Did you ever stop to notice

All the children dead from war

Did you ever stop to notice

This crying earth, these weeping shores


Earth Song, Michael Jackson



Coronavirus lockdown prevents environmentalists from even bearing witness, as Forest Stewardship Council Australia promotes logging as an “essential service” [REDD Monitor - 5 May 2020]:

Environmentalists are now worried that logging of native forests is continuing during the Coronavirus lockdown when protests are impossible. Susie Russell, of the North East Forest Alliance, was part of a protest against logging in the Comboyne State Forest in New South Wales, before the lockdown started.

Last week, Russell told Al Jazeera that,

“The government is opening up areas that were burned, logging areas that were not, all sorts of approvals which are damaging to the environment are happening during this time. We feel angry and frustrated at not being able to get out there.

Environmental groups are calling for a halt to logging in native forests, at least until the ecological damage from the fires can be properly assessed and the information released to the public.



The ruthless and hysterical response by the loathed and untrusted political, media and medical establishment exposes the lie that "restrictions" have "eased", or are "easing" anytime soon. -> Peaceful Melbourne coronavirus lockdown protests brutally repressed and vilified by police, political, media and medical establishment [The Age - 10 May 2020]



Attempting to delegitimise the grievances of those who oppose house arrest and shutdown of livelihoods and civil society as a "conspiracy", does not explain why lockdown is medically justified.  It is the projection of dangerous and unaccountable sociopaths [newsGP - 10 March 2020]:


Chair of RACGP Victoria Dr Cameron Loy told newsGP he has had personal contact with at least nine GPs who have called in sick as a direct response to Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos, who criticised a Melbourne GP for going to work after returning from a trip to the US with minor cold-like symptoms.


newsGP has spoken to a number of GPs whose practices have been directly affected by Minister Mikakos’ comments.  

Dr Karyn Alexander told newsGP she was one of four doctors who called in sick at her Altona North Clinic as a direct result of the comments.  

‘We had 13 doctors rostered on today and four of us had to call in sick … so we’re basically down a third of the doctors,’ she said.  

‘It’s been pandemonium … and I just feel that we’re being vilified.’  

Dr Alexander said the comments likely have put Victoria’s primary healthcare system under increased pressure and contributed negatively to a public health response that has already struggled with mixed messages and a lack of access to equipment.



Paw Paw and goat test positive for coronavirus in Tanzania [East Mojo - 4 May 2020]



Twitter test urges you to revise replies with 'harmful' language [CNET - 5 May 2020]



Facebook shuts down pages promoting lockdown protests [Philadelphia Inquirer - 20 April 2020]



"The police state could not ask for a better citizenry than one that carries out its own censorship, spying and policing" Technofascism: The censorship of David Icke is digital book burning in a totalitarian age [Mint Press News - 5 May 2020]



"One of the best attributes of human beings is that they're adaptable; one of the worst ... is they are adaptable. They adapt and start to tolerate abuses, they adapt to being involved themselves in abuses"


Julian Assange on elections, asylum, refugee publishing, Ecuador and adaptation [teleSUR - November 2016]



Fourth family member charged in fatal shooting of security guard enforcing face mask rule for shoppers at Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan [NBC - 8 May 2020]



Man in line for Boston bank allegedly pulls gun when ordered to follow anti-social distancing dictates [ 7 News Boston - 5 May 2020]



The French High Commission in French Polynesia says the crew member of a French military aircraft who tested positive for coronavirus during his stay in Tahiti is not contagious. [RNZI - 7 May 2020]



Australia imposes test kits on coronavirus free Pacific islands as Morrison and Ardern float bubble bullshit [Bangkok Post - 8 May 2020]



No cases of coronavirus in Solomons but dozens dead after ferry ignores storm warning to evacuate people from Honiara to their home villages because of coronavirus [Jakarta Post  - 4 April 2020]:


"Initial reports say the captain of the boat had no knowledge of the missing people until he was informed when the boat arrived at her destination at Are'are," police marine department chief Charles Fox Sau said. 

