The top United Nations humanitarian official today said he was “deeply disturbed” by the news of civilians being killed by Saudi-led coalition air strikes that hit a wedding party in Yemen's Dhamar Governorate yesterday.

According to the Ministry of Public Health and Population, at least 47 civilians were killed and 35 injured, among them many women and children. ... [Media Release - 9/10/15]




4 Palestinians killed as Israeli forces open fire at Gaza demo [Maan - 9/10/15]




Extremist right-wing Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin, who once called himself a "proud homophobe" and branded Palestinians a "gang of bandits", is speaking in Melbourne Chabad synagogues this weekend.

The former member of the Jewish Leadership bloc in the Likud party was brought out by Chabad group, Beis Chabad Ohel Devorah. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 9/10/15]



The death of a man who died after being arrested by police in Logan is being investigated by Queensland Police's Ethical Standards Command.

The 33-year-old was at a property on Clare Road in Kingston on October 2, when police said they received a call-out about an injured man who was allegedly acting aggressively and violently. ... [Brisbane Times - 9/10/15]




The United States delivered Friday a new shipment of Hellfire missiles and artillery munitions to the Lebanese army, the U.S. embassy said in a statement. ...[Naharnet - 9/10/15]



US documents show Pinochet ordered Letelier's murder: Chilean senator [Reuters – 8/10/15]



... People ask me questions,

lost in confusion

Well, I tell them there's no problem,

only solutions ...


'Watching The Wheels', John Lennon [1981]


Yoko Ono organises giant human peace sign for John Lennon's 75th birthday [Pitchfork - 6/10/15]:

John Lennon would have turned 75 on October 9, and today, Yoko Ono celebrated her late husband by attempting to organize the world's largest human peace sign in New York's Central Park.

Although a representative from Guinness World Records told CBS News that the gathering didn't quite break the world record, a lot of people certainly showed up. Watch aerial footage below.

According to the Guinness rep, over 5,000 people would have needed to attend in order to break the record.

Over 2,000 people participated. Ono was aiming for 6,000 to 10,000 participants.

She asked that those involved support the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.


Kunduz hospital bombing footage and cockpit audio [WikiLeaks]:

US$50,000 for suspected war crime evidence.

On Saturday 3 October 2015 the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan was repeatedly bombed by a US AC-130 gunship.

22 MSF staff and patients were killed and the hospital destroyed. The hospital was not near other buildings and its GPS co-ordinates had been registered with US forces.

MSF believes that the killings amount to a war crime. The AC-130 records its attacks with high resolution gun cameras. According to military procedure, this footage should have been retained along with the cockpit audio. A post-massacre inquiry report referred to as an 'AR 15-6' should have also been commissioned.

We are raising a US$50,000 bounty to obtain the footage, the cockpit audio, the inquiry report and other relevant materials such as the Rules of Engagement active at the time.

The Kunduz case is similar to a previous WikiLeaks case, "Collateral Murder".


Two different versions ...


Afghanistan:  2 militants killed after attacking a restaurant in Kabul city [Khaama - 9/10/15]





2 civilians killed in Kabul restaurant attack [Pajhwok - 9/10/15]




Iranian military commander Brigadier General Hossein Hamedani has been killed in Syria, where he was giving military advice to the Syrian army in its fight against Takfiri militants in the Arab country. ... [Press TV - 9/10/15]




Obama administration ends Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels [New York Times - 9/10/15]



Deadly shooting reported on Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff Campus [ABC News – 9/10/15]





‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media [8/10/15]:  




Salah-il-deen: Sources reported that a warplane of international alliance has shelled by 6 missiles mistakenly a location of the government's forces west of Beiji......




Salah-il-deen: "Two men and woman were killed and man, woman wounded as an aerial shelling targeted their home in Beiji district ",a security source said.......................




Baghdad: "The joint tasks force of the international alliance: 18 aerial strikes were conducted in Iraq targeting Beiji ,Mosul ,Ramadi ,Sinjar and Sultan Abdulla yesterday",news agencies reported..............




Baghdad: "A person was killed and 7 wounded as a roadside bomb attached to KIA vehicle exploded near Nahdha Garage in the middle of Baghdad ", a security source said......................




Diyala: Sources reported that 15 persons were wounded as mortars fell on 4 housing areas in Diyala.....................




