for up to six months, Mr Burke’s now wife and former chief of staff Skye Laris spoke for GetUp! during a media conference at Parliament House in Canberra.


Ms Laris’ LinkedIn profile says she “delivered improvements to animal welfare and paused live exports when overseeing GetUp!'s live exports campaign which was the fastest growing online petition to date with more than 250,000 signatures in less than a week”.

After being the GetUp! communications and campaigns director to January 2012, it says she returned to the Labor camp to be chief of staff to then Employment Participation, Early Childhood & Child Care Minister Kate Ellis, until August 2012.

After that, Ms Laris took on leadership of digital campaigns for the Labor Party prior to the 2013 election campaign before becoming Chief Of Staff and Digital Director up to October 2015.



@LaborDialogue [30/12/17]:  ALP delegation members Tony Burke MHR, Susan Templeman MHR, Josh Wilson MHR, Susan Lamb MHR, Julian Hill MHR, Steve Georganas MHR, Skye Laris & Wendy Turner meeting at the Knesset with Labor MK Hilik Bar ...



... Marles described himself as a "peacemaker" who worked to mend the rift between Bill Shorten and David Feeney who run the more conservative "right" faction within the Victorian ALP.

This split erupted after a deal to distribute federal and state Parliamentary seats turned bad between Shorten and Feeney, who, along with Marles "hunted as a pack" as young men. ... [WikiLeaks - July 2009]



@innercitypress [8/2/18]:  On #Myanmar, absolutely, #freewalonekyawsoeoo. But as to #Reuters as a symbol of press freedom, note that they secretly lobbied the UN to throw out another Press, then censored their request from Google's Search, (mis) using #DMCA ...



@mdskar [8/2/18]:  We had told u live (in late Aug & early Sept 2017) what @Reuters told u on Feb 8, 2018 about #Rohingya massacre by #Myanmar military & #Rakhine extremists at #AanDaang (#InnDin) village in S. Maungdaw. Had u listened to or believed us, u would have saved countless lives.



Bound together, the 10 Rohingya Muslim captives watched their Buddhist neighbors dig a shallow grave. Soon afterwards, on the morning of Sept. 2, all 10 lay dead.

At least two were hacked to death by Buddhist villagers.

The rest were shot by Myanmar troops, two of the gravediggers said.

“One grave for 10 people,” said Soe Chay, 55, a retired soldier from Inn Din’s Rakhine Buddhist community who said he helped dig the pit and saw the killings.

The soldiers shot each man two or three times, he said.

“When they were being buried, some were still making noises. Others were already dead.” ... [Reuters - 8/2/18]



250,000  Rohingya face a choice: Saudi jail or a massacre in Myanmar [Haaretz - 9/2/18]:


... On November 15, the Saudi Interior Ministry launched a plan to supervise what it calls illegal labor migrants.

Enforcement of the plan, Homeland Without Illegal Expatriates, began after a six-month grace period during which the migrants could return to their countries of origin without being fined. ...



UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: Send Rohingya refugees back to genocide [BBC - 10/2/18]



While the genocide continues this is refoulement. ---> Today,in Sittwe, #Rakhine state, with diplomatic corps, to witness #Myanmar efforts to prepare for repatriation of refugees from Bangladesh. @EUAmbSchmidt [8/2/18]



@drzarni [10/2/18]:  Your Excellency SCHMIDT, Sir, your promotional barbed-wire-fenced #Myanmar reception centre looks more like #Nazi concentration camps (like #Ravensbrück & #Auschwitz) I visited in former East #Germany & #Poland than a hospitable piece of earth for #Rohingya. ...




Thank U, Mr President, UN & Other Bosses!. Attn: 340,000 #Rohingya Kinder-survivors of #Myanmar genocide: you can still have this Golden Opportunity to entertain Swiss President Alain Berset, although your villages burned, one or both parents slaughtered. ... @drzarni [8/2/18]



107 more Rohingya refugees enter Bangladesh [Dhaka Tribune - 10/2/18]



@nslwin :  Live video from #SindiFarang (#SeinNyinPyar) VT, #Buthidaung. At least 130 #Rohingya families fleeing to #Bangladesh on Sunday (Feb. 11) early morning. ...



@nslwin :  #Rohingya families from #Rathedaung #Samila VT (#KanSeik & #ArkarTaung) fleeing to #Bangladesh today (Feb 8). They will manage to get boats at #DaungKhali beach for Bangladesh. ...



@nslwin [8/2/18]: ... A boat carrying 55 #Rohingya capsized today. 5 dead, 3 men and 2 women. All of them are from #SinDaung VT (#ATwinNgetThey) #Buthidaung. #Bangladesh BGB said they all will be pushed back to #Myanmar. ...



@nslwin [7/2/18]:  #Myanmar military, BGP and local #Rakhine demolished all Mosques and Madarasa (Islamic School) at #ZaMeinNa (#ZinPaingNyar) in northern #Maungdaw on Feb 5, 2018. ...



Recent Rohingya refugee arrivals to Bangladesh say Myanmar starving holdouts, forcing them to flee or die [Japan Times - 8/2/18]



Eight countries far far away from South East Asia push UN to take up Myanmar Rohingya crisis [Channel News Asia - 8/2/18]



After attending a tourism conference, Turkish Minister goes sightseeing at a Rohingya refugee camp; opens hospital but doesn't call for their protection or condemn Aung San Suu Kyi's genocide [Anadolu - 7/2/18]



... Total has been in Myanmar for 25 years and now operates the Yadanar offshore gas field in Myanmar, which exports the gas produced to Thailand. 

