@humanite_fr [8/1/18]:  Cédric Herrou : « L’État est devenu la terreur des faibles » ...


... May the year 2018 be the year of convergence of struggles, so that France once again becomes the one of the rights of women and men, so that politics can once again be in the service of the people.

Do not get discouraged, the fight will be beautiful.



Verdict from the Permanent People's Tribunal on the violation with impunity of Human Rights to Migrants and Refugees held in Paris last weekend ---> France and EU condemned for "complicity in crimes against humanity" [Liberation - 7/1/18]



@seawatchcrew [8/1/18]:  We are shattered to hear about the increased death rate of the recent incident last Saturday. Our thoughts and condolescences are with the families and survivors. 66 dead in the first week of 2018 - this could and should have been prevented! One answer - #safepassage 



@AnnaKarastathi [8/1/18]:  They have committed no crime (not that being criminalised by the criminal legal system justifies incarceration); just a negative decision on their asylum claim. Nationality is the main criterion for granting/denying asylum (a violation of the Geneva convention) #opentheislands 



US advocates want #MeToo debate to include immigrant detention [US News - 8/1/18]:


... Like many of the roughly 35,000 adults in immigration detention, Monterrosa, 23, has requested asylum.

She arrived at the southern U.S. border in May after fleeing El Salvador, where she says she was forced into prostitution by her family and that an uncle raped her.

The uncle was a policeman, she said.

If her asylum claim is denied, she could be deported.

She is currently appealing a denial of her claim in October.


Hutto is operated by the private prison company CoreCivic, formerly known as the Corrections Corporation of America, which runs detention centers across the country under contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE said it received four reports of sexual abuse at Hutto during the past government fiscal year, which ended in September.

Under policies posted on CoreCivic's website, any detainee who reports sexual violence should have "no contact with the alleged perpetrator."

Both ICE and CoreCivic prohibit retaliation against a detainee who files a report.

But CoreCivic declined to answer questions about Monterrosa's report that she had seen the guard in the dining hall and referred comment to ICE, as it's required to do under its federal contract, which stipulates that private prison operators must consult with ICE before speaking to the media. ...



Trump administration ends protections for long-time Salvadoran residents [American Immigration Council - 8/1/18]



160 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.



No word left for us to ask for our freedom SOS # Manus @sunosi3 [9/1/18]



Unforgiveable @Shamindan1 [West Haus, Manus - 9/1/18]



2018 heralds ongoing indignities for men illegally trafficked, imprisoned and exiled by the Labor Party to Manus Island, as Australia's anti-refugee policy continues unchallenged [RNZI - 9/1/18]



@mutasimali3 [7/1/18]:  10 days ago, 3 asylum seekers died 2 Sudanese and one Eritrean. They died because of cold and hunger, they didn’t have homes. The police found their bodies in the street. We buried them last Thursday. Today, another asylum seeker committed a suicide. Ibrahim I was his teacher...



@mutasimali3 [7/1/18]: ..Ibrahim was one of the amazing people I have ever met. I had English Class in Holot. Not only to teach English but recruit and give hope to people. Ibrahim was the asking a lot of questions and what we should do to help others. RIP my friend. May you find safety now  



@davidsheen [6/1/18]:  VIDEO: “The Israeli gov’t now says it wants to expel us to another country. In other words, the Israeli gov’t wants to sell us.” – African refugee speaking from the prison camp he was rounded into by the Israeli gov’t for the crime of not being born Jewish ...



American Friends Service Committee: Nobel Prize-winning NGO which rescued refugees from Nazis among 20 organisations on Israel's BDS blacklist [Independent - 9/1/18]



Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called to dismantle UN agency which was created to help Palestinian refugees [EURO News - 7/1/18]



Dozens of artists sign pledge in support of Lorde's decision to cancel Tel Aviv show [Maan - 6/1/18]



The Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung revealed the fact that there exists a “secret alliance” between Saudi Arabia and Israel, intended “to restrain Iran’s expansion in the region, despite the absence of any official relations between the two countries.” ... [Middle East Monitor - 8/1/18]



Syrian army’s air defense foils 3 Israeli attacks, downs several missiles, hits an aircraft [SANA - 9/1/18]



Russian military have repelled a massive drone attack on its bases in Syria, which was carried out by militants, Moscow said.

The extremists may have been aided by a “technologically advanced state,” it added. ... [RT - 8/1/18]



Iran arrests former President Ahmadinejad for ‘incitement’ [Antiwar.com - 7/1/18]



@GraffitiExpert [8/1/18]:  'In her 2008 campaign for the White House, Clinton, supported by feminists such as Anne Summers, boasted that she was prepared to “annihilate” Iran.' ...  