Anbar: 21 civilians were killed and 13 wounded as the government's air force shelled the civilians in Ramadi.....................





The US-led coalition launched two airstrikes targeting Islamic State (ISIL) militants in Syria amid Russia’s air operation against ISIL terrorists in the Arab republic, the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) announced in a statement on Thursday. ... [Sputnik News - 8/10/15]





Greek coast guard rescues 542 migrants in 24 hours [Ekathimerini - 9/10/15]





@MSF_Sea [8/10/15]:   Reema is 8 years old and has brain cancer. Her family fled #Syria so she could access the care she desperately needs.





Philippines stopped accepting boat refugees after Uncle Sam put his foot down in May.



Stop lying Australian media.




Australia donates former navy vessels to Philippines to help them push back refugees [Philstar - 23/7/15]




Philippines backtracks from initial pledge to help Rohingya refugees [ - 1/6/15]:


... The Philippines, for its part, did not commit material aid during Friday's meeting, even as it influenced its neighbors to help the refugees.

It also did not discuss a proposal by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to send rescue ships for the Rohingya.

In Monday's media briefing, Jose explained that the Philippines' broad policy statement is to help refugees, based on its obligations under a 1951 UN convention.

Jose, however, said that when the Philippines released this policy statement around two weeks ago, "it was tempered" by other considerations. These include the need to rehabilitate areas hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November 2013, and to consider the Philippines' huge population.

He added: "The situation has changed. Countries are now open to accepting these refugees. So I think there's, at the moment, no need for the Philippines to accept them."



Regional leaders resile from rescuing Rohingya following the Special Meeting on Irregular Migration in the Indian Ocean  on 29 May.



Channel News Asia [22/5/15]:


The Philippines government has held a series of high level meetings with UNHCR to formalise plans to temporarily house the Rohingya refugees.

Earlier this week, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr said the government is open to sheltering up to 3,000 refugees. Some analysts say such preparation is key for the plan to be successful.

"They are already scouting around for several venues, but the venue is the least of our concern,” said Clarita Campos, political science professor, University of the Philippines.

“It’s more important to figure out the medical needs of the migrants, as well as other health and food requirements first.

"Then later on, we need to think about education and job requirements. All of this has to be planned out and planned well."

While it is unlikely the boats carrying the refugees will reach Philippine shores, the government has said they are looking forward to being part of the solution to this regional humanitarian crisis.





Go back to where you come from: US to Rohingya refugees fleeing genocide [Yahoo - 1/6/15]




Media continue criminalising Rohingya refugees as "trafficking" and "smuggling" victims - some of whom are now imprisoned in Indonesian and Thai shelters. [The Irrawaddy - 9/10/15]:



... On many evenings in this compound of cement buildings that has become home to 66 male Rohingya trafficking victims from Burma and 19 from Bangladesh, the man cried, homesick.

Late last month, the shelter staff took pity on him, granting him a five-minute phone call to his home in Sittwe in western Burma’s Arakan State.

“I could hear my baby crying,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation under the wary gaze of the shelter director, who monitored the interview he had reluctantly permitted with the condition that the man’s identity was protected.

“I want to go home. I miss them,” the Rohingya man added, falling silent and bending over as he crumpled in sadness.


In the past, people posing as well-meaning Rohingya translators were linked to the criminal gangs, luring the shelter victims back into trafficking rings.

UNHCR provides interpreters for counseling and interviews, helping Thai authorities to communicate with the Rohingya, but does not have the resources to provide interpreters on a more regular basis, said Vivian Tan, UNHCR’s regional spokeswoman.

Save the Children has organised training in psychological “first aid” for carers in the shelters, as well as counseling and educational and play materials for children. ...







NGOs appear to have abandoned any interest in helping these refugees - their dehumanisation, punishment, denial of liberty and any hope for a decent life is tolerated. [Benar News - 8/10/15]:



... Sahidullah, 22, said he had no plans to flee although one of his eight siblings now worked in Malaysia.

He said he hoped the Indonesian government would give work permits to Muslim Rohingyas. ...



Myanmar:  Factory hunger strike continues [9/10/15]



Backward, small minded, and incendiary ---->  ... There is one rule, when people come to Australia you come to join us not change us, you respect Australians, Australia's values ...  



