Solidarity statement from Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island to PNG students


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Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney [10/6/16]:



This is what solidarity looks like… a message from Manus Island refugees to the PNG student movement

Dear Students, We are refugees or detainees from Manus Island detention centre.

We are writing in solidarity with png students and our friends who lost their lives during their peaceful protest [in Port Moresby].

We are very aware of the corruption issues in PNG.

Billions of dollars have been given to the PNG government by Australia to run the Manus detention center.

That money has not been used for the people of Manus or PNG, but has been used to deny our liberty and keep refugees illegally imprisoned.

We have a common fight against corrupt government in PNG and Australia, and a common fight for freedom from tyranny.

We condemn police shooting on peaceful protesters – our human rights have also been denied.

We have also experienced this kind [of brutality] and have lost two of our friends killed because of their fight for liberty.

We are still fighting for our freedom and we will not give up, remember that you can’t obtain your freedom or achieve your goal freely, you must sacrifice for it.

We won’t give up.

Manus detainees (108 signatures).








University of Technology (Unitech) students and staff have shown support for University of PNG students through money contributions to assist displaced and injured students.

Students Representative Council president David Kelma said their financial support would help their “brothers and sisters” in their time of need. ... [The National - 10/6/16]







Students set up barricade on Jiwaka Highway [The National - 10/6/16]







The University of Papua New Guinea administration on Wednesday succeeded in obtaining a National Court order to restrain the members of the Student Representative Council from boycotting classes.

The order restrains members of the SRC, including president Kenneth Rapa and the student body, from putting up barricades to block classrooms and lecture theatres, threatening and assaulting enrolled students and university staff.

Justice Collin Makail issued the restraining orders sought by the university on Wednesday morning, only hours after the student confrontation with police, which saw 23 students brought to hospital for injuries. This interim injunction also restrains members of the SRC and students from carrying out activities which are contrary to their enrolment as students.

The matter will return to court on June 22 for the substantive matter, which will see the court hear the judicial review filed by the students.

On June 1, the National Court granted leave for the students’ application for a judicial review to be conducted into the University Council’s decision on May 24, ordering students to vacate the campus within 48 hours.  [PNG Loop - 9/6/16]




Today I went to see Julian Assange...his crime was to tell us the truth ... [VIDEO - Michael Moore - 9/6/16]




This event should be protested for its flagrant hypocrisy and whitewashing --->  Please join Australia for UNHCR for our annual World Refugee Day Breakfast at the Ivy Ballroom – celebrating the courage and strength of refugees. ...



Day 82 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  @elahe_zivardar [9/6/16]




@SuchNigel [9/6/16]:   RELEASE MY DAD. Hamid N is still in prison and they didn't let his son and wife visit him ...








"WHEN FREEDOM IS OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL BE FREE."  ‏@elahe_zivardar [8/6/16]:  It's Hamid's son. His dad arrested by Nauru gov last Friday.Wednesday day, day 81 of peaceful protest on Nauru.




 ‏@SuchNigel [8/6/16]:  How long will we be here!! Protest in #Nauru ...




Concentration, James Standish [Record - 9/6/16]:


... I pondered this history as I talked with my seatmate on a flight from Goroka to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. 

“Where are you heading?” I asked him. “I’m off to work.” “Do you work for a mining company?” I asked, eyeing his fluoro vest. “No, I work in the personnel management field,” he replied. “So are you based in Port Moresby?” I continued. “No.” “Oh, so you’re making a connecting flight in Moresby?” “Yes.” “And where to from there?” “I’m not permitted to say,” he replied with a nervous chuckle.

So we talked about other things.  We were minutes out of Port Moresby when I returned to the question of my seatmate’s destination. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone,” he repeated. That, of course, only made me push harder—I am, after all, a lawyer. After a few more probing questions, he blurted out: “I work on Manus.” “Doing what?” “I’m a contractor in the refugee camp,” he said quietly as he leaned into me, his big brown eyes full with meaning.

“It is terrible. The way they treat the people there . . . it is difficult to see. They are treated worse than animals.” He went on to describe the appalling conditions.


Which leads me to Emily Hobhouse. Emily was a strong Christian woman who took it upon herself to visit the concentration camps in South Africa. And what she saw shocked her conscience.

She wrote: “[I] hope that the good sense, if not the mercy, of the English people will cry out against the further development of this cruel system . . .”

