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Two Newcastle homes raided in connection to explosives find

ABC [20/8/14]:

Officers from the New South Wales State Crime Command's gang squad have spent several hours scouring two Newcastle homes in connection to the discovery of explosive material in a home at Pullenvale.

Homes at Belmont in Lake Macquarie and Waratah, linked to the Brisbane property's former tenant Daniel Fing, were targetted by Strikeforce Raptor officers.

The ABC understands heavily armed police rammed a fence to gain entry at the Belmont home.

It followed another morning of searching for hazardous materials at the Pullenvale home.

The Army supplied a dozen soldiers with sniffer dogs following a request for help from police.

They packed up and left the house around midday.

The soldiers were put to work scouring bushland behind the house with metal detectors.

Yesterday police removed bottles marked as chloroform, household cleaning products and computer parts from the house.

The property has been closely guarded by authorities since last Thursday when a real estate agent accidentally discovered explosives during a routine inspection of the vacant rental property.

Police have also uncovered other evidence, including maps marking out several commercial properties in Sydney and Newcastle.

Counter-terrorism police were not involved in the investigation but police said they were investigating possible links to a criminal gang.

Fing is being held by New South Wales Police but Queensland authorities refuse to comment on any possible charges.

A couple currently living in Italy are listed as the homeowners of the Pullenvale house but were not believed to be involved.

Lydia Reid, who lives next door, watched in fascination as the investigation unfolded.

"[I'm] just intrigued as to what else they think they're going to find," she said.

"It's getting more and more concerning as it goes on."

Drug charges, Main Beach

QPS Media [20/8/14]:

A man has been charged following an intercept on a Gold Coast beach earlier today.

Police were patrolling along Seaworld Drive around 10.20am following reports of a vehicle being driven on the beach.

Police have then located a sedan on the beach and have spoken to two men at the scene.

The vehicle was searched and police will allege that a quantity of cannabis and drug paraphernalia was located inside.

An 18-year-old Labrador man has been charged with two counts of possession of utensils and one count each of possession of dangerous drugs and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

He is due to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on September 5.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

Former NSW detective, jailed for lying to Police Integrity Commission about drug use

ABC [20/8/14]:

A former New South Wales police officer has been sentenced to six months in jail for lying to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) about using drugs.

Former Tweed Heads detective inspector Shane Diehm, 49, was among former and serving officers recorded consuming what appeared to be hash cookies and ecstasy during a party weekend on the Gold Coast in 2010.

Diehm began crying as he was sentenced to a maximum one year in prison for lying about the event, with Magistrate Ellen Skinner saying politicians and police needed to fear being dishonest to watchdogs.

In Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney, Ms Skinner said the sentence gave her "no pleasure".

However, she said it was necessary to "scare" politicians and police officers into understanding there were consequences for lying to watchdogs such as the PIC and Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

"The only promise that is required for them [at the PIC or ICAC] is that they tell the truth," she said.

She said people would continue lying to commissions unless there was a "large stick" hanging over them and they knew if they got caught they would go to jail.

After handing down the sentence, Ms Skinner said she understood there would be an appeal.

She said she would grant Diehm bail once the appeal was filed, adding it was unlikely he would spend his first night in jail tonight.

Diehm appeared before the PIC in October 2011 to answer questions about the drug-fuelled boys' weekend on Queensland's Gold Coast the year before.

Diehm initially denied ever consuming drugs but eventually admitted he had.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of giving false information.

However, he said he did not lie to the PIC when he claimed he "didn't remember" seeing other former and serving cops use drugs that weekend.

Ms Skinner rejected that, saying there was no medical evidence to explain his selective memory failure.

"My conclusion is this was a highly memorable weekend," she said.

Logan fire inquest: No way to rescue 11 trapped inside burning house, police officer says

ABC [20/8/14]:

The first police officer at the scene of Australia's worst house fire has told a coronial inquest there was no chance of rescuing 11 people trapped inside.

Three women, four teenagers and four children under the age of 10 died in the house fire at Slacks Creek, in Logan, south of Brisbane, in August 2011.

Coroner James McDougall is considering whether current laws governing the installation of smoke alarms in all new properties should be extended to include older properties as a condition of their sale.

The first police officers to arrive at the house fire told the inquest there was no way anyone could be rescued.

Senior Constable Tony Payne and Constable Manelie Brier-Mills were doing a welfare check nearby when they heard there was a fire.

Senior Constable Payne said there was no hope of rescuing anyone from the burning house.

"There was a fleeting thought then when I saw the house I just thought no, no way," he said.

Senior Constable Payne said he saw two men standing on the road and the "house was completely engulfed by fire".

He said Jeremiah Lale, one of three men to escape the blaze, told him his family was still inside.

"I asked how many people - he said 11," Senior Constable Payne said.

He said he then told fire crews of how many people were left in the house.

Constable Brier-Mills told the inquest she saw smoke billowing over the trees when they rounded the corner.

She said flames were streaming out of the upstairs windows and "to me it seemed like some explosion had gone off".

Relatives of the 11 people who died in the fire cried in court as an investigator gave evidence.

Fire expert Sergeant Brad Bardell told the inquest the two-storey house was so badly damaged in the blaze it was in danger of collapsing.

Sergeant Bardell said three bodies were found just inside the door of one bedroom, a dead man was found near the window of another bedroom, and the bodies of seven people were found in a bedroom that had collapsed to the lower level.

Family members of the victims waited outside while Sergeant Bardell showed images of the burnt-out house.

He said the destruction was too great to confirm the exact cause of the blaze, but in his opinion it started in the desk area of the downstairs study.

Yesterday, a woman who had family members killed in the fire said she would never have closure.

Tracey Taufa said family members had been supporting each other since the tragedy.

"We remain strong as emotional as it was in there today, we'll get through," she said.

"There will never be any closure but we'll just let them do their work and at the end of the inquest that's when we'll know the outcome."

Three men who escaped the blaze gave evidence on day one of the inquest on Monday, including Tau Taufa, who lost his wife, daughter and three granddaughters.

None of the witnesses recalled hearing a smoke alarm.

The inquest continues.