Australia's protected and unaccountable Treasurer Scott "Fluffy" Morrison" [9/10/15]



Women's Weekly [July 2015]







1 :  full of venom: as


a :  poisonous, envenomed

b :  noxious, pernicious

c :  spiteful, malevolent




Gigantic bluebottle, Burleigh [9/10/15]






Four long years

I wasn't a man

 dreaming in chains

with the lights on ...



'Without Chains', Patti Smith [2006]





Australia's protected and unaccountable Minister for Immigration: We stopped the boats now fuck off and stop bothering me



No amount of campaigns, calls to my office, petitions, anything else will change my position ...



[Sydney Morning Herald - 9/10/15]




Strathpine, October 2010




Mohammad Albederee marks six months of hunger strike on Manus Island, fears he will die soon [ABC - 9/10/15]




Exceptionalist Australia continues alienating itself from the region [Inquirer - 9/10/15]:

Australia is in talks to send refugees who try to reach its shores illegally to the Philippines, the immigration minister said Friday.

Australia already has a multi-million dollar deal to resettle refugees from an Australia-run detention camp on the Pacific nation of Nauru to Cambodia. But so far, only four refugees have taken up the offer of cash, free health insurance and accommodation to move from Nauru to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. That has prompted critics to dub the deal an expensive flop and sent the government looking for another solution.

Australia refuses to accept any refugees who attempt to reach its shores by boat. It pays Nauru and Papua New Guinea, which has a detention center on Manus Island, to hold them instead.

On Friday, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that the government has been in talks with several countries, including the Philippines, about possibly resettling its refugees in those nations.

“We have been very open to discussions for a long period of time with those partners because we have been very clear about the fact that people on Nauru and people on Manus who have sought to come to our country illegally by boat won’t be settling in Australia,” Dutton told reporters in Canberra, the nation’s capital.

“We have a bilateral arrangement with Cambodia. If we can strike other arrangements with other countries, we will do that.”

The Cambodia deal has been widely condemned by human rights groups, who say the southeast Asian nation is hardly an ideal home for refugees given its long history of poverty, corruption and human rights abuses.

The potential for a deal with the Philippines prompted similar concerns. Dutton was asked what guarantees of safety Australia could give refugees who resettle in a nation that is grappling with violent kidnappings and terrorism.

“We can provide the same guarantees that we can to Australians that travel to the Philippines each year, the expats that live in the Philippines and across southeast Asia or other parts of the world,” Dutton replied, adding that refugees would be resettled there only on a voluntary basis.

Dutton declined to release further details, including a timeframe for the deal or how many refugees could be resettled.

Ian Rintoul, Sydney-based director of the Australian advocacy group Refugee Action Coalition, said the potential deal demonstrates how desperate the government has become to find an alternative to its Cambodia program. He doubts many refugees would be eager to relocate to the Philippines.

“The issues that are very real in Cambodia are just as real in the Philippines,” Rintoul said.

“The possibility of education, secure jobs … They’re unlikely to get that kind of secure future in the Philippines.”

Sarah Hanson-Young, a senator with the minor Greens party, said Australia was once again passing its responsibility to care for refugees onto another poor country.

“It’s a trade of human lives and it’s time the minister was up front about it,” she said.




... I was a Staff Sergeant in the South African Police during and after the Apartheid era and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never witnessed the injustice and ill-treatment of human beings that I witnessed at Bravo Camp, RPC Nauru.  ...


Nauru Senate Inquiry, Submission 98


Nauru's government rejects all media visa applications [Al Jazeera – 9/10/15]:


... For some months, Al Jazeera has been emailing and phoning Nauru about the official process for a correspondent and cameraman to apply to visit the country. Most email messages and phone calls went unanswered.

But on Wednesday, producer Alice Mulheron in the network's Sydney bureau was able to talk briefly to Darlene Dabana in Nauru's migration office.

She told Mulheron to ask employees to fill in a business visa form, and send her copies of passports. She said once those were received, she'd send an invoice for AUD 8,000 ($5,821) per person.

However, on Thursday morning - before those forms were completed and emailed to Nauru - Al Jazeera received an email saying "Media visa is not approved".  ...




US Ambassador Cefkin with the Republic of Nauru media team [17/8/15]




Hadi Ahmadi - And the Myth of the 'People Smugglers' Business Model' [2012]:


The case of Hadi Ahmadi is one of the highest profile prosecutions of people smuggling in Australia.

