The only thing that's "full steam ahead" is Dutton's BULLSHIT.


Why are the media, rights organisations and "advocates" (such as the Kaldor Centre) expending all their efforts playing along with the US "deal" charade, instead of holding him - and Australia's anti-refugee policy - to account?


 Have they even considered what these men, women and children - who have been imprisoned, abused and lied to for FOUR YEARS -  think - or want? ---> Stop separating families.



"WE ARE ASKING THE WORLD TO TAKE US FROM THE HELL"  ‏@elahe_zivardar [14/2/17]



At the very least, a journalist would ask Dutton if the phoney Obama-Australia refugee "deal" is binding, and has a timeframe ---> ... The immigration minister said the swap arrangement - which will see Australia accept refugees from Central America - was all going according to plan after a meeting with his PNG counterpart on Wednesday.

"We're still full steam ahead in working with the US, trying to get people off Nauru and Manus and just doing it in a way that the boats don't restart and we don't get new arrivals," he told 2GB's Ray Hadley on Thursday. [SBS - 9/3/17]



Outsourced US Homeland Security summer vacation clerks inspect and interrogate illegally held prisoners on Manus Island as part of ongoing fictional Obama-Australia "deal" sideshow [ABC - 14/2/17]



... “When refugees asked RSC (Resettlement Support Centre) company officers, they don’t give them any useful information.

“There is no assurance that they will reunite with their families and it’s very worrying .” [The National - 2/3/17]



They’ve lied to us so often that nothing is believable to me anymore. Political prisoner at Australia's refugee concentration camp on Nauru [Guardian - 17/2/17]



"They killed Reza Barati, Hamid Kehazaei, Faysal Ishak and they are trying to kill us":  Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island say "US deal" fake news [RNZI - 24/1/17]



WAITING ... WAITING ... WAITING ... WAITING ... ---> US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman renews call for declassification of phoney Obama-Australia refugee "deal" [Senator Chuck Grassley Media Release - 2/2/17]



A secret "deal" is no deal. The policy is indefinite detention, exile, death and LIES. ---> ... "It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place." ... I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



Hasn't actually seen the "deal" but claims "resettlement" in the US is a "desirable outcome"? WEASEL WORD BINGO!!  ---> ... For the refugees on Manus Island and Nauru, there is no doubt that resettlement to the US is a desirable outcome.

The US has a rich history of refugee resettlement and robust settlement services capable of providing a durable solution. ... [International Law Association - 6/3/17]



While "experts" once again embraced the shadowy Canberra branch of the UNHCR and its dodgy, anti-refugee Global Compact/New York Declaration at last month's Refugee Alternatives conference, men were being refouled from Australia's illegal prison on Manus Island.



Thomas Albrecht #UNHCR Australia highlights the critcal & profound committments made in the #NYdeclation #refugeealternatives @IDCAsiaPacific [21/2/17]



Australia stops accepting refugees [SBS -  18/11/14]:


... The UNHCR's Canberra office also refused interview requests. ...



... Prior to taking up this assignment in early 2014, Mr. Albrecht served as Head of the UNHCR Regional Support Hub in Nairobi ... [UNSW Kaldor Centre]



... UNHCR Representative Thomas Albrecht told Ref Coord he had had to deliver a stern warning to the refugees: either shape up or he will ask the GOG [Government of Ghana] to post several military officers inside the camp.

To emphasize the seriousness of his message, he suspended all UNHCR services to Budumburam during the week of May 1-7. ... [WikiLeaks]



Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]



Not a single journalist went to the PNG Supreme Court yesterday? THAT IS CENSORSHIP ---> ...  PNG lawyer Ben Lomai is applying to the country's Supreme Court to stop them being deported.

"They are illegally assessing the asylum seekers right now and we are saying that their process is flawed on the basis it is unconstitutional," he said.

Mr Lomai is arguing that a PNG Supreme Court decision last year which found the asylum seekers were being illegally detained has invalidated the processing of the men's refugees claims.

He said that meant PNG should not be deporting them.

"The [memorandum of understanding] between Australia and PNG has been declared unconstitutional and unenforceable and so on that basis nobody should go back to the centre and do all this processing," he said.

"In fact, the asylum seekers should have been removed back to Australia."

Mr Lomai's application is likely to be heard by a three-man bench of the Supreme Court on March 8.  Nepalese asylum seeker in hiding after refoulement from Australia's illegal refugee prison on Manus Island [ABC - 3/3/17]



PNG lawyer's application to stop deportations from Australia's illegal refugee concentration camp on Manus Island adjourned until 8 March [The National - 2/3/17]



Why did Obama deport 85 Muslim asylum seekers to Bangladesh, India and Nepal? [Democracy Now - 8/4/16]



Lawyers file constitutional challenge to medical detention aspect of Australia's bipartisan, anti-refugee policy [New York Times - 7/3/17]



As the Australian media/human rights luvvies' censorship and blackout continues - what's news Behrouz?  ---> ... These women have been enduring many kinds of torture for a long time now, and have continued to speak out for freedom.

They should be much more strongly supported by the feminist movement in Australia and around the world. ... [Behrouz Boochani - 8/3/17]



Bishop and Dutton living it up in PNG - utterly protected and unaccountable thanks to the Australian media! [The National - 9/3/17]



"Advocates" and media who won't also call for AN END to the bipartisan policy of persecuting boat refugees are as bad as Dutton ---> ... About 24,000 people who arrived in Australia by boat between August 2012 and December 2013 are on the fast-track system for refugee assessment, which was introduced in December 2014.

It strips key review rights from asylum seekers and expands ministerial powers to prevent initial decisions being challenged. ... [Guardian - 9/3/17]



... Labor introduced a controversial "no advantage test" on 13 August last year in an unsuccessful attempt to stop asylum boats from coming by insisting that those applying for refugee status in that way received no benefit compared with those who stayed in refugee camps in the region.

The test has meant that there has been virtually no processing of the claims made by the more than 20,000 refugees who have arrived since that time, no information about how long processing could take, and that those who have been released into the community are not allowed to work and receive just 89% of unemployment benefits. ... [Guardian - 28/6/13]



Right-wing unions hold well funded "Enough is Enough" VOTE ALP rallies across Australia, as Pauline Hanson fills the resistance void in WA. --->  And that's about the size of it. @GraffitiExpert [9/3/17]




Image: ‏@GedKACTU - President, Australian Council of Trade Unions [15/11/14]



@conserv_tribune [8/3/17]:  The Meaning Behind WikiLeaks' Vault 7 Password Is Deeper than You Think ...



NSA whistleblower backs Trump on wiretap claims [ICH/US News - 8/3/17]:


... What Binney did not delve into, however, was if President Obama directed surveillance on Trump for political purposes during the campaign, a core accusation of Trump's.

But Binney did say events such as publication of details of private calls between President Trump and the Australian prime minister, as well as with the Mexican president, are evidence the intelligence community is playing hardball with the White House.  

 "I think that's what happened here," Binney told Fox.

"The evidence of the conversation of the president of the U.S., President Trump, and the [prime minister] of Australia and the president of Mexico. Releasing those conversations. Those are conversations that are picked up by the FAIRVIEW program, primarily, by NSA."



@Snowden [8/3/17]:  FBI sets loose alleged child pornographer to prevent an open court from scrutinizing the lawfulness of FBI hacking.




9 March 2017