The commander of the Army's Training and Doctrine Command, Gen. David G. Perkins, challenged military, industry and academic leaders attending the Mad Scientist Conference at Georgetown University here to think differently about the future.


Speakers this week include Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, along with the director of the Australian War Research Center and representatives from universities across the country


"We don't do as good a job thinking two moves ahead -- especially if we're successful," Perkins said about the military.

He said success tends to "hardwire" a tactic or technique and make it permanent, but the enemy adapts.

For instance, Perkins said, the U.S. has the best targeting capabilities in the world. So enemies decide not to be a target.

Therefore, he explained, the enemy today doesn’t wear uniforms or assemble in large formations -- they blend in with the population and go underground.

Any technical innovation is only temporary, Perkins said.

The enemy will soon adapt. ... [US Department of Defense - 9/8/16]



Murdered by a SWAT team for traffic tickets: Inside the police killing of black mother Korryn Gaines [Democracy Now - 9/8/16]:


... AMY GOODMAN: The son, Korryn Gaines’ son, police do say they shot him. And I wanted to turn to something that The Intercept has just written. They say that "At the request of law enforcement, Facebook deleted Gaines’ account, as well as her account on Instagram, which it also owns, during her confrontation with authorities. While many of her videos remain inaccessible, in one, which was re-uploaded to YouTube, an officer can be seen pointing a gun as he peers into a living room from behind a door, while a child’s voice is heard in the background. In another video, which remains on Instagram, Gaines can be heard speaking to her five-year-old son, who’s sitting on the floor wearing red pajamas." There was a Facebook blackout, Charlene—is that right—on Sunday, people protesting that Facebook had shut down her account as she live-streamed?

CHARLENE CARRUTHERS: Yes. So, people are very clear that in addition to police having too much power over our lives, that corporations like Facebook leverage their relationships with law enforcement agencies to increase the power that they have over our lives. I believe that Korryn Gaines was engaged in, you know, the tradition of Ida B. Wells, truth telling—right?—exposing what was happening not just in that moment, but we know that Korryn also has a history of recording interactions with law enforcement officers. And so, we—our folks are smart, and we know that when we call for a boycott of a corporation on a particular day, that our hope is to send a signal to yet another corporation and also to policing institutions that we know that you have too much power over our lives, and we know that we also are the fuel in which you are able to profit and to exist.

And so, I hope that efforts to make those connections between corporations and policing institutions continue, because what they do is they tell us lessons about capitalism and how capitalism does not serve our people well, and that the violence that we experience in tandem in places of reproductive justice, in our homes with police, even within the education system, those are connected to systems of capitalism, and that we have to dismantle those things at the same time, if we’re interested in creating a world that’s actually safe for our children, where black women, black people, black trans folk, black queer folk can actually parent if we want to, parent, choose to not parent, and when we do choose to parent, we’re able to do that and keep our children safe and have all the resources that we need. ...



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 9/8/16]



Germany appears to have drastically curtailed its open-door policy for migrants in 2016, turning away 13,000 people without valid documentation in the first six months, already 4,000 more than in the whole of 2015, official data showed on Tuesday.

Around 117,500 migrants were admitted in the same period, compared to a record of more than one million migrants entering the country last year, mainly across the border from Austria. ... [Reuters - 9/8/16]



‏@MSF_Sea [8/8/16]:  Basem fled Iran after being arrested and tortured for his human rights activism. This is his story...



‏@guardiacostiera [8/8/16]: #GuardiaCostiera, soccorso con condizioni meteo avverse a 70 miglia da #RoccellaIonica: motovedetta CP326 salva 80 #migranti su un barcone



‏@AlbaFerrs [9/8/16]:  En Grecia, miles de refugiados viven en los estadios Olímpicos de Atenas 2004.



The world loves refugees, when they’re Olympians [New York Times – 8/8/16]



Day 143 refugee protests, Nauru


Never give up



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [9/8/16]



Three months since Omid died and still no justice - only lies.