@wikileaks [8/1/18]:  Full doc: Class action suit against Google for racial, gender, political discrimination with dozens of screen shots from internal forums



Don’t be evil [Harpers - January 2018]



Journalist beaten in Baghdad; 34 killed in Iraq [Antiwar.com - 8/1/18]



5 years hurts a lot



All birds find shelter during a rain. But eagle avoids by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference. Day 159 peaceful protest prove that you're a eagle not a common bird. @Shamindan1 [8/1/18]  



@sunosi3 [8/1/18]:  159 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. If you can dream it ,you can achieve it . Guys ,Are we dreaming about our freedom ?? Absolutely, yep ,we’re, We are halfway there !!



Sri Lankan police to increase security operations ahead of elections [Tamil Guardian - 7/1/18]



The Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on Saturday told reporters he was confident that all the fishermen currently detained by Sri Lankan authorities would be released.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 7/1/18]



... The ‘Trinco 5 case’ was among the 16 cases investigated by the Justice Udalagama Commission, appointed by the Mahinda Rajapaksa government in 2006.

“At that time, several victims and witnesses had fled Sri Lanka due to security concerns and they were interviewed by a panel of counsel assisting the Commission via video links,” said Bhavani Fonseka, lawyer and senior researcher at the Colombo-based Centre for Policy Alternatives.

However, the facility was suddenly discontinued during the sittings. ... [The Hindu - 6/1/18] 



@V_V_G [6/1/18]: Also, here are the two old Wikileaks cables pertaining to what Basil Rajapaksa said about the Trinco Five (the second cable also refers to the ACF killings, in which 17 were slain). ...



@NurHass99233099 [7/1/18]: @UNHCR_Malaysia. Please help me ...



Rohingyas need protection [The Daily Star - 7/1/18]:


... Therefore, the government should take a three-fold approach to refugee repatriation and resettlement.

The first approach is voluntary repatriation to Myanmar with full rights of citizenship.

The second is third-country resettlement of refugees who are unable to return and/or refused re-entry by the Myanmar government.

This will require harnessing sympathy from countries such as Australia, Canada, and other European countries for resettlement of refugees on humanitarian grounds.

Other potential countries for Rohingya resettlement may include Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Third, the government should seek help from donor countries in helping Bangladesh cope with the many Rohingyas who are likely to remain in camps in Bangladesh over the next several years.



... I recently treated a little boy with a club foot, which you just don’t see in the UK any more as it’s simple to treat.

He was about 12, and when the soldiers came to his village he was unable to run away.

Instead of shooting him dead, a soldier shot him in his club foot.

It’s incomprehensible why anyone would do that – they want to spread horror and the message that the Rohingya are not welcome in the country. ... [Mirror - 28/12/18] 



The very worst of humanity, from all angles. [Backpacker Medics - 26/11/17]:


... Whilst our patient lay suffering, our hearts and minds raged.

We couldn’t shake the thought of what this poor woman had endured even to just get to the safety of this sweltering refugee camp.

Now she had been treated in such a barbaric, inhumane way by those supposedly here to help her, to protect her.

Was it because she is a Rohingya? Or was it because someone well-meaning had paid for her operation and the hospital had seen this as a chance to profit from suffering?

Or was it simply a case of standard third-world medicine. Perhaps we will never know.

What we do know, however, is that this brave woman will receive all our love and care whilst we are here.

After all, if we choose to do nothing, then we will take all the blame.



@JohnPat09336959 [1/1/18]:  Graphic detailing burned #Rohingya villages in #Rakhine. Speculate extent the closeness to #Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone (where the #Chinese/Myanmar gas pipeline ends) affected 1. @Tatmadaw #genocide and 2. #China’s reaction in #UN Security Council.



@Aussie4Refugees [29/11/17]:  "Australia's Woodside Energy for instance undertook an aggressive exploration campaign in [Rakhine] blocks awarded before 2014 that resulted in several gas discoveries." ...



@GitmoWatch [7/1/18]:  28th warcourt hearing in 9/11 military commission starts tomorrow 0900. First issue AE541 denial of attorney-client meetings. Watch @carolrosenberg @lawdragon_news and of course Gitmo Watch for live coverage.



Almost four months after an American citizen was secretly detained by the U.S. military in Iraq, and three months after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a motion demanding access to him, ACLU lawyers were finally able to meet with the man to ask whether he wants to challenge his detention with ACLU representation.