At first she was met with ridicule and hostility. But an investigation into her reports verified them as accurate and, as a result of her Christian activism, the system was completely overhauled. 

My hope is that Seventh-day Adventist Emily Hobhouses will rise up this Adventist Church World Refugee Day (June 18) to protest the way asylum seekers are being treated in our region.

There is no higher Christian virtue than speaking up for the defenceless. Now is the time. ​




Orders to close Manus detention likely before the Australian election [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 8/6/16]:



... Meanwhile the April ruling that the detention centre is unlawful has placed a very large question mark over what authority Broadspectrum and Wilson’s security actually has over the detainees still being held at the detention centre.

“The situation is not sustainable and the confusion has seen increasing tensions inside the detention centre,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

PNG police are now placed inside the detention centre to provide a fig leaf for Wilson’s security. It has become routine for PNG police to arrest detainees on the whim of Wilson Security guards, who are no longer sure of their power to assault and imprison detainees inside the detention centre with impunity.

It has also created an Orwellian use of language. Detainees are now called “residents”, while the “compounds” have become “areas” – the former Oscar and Delta compounds are now called East Area.

As the numbers of people found to be refugees has risen, the division between compounds housing asylum seekers and refugees inside the detention centre has broken down.

Power cuts have made existing in the hot, humid conditions intolerable.

The conditions for food have also deteriorated. With hundreds of people now being fed in one compound, (Oscar and Delta mess together in Oscar) people have been in queues for up to an hour. Bad smelling chicken is being served for two meals each day.

On Sunday, 5 June, only half of the people got any chicken at all.

“For almost three years the asylum seekers and refugees have endured the worst imaginable conditions that Australia, [G4S], Broadspectrum [aka Transfield] and Wilson’s could throw at them – and for all that time Manus has been unlawful, as well as brutal,” said Rintoul.

“It is two months since the PNG Supreme Court ruled that the agreement between Australian and PNG is unlawful. The Australian government is simply delaying the inevitable and revealing the contempt it has for the rule of law. Manus must be closed, and all the asylum seekers and refugees brought to the Australian mainland.”



The UNHCR needs to explain why they aren't calling for refugees imprisoned on Nauru and Manus to be immediately released and GENUINELY resettled.   If the UNHCR aren't held to account for recent activities, you can expect that their next statement will welcome the release and "resettlement" of exiled refugees on Manus Island.





October 2015: UNHCR welcomes Australian government lies that refugees aren't imprisoned on Nauru anymore.



CSG and refugees, the banality of evil at APPEA 2016


‏@Andrew_Hobbs - Editor of Oil and Gas Australia, Oil and Gas Asia, Asia Pacific Subsea World & PNG Resources [8/6/16]: 



Video re @broadservices on Manus Island.


Here are the comments from Graeme Hunt, General Manager of Broadspectrum @broadservices, regarding Manus Island, to the #APPEA2016 event.



"One of the things that frustrate me about that is people say we operate those facilities. Q:Don’t you? A: No we don’t. We provide services



"Almost the same services we provide on Defence bases at 3 or 4 states in Australia. To say that we operate Defence bases is ludicrous



"We don’t set policy or implement policy. What we do is try to do a difficult job as well as we can,"



"[We] recognise that our predecessors took a focus just inside the gate and we have taken much more a focus outside the gate.



"Service providers don’t always come in at ground zero… a service provider further down the hierarchy can suggest, push their client along…"



Q: Is that what you’ve done in Manus? A: We talk to our client all the time, about what we think is good and what we think is not good.



"It is the client that has to take the lead role in terms of speaking to what the situation is."


"We have that same challenge that exists for our work with the Dpt of Immigration that exists in our challenges for our work for Defence."


"We are in that supply chain as well – there is a lot of good, but there are some people who just don’t like – due to ...  the basis of the policy as opposed to whatever the reality of the outcomes are."


"The challenges of being in the supply chain implementing a policy that some people don’t like is real challenging – same challenges in CSG"




@Hincerooney [4/6/16]:  Guys in #Manus call this 'Zebra'. They've eaten this dubious stripey chicken for lunch & dinner for last 6 mths+.  



Let the bravery of PNG protesters in the face of such brutality also set an example for the region.


East Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare condemned the action of police at the University of PNG campus yesterday.

“It is inexcusable that unarmed students are fired upon by police as they prepare to peacefully march to Parliament,” he said.