Connect Settlement Services says it has an Australian government contract to exile refugees from Nauru concentration camp to Cambodia [Phnom Penh Post - 9/8/16]



Head of Australia's refugee boat interdictions and pushbacks says secrecy is necessary for education purposes [Guardian - 9/8/16]



Myanmar Border Guard Police extort money from medic who travelled to Maungdaw to help pregnant woman [RVision - 9/8/16]



These aren’t refugee camps, they’re concentration camps, and people are dying [TIME - 17/6/14]



MEDIA BLOCKADE IN ARAKAN STATE via ‏@yousefqurban [9/8/16]



Australia's fascist LNP and ALP duopoly parties have been doing this to refugees since 1992 ---> Czech media, lawyers and right groups outraged that a Tamil refugee has been imprisoned for seeking asylum [Prague Monitor - 9/8/16]



ALP fuckwits to march through the streets of Brisbane yelling "Shame Turnbull Shame" and "Shame Dutton Shame!" while Shorten and Neumann sit pretty and refugees rot ---> ... Turnbull and Peter Dutton attempted to use fear of "illiterate and innumerate" refugees taking jobs to win the election. ...  [Refugee Action Collective Queensland]



It's as if Bill "it's our policy" Shorten doesn't exist, isn't it? [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney] ---> The election result means the Coalition now have only the thinnest of majorities and are in a much weakened position. ... We have called a rally to step up the pressure on Turnbull, the weekend before parliament resumes. ...  <---- Turnbull is under no pressure from you dickheads.



It's actually 24 years of lies - started by the ALP ---> From the Tampa to today 15 years of lies There is a better way  [Refugee Rights Action Network WA] <-- These stooges aren't serious about freeing refugees.


This is not a "National Day of Action for Refugees", it's the exploitation of refugees for pro-ALP protest theatre ---> [Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)]



Richard Marles rewarded for his dogged defence of Peter Dutton, and the ALP's cruel, inhumane anti-refugee policy [23/7/16]



Richard "I'd be worse" Marles lies about refugee concentration camps stopping death, says PNG should change their law [ABC - 28/4/16]



Wow!  Take that Dutton ... Zinger! Pow!!!! ----->  Marles' contribution on second reading of the Migration Amendment (Character Cancellation Consequential Provisions) Bill 2016  House of Representatives Hansard [3/3/16]:


... Labor supports these amendments. They are technical in nature, but they are a faithful set of amendments which provide consistency, consequential to the bill, that Labor supported when it went through this parliament in 2014. Having said that, it is becoming clear that the government is utilising ministerial discretion to cancel visas on character grounds to a greater extent than was the case under the former Labor government. The cancellation of a person's visa on character grounds is, clearly, a sensitive issue. It has to be done on a case-by-case basis, because we are talking about a different story in respect of each individual. So, I think that, all that can be said from the point of view of Labor in respect of the use of ministerial discretion in this regard, is that we will maintain a close regard, in terms of how the minister is using his discretionary powers but, that, if, in fact, what we are seeing is a toughening up of the system in relation to this, that it is very important for that to be explained to the Australian people by the government. As always, transparency is the key to ensuring that the Australian people understand exactly how discretion is being used and how the laws that pass through this parliament are being used. ...



Marles leaps to Dutton's defence:  21 mins in --->  Wilkie MP moves censure of Immigration Minister [VIDEO - 22/2/16]



Mayor for Lorengau town in Manus Ruth Mandrakamu has been arrested and charged with false pretence and misappropriation.

Mandrakamu, 57, from Harengan Island, Lorengau, is the third official to be arrested in a week.

Pomotu-Adrehet-Kuriti-Andra LLG president Edward Yohange and Bisakani-Soparibeu LLG president Lukes Hisamou were arrested last Thursday.

