251st day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


 #Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [11/4/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [10/4/18]: Chronicled destruction of human beings as part of medical torture aspect of "deterrence" continues. There are no limits to the depravity of Australia's war of attrition against refugees while the logic of this policy remains unchallenged. ...




[Force feeding of hunger striking refugee, Port Moresby hospital January 2018]



Dr Dudley said health professionals working in the detention regime were "lending credibility to abuses", whether deliberately or inadvertently. ... Brisbane Times [18/2/16]



@Aussies4Refugees [10/4/18]:  "We call on you to end this internationally condemned policy" [Open letter to Turnbull and Shorten from Pacific development workers - Dec 2017] There are ethical health professionals speaking out, they're just not being heard in Australia.



@Abdulaziz_Ada [10/4/18]:  Replying to @Aussie4Refugees With court applications we are not able to put any injunction bcz of the Australian government influence on PNG and the case has been adjourned thousands time . Last week our attorney put complained against the Cheft Justice to be removed from our case and they did so far .



@Abdulaziz_Ada [10/4/18]:  17Bangladeshi have been forcibly removed from Manus to Bomana Jail in Pom.6 of them have been deported and rest are still in jail waiting for their term.12of them volunteers returned home last week they have been threatened if they don’t they will go to jail it was tough decision 




Bomana Prison: Where beaten, "arrested" hunger striking Manus refugees calling for the UN were held without charge in January/February 2015.



@Aussie4Refugees [7/2/18]: Bangladeshi and Nepalese refugees who were illegally trafficked and indefinitely imprisoned on #Manus Island by Australia explain how they are being singled out for deportation  



@Aussie4Refugees [7/2/18]:  "If they find me, they should kill me. ..." And there wasn't a single objection from any Australian politician, refugee "advocate", UN representative, human rights organisation or law association ...  [Nepalese refugee in hiding after shock deportation from Manus Island]



@Aussies4Refugees [10/4/18]:  Dutton withholds survival stats of IOM facilitated deportations, Cathy McGowan doesn't raise it again Why are crossbench politicians, media, human rights orgs, legal fraternity and "advocates" ignoring this uptick in deportations? ...



@Aussie4Refugees [7/2/18]:  Why did Obama deport 85 Muslim asylum seekers to Bangladesh, India and Nepal? 


... BANGLADESHI DEPORTEE 4: [translated] They kept us only in the prison. Not only they kept us detained, even we were kept tied to hands and legs with each other. Everyone was tied. We were tied for three days. Some of them were put in the body bags, which are used for dead bodies. At least 2,000 to 3,000 Bangladeshis are still imprisoned in U.S. jails.

BANGLADESHI DEPORTEE 3: [translated] They tied my hands to my waist with chains. I was also chained to my legs. They didn’t feed us for the whole journey. We have never seen such horror in our life. ...



These men have been illegally imprisoned by Australia for 5 years, subjected to a sham refugee assessment process, and they don't have any legal representation.


Why are these mass deportations being ignored? Where are their friends at Slater & Gordon?




@Aussies4Refugees [10/4/18]:  "Pending imminent deportation he asked to be killed and his body sent back home instead" ...  After imprisonment in Bomana PNG, Jashim has since been deported. Australia is conducting mass deportations as part of final solution to its illegal policy. #Manus



Anti-Duttonism protects the policy and only helps Shorten, and his band of proven anti-refugee Labor fascists Marles, Plibersek, Bowen, Burke and Khalil, slide back into government.


Play the ball, not the man.



What's news Behrouz?


Your once powerful and authentic reporting, criticism and commentary from Manus Island appears to have morphed into nothing but relentless and implied endorsement of the Australian Labor Party.



‏@srilankaglobal [7/4/18]: Two #SriLanka defence personnel - the #Navy's Able Seaman Indika Dissanayake and Corporal J.A.C Lakmal of the Sri Lanka #Army won medals at the XXI #Commonwealth Games 2018 in Gold Coast ...



@AusBorderForce [18/3/18]: Australia works closely with #SriLanka to combat people smuggling and illegal maritime activity. Last week, the Dept. of Home Affairs gifted two new Bay Class patrol Vessel engines to the Sri Lankan Navy to boost maritime security capability in the region. ...



The Sri Lankan navy has been accused of chasing off up to 2,000 Indian fishermen on Saturday night, as years of tension the two sides continue. ... [Tamil Guardian - 8/4/18]



US military official meets head of Sri Lankan army [Tamil Guardian - 9/4/18]



A section of coastal land in Mullaitivu rightfully belongs to Tamil fishermen, a Mullaitivu court has ruled, defeating a case brought against the Tamils by the Fisheries and Aquatics Department on behalf of Sinhalese fishermen who contested the land rights. ... [Tamil Guardian - 7/4/18]



Sri Lanka’s Minister for Resettlement has said 500 acres of Tamil people’s land will be released in Valikamam North when earlier in the week the ministry’s secretary had pledged that 650 acres would be released. ... [Tamil Guardian - 8/4/18]



Muslims protest election of Tamil Deputy Mayor in Kalmunai [Tamil Guardian - 7/4/18]



A Sri Lankan police inspecter was arrested today over the killing of 27 inmates at Welikada prison in 2012.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 28/3/18]



Mother continues struggle for justice for murdered Tamil journalism student [Tamil Guardian - 10/4/18]



The International Federation of Journalists joined organisations in condemning the detention and threatening of a Tamil journalist by Sri Lanka’s military.