Unsolved cyclist death likely hit-and-run

Yahoo [20/8/14]:

The unsolved death of a Hong Kong national two years ago was likely a hit-and-run incident, police say.

The body of 25-year-old Shui Ki Chan was found on the southern side of the Warrego Highway, near the University of Queensland Gatton campus, on August 23, 2012.

His bicycle and helmet lay nearby.

Senior Sergeant Tom Missingham said police had received new information about the case in recent months, but wanted anyone else with information to come forward.

"It would appear that it may well have been that it was a hit-and-run crash," he told AAP.

"But if anyone out there knows anything that can assist us along those lines, then we'd like to hear from them."

Mr Chan's body was repatriated to Hong Kong shortly after the incident.

"We'd very much like to finalise this matter and be able to notify the next of kin over there what our findings have been," Sen Sgt Missingham said.

Detectives are approaching their inquiries as though the death was a hit-and-run.

"We also believe that it's more than likely that it was a motor car, not a heavy vehicle, that struck the bike," Sgt Missingham said.

Adelaide woman stabbed in skull with Lord of the Rings-style sword

Nine MSN [20/8/14]:

A man used a Lord of the Rings replica sword to stab his sleeping girlfriend through the skull, an Adelaide jury has been told.

Prosecutor Mark Norman said Adam Alberi had repeatedly claimed his girlfriend had attacked him and accidentally stabbed herself in the head with the sharpened object.

"The prosecution say that explanation is as untrue as it is physically impossible and that he was in fact trying to kill her," he told the South Australian Supreme Court jury.

Mr Alberi, 25, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Karina Todorashko, 27, in July 2013 at the unit they shared in Adelaide's inner south.

Mr Norman said the couple had argued and Ms Todorashko told him she was going to leave him.

"Mr Alberi's state of mind was such that he couldn't or wouldn't let her go," he said.

The relationship between Mr Alberi, an Iraqi national, and Ms Todorashko, who came to Australia from Ukraine as a teenager, was "difficult, volatile and complicated", the prosecutor said.

The sword, a replica of one used in the Lord of the Rings films, had been sharpened deliberately.

"It's turned what may well have been purely an ornamental piece of movie memorabilia into something anyone would recognise as a lethal weapon," Mr Norman said.

Ms Todorashko woke up after feeling an object in her head.

"She has some memory of pulling that object out of her head," Mr Norman said.

"She also has a memory of seeing Mr Alberi holding the object, which she was only able to describe as some sort of blade."

Despite bleeding profusely, she jumped over the flat's balcony, climbed down an awning and onto the balcony of the flat below.

Her neighbour woke to find her in his bedroom, unable to talk and badly injured.

Ms Todorashko told the jury she remembered little of the circumstances around the attack but had woken up after feeling something in her head.

She feared she was going to die because she was bleeding so much.

"Can I just say to the whole jury, I mean the juries, I want this case to be over, whether he did it or not I forgive him," Ms Todorashko said.

The trial continues.

Sentencing magistrate 'horrified' trucking company not subject to stringent heavy vehicle inspections

Nine MSN [20/8/14]:

A magistrate says she is "horrified" the trucking company involved in a fatal tanker crash in Sydney's north was not required to undergo annual heavy-vehicle inspections.

Two people were killed and five were injured when a Cootes Transport tanker rolled on its side, burst into flames and collided with several cars on Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale, in October 2013.

The national trucking company came under scrutiny after the accident and was charged with more than 300 offences.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) alleged it had discovered significant defects in the company's fleet, including faulty brakes and suspension.

Cootes has pleaded guilty to 255 charges, some of which carry maximum penalties of $11,000.

During a hearing on Wednesday, Magistrate Lee Gilmour said she was "horrified" the Victoria-based company was not required to undergo an independent annual inspection.

"Ordinary motor vehicles you and I drive have to be inspected annual(ly) trucks as these don't have to do that?" she said.

"It seems rather silly to me but then you and I are stuck with the legislation."

Brett Hearnden, representing the RMS, said a "significant proportion" of Cootes's fleet had been identified as travelling with breaches.

"The only conclusion one could reasonably draw from the number of defects identified is that there had been a systemic failure in operations and conduct," he said.

At present, if a heavy vehicle is registered in NSW, it has to undergo mandatory annual inspections.

However, Victoria operates a different scheme, which means heavy vehicles do not undergo mandatory inspections until they change ownership.

Ms Gilmour will sentence Cootes at a later date.

Brisbane students rally against uni fee changes

Brisbane Times [20/8/14]:

No ifs, no buts, no university education cuts."

That was the chant today from around 300 students who marched through inner-city Brisbane today to continue the National Union of Students' national protest against the federal government's planned changes to university education.


Ms Henderson [student activist] said students should never underestimate their ability to influence policy.

"We put them there and we can bring them down," she said.

"And this is how you do it. You get out into the streets and you mobilise. Who is going to be able to go to university when degrees cost $100,000?"

Andrew Bonnell, from the University of Queensland's National Tertiary Education Union said it was important that students raised their voice against the changes.

"In the past, people going to uni were in the minority, they were kind of seen as a soft target by the government," Mr Bonnell said.

"But that's changed now. There are lots more families affected by these kinds of higher education cuts these days, so I think protesting and taking action has become more common."

Mr Bonnell said the proposed fee hikes could discourage students from being able to take up positions at regional campuses, which would effect their long-term viability.


Queenslanders bring politics back to the people [VIDEO]

Queensland Premier's director general spends $2900 on limos

Yahoo [20/8/14]:

The Queensland premier's director-general has spent more than $2900 on limos and $14,000 on external catering since the Liberal National Party came to office two years ago.

Jon Grayson has chosen to hire limousines instead of taxis on 16 occasions since mid-2012.

His taxpayer-funded MasterCard paid for the services of Hughes Limousines, based at Fitzroy North in Melbourne, and Driven By Limo, based at Yagoona in Sydney's west, right-to-information documents obtained by AAP show.

The expenses added up to $2906, with one trip costing $380.51 in May 2014.

The documents also showed $14,000 was spent on external catering over a two-year period.

But a spokesman for the director-general said his expenses covering April 2012 to May 2014 were a third cheaper, or about $11,000 less, compared with the last 26 months of Labor's time in office, when Ken Smith and John Bradley were in that role.