Convicted in August 2010 for bringing over 500 asylum seekers to Australia, Mr Ahmadi’s case is one of only a small number of prosecutions involving an organiser of migrant smuggling ventures — unlike the hundreds of cases before Australian courts which involve Indonesian captains and crew working on migrant smuggling vessels.

This article explores the case of Mr Ahmadi to shed light into the so-called ‘people smugglers’ business model’, which successive Australian Governments from both sides of politics are determined to ‘crush’.

The article examines the facts of Mr Ahmadi’s offending, the criminal proceedings against him, and draws comparison to other organiser cases and to the general patterns of people smuggling prosecutions in Australia.

Findings of this research cast doubt over the Government’s rhetoric and its strategies to prevent and suppress migrant smuggling.



An interesting Masters Thesis tracing the roots of the Australian political and media establishment's "stop the boats" lies:


The Political Origins and Development of Australia’s People Smuggling Legislation: Evil Smugglers or Extreme Rhetoric?  Jack H Smit - Edith Cowan University Social Justice Research Centre School of Psychology and Social Science [2011]





An advertisement published in Brisbane's 'B Magazine', March 2007




Geert Wilders’ Dutch anti-Muslim party forced to reveal US donor [Electronic Intifada – 29/9/15]





Pauline Hanson is a diversion - and only dangerous if taken seriously.


She's bobbed up again to clearly articulate what the Australian political and media establishment think and dogwhistle every day.


You could invest your energy in giving the establishment the divided populace they so desperately crave, or you could ignore the minority group of empowered bigots and FIGHT THE CORRUPT, RACIST WARMONGERS WHO CURRENTLY RUN THIS COUNTRY.




Counter protests lend credibility to the idea there are two valid sides.  If you want to hit the streets, have a separate peace and harmony rally at a DIFFERENT location.




... For hours I studied faces. Nearly everyone’s – on both sides – were twisted in contempt. And when I considered how tiny the Reclaim Australia numbers were, I wondered if the counter-protesters weren’t indulging their opponents. They were dealing with atrophied imaginations and personality disorders. This spectacle was merely serving as a defibrillator for dull lives.

There is, however unlikely, something impressive about so anti-social a figure. The neo-Nazis were happily absorbing the contempt, and their self grew. So swollen are their disorders that I’m not sure they can be broken. These guys literally danced to the jeers, grinning like children as they swung their arms to the screams of their opponents: “Whose streets? Our streets!” It’s impressive in the same way as watching boxer Floyd Mayweather inspire contempt for himself, then transform his villainy into a fuel for his ego.

So why not ignore them and let their tiny numbers speak for themselves? Let them keep shrinking until they no longer justify coverage – after all, it wasn’t so much the Reclaim rallies themselves that were newsworthy, but the drama of conflict.  ...  Inside the strange dynamic of Reclaim Australia's rallies, Martin McKenzie-Murray  [The Saturday Paper - 25/7/15]





Brainless fascists are blind to the fanaticism of their own allies [VIDEO - teleSUR - 3/10/15]:


Meet the new head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people's history of resistance to it.

With a major, catastrophic war in Yemen and looming high-profile executions of activists, The Empire Files exposes true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair.




Violent bigotry planned for this weekend.


All greenlighted by Australia's political and media establishment



It doesn't matter what the Parramatta Mosque chairman says or does - the Australian political and media establishment want their Kristallnacht. [Sydney Morning Herald - 9/10.15]



Nine MSN [8/10/15]:



Police around the country are calling for calm and will be on high alert, with ugly scenes expected at mosques this weekend as far right and nationalist groups carry out mass protests.

Rallies are expected outside Parramatta Mosque tomorrow and in Canberra and Bendigo on Saturday.

The events are timed to coincide with similar anti-Islam protests in the USA, Canada and Europe, and also follow Australian police focussing on the Parramatta Mosque in their investigation into a shooting carried out by 15-year-old Farhad Jabar.

“This Friday, we ask the Australian people to join us in protest demanding Parramatta Mosque be shut down until the mosque publicly rejects terrorism and sharia law,” a spokesman for the Party for Freedom, Nick Folkes, posted to his website.

“It’s the least we can do after the Islamic terrorism inspired execution of police colleague Curtis Cheng.”