“We need to establish who gave the orders for policemen to inflict harm on unarmed students.

“What warranted police to surround the campus in the first instance? Is the university safeguarding the interest of our young people?

“I call on police to stand down in the interest of the public. You are not there to protect the interest of individual politicians. I have never used the police for my own interest during my time in office and nor should any other individual holding office. It is a bad precedent for our emerging democracy.

“I also call on (Police) Commissioner Gari Baki to call his men to stand down.”

Sir Michael suggested Prime Minister Peter O’Neill defuse the situation by stepping down from office.

“My concern stems from the fact that as a senior Papua New Guinean, I do not want our country to come undone because leaders are abusing their office at the expense of our people,” he said. [The National - 9/6/16]





Eight students were treated at the Port Moresby General Hospital’s emergency department yesterday for gunshot wounds following a clash with police at the University of PNG campus. ... [The National - 9/6/16]





Police fire shots at Gerehu bus stop chasing commuters away [PNG Loop - 9/6/16]







The University of Papua New Guinea’s main Waigani campus has been very quiet since 7pm yesterday.

Almost 90 percent of the student body had left while only a few remained. Less than 15 female students had spent the night on campus.

Uniforce guards locked the gate to the senior female’s hall of residence at 8pm, when the gate normally shuts at 11pm.

The police had exited the main campus by 6.30pm. Apart from the occasional sound of the guards’ vehicles patrolling the campus until daybreak, all was deathly quiet.

“I didn’t sleep well last night. I was too scared,” a female student told Loop PNG.

“One small sound would jolt me awake.”

The mess was open this morning for the remaining student body while the rest of the institution’s offices will remain closed.

“We will meet tomorrow and decide if it’s safe to come to work or not,” a staff told Loop.

Police are manning the entrances into campus. [PNG Loop - 9/6/16]



How many refugee boats did Australia push back, sink or abandon over the past 24 hours? ---->  @guardiacostiera [8/6/16]: #SAR #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina soccorsi, navi di diverse ong salvano 835 #migranti su 7 gommoni






Libyan navy rescues over 100 migrants from sinking tugboat [Albawaba - 8/6/16]



‏@MSF_Sea [8/6/16]:  "Please take a picture to tell our friends we are alive"



Day 80 refugee protests, Nauru 



Image: @InsurrectNews [7/6/16]


@Mums4Refugees [7/6/16]:  40 days of protest by the men locked up in Camp 2 Nauru #CloseTheCamps #EndTheAbuse


Behrouz Boochani [7/6/16]:


I took this photo from a beautiful tree that was cut yesterday. In other words, they killed it.

The Australian gov and the big companies in Manus prison have cut thousands of trees during last three years.

They have cut many beautiful trees because of building the prisons here and huge accommodations for their employees.

I don't know whether they got permission from the PNG environment organisation or not. Also, I don't know if there is any NGOs in PNG to protect jungles and trees? But the point is clear and that is this system have destroyed Manus nature because of building prison. There was a big forest surrounded the prison but it was destroyed for the purpose of deterrence.

A jungle was destroyed to stop people coming to Australia by boat.

Everything in Manus prison is plastic such as cutlery, plates,tissues,glasses and thongs. Unintentionally, everyone produces some kilos of plastic rubbish everyday.

I have a question for the authorities: what do they do with thousands tons of plastic and where do they bury them?

Manus nature is amazingly beautiful and I think it has become a victim -like us- under this cruel policy.


@KateSusabu [7/6/16]:  17 men →Port Moresby Hospital for treatment 1 got lost on way back & missed out on meals 2 self-harmed 2 days prior ...


Another day in court for men illegally detained by Australia in Manus Island concentration camp [PNG Loop - 6/6/16]:



Disputed facts to be argued in the case involving Asylum seekers held against their will at the Regional Processing Center in Manus have been settled by parties involved in the case.

The Supreme Court was informed of this when the matter returned before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia for directions.

Counsel representing applicant Benham Satah and 300 others, Ben Lomai informed the court that the agreed facts that will be brought before the court’s attention was agreed to on May 24.

Amongst those facts to be settled is the transfer of the Asylum Seekers from Australia’s Christmas Island to Manus against their will.

This issue was already dealt in the special reference filed by Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah.

The same reference that fund the setting up of the centre as unconstitutional and illegal.