"All expenditure falls within departmental guidelines and is subject to rigorous audits," he said in a statement to AAP.

"The director-general uses the most efficient and reliable option of quickly getting to and from meetings and this is often pre-booked travel."

Mr Grayson's office also received a warning in February 2013 about an overdue bill of $71.65 for milk, asking for payment within seven days.

"We would appreciate your arranging for the account to be settled, in full, by the end of this week," an email seen by AAP says.


Mr Grayson has previously been mired in another controversy, relating to his shareholdings.

In May, he divested his shareholding in Gasfields Water and Waste Services, a company with links to disgraced NSW Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid's nephew Dennis Jabour.

Queensland Sadie Ladies create a political storm at Toowoomba hearings

Lock The Gate [19/8/14]:

The Queensland Sadie Ladies turned their attention on Toowoomba today to highlight the need to keep our water catchments clean, our food lands mining-free and our lifestyles intact.

The intrepid ‘political cleaners’ targeted the State Government hearings examining LNP proposed legislation that takes away ordinary people’s rights to object to mining developments.

The government’s Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee is in Toowoomba for hearings on the proposed Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill 2014.

The Sadies’ spokesperson, Deborah Edwards said the draconian legislation, if passed, would mean 90 per cent of people would no longer have the right to object to mining in an effort to protect their farms and livelihoods.

“Toowoomba is the gateway to the Darling Downs, one of Queensland’s most important prime food-producing land and it is too precious to throw away to mining companies to make a quick buck,” she said.

“The Newman government’s disdain for clean drinking water is clear since it has allowed Coalbank Ltd to drill exploratory wells in the Wivenhoe Dam catchment, Brisbane's primary drinking water supply, while refusing to rule out the catchment area to mining.

“Under proposed changes to the Water Act mining companies will have access to virtually unlimited groundwater. It appears nowhere is safe from mining and Queensland taxpayers will be left to clean up the mess.

“The Sadies believe it’s time the people had a say is this. We want transparency and no dirty deals, so we came here to clean up this place.”

The Sadies back the alternative People’s Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014 that plans to return democracy and a fair go to the people.

Gold Coast kerbside clean-ups could go city-wide, apparently

Gold Coast City Council Media Release [20/8/14]:

The whole of the Gold Coast could benefit from an annual kerbside clean-up next year, after a recent City waste survey showed two-thirds of residents would support a service.

This year’s kerbside clean-up program has started in six of the City’s 14 divisions, funded by the Councillors of each division from their divisional funds. However, Mayor Tom Tate is keen to respond to requests from residents in other areas who also want a kerbside clean-up.

The Mayor would like to see a city-wide service included in the 2015/16 Budget.


Collections across the six divisions will operate between 18 August and 21 November. Eligible households will be notified up to 12 days before their collection day. To find out if your street is included this year - and when - head online to greengc.com.au or call us on 1300 GOLDCOAST.

Up to two cubic metres of materials can be collected from each household, including furniture, carpets and lino, baths and sinks, stoves and white goods, scrap metal and bagged garden waste. Items must be no longer than 1.5 metres, and safe and easy to lift by two people.

General household and construction waste, liquid/hazardous waste, tyres, paints, chemicals and batteries will not be accepted. Please contact the City or refer to online information at greengc.com.au for details on how to safely disposal of these materials.

Before you leave any items out for kerbside collection, think about whether they could be recycled or reused by any of the city’s charities or second-hand shops.

Please ensure that all items are placed on the kerb on the Sunday evening prior to the collection period as the collection may occur at any time during the following week. Materials placed out after the collection period will not be collected.

For more information, including a full list of items that will be accepted, visit greengc.com.au/kerbside-cleanups.

They want us to accept tyranny and be willingly enslaved

If the IOM aren't assisting in the deportation of asylum seekers to Syria, then what are they doing at Australia's concentration camp on Manus Island?

Guardian [20/8/14]:

Lenore Taylor and Oliver Laughland

The International Organisation for Migration has said it is not assisting in the return of asylum seekers to Syria, after the immigration minister, Scott Morrison, claimed it as a partner in Australian repatriation efforts.

Guardian Australia reported on Tuesday that department of immigration emails, obtained under freedom of information, showed ongoing discussions about repatriation of Syrian asylum seekers to Syria.

Human Rights Watch said Australia was doing the “unthinkable” by endeavouring to return Syrians.

Speaking on Sky television late on Tuesday, Morrison said the suggestion that people was being “coerced” to return were “ridiculous” because “these are voluntary returns, there are around half a dozen Syrians on Manus Island and none of them have gone back to Syria”. He added: “It is a voluntary return program that is done in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration.”

Asked about the minister’s remark that it was partnering with the government to discuss the voluntary return of Syrians, a spokesman for the IOM told Guardian Australia: “IOM is not assisting in the return of Syrians, nor are we in a position to provide post-arrival assistance; as Syria is one of the countries where IOM has suspended [assisted voluntary return and reintegration] activity.

“We advise Syrians accordingly, and, in turn, they are seeking return assistance through [the] Department of Immigration and Border Protection. These are voluntary returns facilitated by DIBP.”

The emails published by Guardian Australia reveal the lengths to which Morrison’s department has gone to facilitate the repatriation of traumatised Syrian asylum seekers.

The correspondence supports reports from Guardian Australia in March that Syrians detained offshore told Australian immigration department officials they would be killed if they returned to Syria, but the department facilitated plans for their repatriation nonetheless.

The departmental efforts included sharing asylum seeker identity documents with the Syrian consulate in Australia, booking flights via Jordan, and endeavouring to issue an “ultimatum” to force asylum seekers into a decision on repatriation, despite a number of them being severely mentally ill.


Australia's emails on returning refugees to Syria - January 2014 via @FPhumanrights:

... I have also just receive further questions from these transferees. I did address these questions at our initial meeting, however if anyone would like to make any recommendations on how to answer these quesion I would be more than happy to take your suggestions on board.

I have listed the questions verbatim:

1. Why can't we be sent to another country?

2. Why can't we be referred to UNHCR to handle our case?

3. Does Australia have the right to send us to another country example Canada, New Zealand or Britain and if not why not?