The arrests came after an investigation by the police fraud squad from Port Moresby. ... [The National - 9/8/16]



Remote Vanuatu islands suffering acute shortages [RNZI - 9/8/16]



Two women whose relatives died in the Pike River Mine disaster are heading to the Court of Appeal in an attempt to hold someone to account for the deaths of 29 men.

Sonya Rockhouse lost her son, Ben, and Anna Osborne lost her husband, Milton, after a series of explosions at the West Coast coal mine in 2010.

They are appealing after the High Court turned down their application to review the decision to drop charges against the mine's former chief executive, Peter Whittall.

Mr Whittall faced a raft of health and safety charges relating to the explosions, but the prosecution was dropped after an insurance payment of more than $3 million to the 29 victims' families. ... [RNZI - 8/8/16]



Barclays Bank PLC (BCS) has agreed to pay $100 million to settle allegations that its manipulation of a global financial benchmark defrauded government entities and non-profit groups across the U.S.

Announced Monday, the settlement includes $93.35 million for restitution to victimized groups that agree to opt in and issue releases to Barclays.

The settlement centers on the London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, a financial standard used to set the rates on trillions of dollars in mortgages, loans, credit cards and complex transactions known as financial swaps. ... [USA Today - 8/8/16]



It's a bit too newsy for Sophie McNeil and ABC "Current Affairs" ---> An old weapon appears to have re-emerged in Palestine.

Over the past six months, say activists in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military has resumed the use of Indoor Barricade Penetrators, a form of high velocity tear gas 40mm projectile designed to deliver its payload inside buildings or homes and used during raids, demonstrations and clashes.

The use of such heavy duty tear gas projectiles fell by the wayside in 2013 after a number of high-profile court cases demonstrated how easily this particular form of delivery could kill or maim.

However, a modified version is now employed across the West Bank, say protestors, and no matter what claims the military and manufacturers may make, these barrier piercing projectiles remain potentially lethal. ... [Electronic Intifada - 8/8/16]



14 Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank IOF campaigns [PNN - 8/8/16]



Israeli authorities force Palestinian man to demolish own barn near Nablus [Maan - 8/8/16]



Israeli authorities will reportedly return the body of a Palestinian which had been withheld for nearly 10 months in the coming days, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said on Monday.

Muhammad Mahmoud, a lawyer for committee, said that Israeli intelligence had agreed to return the body of Bahaa Elayyan to his family, pending a number of preconditions.

Israeli authorities agreed to release Elayyan’s body if no more than 30 people attended his funeral -- an increase from its initial stipulation that only 20 people attend -- and mandating that it take place at the Lion’s Gate cemetery in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem. ... [Maan - 8/8/16]



You who are the young generation, all the daily things that you take for granted – your mother’s gentle hands, your father’s kind look, chatting with your friends, the smiling face of the person you like – war takes these from you, forever.


Nagasaki Peace Declaration 2016, Tomihisa Taue - Mayor of Nagasaki [CNDP - 9/8/16]:


... This year at the United Nations Office at Geneva, sessions are being held to deliberate a legal framework that will take forward nuclear disarmament negotiations.

The creation of a forum for legal discussions is a huge step forward.

However, countries in possession of nuclear weapons have not attended these meetings, the results of which will be compiled shortly.

Moreover, conflict continues between the nations that are dependent on nuclear deterrence and those that are urging for a start of negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons.

If this situation continues, then the meetings will end without the creation of a roadmap for nuclear weapons abolition.

Leaders of countries possessing nuclear weapons, it is not yet too late. Please attend the meetings and participate in the debate.


Seventy-one years after the atomic bombings, the average age of the hibakusha, atomic bomb survivors, exceeds 80.

The world is steadily edging towards “an era without any hibakusha.”

The question we face now is how to hand down to future generations the experiences of war and the atomic bombing that was the result of that war.