Shanmugam Thavaseelan, of ABC media network was detained for more than two hours by the military and was only released after the newsroom contacted the military spokesperson in the capital Colombo, said the IFJ in a press statement. ... [Tamil Guardian - 28/3/18]



@ReesEdward [9/4/18]:  This year, 2018, marks the fortieth anniversary of the first major movement of #Rohingya refugees into #Bangladesh. In 1978, 200,000 Rohingya fled violence in #Myanmar.



Two Rohingya boats with approximately 140 people on board have gone missing en route to Malaysia since they left Sittwe (Akyab) on March 24, reliable sources say.

One boat with 56 Rohingya people on board arrived in Malaysia on March 31, which the Malaysian Navy rescued and later handed to the Immigration Department (Read HERE).

The 2 boats left from Sittwe's 'Thae Chaung' beach on the same day with this boat but have been missing since then.

"Earlier, we have come to know one boat reached to Malaysia on March 31.

But 2 other boats with 140 people in total, mostly women and children, have still been missing. They have lost contacts with us and we don't know their whereabouts. Their relatives are extremely worried," said Mohammed (pseudonym), Rohingya in Sittwe, to RB News.

The people are leaving are mostly from IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps in Sittwe, where more than 140,000 people have been forced to live apartheid condition since 2012.

And so, more boats are likely to leave Myanmar in the upcoming weeks. An internally displaced Rohingya in Sittwe said "we can't move anywhere.  Our access to livelihoods has been barred. We can't work and have enough food to eat. We are hopeless and don't know when this condition is going to end. We have been forced to live in prison-like-camps since 2012. ... [Rohingya Blogger - 8/4/18]



Australian Border Force trains Thai maritime enforcement agency how to secure Australia's ever widening borders ---> Last week, we delivered vessel search training for our counterparts in #Thailand. We’re proud to support our regional partners. @AusBorderForce [3/7/17]



Australian Border Force gifts vessel to Thailand for Safe Mekong Operation [19/11/16]



@Aussie4Refugees [4/3/18]: Australia's Border Force now stopping boats WITHIN Myanmar ...



As Myanmar's genocide of the Rohingya continues and refugees are not being protected, another NGO looks to Bangladesh's imminent refoulement plans [Amnesty Media Release - 5/4/18]



New Zealand establishment media opinionator makes urgent call for refoulement of refugees in Bangladesh "to prevent the Rohingya problem being exported to other parts of the region" [RNZI - 7/4/18]



New Zealand accepts one Rohingya refugee family after 17 years in Malaysia [Al Jazeera - 6/4/18]:


... More than 62,000 Rohingya live in Malaysia. And some have been there for years.

But they are not legally recognised by the government.

Al Jazeera's Florence Looi met some in Alor Setar to find out about their hopes for a better life.



Over 100 have died in Malaysian immigration detention centres in the last 2 years. More than half were from Myanmar. [Reuters - 30/3/17]



@Aussie4Refugees [7/4/18]:  With UNHCR approval - and a silently complicit human rights establishment - Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014, leaving 1,000s stateless and/or indefinitely detained in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia  



President Rodrigo Duterte says he is willing to accept Rohingya refugees in the Philippines [Inquirer - 6/4/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [6/4/18]:  During the May 2015 Rohingya boat crisis, the Philippines initially said they would take refugees, then backtracked



... MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) has announced it will deploy its search and rescue vessel MY Phoenix to the Andaman Sea for a one-month observation mission, as more boats carrying Rohingya refugees from Burma (Myanmar) are expected to head for Southeast Asia. ... [Asian Correspondent - 4/4/18]



Five Rohingya stranded at sea for almost three weeks have been rescued by Indonesian fishermen but several others died during the harrowing ordeal, officials said Friday ...

News of the rescue comes several days after the arrival in Malaysia of another boat carrying dozens of members of the persecuted Muslim minority from Myanmar.

The group of two men, aged 28 and 33, a 20-year-old woman, a 15-year-old girl and an eight-year old boy were spotted Monday in a small boat off the coast of southern Thailand and Myanmar, some 325 kilometres (176 miles) from Aceh province in Muslim-majority Indonesia.

The fishermen took them back to Aceh on Sumatra island and the group arrived early Friday.

"They were immediately brought to a local hospital for treatment as they were weak," Abdul Musafir, head of the East Aceh search and rescue team, told AFP.