4. Can the (Australian) government make contact with these countries?

5. Is it legal to hold us here against our will on Manus Island?

Emergency Response Team now regularly searches Manus Island detention centre with metal detectors ...

"tweeted" by @HRP_org - Humantiarian Research Partners [19/8/14]

Iraqi asylum seeker returned home from Nauru at beginning of August. Refoulement? ...

"tweeted" by @HRP_org - Humantiarian Research Partners [20/8/14]


Refugee Rights Action Network WA [20/8/14]:

Message from Muhammad's fiance:

"I am sure everyone of you has dear ones in life whom you can't see unsafe, unhappy and psychologically disturbed, I am one of you. If you love humanity, stop the deportation of my fiance, Muhammad who is my soul mate, my only friend and beauty of my life. He is going to be sent back to a place where I have seen people being killed in large numbers, where the orphans and widows of the martyrs are with no shelter and where no one is safe.

Help him please. I want him to live, I want him to be safe so that I can live and I want him to remain there. I am afraid seeing here when the wife sees the happy face of her husband in the morning and at night she finds him killed with many bullets, or even the dead body isn't found.

We have no chances of life in any city of Pakistan, even I myself saw massacre of more than 50 girls in my university (2013) when it was attacked and we were attempting papers.

A place where no one is safe, how can one force Muhammad to move to such place...?

Save him please from deportation.


PLEASE SIGN THIS URGENT PETITION: https://www.change.org/petitions/scott-morrison-stop-the-deportation-of-muhammad-no-deportation-to-danger

Hunting the Hazara [Newsweek - 11/3/14]

Fourth Public Hearing, National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention

Australian Human Rights Commission:

The fourth public hearing of the inquiry will be held in Canberra at Parliament House on Friday, 22nd August.

The witnesses for this final hearing are: The Hon Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection; Mr Paris Aristotle and Professor Nicholas Proctor, Chair and Member of the Minister's Council on Asylum Seekers and Detention respectively; and Ms Deborah Homewood, Managing Director of MAXimus Solutions, responsible for providing support to unaccompanied children in immigration detention.

Members of the public can attend as observers at Committee Room 2R1, Parliament House, Parliament Drive, Canberra.

No bookings or tickets are necessary.


NTEU NSW holds meeting to discuss UniSuper divestment from Transfield [xBorder Operational Matters - 20/8/14]

University of Melbourne Student Union passes motion in support of divestment [xBorder Operational Matters - 19/8/14]

Angolans head homewards by train from Democratic Republic of Congo

UNHCR Media Release [19/8/14]:

A group of 500 Angolans headed homewards by train on Tuesday as the UN refugee agency launched a repatriation programme to end one of Africa's most protracted refugee situations.

The refugees took the train to Kimpese, 220 kilometres west of Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo's Bas-Congo province, and will spend Tuesday night in a transit centre there before being taken by bus Wednesday on the 80-km trip to northern Angola. They will registered and helped home.

Tuesday's returnees are among some 30,000 Angolans who wish to return on this operation, the third and final repatriation programme run by UNHCR since the end of the Angolan Civil War in 2002.

Twice-weekly return convoys will be organized from Kinshasa, Bas-Congo and Katanga provinces in the coming months. A further 18,000 former Angolan refugees wish to remain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and are in the process of local integration.

Before departure, the returnees go through medical screening, vaccinations and receive safe conduct papers, which serve as an identity document until they have their Angolan ID. Angola has assured that the authorities will help them with their reintegration once they are back in the country.

Since the end of June 2012, when the cessation clause was invoked, the Angolans in host countries have not been regarded as refugees because the situation in their country is no longer regarded as threatening to their safety or well-being.

More than 78,000 Angolan refugees were still living in the DRC when cessation of refugee status was declared by the DRC authorities.

During a tripartite meeting in Angola last July, the Angolan and DRC authorities as well as UNHCR agreed to launch a final voluntary repatriation operation.

Angola's 1961-1975 war of independence and the civil war that followed, claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced some 4 million people, including 550,000 who became refugees. Most fled to neighbouring countries such as Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Although most former Angolan refugees in the region have gone back home since 2002, some 73,000 Angolans remain in exile in countries such as Democratic Republic of the Congo (48,000), Zambia (23,000), Namibia (1,600) and the Republic of Congo (400).

The DRC, Namibia and Zambia have offered opportunities for local integration, while South Africa has issued the Angolans with special immigration permits to allow them to stay.

Argentina to pay bondholders despite US court ruling

France 24 [20/8/14]:

Buenos Aires moved to pay bondholders domestically after a US bank left it unable to do so, President Cristina Kirchner said.

"To protect the payments to bondholders who took part in the 2005 and 2010 debt swaps, we are designating the (state) Banco Nacion Trust as a replacement for Bank of New York Mellon, however the bondholders decide (to take payment), voluntarily," Kirchner said in a televised address.

In July, US Judge Thomas Griesa ordered a freeze on some Argentine payments until Buenos Aires simultaneously pays off the hedge funds which sued the country to demand payment on their bonds.

Argentina placed $539 million into an account of Bank of New York Mellon at the Argentine central bank at the end of June to meet a scheduled payment to holders of the country's restructured bonds.

But Griesa forbade the bank from transferring the money to the bondholders, in line with his previous 2012 ruling.

Argentina, he said, must first comply with an order that hedge funds which did not join the bond restructuring program after the country's 2001 default be paid in full for the $1.3 billion in bonds they hold.

Argentina says the hedge funds gave up the chance for payment when they rejected the restructuring deal, which was accepted by 92 percent of the country's creditors.

But Griesa has repeatedly ruled in favor of the hedge funds, NML Capital and Aurelius Capital Management, and threatened to hold Bank of New York in contempt of court if it transfers the money.

He also forbade the bank from returning the money to the Argentine government.

Holders of eurobonds and other non-dollar-denominated Argentine debt say the New York court does not have jurisdiction over their bonds, and that their payments should not be held up by the claims of the hedge funds.

Argentina and the hedge funds have sought to find a compromise, most recently exploring whether another group of investors, mainly banks, could buy the hedge funds' bonds to satisfy their claims.