The Chief Justice told the court the matte will be listed on the Supreme Court fast track list.

The matter will return to court next Thursday, June 16, for further directions.

Principal applicant in the case, Benham Satah and 300 others in Manus held in Manus will be asking the court through their lawyers for summary judgment of the matter.

They will be relying on the case filed by Vanimo-Green MP Beldan Namah which found the setting up of the center Unconstitutional and illegal in April.

They are also seeking an enforcement claim for compensation of human rights breaches valued between K1.8 to K2 million from the Commonwealth who is responsible for all the costs associated with offshore processing.



Nauru concentration camp and its rapes and medical torture are a bipartisan manifestation of US foreign policy.



Send a copy of the report to Ambassador Cefkin if you're serious.


... When Pacific Standard reached out to Nauru Ambassador Judith Cefkin for her thoughts on the refugee camp conditions, she sent back only a boilerplate response: “We encourage all countries to work with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to find durable solutions for refugees and asylum seekers.” ...


Nauru: A ‘Human Dumping Ground’, Julie Morse [Pacific Standard - 12/4/16]



Greater protection of #humanrights leads to stability, & prosperity in our societies. - @AmbCefkin - Judith Cefkin - US Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu.  ...


Image:  ‏@FWRM1 [1/12/15]



Durable solutions: UNHCR Canberra reps' visit to Nauru triggered the self immolations.


They should be held to account, not protected.



We never forget you "Omid happy freedom"  ... By Abbas Alaboudi


Image: ‏@SuchNigel [7/6/16] 



@BenDohertyCorro [7/6/16]:  UN call to close Nauru and Manus Island has sparked online petition from 'quiet Australian' to close offshore ...  <--- The UNHCR have NOT called on Australia to close the camps.  The UNHCR have called for the "immediate movement" of refugees - which could mean anything.




The office of the United Nations Secretary-General denies that he met with a representative of West Papua at the World Humanitarian Summit.

Following the Istanbul summit a fortnight ago, there have been regional media reports that Ban Ki Moon was given a West Papua fact-finding mission report titled 'We Will Lose Everything'.

A spokesman for Mr Ban, Stephane Dujarric has given clarification. "Contrary to some media accounts, there was no meeting between the Secretary-General and any West Papua representative in Istanbul," he said.

"We also have no record of any documents being officially handed over to the Secretary-General."

However, the executive director of the Pacific Islands Association for Non-Governmental Organizations, Emele Duituturaga, confirmed she met unofficially with Ban Ki Moon at one of the roundtable meetings, and presented his assistant with the report. ... [RNZI - 7/6/16]






Serve papers to O’Neill: PNG Supreme Court [The National - 7/6/16]





A court has dismissed a case against a group of university students charged with staging an assembly and disturbing the peace in public.

Police in Wewak, East Sepik had taken the students to court after they were arrested travelling around in a truck allegedly to conduct an awareness on the reasons behind their boycott of classes at the University of PNG and Unitech.

Wewak District Court Magistrate David Susame agreed with lawyer John Alman representing the students that the charges were irrelevant to their actions. Susame ordered that their K500 bail be refunded.  ... [The National - 6/6/16]




Medical students at Taurama continue boycott [PNG Loop - 6/6/16]




How come some of the most notorious child protection/child welfare organizations in Cambodia are all run by Australians?

Up to the point that the Director of the National Police’s Child Protection Unit is a convicted criminal and former cop from Australia.

One cannot help but wonder why all these "do-gooders" don't rather work in their native country; for instance by providing much needed assistance and help for the refugees that their government has detained on the island of Nauru.

It's a bitter irony that Australia actually has sold some of these refugees for resettlement in Cambodia.

What a disgrace to a presumably civilized nation! Comment on Posing for ‘poverty porn’: The murky ethics of NGO fundraising [Phnom Penh Post - 27/5/16]




Withholding medical care is LNP and ALP refugee "deterrence" policy, supported by Australia's professional associations and unions. [Canberra Times - 7/6/16]:


Public servants at the Department of Immigration could face prosecution over their conduct in the final days of the life of a detained asylum seeker, lawyers say.

The Australian Lawyers Alliance says the death of 24-year-old Iranian detainee Hamid Khazaei came after basic failures by departmental bureaucrats to uphold federal health and safety laws and they could be held personally responsible by the courts, even if their department is cleared. ...