The Party for Freedom declares itself “the new resistance” online.

While the rallies claim to have been prompted by Friday’s murder of Mr Cheng, a NSW Police Force accountant, many of them were organised back as far as August.

A Facebook page dedicated to tomorrow’s “Bulldoze the Mosque Rally” in Parramatta states that the group is also tired of “weak political leaders and their refusal to accept the truth that Islam is a terrorist ideology”.

The NSW Police Force has called for calm and a spokeswoman said the force had “not authorised any formal application for a public rally”.

“NSW police want to remind members of the public against engaging in reprisal actions or inciting violence against any community group or individual,” she said.

“Anyone engaging in this type of unlawful behaviour can be charged and prosecuted.

“As police, our message is that any act of violence, regardless of the motivation, will not be tolerated.”

It is understood there will be a hefty police presence at tomorrow’s rally outside the Parramatta Mosque – which is only a few blocks from the location of Friday’s shooting.

“Equally, the right of citizens to hold peaceful assemblies need be balanced with other rights - including the undertaking of business activities and the safety of the broader community,” the police spokeswoman said.

Nationalist and neo-Nazi groups are also planning to converge on Bendigo on Saturday to protest the council’s approval of plans to build a mosque.

Today, Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said police would not tolerate violence.

"Our reputation for warmth and generosity is increasingly at risk from a new wave of intolerance that appears to be gaining traction in some parts of the country," he wrote in an opinion piece published in The Age today.

Tensions have been high since Friday’s shooting, with police concerned that far right or nationalist groups would undertake revenge attacks against the wider Muslim community.

NSW police are understood to be investigating another nationalist group, The Australian Defence League, after a post appeared on its Facebook page, calling for “lone wolf” attacks on Muslim leaders and mosques.

“Now these scum of the Earth protest when a video gets made about the paedophile Mohammed and we are having our daughters raped and our police shot in cold blood," a post to the group’s page read.

"I think it’s time for an eye for an eye. So let the Lone wolf attacks start on Mosques and the Imams."

The post was later removed.

Following last week’s shooting, a group calling itself the United Patriots Front beheaded a dummy outside the Bendigo City Council chambers in a bizarre protest.

The United Patriots Front appears to be organising the Saturday rally.

On its Facebook page the group declares it’s not “anti-this or anti-that”.

“We only want to be left alone, we don't want forced diversity… enemies of our Nation be warned, the Australian people are waking up.” contacted Nick Folkes, the organiser of tomorrow’s rally outside Parramatta mosque.

Anyone with information about a crime, including those motivated by prejudice, can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.





President of the Gold Coast Islamic Society Hussin Goss said on Friday that it is “disappointing that a boy of 15 has done what he’s done” adding it is “totally against Islam to take a life”.

“We feel 100 per cent sympathy for the family, you know, he’s taken an innocent life which is so sad and Islam doesn’t call for this sort of thing”.

Mr Goss said he had spoken with other Muslim leaders in Sydney over the last few days. 

He said “they are trying and these things come out of the blue sometimes and even the police didn’t even know”. ... [MYGC - 9/10/15]





A Queensland man accused of murdering pregnant teenager Tiffany Taylor has been remanded in custody for two more months.

The case of Rodney Wayne Williams, 60, was briefly mentioned in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Friday following his August arrest in relation to the 16-year-old's murder.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Kelly Fitzgibbon requested a two-month adjournment. ... [West Australian - 9/10/15]




Police have arrested a man over the alleged shooting murder of a man in Sydney's west earlier this year.

Saif Jouda had only been in Australia for three months when he was shot dead at the door of his Horsley Park home on April 23.

He had moved to the country to be with his fiancée, who he met in Palestine and proposed to three years ago. ... [Nine MSN - 9/10/15]



Man charged with attempted murder after stabbing in Darlinghurst office [Sydney Morning Herald – 8/10/15]




Firearm related incident, Point Vernon [QPS Media - 8/10/15]:



Police are investigating an incident at Point Vernon this afternoon in which a man received a gunshot related wound to his hand.

Initial inquiries led police to believe that at around 5pm, two men were at a Martin Street residence when a third, unknown man entered the house.

The unknown man demanded money while holding a handgun.