But those talks went nowhere, leaving the parties at odds as the country -- already ruled in default by ratings agencies -- approaches new scheduled interest payments in coming months.

United States continue bombing Iraq

Centcom [19/8/14]:

U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Iraq in the last 24 hours, with fighter aircraft conducting two airstrikes near the Mosul Dam.

One of the airstrikes successfully destroyed an ISIL checkpoint. The other airstrike was not successful.

All strike aircraft exited the strike areas safely.

These airstrikes were conducted under authority to support Iraqi security forces and Kurdish defense forces as they work together to combat ISIL, as well as to protect critical infrastructure, U.S. personnel and facilities, and support humanitarian efforts.

The Department of Defense confirmed yesterday that Iraqi forces have cleared the Mosul Dam, and that Iraqi security forces and Kurdish defense forces are working together to further expand control of the area.

Reported beheading of journalist James Foley not yet verified [Global Post - 19/8/14]

Islamic State: The Monster Western Intervention Created [Huffington Post - 19/8/14]

March for #MikeBrown. 100-150 very peaceful protesters walking on shoulder of W Florissant #Ferguson

Image: @kgosztola [19/8/14]

A 23-year-old man has been fatally shot by St Louis police who said he was wielding a knife, as 78 are arrested in continuing protests after the shooting death of unarmed Mike Brown. ... [Guardian - 19/8/14]

Ferguson Arrests Include at Least 10 Journalists [Boston Globe - 19/8/14]

From Ferguson to Gaza, we charge genocide [San Francisco Bay View - 19/8/14]

3 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City

Maan [19/8/14]:

Three Palestinians were killed and at least 40 injured in Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, Gaza medical officials said.

A 3-year-old girl and an unidentified woman were killed in an airstrike which targeted the al-Dalou family home in Gaza City's Sheikh Radwan neighborhood.

Ambulance crews and medics were searching for bodies among the rubble of the three-story home, which was reportedly hit by five missiles.

Twelve Palestinians were killed in 2012 when Israel targeted the same home during a military offensive on Gaza. The victims of that attack spanned four generations, from a 1-year-old to an 83-year-old.

At least 40 other Palestinians were injured in Israeli airstrikes across the besieged enclave.

Warplanes targeted over 30 sites including agricultural lands in Beit Lahiya, al-Zaytoun, al-Maghazi, Deir al-Balah, Al-Qarara, Khuza, eastern Rafah and eastern Shujaiyya.

Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza after three rockets landed near Beersheba earlier in the day.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri denied the movement had fired rockets over the border Tuesday, accusing Israel of trying to sabotage truce talks in Cairo.

"We don't have any information about firing rockets from Gaza. The Israeli raids are intended to sabotage the negotiations in Cairo," he told AFP.

The Palestinians say agreement over a long-term arrangement in Gaza has been delayed by Israeli foot-dragging over key issues.

TUTU: My plea to the people of Israel – Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine [Sabbah - 18/8/14]

How the West helps Israel commit genocide in Gaza [New Zimbabwe - 17/8/14]

US backed Kiev forces attack apartment building, Donetsk

RT [19/8/14]:

A Donetsk resident has uploaded footage of a massive blast next to an apartment block in the heart of the city. The eastern Ukrainian city, which has been under rebel control since the start of the armed conflict, has been encircled by government forces.

The video, shot from the window of an apartment block across a courtyard, captures a momentary fireball next to a multistory development housing thousands of people.

It is unclear from the footage whether the explosion is the result of an artillery shell explosion or a flash of gunfire.

City authorities say that two people have been injured, and several apartments, gas pipes and cars have been destroyed by the government barrage, saying that residents of almost all areas in the city are within earshot of artillery fire.

Authorities say that a nine-story residential block in the center city has been hit, though it is unclear if this refers to the incident witnessed in the video.

"There is constant thumping that hasn't stopped throughout the day," reports RT's Paula Slier from Donetsk.

"It is difficult to tell who is doing the firing. On the one hand you have the Ukrainian army vowing to take back the city, but these anti-government fighters are also very active and are saying that they won't let the city surrender."

The Ukrainian Army has said that it plans to recapture the militant stronghold by the end of the week.

“The Ukrainian Army is continuing its operation to liberate Donetsk. Thirty fortified posts have been set up around the city to cut off the terrorists’ access," said a statement from Ukraine’s National Security Council in Kiev, referring to the rebel militias as “terrorists,” as the Kiev government has insisting on doing since it began its military operation in April.

Up to 70 percent of Donetsk 1 million residents are thought to have abandoned their houses, with the rest in long queues for basic supplies such as food, water and medicine as the encirclement has tightened, and the infrastructure damage has mounted.

"This is a humanitarian crisis unfolding," reports Slier.

The UN says that by "very conservative" estimates more than 2,000 people have died during the rebellion and the subsequent government offensive, which has isolated and pushed back the militants into their strongholds in the past several weeks.

Led by Imran Khan and Tahir ul-Qadri, Pakistani protesters reach parliament

Reuters [19/8/14]:

Thousands of protesters marched to the Pakistani parliament on Tuesday as part of a bid to force the prime minister to resign, using a crane and bolt cutters to force their way past barricades of shipping containers in the capital Islamabad.

Riot police and paramilitaries had tried to seal off the diplomatic and government zone before the march began, and were told not to intervene as protesters, some of them women throwing rose petals, moved all obstacles in their way.

The protests were led by former international cricketer Imran Khan, head of the country's third-largest political party, and cleric Tahir ul-Qadri, who controls a network of Islamic schools and charities.

Hours before the protesters set off, the interior minister announced that soldiers would be deployed to stop them.

That was intended to send a message to the coup-prone country that the protests do not have military backing. It also underscored how the opposition has forced the fledgling civilian government to rely on the country's powerful army, despite deep mistrust between the two institutions.

The protests have piled extra pressure on the 15-month-old government as it struggles to overcome high unemployment, daily power cuts and a Taliban insurgency. The showdown has also raised broader questions over the stability of Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation of 180 million people.

Khan and Qadri both want Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. Khan accuses him of rigging last year's polls. Qadri accuses him of corruption. Police estimate the two protest leaders have about 55,000 supporters between them, but not all of them marched on parliament.

