By not demanding the end of Australia's anti-refugee policy, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre [ASRC] are key to its continuation, and therefore complicit in ongoing atrocities against those they pretend to care about i.e. you.



192nd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. Thanks to ASRC ,all our wonderful friends & families and supporters for your care , love and solidarity with us. We are sending you much respect, appreciations and love from #Manus @sunosi3 [10/2/18]



Australia's war of attrition against refugees continues unchallenged as pro-"deterrence", pro-Labor Party media, lawyers and psychologists wrestle with the government over the destruction of another human being [Guardian - 10/2/18]



UNHCR exploit Syrian refugees in Jordon and Lebanon in their ongoing efforts to delegitimise the rights of refugees in South East Asia and the Pacific




@RezaHaidari1711 [10/2/18]:  ... 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 All in jail. No one feel for Refugees, that. What Refugees are going through. Humanity is dead here. Forgotten Refugees in Balikpapan Prison_camp in Indonesia.



What happens when organisations like the UNHCR and IOM are complicit in racist, genocidal policies that keep refugees out of countries who are supposedly signatories to the Refugee Convention [News Deeply - 9/2/18]:


... Barbari and her husband, Khadan Ali Jaffari, 50, and three of their four children – Murtaza Jaffari, 19, Mohammed Hussain, 10, and Zahra Jaffari, 12 – have all been sleeping outside under an awning to protect them from rain for nearly a week.

Their eldest son, Mustafa Jaffari, 21, lives in Brisbane, Australia, having migrated there in 2013.

But a change in Australia’s humanitarian intake program in 2014 makes refugees in Indonesia ineligible for resettlement.

“We miss him so much. We just want to join him in Australia, but we’ve been told we will not be able to go there,” Barbari said. ...



Indonesia: Refugees abandoned by Australia in squalid detention centres [Alaraby - 22/11/17]:


... Earlier this year he and the other inmates were told by Thomas Vargas, the head of UNCHR in Indonesia, that they "might be here for ten more years… and maybe [even] after ten, be forced to go back.  He said if we can't tolerate it, we should 'go back to our country'." ... [Where did UNHCR officials get the magic number "10"?]



Meanwhile, gatekeepers of refugee voices won't release Behrouz's film 'Chauka Please Tell Us The Time' ONLINE.

Evidently, critical acclaim from privileged festival audiences and readers of pro Labor Party journals trumps FREEDOM, JUSTICE and THE RIGHT TO SEEK ASYLUM.




The 9/11 trial judge has ruled that he and the prosecution did nothing wrong in authorizing the destruction of a former CIA “Black Site” prison without advance notice to defense attorneys.

Separately, Army Col. James L. Pohl, the judge, also postponed plans to hold a pretrial, mini-hearing meant to tackle two key questions hanging over the case: When did the war on terror begin, and for how long does torture taint confessions? ... [Miami Herald - 20/1/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [10/2/18]:  Pacific Command's Admiral Harry Harris has been running Australia for the US empire for years; and now it is to become "official" ...



@Aussie4Refugees [16/1/18]:  US Ambassadors and State Dept officials must be extremely proud of ongoing US influence in establishing Guantanamo-style refugee gulags and the conditions for enslavement throughout Asia Pacific. Why don't Stefan Armbruster, Ben Doherty, Liam Fox, Peter Lloyd or Eric Tlozek ask?



A new report shows the continuing overcriminalization of immigrants [American Immigration Council - 9/2/18]



Immigrants can sue federal detention centre in Colorado over forced labor, appeals court says [The Denver Post - 9/2/18]



Over 100 people detained in ICE custody begin hunger strike and work stoppage inside the Northwest Detention Center [NWDC Resistance - 8/2/18]



Update on hunger strike [10/2/18]



Democratic Senator Bill Nelson calls for more border militarisation after US Border Patrol video news release unquestioningly presented as an investigative report [CBC 12 - 10/2/18]:




Unlikely migrant path brings Cuban family to Serbia [ABC News - 7/2/18]:


...  Most Cuban migrants waiting in Serbia to enter EU territory say they had no choice but to make the trip after the U.S. early last year revoked Cubans' special migration status that allowed them to stay if they reached U.S. territory. ...



A Cuban asylum seeker detained in George Town [Cayman Islands] for more than a year will take his case to the Grand Court, contesting what he believes to be a legally flawed rejection of refugee status by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal. ... [Cayman Compass - 5/2/18]



Canadian lawyers on Thursday accused the Hong Kong police of persecuting a group of asylum seekers who helped NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden when he was in hiding in the SAR, alleging acts of intimidation and people coerced into make false statements.

Early last year, the police were urged to look into claims that since the asylum seekers' involvement in sheltering Snowden was widely publicised, Sri Lankan law enforcement agents had come to Hong Kong to try to find the group.

At a press conference, the lawyers said the Hong Kong police then arbitrarily detained and intimidated people who saw the Sri Lankan police officers in the SAR, to try to make the witnesses sign statements contradicting the allegation. ... [ - 8/2/18]




9 February 2018