Nauru concentration camp goon sacked after complaining about pay.  Men, women and children still illegally imprisoned. [RNZI - 7/6/16]




Feminists don't imprison refugee women in concentration camps.



Do you want freedom, or Richard Marles and Chris Bowen to be re-elected?



feminism [noun]:  The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.




Image: @danielflitton - Senior correspondent, The Age [2012]




The Gillard government's offshore dumping policy [Project SafeCom]:


... The Rudd government was determined to end the harsh Howard and Ruddock asylum seeker offshore processing era.

Alas, that determination came crashing down during the last half of 2009. Rudd's handling of boat arrivals had become a constant reason for aggressive political baiting and brazen opportunistic political attacks by Australia's conservatives.

Rudd came well and truly unstuck by his sudden jolt, shifting to a hardline regime in October 2009 during the last year of his government.

Following his demise and replacement by Julia Gillard as PM, Labor kept lurching sharply to and fro before finally settling on leaving the cruelty of Conservative asylum seeker policy under John Howard well behind in its wake - creating its own newly ALP-constructed asylum seeker cruelty policy, from offshore detention on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea to an international refugee trade deal with Malaysia.


This second page in this series continues the intense media coverage of boat arrivals following Gillard and Bowen's May 2011 announcements of their offshore processing plans and the 'Malaysia refugee swap deal'. The items reflect the fear and insecurity for the passengers, the stubbornness of Gillard and Bowen's hardline determination and the sheer ridiculousness of their plans. ...




Open letter to UNHCR from Nauru refugees questions motive of their April visit, calls for GENUINE resettlement after three years of punishment and torture [OP Voice - 2/5/16]:


... They tried to encourage refugees to utilise the one and only option (Cambodia) to go and live there but on the other side, refugees did not want to be misused again as laboratory rats ...

Cambodia's offer from Australian immigration to Nauru refugees have proved that Nauru does no have abilities for local integration.


The purpose of NO ADVANTAGE and PACIFIC SOLUTION policies for refugees [who are] described as queue jumpers to be punished in underdeveloped countries and be processed as long as it will take for refugees who applied for UNHCR resettlement process from Indonesia that attest take 3 to 4 years to get an answer. 

The difference between us and refugees who are in Indonesia is that we have been processed in DETENTION CENTRE under mouldy tents. ...

 We can witness a processing case from a refugee that applied UNHCR in July 2013 in Indonesia who has been accepted and will be resettled in Australia next week, but Nauru refugees still located in Nauru and they are just eligible enough to tolerate the discrimination from UNHCR processing system.

This strategy has proved to all Nauru refugee that the time of the torture is over and all refugees deserve to be transferred as soon as possible to the 28 UNHCR countries so they can start their new life if they are still mentally and physically healthy.

In conclusion, we are asking from UNHCR to arrange a resettlement in the 27 UNHCR countries except Australia. 

But it is obvious that regarding to UNHCR, absence of visiting Guantanamo, government of Australia have used the opportunity to cover some of the problems and disasters therefore it is fair for us to doubt on your visitation of Nauru after all these years for another political games. 

We are going to publish this news so at least you can answer media and reporters' questions. ...




Why did the UNHCR regional representative Thomas Albrecht tell Nauru refugees they'd be imprisoned for 10 years?




Kenya faces legal action over refugee camp closure [ENCA - 6/6/16]:


The Kenyan government's plan to close the world's largest refugee camp violates international law and is unconstitutional, a Kenyan rights watchdog said Monday, asking a court to intervene.

Nairobi vowed last month to shut down the sprawling Dadaab camp on the Kenya-Somalia border, home to some 350,000 people, on national security grounds.

The vast majority of the camp's residents are refugees who have fled the more than two-decade long conflict in Somalia.

The government plans to return the refugees to their homeland or third countries by November, in a move that has been widely condemned by humanitarian organisations.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), calling for an "extremely urgent" court hearing, said the closure would endanger refugees "if they are forcibly returned without proper assessment of the security concerns".

Sending refugees home against their will would violate Kenya's constitution as well as the UN's Refugee Convention and the Organisation of Africa Unity Convention on refugees, the group said, calling the plan "arbitrary" and "discriminatory".

The state-funded KNCHR urged the government to suspend the decision to repatriate Somali refugees and to reverse a decision to disband Kenya's Department of Refugee Affairs. ...