One of the men grabbed the firearm by the muzzle and during the altercation, the firearm was discharged, causing a burn and graze to the man’s hand.

He was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police investigations are continuing.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.








... 7 News has discovered two men employed by Black-and-White Cabs have been arrested after they allegedly assaulted three Uber drivers and attacked their cars.  ... [Yahoo - 8/10/15]




A 10-year-old boy, who was pulled from a pool in the Gold Coast Hinterland over the weekend, has reportedly died in hospital this morning. ... [MYGC - 9/10/15]




Another resource wasting, class and race based police pursuit and police dog savagery, Perth [West Australian - 9/10/15]



Fraud charge as police urge the community to report elder abuse




QPS Media [9/10/15]:



The QPS Fraud and Cyber Crime Group have charged a 55-year-old woman with the fraudulent use of a $200,000 trust established for an 80-year-old woman.

Fraud Squad officers will allege the woman sold a property belonging to the 80-year-old woman and used the proceeds to pay off her own personal debts and to purchase properties for herself in Western Australia and Queensland.

It will be further alleged the 80-year-old was placed in a nursing home with no means of financial support for accommodation, living and medical expenses.

The matter came to light when Centrelink referred the matter to the Adult Guardian and Public Trustee who in turn contacted the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group.

The 55-year-old Petrie woman is to appear before the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court on Friday October 9, 2015.


 The Queensland Government Elder Abuse Prevention Unit operates a helpline 1300 651 192 and website ( for support and advice.


Woman denied access to dying mother condemns 'monstrous display of evil' by nursing homes [ABC - 8/10/15]:


A West Australian woman who says she was banned from visiting her 91-year-old mother by two separate nursing homes shortly before she died has described the denial of access as "evil" and "unfathomable".

"I think it was an absolute monstrous display of evil by these nursing homes, sorry I won't call them nursing homes, this aged care facility," Linda McGough told 7.30.

Linda's mother, Greta McGough, was first moved into aged care in 2006.

Within 12 months, she had a range of healthcare concerns, from the staff's failure to treat pressure sores to a lack of available incontinence pads, which she raised with the Complaints Investigation Scheme.

The complaints were not upheld by the Federal Government body and Ms McGough was shocked by the facility's response.

"Within a week I started getting threatening and intimidating letters from senior management, even threatening to move my mother to another facility," she said.

"That was September. That bullying and intimidation continued and [by] mid-December I finally lost my temper.

"There were other healthcare concerns that had arisen and I just became emotional — and I'm not proud of that, it's not within my nature to lose my temper, I'm a very placid peaceful person. And I was denied access."

After several months, Ms McGough managed to move her mother to another facility, but again had ongoing concerns about her care.

Complaints about an untreated eye infection were dismissed and Ms McGough said she found herself facing another ban on visiting her mother.

"The denial of access was just unfathomable, absolutely unfathomable," she said.

"That they would deny my beautiful mother — the one constant that had been there for her for 10 years. It's incomprehensible. That would be the highest level of bullying imaginable."

Three months later, after managing to negotiate three one-hour visits per week, her mother died weighing just 30 kilograms.

Ms McGough said it was devastating that she was not at her mother's bedside.

"I faced a period of darkness that was just immeasurable. I don't know how I put one foot in front of the other. It was just horrific," she said.

Both facilities Ms McGough attended said they were investigated by authorities and found not to have breached the Aged Care Act.

Aged care advocates say Ms McGough's experience is not unique.

There are more than 2,500 aged care facilities in Australia. Last year, 140 failed to meet accreditation standards, but only four had their accreditation removed.

The Aged Care Complaints Scheme receives around 3,500 complaints per year, but a report by the Australian National Audit Office said that number was low because many residents and their loved ones fear bullying and reprisals if they speak out.

Elder law expert Rodney Lewis said cases like Ms McGough's were increasingly common.

"I think it's fair to imagine the reports are just the tip of the iceberg," he said.

"When a family member — a close family member — leaves the home after seeing their relative who's a resident ... they simply don't have any way of knowing what's going to happen to their relative."

Mr Lewis said the system needed mediators and a major overhaul.

"From my point of view, as a lawyer who sees people at the end of their tether, it's broken," he said.

"The system is broken and there's no fix in sight that I can see."

[Protected and unaccountable] Aged Care Minister Sussan Ley declined to be interviewed but told 7.30 an independent complaints commissioner would be in place to handle any issues from January 1.