They were released Friday afternoon into the custody of immigration officials for questioning, ... [Daily Mail - 6/4/18]



Bangladeshi and Rohingya refugees sheltering in Aceh progressively deported by the IOM [TRIBUNnews.com - 27/9/15]



@RezaHaidari1711 [9/4/18]: #Balikpapan #asylumSeekers UNHCR! Will it be possible that we get out of here alive? Or no it's human rights rule to transfer our corpse?



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN :  83th day of our peaceful protest for freedom which we deprived #BalikpapanDetentionCenter Monday 9 / 4 / 2018 ...  



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN  83th day of our peaceful protest for freedom #BalikpapanDetentionCenter Monday 9 / 4 / 2018 ...



US expands airstrikes on "Taliban drug labs" in western Afghanistan [Reuters - 8/4/18]



... For the Aussies, their experience in the Middle East with this new air combat package is also about “closing the triangle between NATO, the United States and Australia” in terms of interoperability.

Kourelakos says the RAAF has de facto become a key force knitting the coalition together by acquiring clearance to refuel more and more aircraft. ... [Breaking Defense - 6/4/18]



Just Security’s symposium on the ICC Afghanistan investigation and the US [5/4/18]



As they continue ignoring direct tweets from Hazara refugees rotting in Australia's IOM concentration camp Balikpapan, the pro "deterrence" Guardian selectively exploits another refugee family to protect the policy and its perpetrators.




It's not like they don't have any reporters in the region --> The Indonesian port city of Balikpapan, on the island of Borneo, has declared a state of emergency after a devastating oil spill spread along the coast, killing four fisherman when it ignited.

The oil spill, which occurred over the weekend, has now stretched to an area of around seven square miles (18 sq km), contaminating the sea and polluting the air with thick black smoke.

One protected dugong has already washed up dead on the shore. ... [Guardian - 4/4/18]



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : 82th day of our peaceful protest for our freedom which has taken from us in Balikpapan detention center - Indonesia . Sunday 8 / 4 / 2018 ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : 82th day of our peaceful protest for our freedom in Balikpapan detention center - Indonesia . We ask help from the World Sunday 8 / 4 / 2018 ...



@Aussie4Refugees [8/4/18]:  29 minutes in ---> 4 attempts by a Hazara refugee to reach Australia [Professor Alison Mountz, 2015] ...  



... Thomas Vargas, head of UNHCR in Indonesia, told refugees they might be here for 10 more years … and maybe [even] after 10, be forced to go back.

He said if we can't tolerate it we should 'go back to our country' ... --->   What happens when organisations like the UNHCR and IOM are complicit in racist, genocidal policies that keep refugees out of countries which are supposedly signatories to the refugee convention @Aussies4Refugees [7/4/18]:


More than a thousand refugees, including children, are being held in detention centres in Indonesia.

Some have been there for years, and there's little chance they’ll be freed soon.

They have been calling for freedom every day for 80 days, but no one can hear their cries except for a few guards.  

Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen reports from Balikpapan





@Aussies4Refugees [8/4/18]:  Does the Kaldor Centre support or oppose Australia's anti-refugee policies of indefinite detention, exile into statelessness and boat turnbacks?


#Australia is a richer country in so many ways thanks to its #resettlement history. I was amazed and humbled at the #RARNatConf to meet extraordinary #refugees - some resettled, some arrived by boat. Inspiring strength and talents.  @madelinegleeson [7/4/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [5/4/18]: Are self appointed refugee rights organisations like Castan opposed to "deterrence"? Why don't they ever demand freedom, justice, and the right for refugees imprisoned on #Manus and #Nauru to seek asylum and/or the END of Operation Sovereign Borders?



@GraffitiExpert [5/4/18]: So will you use your connections, privilege and megaphone to demand the END of this policy before another person dies? ...


 Replying to @Eshaghi_ @racvictoria I am so sorry & ashamed of my country.‏ @JaneCaro [22/3/18]











#Manus #Nauru #Everywhere



@Aussies4Refugees [9/4/18]:  Is this the same person, or a second bashing? Did you see this man yourself, and what is his condition? ...


This refugee was beaten up by someone in Lorengau town yesterday. This is what the Australian Government is doing on Manus Island.  I don’t know if police are aware, I will follow up on this issue.#Manus  @BehrouzBoochani [9/4/18]



@BehrouzBoochani [9/4/18]: The situation in Manus is very complicated. It’s like putting 50,000 new ppl in a city with 300,000 population. It creates many problems for refugees & locals. Australian government is causing harm and knows it. ...



‏@Aussie4Refugees [9/4/18]:  Ben Wamoi: A voice from #Manus that has been excluded by the media and so called refugee "advocates", who are more interested in protecting the Labor Party, than ending Rudd's July 2013 policy and protecting refugees. ...



You were trafficked and indefinitely imprisoned on Manus by the Australian Labor Party. If you want freedom and the end of this policy, we must force the ALP. ---> This is what #LNP @TurnbullMalcolm and @PeterDutton_MP are doing, Putting people lives in more danger who fled persecution and just seeking safety and peace from 5 years. A refugee have been stabbed badly on manus island and he needs medical emergency. #Manus @ZazaiWalid [8/4/18]



6 April 2018