Kenya:  Government statement and update on the repatriation of refugees and scheduled closure of Dadaab refugee camp [11/5/16]:


... The refugees will be repatriated to their countries of origin or to third party countries for resettlement.

The decision was arrived at in November 2013, when Kenya, Somalia and UNHCR signed a Tripartite Agreement setting grounds for repatriation of Somali refugees.

There has been very slow progress on the implementation of the agreement.

As part of concluding this arrangement, Kenya is committed to close Dadaab refugee complex.

This decision has been made by Government reflecting the fact the camps have become hosting grounds for Al Shabaab as well as centres for smuggling and contraband trade besides being enablers of illicit weapons proliferation.


We are seeking to anchor our humanitarian character, which is recognised all over the world, in considerations that put the security of our country first.

We will not be the first to do so; this is the standard practice worldwide. 

For example in Europe, rich prosperous and democratic countries are turning away refugees from Syria, one of the worst war zones since World War Two. ...




... Prior to taking up this assignment in early 2014, Mr. Albrecht served as Head of the UNHCR Regional Support Hub in Nairobi, which, in close collaboration with the Organization’s Headquarters, works with offices in the East and Horn of Africa as well as the Great Lakes Region to ensure strategic coherence, programme quality and results, management effectiveness and financial due diligence and accountability for UNHCR's operations.


From 2005 to 2009, Mr. Albrecht served as Deputy Regional Representative at the UNHCR Regional Representation for the United States of America and the Caribbean, located in Washington ... Thomas Albrecht UNHCR’s Regional Representative for Refugees for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific [Kaldor Centre - UNSW]




UNHCR exhibition provides insight into refugee camps around the world by Genevieve Jacobs [ABC - 18/6/14]:


Twenty years ago, Thomas Albrecht was in East Africa dealing with the crisis in Somalia for UNHCR.

Deployed to the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, he saw the tide of human misery that washes up when a country falls into violent chaos.

Two decades later, he was back at Dadaab where the children he’d seen were still in camp and had become parents themselves. ...



Perhaps Genevieve Jacobs could interview Mr Albrecht again, and - among other things - ask him how many of the refugees he repatriated from Ghana he thinks are still alive? [UNHCR starts repatriation to Liberia; first refugees arrive on convoy, airlift - 1/10/04]:


... "On this occasion, we want to yet again express our sincere gratitude to the country and the people of Ghana, who in such an exemplary way have given refugees the protection, safety and respect they deserve – and who continue to do so. This hospitality will remain in the memory of every Liberian," said UNHCR's Representative in Ghana, Thomas Albrecht, bidding farewell to the refugees at Accra's Kotoka International Airport.

"The refugees leaving on this first voluntary repatriation flight are all too aware of the many difficulties and challenges they will face while trying to rebuild their lives in their home country," added Albrecht.

"More progress is still needed in Liberia to make it possible for all traumatised refugees to return in safety and dignity to their homes in all the different parts of the country. But as we witness today the departure of the first refugees on their journey to Liberia, which they so dearly missed, we wish them all the very, very best." ...





Kenya: One dead and over 20 injured in Kisumu as protesters clash with police [Standard - 6/6/16]




Mexico accused of crimes against humanity in US-backed drug war; PRI loses hold in state races [Democracy Now - 6/6/16]




The United Nations said on Monday it had removed the Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting in Yemen from a child rights blacklist pending a joint review by the world body and the coalition of the cases of child deaths and injuries.

The U.N. report on children and armed conflict - released last Thursday - said the coalition was responsible for 60 percent of child deaths and injuries in Yemen last year, killing 510 and wounding 667, and half the attacks on schools and hospitals.

Following a complaint by Saudi Arabia, however, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon agreed to a joint review by the world body and the coalition of the cases cited in the annual report of states and armed groups that violate children's rights in war. ... [Reuters - 6/6/16]




Civilian killed as gunmen attack airport in Yemen's Aden [Ahram - 6/6/16]




A female journalist was shot dead in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Sunday, adding to the lengthening death toll among media in the violence-torn East African country, her colleagues said.

Sagal Salad Osman, a presenter and producer for state radio station Muqdisho, was gunned down by unidentified men who then fled, they said. ... [News 24 - 5/6/16]




New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued the first-ever executive order forcing state agencies to divest from any organizations aligned with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

BDS is an international campaign to pressure Israel to comply with international law and respect Palestinian rights.