The citizen, who the government admits requested an attorney months ago, is grateful to finally have the assistance he had long requested, and confirmed that he wants to fight his detention with the ACLU’s help.

Today, we filed an update informing the judge overseeing the case of his wishes.

Because he has concerns about his name becoming public, he asked that we not disclose any identifying information about him. ... [ACLU - 5/1/18]



@WitnessTorture [3/1/18]:  Next week's DC events marking 16 years of Guantanamo



@GraffitiExpert [8/1/18]:  How is it that Australia can host a conference about refugee trauma featuring speakers who endorse anti-refugee torture policy i.e "deterrence'? ...



Mental Health:  Professor Patrick McGorry was a key player in enabling the Australian Labor Party's anti-refugee "deterrence" torture policy in 2012 [ABC -  14/8/12]:  


... STEVE CANNANE: What advice did you give the expert panel on asylum seekers about the mental health implications of returning to offshore processing?

PAT MCGORRY: Well, along with another group of mental health experts - and I'd include Paris Aristotle, my very good friend and colleague in that - I've worked shoulder to shoulder with him over the last 25 years in this area - we all know the facts in relation to the mental health consequences of prolonged detention, we know that after about six and certainly 12 months in detention, mental health will deteriorate, and there's very good evidence for that.

We also know that people who have been through previous detention and torture and severe trauma of other kinds are especially vulnerable to these effects, and particularly children and adolescents.

So these are the sort of things that we discussed and I think the principle we tried to uphold was that it's unacceptable to cause harm, to cause damage to people's mental health in the interests of adding to the deterrence - which is obviously part of what this reform is about - and I do think we have to be pragmatic here.

The reform is going to be happening now, so we have to turn our attention to how we can minimise the mental harm that's going to be potentially caused. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [13/11/17]: ALP's red LNP's blue Christopher Bowen Is laughing at you ...



Labor Party grubs. ---> What would drive a woman to blackmail a State Premier?

Merri Rose is a former politician who went from high school drop out, to Cabinet Minister, to prisoner in sensational circumstances.

In May last year she was jailed for attempting to blackmail the then Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.

She now lives a spartan life, on an island, as the partner of a fisherman.

But Ms Rose - and even her family - still face imprisonment if they discuss the so called secret at the heart of the case.

Despite what she calls her terror of being returned to jail, Merri Rose is speaking out for the first time. ... [ABC - 20/10/08]



Dumb Street,

We're all living on E Street,

Home and Away like Neighbours,

A Country Practice

We're Flying Doctors too on Ramsay Street


Fast Forward



Why on earth would the ABC can a show that was getting one million viewers? ---> ... McLachlan was also famous for his starring roles in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Neighbours and Home and Away.

Last year, the Seven network picked up the rights to the Doctor Blake series – after the ABC axed the show in March, despite it pulling in about one million viewers per episode.

The popular series – which ran for five seasons on the ABC, wrapping up in November – was set to debut on Seven in 2018. In a statement, the network said: "The Doctor Blake Mysteries, [is] produced by December Media and is in early pre-production funded by Seven and other parties. Seven has sought an urgent update from the producers." ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 9/1/18]



Could Kate McClymont and the ABC follow up, and tell us what happened with the allegations against Mark Forbes -->  Mark Forbes has resigned as Editor-In-Chief of The Age, as publisher Fairfax Media investigates allegations against him of harassment. ... [The Age - 5/12/16]



Chris Gayle wins defamation case against Fairfax Media [Huffington Post - 30/10/17]





... Smith agreed he was in the changing room and saw Russell but denied he saw Gayle pull up his towel and expose his penis.

He also said he did not hear Gayle ask Russell “Is this what you are looking for” when she entered the change room and said she was looking for a towel.

“That did not happen,” Smith said.

“That is something I would remember if it happened.”

Smith also denied seeing an email from team manager Richie Richardson to all players after the incident, which said Russell had been made to feel “uncomfortable” by some of the players. ... [The Guardian - 24/10/17]



Where are the Wise Men?  And where is the journalism The Age promised in December 2015?


... The Age believes strongly, and we will say this until the policy ends, that the strategy of turning back boats carrying asylum seekers is ignoble. It demonstrates a paucity of imagination. It has been ruthlessly executed, without proper regard for the asylum claims of those people intercepted. And it has brought this nation into disrepute around the world. ...

[Tandberg, December 2016]




Ron Tandberg [July 2013]






If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun. Day 158 day peaceful protest. Solidarity and unity together we can nailed it. [East Haus, Manus] @Shamindan1 [7/1/18]



@sunosi3 : 7 January 2018 158 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. SOS # Manus



@GraffitiExpert [8/1/18]:  Tanya Plibersek put LGBTI in concentration camps. Anyone who still thinks Australian Labor Party politicians genuinely advocate for equality is a fool.... 