Following the signing of a separate Road Safety Funding Program with US-based Suu Foundation in Yangon on Monday, Mr Romaric Roignan, general manager of Total E&P Myanmar spoke exclusively with The Myanmar Times about the French company’s plans for the country. ... [Myanmar Times - 7/2/18]



Indonesia's Minister for Security, Law and Political Affairs, former General Wiranto, wants to use US and Australian backed expertise in eliminating East Timorese, West Papuans, communists and Filipino Muslims to help Myanmar with its Rohingya genocide [TEMPO - 8/2/18]



Japan affirms military ties with Myanmar [Myanmar Times - 9/2/18]



Myanmar's participation in US military exercise Cobra Gold draws faux outrage from Senator John McCain and other members of Congress [Marine Corps Times - 8/2/18]



@ExerciseCG [17/2/17]:  Doing it #CobraGold17 style! #Drinkingblood @USMC @PacificCommand ...



@GraffitiExpert [7/2/18]: ABC continues playing down Myanmar genocide with disease and sex trafficking tropes, as protection and safety remains elusive for Rohingya refugees Meanwhile, "trafficking whistleblower" Thai Major General Paween Pongsirinas has asylum in Australia



Just one day after signing a $233 million agreement to sell 16 helicopters to the Philippines, the Canadian government on Wednesday ordered a review of the deal amid concerns the aircraft could be used to fight rebels. ... [Reuters - 8/2/18]



Bangladeshi student stabs man she's renting a room from; AFP say it was "a standalone, Islamic State-inspired attack, designed to cause harm to our community"  [Yahoo - 10/2/18]



Spies, lies and Timor gas: Prepare to be rocked by Canberra lawyer’s book [New Matilda - 9/2/18]:


... Collaery and other observers of the Timor-Leste deal with global mining giant Woodside Petroleum were uncomfortable with Downer’s decision to accept a position as a highly-paid lobbyist for Woodside after he left politics in 2008.

Collaery, a former member of the ACT Assembly (1989-1992), deputy Chief Minister and the ACT’s second Attorney-General, is hoping his book will throw the spotlight on the Australian government’s bullying behaviour towards smaller neighbouring countries.

In a guarded Lowy Institute address two years ago Collaery spoke publicly about some of the issues in his forthcoming book.

“I can reveal that Witness K is no ordinary intelligence officer,” he said.

He is a patriotic, loyal, very long-serving senior Australian who stood up for our national security.

“The other thing I want to reveal is, after we drafted a letter to Julia Gillard, saying we wanted confidential arbitration in relation to the espionage, it was the Labor government that authorised clandestine monitoring and other devices to be installed in my chambers, offices and Witness K’s home.” ...



@GraffitiExpert [10/2/18]:  Ian MacFarlane pretends Adani doesn't have 100% Labor Party support ...



... But the upshot of the rumours is that Palaszczuk has discovered she unwittingly had a perceived conflict of interest because her partner worked on an Adani loan bid her government may have been asked to sign off on.

Palaszczuk said she learned on Tuesday of “a rumour circulating among LNP senators” about Drabsch’s work as managing partner for PwC, which helped Adani with its Naif loan application.

“I am told they planned to use this during the election campaign to impugn my character and suggest something untoward,” she said.

Drabsch was involved in PwC’s work for Adani and its bid for the federal loan but she did not know this until after the rumour arose this week, Palaszczuk said. ... [Macro Business - 6/11/17]



@empathiser [9/2/18]: The Aurizon project was never gonna fly. ...



Man dies in police custody, Townsville [Yahoo - 10/2/18]



A Gold Coast police officer denied using an email address linked to the release of CCTV footage of police bashing a handcuffed man when questioned by investigators.

Rick Flori, 47, is on trial at the Southport District Court on two counts of misconduct in a public office.

The former sergeant allegedly leaked footage to the media of officers kneeing and punching Noa Begic in the basement car park of the Surfers Paradise police station in January 2012.

Flori has pleaded not guilty to both charges. ... [Yahoo - 9/2/18]



@GraffitiExpert [10/2/18]: Ms Ronalds said Islanders had been victims of systemic racism that was "so entrenched that it is apparently invisible to those who did it and those who manage and supervise it".



@GraffitiExpert [10/2/18]:  Under Keith’s leadership [1988 - 1997] Queensland Corrective Services became the first jurisdiction outside the US to successfully outsource the management of high security prisons to private sector correctional service providers  



@GraffitiExpert [10/2/18]:  The ALP extended The Intervention, illegally trafficked and indefinitely jailed refugees on #Manus and #Nauru and now the ABC has apologised for its journalism about Rudd's fanatical neoliberalism. That's not speaking truth to power, it's business as usual.



Wayne Swan "lives and breathes Labor values" i.e. pure neoliberalism ---> ... Unfortunately, I had no ability to determine the timing of the FIRB approval decision.

Swan announced the decision late on a Friday evening when he easily could have announced a 90-day extension to give time for public debate.

I must say I was stunned by the silence of Penny Wong, Jay Weatherill and the Greens who in the past have railed against the evils of upstream water users but now on the sale of our biggest water licence their silence is deafening. ... Barnaby Joyce, Cubbie Station now in Wayne's world [Sydney Morning Herald - 6/9/12]




10 February 2018