Both Khan and Qadri have been holding protest rallies in the capital since Friday with government permission. But they have been banned from the "Red Zone", which houses many Western embassies, parliament and the office and home of Sharif.

Their protests have so far remained separate because the two have different supporters and different plans for what should happen if Sharif steps down.

But on Tuesday, Qadri said his supporters would march on parliament, a day after Khan asked his supporters to do the same.

"The people's parliament have decided to do their sit-in in front of parliament," Qadri said on Tuesday evening, referring to his followers, to approving roars from the crowd.

Most of Khan's supporters are young men. Qadri's are seen as more disciplined and determined; there are many families among them. All the men have sticks; brigades of youths also have goggles and masks to deal with tear gas.

Speaking the crowd, Khan said any violence would be the fault of the prime minister, as his female supporters scattered baskets of rose petals over bemused police in body armor.

"If police try to stop us and there is violence, Nawaz I will not spare you, I will come after you and put you in jail," Khan said.

His supporters roared their approval. Among them was 20-year-old Shams Khan, who came from the northwestern region of Bannu with his friends.

"My blood is boiling today and I want to be martyred," he said. "If we don't go into the Red Zone today, I will quit this party tomorrow."


Four dead as heavy rain triggers landslides in Japan

Channel News Asia [20/8/14]:

At least four people have been killed as heavy rain triggered mudslides in the western Japan city of Hiroshima, rescuers said Wednesday.

"We haven't assessed the full extent (of the disaster) yet but four people have been confirmed dead," said a spokesman for Hiroshima's fire department, which operates the city's emergency unit.

Rescuers said victims included a two-year-old toddler and 77-year-old woman.

Live television footage early Wednesday showed houses destroyed by overnight landslides in mountains behind them, with muddy water still running through wrecked buildings.

Japan’s military is showcasing its ability to defend remote islands, as its role expands at home and abroad under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The military began large-scale annual “Fire Power” exercises on Tuesday at the foot of Mount Fuji. Defense officials said the exercises, which last until Sunday, are aimed at repelling a hypothetical invasion of far-off Japanese islands. ... [Japan Today - 20/8/14]

Minority bigots have their Facebook page reinstated

North West Star [19/8/14]:

A contentious Facebook page reported for inciting hate speech has been reactivated.

The Stop the Mosque in Bendigo page has been reactivated on Facebook, after the page's administrators successfully appealed Facebook's ruling to remove the page for inciting hate speech.

A post on the page reads, "Facebook listened to our appeal... thank you guys...were back! (sic)"

Peter Bolt then comments: "time to get rid of these grubs.

"I mean the Mosque supporters."


French politician angered by veiled Muslim at beach [Al Arabiya - 19/8/14]

Telstra targeted for class action against late fees

ZDNet [19/8/14]:

Josh Taylor

ACA Lawyers is seeking to get Telstra customers on board a new class action suit targeting the company's late fee charges.

The case follows a similar case lodged against ANZ, Citibank, and Westpac over credit card late fees earlier this month, after the Federal Court ruled in February that ANZ's late credit card fees were a penalty and did not reflect the actual cost to the bank.

ACA Lawyers principal Steven Lewis said that Telstra's AU$4.3 billion profit result last week was built in part from AU$272 million in revenue collected through "late fees and other miscellaneous fees".

"Since 2000, hundreds of thousands of Telstra customers have paid late fees in the mistaken belief Telstra was entitled to charge the fee," he said in a statement.

"But a recent court decision in relation to credit card fees found that late payment fees charged by banks are unlawful and that clients are entitled to get most of their money back."

ACA says Telstra currently charges an AU$15 late fee if the billing amount owed is AU$70 or more.

ACA Lawyers said it had the backing of UK litigation funder Harbour Litigation Funding, and would also seek to target Optus and Vodafone in the future. Those who choose to participate in the class action will have no up front cost, but Harbour Litigation Funding will take "a percentage" of the damages if any are awarded.

In a statement, Telstra defended its late fee system.

"We will review the claim when we receive it. We believe our late payment fees are reasonable in light of the costs we incur and we will strongly defend any claim we receive," a spokesperson for the telco told ZDNet.

Launching class actions against telcos is not always successful. The last attempted class action against a telecommunications company in Australia has been stalled for four years, with Piper Alderman and litigation funder LCM failing to get its class action against Vodafone off the ground to date.

Telstra found divulging web browsing histories to law-enforcement agencies without a warrant [Brisbane Times - 20/8/14]

Macquarie gave favoured customers escape route in BrisConnections float

Australian Financial Review [20/8/14]:

Joyce Moullakis and Sarah Thompson

Macquarie Group has urged any aggrieved clients who lost money in the initial public offering of the BrisConnections toll road in 2008 to raise their concerns following claims it allowed a select group of wealthy customers to pull out of the disastrous float.

The investment bank allowed some wealthy customers to pull out of the ­BrisConnections initial public offering in 2008 when it looked like the float was going to tank, according to seven current and former Macquarie staff.

More than $20 million of BrisConnections shares were handed back by clients to their Macquarie stockbrokers before the shares began to trade, the sources said. The company forced the brokers, also known as ­private client advisers, to wear some of the losses, they added.

The allegations relate to the total allocation to Macquarie Private Wealth clients, which was in the order of $100 million, as part of the float.

By returning the shares Macquarie clients had agreed to buy, the favoured investors avoided one-day losses of more than $10 million.

BrisConnections shares fell 59 per cent on their debut on the Australian Securities Exchange because of ­concerns fewer cars than forecast would use its toll road in Brisbane.

At the time markets were volatile as the global financial crisis was taking hold and there were concerns about ­BrisConnections’ debt. The float ­followed a profit downgrade by rival Transurban Group.

Many early investors were clients of Macquarie, which was a lead manager and underwriter of the float, which meant it agreed to purchase a certain amount of shares and sell them to its clients. Other underwriters included Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and JPMorgan.


NDIS: Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Herald [19/8/14]:

About 30 people took part in a protest rally yesterday over the privatisation of state government group homes as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Public Service Association (PSA) organiser Ron Hunter said the protest was held near a group home at Mount Hutton run by the government’s Ageing, Disability and Home Care agency.