The order forces state officials to make a list of businesses and groups who are engaged in activities targeting Israel.

Legal groups have declared the order unconstitutional and a form of "21st century McCarthyism." [Democracy Now - 6/6/16]




Palestinian youth shot in the head by Israeli forces Friday succumbs to wounds [Maan - 6/6/16]




After footage released by human rights organization B’Tselem sparked outrage over the execution-style killing of a Palestinian by an Israeli soldier in March, witnesses said that a second Palestinian killed in the case was also shot in the head, the Israeli NGO revealed on Monday. ... [Maan - 6/6/16]




Israel has destroyed $74 million worth of EU projects [Electronic Intifada - 6/6/16]




Five Jordanian intelligence officers have been killed in an attack on a security office outside a Palestinian refugee camp close to Amman, a government official told national media. ... [Al Jazeera - 6/6/16]




What an asshole ---->  ... And in this month of reflection, we cannot forget the millions of lives that have been displaced by conflict and struggle, across the world and in our own backyards.

Far too many Muslims may not be able to observe Ramadan from the comfort of their own homes this year or afford to celebrate Eid with their children.

We must continue working together to alleviate the suffering of these individuals.

This sacred time reminds us of our common obligations to uphold the dignity of every human being. 

We will continue to welcome immigrants and refugees into our nation, including those who are Muslim. ... [The Whitehouse - 5/6/16]




Lawsuit seeks to determine whether Customs and Border Protection has improved its complaint system [American Immigration Council - 6/6/16]




An unidentified gunman shot dead a member of the provincial peace committee in western Ghor province, an official said on Monday.

Nasrullah Nasrat, also a former commander of the Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA), came under attack from a gunman on a motorcycle in front of the operational police unit in Ferozkoh, the provincial capital, when he was buying fruits at a stall late on Sunday, said Abdul Hai Khatebi, the governor’s spokesman.

Ghor police chief Mustafa Hussaini said guard of Nasrat had been detained because he did not retaliate when the peace committee member was attacked.

A number of peace committee members and other key figures had previously been shot dead in the province. [Pajhwok - 6/6/16]


NPR photographer, interpreter killed in Afghanistan [NPR – 5/6/16]




Three civilians including an Afghan lawmaker Sher Wali Wardak were killed in Kabul on Sunday evening after an IED was detonated via remote control near the MP's house. ... [TOLO News - 5/6/16]




Russia refutes report on alleged Russian air strikes on Syrian Al-Asharah [TASS - 6/6/16]




U.S.-backed Syrian fighters have surrounded the Islamic State-held city of Manbij from three sides as they press a major new offensive against the jihadists near the Turkish border, a spokesman for the fighters said on Monday. ... [Reuters - 6/6/16]




Five civilians were killed and 77 others were injured in new terrorist attacks that targeted several neighborhoods in Aleppo city on Sunday. ... [SANA - 6/6/16]




Veteran Hizbullah military commander Al-Sayyed Khalil Ali al-Sayyed Hassan has been killed in clashes in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, media reports said on Monday. ... [Naharnet - 6/6/16]




@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [6/6/16]: 




Anbar: Aqeel Hatam Ayash Al-Luheibi and his family was shot ,then drowned in Euphrates while trying to flee ............................




Anbar: The air force has shelled Julan neighborhood in Fallujah resulted in deaths of the family members of Najah Jameel Mahmoud Al-Lihibi -his wife and 5 children-.......................




Baghdad: News agencies: A gang of robbery and kidnapping of doctors and pharmacists consisting of 6 members have been arrested and it is shown that they are Hashd Militia elements in Basmaiya area southeast of Baghdad...................



Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near shops in Gire'at area north of Baghdad today noon killing a person and wounding 6.........................




Baghdad: A roadside bomb attached to a car transporting employees at the ministry of health has exploded in Furat neighborhood west of Baghdad resulted in death and two injuries.......




Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Baya' area south of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 5 injuries.....




Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Falahat area in Tarmiya district north of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 11 injuries.....




Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near Riyadh Market in Jisr Diyala Al-Qadeem area today noon killing two persons and wounding 6...........................




Released detainees talk about terrifying crimes which have amounted to burying of alive displaced persons committed by Hashd Militias and the government forces against 400 ones from Fallujah ........



Hashd Militias and the government forces supported by international coalition have committed massacres against the Fallujah displaced persons.........




7 June 2016