You who are the young generation, all the daily things that you take for granted – your mother’s gentle hands, your father’s kind look, chatting with your friends, the smiling face of the person you like – war takes these from you, forever.

Please take the time to listen to war experiences, and the experiences of the hibakusha. Talking about such terrible experiences is not easy.

I want you all to realize that the reason these people still talk about what they went through is because they want to protect the people of the future. ...



French Polynesia's Protestant church has decided to take France to the International Criminal Court over the legacy of the French nuclear weapons tests.

The decision was announced at the conclusion of the Maohi Protestant Church Synod in Tahiti.

Its secretary general Celine Hoiore said the case will be filed in The Hague for alleged crimes against humanity as a result of 193 nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific. ... [RNZI - 9/8/16]



Commentary: Here’s how a US-China war could play out [Reuters - 7/8/16]



The pellet gun is again in the spotlight as another protester succumbed to injuries on Monday, pushing the death toll in the month-long protests up to 58, even as curfew and security restrictions continue to remain in place across the Valley.

Amir Bashir Lone, 17, a resident of Shopian district, died late on Sunday night after pellets lodged in his head “damaged the brain severely”, according to hospital sources.

The deceased was hit by a volley of pellets on August 5 during a demonstration. ... [The Hindu - 8/8/16]



Amnesty: Stop using pellet guns on Kashmiri protesters [Al Jazeera - 5/8/16]



In occupied Kashmir, Indian police arrested at least 1300 youth from various parts of Kashmir in the past one month while frequent raids by police have become order of the day in the territory.

The police raids have forced hundreds of youth to go into hiding while people across Kashmir remain awake during nights to foil arrests of youth.

Reports said most of the arrests have been made in Islamabad, Kulgam, Pulwama and Shopian districts of south Kashmir.

“Over 400 youth have been arrested from these districts in the past one month,” a senior police official confirmed. ... [Kashmir Media Service - 8/8/16]



Mega, the company Kim Dotcom founded, says a court order to hand over user information to the Kazakhstan government is an unnecessary breach of privacy.

The New Zealand-based cloud-storage site is fighting the order at a hearing in the High Court in Auckland. ... [RNZI - 9/8/16]



Australia sets up specialist cyber unit "to trace terrorism payments" [Reuters - 8/8/16]



Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads and sewers [Reuters - 8/8/16]:


... Balibay was in his early teens when he first picked up a shovel on a building site.

“I wanted to go to school, but we didn’t have the money,” he said, speaking in fluent Japanese.

“I’d be standing in a ditch and see the kids going to school. I thought it would be great to have money, to be able to have fun like them.”

He traces his family’s decision to leave Turkey to his father’s arrest in 1999 on charges of aiding members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), including transferring funds collected in Japan to the group. (Turkey, the European Union and the United States consider the PKK to be a terrorist organization.)

Court documents reviewed by Reuters show that Mustafa Balibay and five other Kurdish men arrested along with him were acquitted in 2000.

“When I was seven, soldiers tortured my father before my eyes,” Mazlum told a refugee adjudicator last March, according to interview transcripts.

“I still dream about it.”

That experience ultimately led his family to seek refuge in Japan.

Over several years, Balibay’s parents and five of his siblings left Turkey. ...



I refuse to co-operate with the Australian government while it imprisons men, women and children in refugee concentration camps





"EVEN THE DEAD HAVE NO MEANING ON MANUS"  @racvictoria [8/8/16]:  Day 88 of peaceful protests on #Manus ...



Australian government refuse to release dead refugee's body [RNZI - 8/8/16]:


Papua New Guinea and Australian governments are yet to give clearance for the repatriation of the body of a Pakistan refugee who died on Manus Island last week.

Kamil Hussain drowned at a swimming area last Tuesday on Manus where he and around 900 other asylum seekers have been sent in the past three years by Australia for offshore processing [torture and indefinite imprisonment.]

His family in Pakistan are desperate for his body to be sent home, however fellow Pakistanis held on Manus said PNG and Australian authorities are holding up the process.