It was one of about 50 ADHC group homes in the Hunter Region.

Hunter Disability Support Group founding member Graham Burgess, whose son lives in a Belmont group home, spoke against the privatisation of group homes, describing it as a $500million ‘‘giveaway’’ of public assets.

Staff from the Mount Hutton home walked off the job for 30minutes as part of a campaign of bans and limitations the union hoped would bring the government to the negotiating table.

‘‘The most important thing is that the families of the people being cared for in the ADHC group homes don’t want them privatised, don’t want the service to change,’’ Mr Hunter said.

‘‘They fear that the level of care is at risk under the privatisation.’’

A spokesperson for Disability Services Minister John Ajaka said the union bans, which ‘‘direct people to avoid work, will only disadvantage people with disability’’.

Mr Ajaka’s spokesperson said the NDIS Enabling Act was passed with bipartisan support.

It would ensure departmental employees transferring to the non-government sector would have ‘‘the same terms and conditions that are in their awards now, and with all their leave and other entitlements preserved’’.

But Mr Hunter said the government had forcibly privatised their jobs without consultation, and no one was likely to trust ‘‘vague promises’’ made through the media.

Mr Ajaka’s spokesperson said the non-government sector already provided 60per cent of disability services in NSW, with the NDIS likely to create work for another 25,000 disability staff as an extra 50,000 people signed on the NDIS by 2018.

PSA organiser Paul James said most jobs would be part-time, casual and lowly paid.

$7m payout for hit and run

West Australian [20/8/14]:

More than $7 million has been awarded to a promising young apprentice maimed when deliberately run over outside a 17th birthday party.

Ned Mather was 18 when hit with enough force to smash the window of the car Jay Joseph Libri drove at teenagers outside the party in Duncraig on February 4, 2011.

Mr Mather had life-threatening injuries and was left with permanent disabilities, including limited mobility and brain damage.

In the Supreme Court yesterday, Mr Mather's lawsuit against Libri was finalised, with consent orders awarding him compensation of $7,261,383.

The Insurance Commission of WA will meet the payout under third-party insurance.

Mr Mather's mother Tracey Moore said it was a relief that her son would have the financial means to meet his needs.

But she said the money would not give her son back his life.

"They can have every cent in a heartbeat to swap for Ned's life back," she said.

Ms Moore said Mr Mather was "doing OK" but was recovering from a broken jaw after a recent fall.

Slater and Gordon lawyer Karina Hafford, for Mr Mather, said the payout was one of WA's biggest for a motor vehicle settlement.

A trustee would hold the money for the 21-year-old's future, which included full-time nursing for the rest of his life.

"Ned was an innocent pedestrian who was tragically struck down and has had to rebuild his life with intense physio and speech therapy to learn to walk and talk again," Ms Hafford said.

"He was a promising young apprentice but will never work again.

"Ned's family have never stopped fighting for his recovery. They have done everything they could to improve his situation and I commend them for their devotion."

Libri, who fled after the crash and went to the pub to drink, was sentenced to four years jail after a jury convicted him of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

At the time, District Court Judge Jeremy Curthoys criticised Libri's "callous and reckless disregard" and "utterly selfish" behaviour .

He was given parole in April.

Queensland Journalism 101: Trivialise police brutality AND domestic violence

Sunshine Coast Daily [20/8/14]:

Janine Hill

A man bitten on the genitals by a police dog had bashed his on-again, off-again girlfriend days earlier, stolen her car and written off another.

Zane Thomas Smith was bitten after he punched the dog while police searched a house at Pomona.

The Maroochydore District Court heard that six days earlier, on August 25 last year, Smith had broken into his on-again, off-again girlfriend's Mooloolaba unit and locked the door.

Crown prosecutor Maita Aylward said the two had earlier had a few drinks but the young woman had decided to go home.

Ms Aylward said that when she arrived, Smith grabbed her, threw her on a bed, attempted to choke her and punched her repeatedly.

She said the young woman locked the door and tended to her injuries when Smith left, but he returned and kicked the door in and assaulted her again.

Smith then left, threatening to kill himself and taking her car keys from her bag.

Ms Aylward said Smith smashed into two parked cars before dumping the car at the Maroochydore RSL and running off.

Smith, 24, pleaded guilty yesterday to two burglary charges, two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while adversely affected by an intoxicating substance, and two counts of obstructing police.

He was given sentences of up to three years and will be eligible for parole on June 12 next year.

Judge John Robertson acknowledged Smith's victim had offered him a place to stay when he fell on hard times. "You repaid her kindness by acting as a thug and an outlaw," he said.

Pandering to the demands of Murdoch's selective vigilantism has nothing to do with domestic violence law reform.

Nine MSN [20/8/14]:

Domestic violence perpetrators in Victoria will lose their automatic right to have their identity protected.

Current laws ban those who breach family violence intervention orders from being named, unless a court gives permission.

But under news laws, it will be up to the victim to decide if the attacker's name should be made public.

Under the changes, victims will be able to consent verbally to having the person named once they are charged.

But the new laws will not automatically lift a ban on publication following the death of a victim.

Attorney-General Robert Clark says the new laws are aimed at giving power back to people who suffer domestic abuse and raising community awareness.

"This reform will empower victims of family violence, allowing them to talk publicly about their experiences without having to seek permission from the court," he told the Herald Sun.

"It will strengthen perpetrator accountability," he said.

"This in turn will allow fuller and more open reporting about the nature and extent of family violence and its impact on Victorian families, promoting public discussion and improving community awareness."

Soldier's mother questions Defence's double standards

Nine MSN [20/8/14]:

... The mother accused Defence of double standards because they were prepared to investigate her bisexual son over a matter related to his sexuality, at the same time as allowing topless barmaids into a club adjoining a Special Air Service compound.

The mother, who cannot be identified due to her son's special forces role, said a person "who had issues with my son's sexuality" made false allegations that he had purchased an alleged illegal medicine.

"He (my son) is being discriminated against because of his sexuality, about which he was open, by the same management that condones women being exploited in the manner of those photographs,'' the woman was quoted as saying.