Faith and community leaders urge Trump administration to extend temporary protected status for El Salvador [American Immigration Council - 4/1/18]



@dmscelpaso [3/1/18]: Start off the new year by directly support people in immigration detention in El Paso!



Kashif Ali (a.k.a. Ali Adongo) speaks with reporter Brendan Kennedy in the Central East Correctional Centre on immigration detention in Lindsay, Ontario.

"You become hopeless." Kasif says living in the prison, "Some people feel like they have to kill themselves. Even myself, being here seven years now, I tried (to commit suicide) about three times already." Anne-Marie Jackson : 2017 Photos [Toronto Star - 3/1/18]



Kelvin Bilal Fawaz, a London-based budding boxer is facing possibility of deportation to his country of birth Nigeria.

Fawaz, a 29 year old who left the shores of Nigeria aged 14, was held in a detention centre for 34 days including Christmas and New Year before he was freed on bail. ... [Pulse - 4/1/18]



'I have nightmares': people threatened with deportation reveal what happened next [Guardian - 2/1/18]



@NatashaRoth01 [6/1/18]: Anti-Arab hate crime in central Israeli city of Herzliya - Palestinian family's front door set on fire, building resident shouts "Death to Arabs" at family member



The IRCT [International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims] is extremely concerned at Israel’s decision to deport Eritrean and Sudanese torture victims seeking protection in the country without considering their physical and psychological trauma and corresponding protection needs. ... [Media Release - 5/1/18]



@wikileaks [7/1/18]: Paypal accused of "financial apartheid" for blocking Palestine but not Israel. Groups call for boycott. 



Israeli President to visit Thessaloniki on Tuesday [Ekathimerini - 6/1/18]





Protests have broken out in Bethlehem as Palestinians rallied against the Greek Orthodox patriarch, accusing him of selling church land to Israelis.

Angry protesters on Saturday threw eggs and attacked the convoy of Theophilos III as it made its way its way to Bethlehem's Manger Square in the occupied West Bank.

The patriarch was visiting the Church of the Nativity for services marking the Orthodox Christmas Eve.

Many Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on January 7. ... [Al Jazeera - 7/1/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [7/1/18]:  As attacks on migrant homes spike in Piraeus, group fears Golden Dawn threat [pic Labor Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrew visits Greece prior to his trip to Israel - December 2017] ...



@ErikGerhardsson [6/1/18]:  Today one refugee boat carrying 39 men, women & children arrived to the North coast of Lesvos. #refugeecrisis #Greece #Lesvos



‏@seawatchcrew [6/1/18]: ... Rubber dhingy sunk north of Tripoli. At least > 25 ppl. died in the incident, exact numbers still unclear. Italian Navy on the scene, SW3 on their way, operation still going.



... The conclusions and the sentence of the Permanent People's Tribunal on the violation with impunity of Human Rights to Migrants and Refugees will be read Sunday, January 7, 2018 ... [Paris Hearing]



@FALNationale [5/1/18]:  @cedricherrou témoigne au #TPP sur les #migrants. La Roya Citoyenne Violations des droits des défenseur-e-s de droits



Lock refugees in old army camps, Austria's new far-right Vice-Chancellor says [Telegraph - 5/1/18]:


... But Mr Strache went further by suggesting military barracks could be used to house refugees.

The idea follows a proposal by another senior figure in his party last year to move refugees out of Vienna to “mass quarters” on the city outskirts, in order to show migrants that “Austria is not as comfortable as everybody thinks”. ...



2013: Thomas Wales and Refugee Artworks from the Scherger Immigration Detention Centre (now closed - formerly located within the Royal Australian Air Force military air base in north Queensland) [Refugee Art Project]:


... The artworks show pictures of old Afghan men, which Thomas took to be significant.

‘They were missing their families and drawing their old people’, he explained.

There are drawings of Dingoes. Scherger being located in a remote area, the Afghan and Sri Lankan detainees were fascinated by Australian wild animals, especially the Dingoes and Kangaroos that would sometimes go up to the detention centre’s perimeter fence.

The most disturbing image is a drawing of a Taliban roadblock. Thomas recalled hearing the Afghan refugees tell stories about the Taliban and the harm they would inflict on innocent people.

‘This shows what they are running from’, he pointed out.

Thomas considers the work to be important historical pieces that provide meaningful reflections on the lives and experiences of the refugees who were kept at Scherger. ...




9 January 2018