The website receives regular complaints from relatives and staff about the quality of care in nursing homes.

Its founder, Lynda Saltarelli, said many of the concerns raised relate to aged care facilities cutting corners to try to increase profit margins.

"We are also concerned about the fact that aged care is being opened up more to an open market, and that also raises issues such as, does the community really want to have their loved ones in care where the primary focus is profits and not care?" she said.

"Vulnerable humans at this stage of their end of life should not be exploited or traded as commodities.

"Some aged care providers are listing on the stock exchange. These are providing rich pickings for uninterested shareholders or entrepreneurs looking to make huge profits out of aged care and there is a lot of money in aged care."

Greens senator Rachel Siewert said there should be a review of the level of Government funding providers receive.

"For a long time organisations and providers have been saying, 'We're not being properly funded to provide the level of care that people require'," she said.

"And so I do think there's an argument for a full cost-of-care study to look at whether providers are being funded enough to provide the level of care that people require." <----- GIVING THE PROFIT SEEKING AGED CARE INDUSTRY AND SO CALLED "NOT FOR PROFIT" PROVIDERS" MORE PUBLIC MONEY IS NOT THE ANSWER.  WE NEED REGULATION, OVERSIGHT AND A PROPERLY FUNDED STATE RUN OPTION.

Senator Siewert said any changes needed to be made before the system was under even more pressure as a result of the ageing population.

"If we don't deal with it properly, we will have a crisis and that's why we need to be dealing with it now, not when we have the larger numbers that are starting to enter aged care," she said.







A Cairns woman accused of extorting Queensland MP Billy Gordon over an explicit photo has appeared in court.

50-year-old Christine Gibson was charged with extortion late last month for allegedly trying to blackmail the independent member for Cook over an indecent image he sent her via a text message.

She appeared in Cairns Magistrates Court briefly this morning, where the matter was adjourned.

 Gibson has been excused from appearing when the case is next heard on December 9. ... [ABC - 9/10/15]






Meanwhile, protected and unaccountable one-time MP for Cairns Gavin King continues receiving publicity for his crummy book about Newman [Sydney Morning Herald - 8/10/15]





WA prison escapee to face court after being found on the Gold Coast [MYGC - 9/10/15]





Drug arrest, Inala [QPS Media - 8/10/15]





Fatal traffic crash, Yalangur [QPS Media - 8/10/15]


As report reveals influence of lobbyists, Queensland Resource Council calls for limitations on access to courts


Yahoo [8/10/15]:

...  Coast and Country Association Queensland has launched the fourth legal challenge against GVK-Hancock's $10 billion Alpha coal mine project in the Galilee Basin in 18 months.

The latest appeal is related to carbon emissions occurring when coal mined there is burned in Asia.

Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche says news of yet another legal hold-up, seven years after the Alpha mine was first declared "a significant project by the state government" shows action must be taken.

"The Queensland government can no longer sit back and watch these important job-generating projects to be bogged down by court appeal after court appeal on matters which the Land Court has previously ruled is outside of its jurisdiction," he said in a statement.

Mr Roche described the appellants as "activist groups who live in inner-city Brisbane".

Queensland Natural Resources and Mines Minister Anthony Lynham refuses to comment on cases before the courts, but has previously said he has written to the attorney-general about speeding up the objection process.

A GVK-Hancock spokesman said the legal challenge said exporting coal from the Galilee Basin would not in any way change global carbon emissions or global demand for thermal coal.

"Global demand for thermal coal is driven by the ongoing development of world's cheapest form of electricity from coal-fired power generation, which will continue to grow in global capacity for decades to come," he said.

"If we as a nation don't develop the Galilee Basin, all that will happen is some other country will develop their equivalent resource and gain the significant benefits of billions of dollars in taxes and royalties and tens of thousands of jobs over many decades."

Comment has been sought from CCAQ.


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Immigration officials are currently assessing applications from 1000 Syrian refugees who want to come to Australia.

The government will ultimately offer places to 12,000 of those fleeing fighting in the war-torn nation, drawing them from persecuted minority groups in camps in the Middle East.

"We are working through those applications including, importantly, the security and health checks that will need to be applied," Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told reporters in Canberra on Friday. ...




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9 October 2015