Defence did not confirm whether the mother's complaint prompted the topless women ban, saying only that it came into effect when the chain of command was made aware of the situation and that such activities did "not represent the values of the Australian Defence Force".

ADFA cadet charged over two alleged sexual assaults in Canberra

ABC [20/8/14]:

A 19-year-old male cadet from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra has been arrested over two alleged sexual assaults.

Two female officer cadets reported the allegations separately to ADFA staff on Monday.

One involved a 19-year-old woman after a night out in Civic in June 2013, while the second was in February this year at another 19-year-old woman's home in Campbell.

The man is expected to apply for bail when he faces the ACT Magistrates Court this morning after being charged with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

ADFA has been under pressure to improve the culture at the male-dominated defence training facility after a series of complaints.

The Defence Department said support was being provided to the two women who came forward with the allegations.

Woman lucky to escape as house is gutted by fire

Morning Bulletin [20/8/14]:

A woman had a lucky escape when her house went up in flames yesterday afternoon in Rockhampton.

A police car spotted the smoke billowing from the house on the corner of Nicholson and Costello Sts. in Allenstown at 12.50pm.

After hearing her fire alarm go off, the woman managed to get out of the house with her two dogs before the police car arrived.

The house was well alight when fire crews arrived on scene, but they managed to extinguish the flames.

Fire crews had to withdraw from the house at one stage due to the intense heat.

Police said that the woman was in a state of shock over the ordeal.

The Queenslander home was completely gutted in the blaze.

Investigations into the cause of the fire are under way.

Grievous bodily harm charge, Zillmere

QPS Media [20/8/14]:

A man has been charged following an alleged assault that occurred yesterday in Zillmere.

Police were called to a residence on Rowell Street at 3 yesterday afternoon following reports of an assault.

When police arrived they located a 62-year-old man who had suffered facial injuries and he was transported to hospital for treatment.

A 28-year-old Zillmere man has been charged with one count of grievous bodily harm and is due to appear in the Sandgate Magistrates Court today.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

Trucks collide on Toowoomba Range

Chronicle [20/8/14]:

A truck driver was taken to hospital after his vehicle collided with another truck on the up-section of the Toowoomba Range.

Crews were called to the scene, west of the saddle on the range, about 7.30am.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said there were reports the cabin of one of the trucks had been crushed.

The driver was taken to Toowoomba Hospital.

Truck-on-car crash leaves 23-year-old in hospital

Tweed Daily News [19/8/14]:

A 23-year-old man was lucky to be alive after a truck collided with his sedan in Banora Point on Tuesday.

The driver was trapped in the vehicle until emergency services could free him.

His blue sedan was left in ruins.

Tweed police Inspector Greg Jago said when the Palm Beach man was transported to Tweed Hospital, paramedics suspected he had a fractured collarbone.

He said it appears the car had broken down prior to the crash.

"At this point investigations indicate the sedan had a mechanical failure," Insp Jago said.

"A number of other vehicles were able to avoid the broken down vehicle, but the heavy vehicle was unable to."

Insp Jago said the driver of the truck, a 25-year-old Ashmore man, was unharmed.

He said no charges had been laid at this point.

"There's no indication whether action will be taken," Insp Jago said.

Insp Jago updated previous figures, confirming two other vehicles were involved in the incident.

He said the drivers of those cars were not injured.

Insp Jago said investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Following the incident, southbound traffic was banked up to the Queensland border.


Hydroponics drug set up located, Elanora

QPS Media [20/8/14]:

Police are at the scene of an alleged hydroponics drug set up at a house at Elanora.

Around 9am this morning police executed a search warrant at an Evergreen Drive address where it is alleged around 120 cannabis plants were located.

A man is presently assisting police with their enquiries.

Investigations are continuing into the discovery.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

Court rejects NSW police officer's memory fail

Nine MSN [20/8/14]:

A former NSW cop has been found guilty of lying to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) with a court rejecting his selective "memory failure" about a drug-fuelled boys' weekend.

Former Detective Inspector Shane Diehm, 49, was hauled before the PIC in October 2011 to answer questions about drug use in the force.

During the hearing, Diehm was grilled about a drug-fuelled boys' weekend on Queensland's Gold Coast the year before, in which officers were secretly recorded consuming illicit drugs and hash cookies.

Diehm initially denied ever consuming drugs but eventually confessed.

He has pleaded guilty to two counts of giving false information to the watchdog in relation to this.

However, he said he did not lie to the PIC when he claimed he "didn't remember" seeing other former and serving cops use drugs that weekend.

On Wednesday, Magistrate Ellen Skinner rejected this, saying a term of imprisonment would be appropriate.

She said there was no medical evidence to explain his selective "memory failure".

"My conclusion is this was a highly memorable weekend," she told Downing Centre Local Court.

The former and serving officers consumed what appeared to be hash cookies and ecstasy and openly discussed their apparent drug use, she said.

"The parties were comfortable taking drugs and distributing drugs."

It wasn't consistent to remember his own behaviour but not others, she said.

The decision comes after Diehm told the court last month that he had "no reason" to protect the other cops.

"I'm not naive enough to believe that I was the only one who (took drugs). But if I had to guess who I saw or what the footage showed, I have no recollection."

Ms Skinner said his lies to the PIC and then before the local court showed he had little remorse.

The hearing continues.

Australia's Prime Minister calls off "war on terror"

Yahoo [20/8/14]:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he's not aware of any terrorist threat linked to the discovery of explosives at a Brisbane property.

A stockpile of highly explosive material was found at a Pullenvale property last week, reportedly along with crudely-drawn maps detailing an area around Sydney's busy Central station and another area in Newcastle.

Mr Abbott says he's not aware of any threats to those sites, nor anything that would indicate a threat towards November's G20 summit of world leaders in Brisbane.

"There are all sorts of people who do all sorts of weird and, at times, pretty dangerous things," Mr Abbott told ABC Radio in Brisbane.

"But I haven't been advised of any potential terrorist threat in respect of this particular issue."

The prime minister lauded Queensland police for finding and disposing of the explosives, saying security during and in the lead up to G20 would be as "effective as it needs to be".

Queensland police, the Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force personnel are continuing to search the Pullenvale property, but have all remained tight-lipped about the investigation.

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