A letter from the Pakistan consulate general in Sydney has been sent to the Australian and PNG Immigration offices notifying them that they will organise for Kamil's body to be sent home and cover the costs.

However, the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service notified the Pakistanis on Manus last night that clearances for the movement of the deceased person were still being obtained.

Immigration said that additional medical reports were required.

A spokesman for the Pakistanis on Manus, Naseem Haider, said that the delay means there is an urgent need to preserve the body.

He describes a callous and unhelpful response to the situation by PNG and Australian officials who manage the Manus centre.

Staff with the centre administrator, Broadspectrum, were directed not to assist in efforts to wash the body, as part of normal Muslim ritual.

Mr Haider said the manner in which they have been kept waiting on this matter by the officials is consistent with the human rights abuses he and others at the Manus centre have suffered in the past three years.


Mr Haider said there is onus on the government who transferred the asylum seekers to be held illegally on Manus, to help.

"Kamil was forcefully sent to Manus by the Australian government. He should not even have been on the island," he said.


Mr Haider said that the tragic loss of their friend last week brought the hopelessness of the asylum seekers' situation into sharp relief.

"We all are the victims of Australia hell hole policy," he said.

"We [are] trapped in this place and has been helpless from last three year without knowing our future."



ABC and friends continue exploiting Syrian people to invisibilise Australia's human rights atrocities against refugees [ABC - 8/8/16]



The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York issued an important decision in July recognizing certain noncitizens’ right to a bond hearing before an immigration judge.

It was a victory not only for the petitioner, a Guatemalan man seeking protection in the United States, but also will likely have a far-reaching impact on thousands of others who are detained while their claims are considered. ... [American Immigration Council - 8/8/16]



‏@Not1_More [8/8/16]:  10:30am Tomorrow, Tuesday: #Chicago protests racial profiling & ICE raids ...



Random Aussies



‏@democracynow [8/8/`6]:  Julian Assange on the Green Party’s Rising Popularity & the Election: "Anything is Possible" ...



‏@democracynow [8/8/16]: Green Party Nominee @DrJillStein: "We Are Saying No to the 'Lesser Evil' and Yes to the Greater Good"



Can we trust Alex Gibney and the New York Times? [Medium - 8/8/16]



‏@Vinncent [8/8/16]:  Here is the full statement from Bernie Sanders condemning the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff



Any person carrying banners mentioning interim President Michel Temer will be arrested, Brazilian police warned Monday according to teleSUR's correspondent in Rio de Janeiro, Ignacio Lemus.

The measure follows several days of protests denouncing the impeachment process that seeks to permanently oust elected President Dilma Rousseff.

The protests have come in the heart of Rio's tourist zone and in view of thousands of tourists from around the world who have come to Brazil for the Olympic games.

“We are warning the public that these types of demonstrations are not allowed within the stadium,” said Mario Andrada, spokesperson for the Rio 2016 organizing committee. ... [teleSUR - 8/8/16]



Mudslides triggered by storm claim 40 lives in eastern Mexico [Reuters – 8/8/16]


Chevron wins US ruling blocking $8.6 billion Ecuador rainforest award [Reuters – 8/8/16]



An Israeli-owned oil company has been ordered by an arbitration court in Switzerland to pay Iran USD 1.2 billion in revenues for oil supplied to Israel before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Swiss Supreme Court in Lausanne ordered the Israeli firm, the Trans-Asiatic Oil Ltd., or TAO, to pay the money to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the website of Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Monday.

According to the Swiss court, sanctions have been lifted against the NIOC, and there is now no legal obstacle in the way of transferring the long-overdue payment. ... [Press TV - 8/8/16]



Dream Defenders statement on the condemnation of Movement for Black Lives platform by some pro-Israel groups [Mondoweiss - 7/8/16]:


... Those who have previously claimed to be allies of the Black Lives Matter movement have shown us that they are comfortable with our resistance so long as it fits within particular confines and restrictions.

It is convenient to endorse black lives matter when it benefits you.

And as long as we stay silent about Israeli apartheid, they will “stand” with Black liberation in the US.

Now that our movement has taken a stand against all forms of white supremacy and oppression, Black lives no longer matter.

We want no part in this quid pro quo form of politics.

True solidarity does not come with strings attached. ...



Scores of people have been killed across Ethiopia's Oromia and Amhara regions at the weekend, as the authorities brutally suppressed a new wave of anti-government protests in two key regions.

Opposition leader told AFP news agency that up to 50 people were killed, while Amnesty International claimed more than 90 people were killed, many of them extrajudicially, in the protests linked to an aborted government attempt to commandeer local land. ... [Al Jazeera - 8/8/16]



US proposes an extra 4,000 "peacekeepers" for South Sudan [Al Jazeera - 8/8/16]



South Sudan governor survives assassination attempt [Sudan Tribune - 7/8/16]:


... The state information minister, Natale Sabuni said, "While the convey was coming from Tombura with heavily military escort reaching half way in the remote area at Nagasi, they came under heavy attack in an ambush targeting governor’s vehicle only which was in the fifth position among many vehicles which accompanied the Governor to Tombura."

Several bullets were sprayed at the vehicle direct at the governor’s seat which he survived narrowly, but injured seriously the driver and two body guards.

The heavily armed military escort responded by shooting at the direction of the attackers and it remains unclear how many people are killed during the ambush, added the minister.

Three bodies of youth were reportedly found lying by the roadside next to the attack scene. ...



Thousands of Filipino workers stranded in Saudi Arabia due to a massive layoff triggered by a slump in oil prices have pleaded to the Philippine government to expedite their repatriation.

Some have not been paid for months and have been forced to scavenge in bins for food, a migrant support group said.

Manila said last Friday a team would be sent to the kingdom, which has about 1 million Filipino migrant workers, to provide humanitarian and legal assistance. ... [Reuters - 8/8/16]



MPs call for ban on arms sales to Saudis after Scots-made bombs kill civilians in Yemen [Daily Record - 7/8/16]



A prominent refugee agency has warned that Yemen is facing an irreversible humanitarian catastrophe after over 500 days of Saudi Arabian airstrikes.

Twenty one million people -- about 80 percent of the Yemeni population -- are in dire need of some manner of aid, said the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in a Monday report.

The Oslo-based humanitarian group noted that some 20 million Yemenis do not have access to clean water and that over 14 million lack access to healthcare. ... [Press TV - 9/8/16]



Saudi-led coalition airstrike kills 9 civilians in Yemen market: residents [Daily Star - 8/8/16]



Charles Kinsey, the unarmed African-American behavioral therapist who was lying on his back when he was shot by North Miami police, has filed a federal lawsuit against the officer who shot him.

Kinsey claims officer Jonathan Aledda violated his civil rights and used excessive force when he shot Kinsey in the leg last month. ... [Democracy Now - 8/8/16]



Family of Muslim teen arrested for homemade clock files federal lawsuit [LA Times - 8/8/16]:


... The family has since moved to Qatar, citing threats and a scholarship offered to Ahmed in the Persian Gulf country.

Ahmed moved back to the U.S. last month for the summer to visit family and friends, and will do some traveling around the country, but will return to Qatar next month to start 10th grade at Qatar Academy, a private school in Doha.

"For the safety of my family, I have to go back to Qatar, because right now it's not very safe for my family or for anyone who's a minority," Ahmed said during Monday's news conference.

While in Texas, Ahmed said, he has to wear a hat, sunglasses and a hoody.

"I can't walk out of the house without being covered up because I might get shot because that happens here," he said. ...



Iraqi defense minister survives assassination attempt [Press TV - 8/8/16]




9 August 2016