"At this stage we cannot confirm how many people are missing as the investigation into this sad incident continues." 

In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Manasseh Sovagare said a search and rescue operation was under way. 

"It is with deep regret to learn that a number of passengers are missing at sea after being washed overboard from a passenger vessel which departed ... from Honiara, despite the several weather warnings issued," he said. 

Disaster authorities in the Solomons, which has limited healthcare facilities, have been stretched as they prepared for the impact of coronavirus while the region was being battered by tropical cyclone Harold. 



"The recovered 58-year-old Cambodian man had been with direct contact with a group of French tourists" Coronavirus cases in Cambodia almost at zero with just two remaining active cases and a new recovery [Khmer Times - 2 May 2020]



“The country went 22 days with no new infections, but on Friday [6 March], Vietnamese health officials discovered nine new cases, all from foreign tourists” New coronavirus cases found in Vietnamese city where USS Theodore Roosevelt was docked [10 News - 8 March 2020]



USS Theodore Roosevelt’s new Commanding Officer preparing to get coronavirus sailors back at sea to enforce "Brand New World" [NBC - 6 May 2020]



Locals punished with 30 day extension to martial law in Guam after USS Theodore Roosevelt brings coronavirus [Guam Post - 27 April 2020]



While Gold Coast citizens are subjected to quasi martial law, and having their livelihoods and civic networks shutdown - a Business Aviation Services Pty Ltd flight breezes in and out of Coolangatta Airport to Guam.



Accidental poisonings from cleaning products doubled during March: Health Canada [CTV - 5 May 2020]



I am deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near-total meltdown of normal life — schools and businesses closed, gatherings banned — will be long-lasting and calamitous, possibly graver than the direct toll of the virus itself. The stock market will bounce back in time, but many businesses never will. The unemployment, impoverishment and despair likely to result will be public health scourges of the first order.


- Dr. David Katz is an American physician and founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center 12 experts question coronavirus panic [off Guardian - 24 March 2020]



2019: 250 national flu deaths



Queensland did not need quasi martial law when 5 a week died from flu last year [Brisbane Times - 14 January 2020]



2,600 cases of influenza, compared to an average of 881 cases for the same period in the previous 5 years [Queensland Health - February 2019]



4 dead in NSW aged care centre flu outbreak [ABC - 2 July 2019]



West Australian man who was imprisoned on the Diamond Princess, then a Darwin mining camp, was the first person in Australia to die from coronavirus [7 News - 1 March 2020]



The ship’s ventilation system is not designed to prevent virus transmission [Updates from Passengers Phil and Gay Courter on the Diamond Princess - February 2020]



"I don't understand why they have to be kept on a ship," said Peter Hotez, of the Baylor College of Medicine. "We're employing what I call 14th-century approaches and ethics to individuals with transmissible disease." [9 News - 17 February 2020]



“Wondering though when we can step outside the room, if at all, for sunlight”   Man imprisoned on Diamond Princess [Reuters - 6 February 2020]



They want to deny us our humanity.

My mother is dead.  HUG YOUR MUM, or passively accept demented dictates of the political, media and medical establishment.



"She never got to say goodbye to her daughters ... Without ever receiving a clear diagnosis of leprosy, she was forced to spend 12 years on Peel Island" [Brisbane Times - 4 July 2018]:


On the advice of her father-in-law Albert, she visited the Townsville doctor, who ran tests and diagnosed leprosy.

But the doctor never told Phyllis.

Instead, he told Albert, Phyllis's husband Les and other family members that she would be forcibly quarantined.



Cuomo: Data shows most new coronavirus patients in New York are at home and not working; 66% of new hospitalisations were among people coming from home [CBS - 7 May 2020]



"Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease" Dr. Knut Wittkowski [April 2020]



"Coronavirus restrictions" have NOT "eased", and nothing has changed i.e. the political, media and medical establishment continue bullshitting, mocking and punishing us to deflect blame from the fact that THEY have shut down our livelihoods and civil society.


Steven Miles and his MSM chums will bait and switch "what you can't and can do" forever while his draconian legislation [Public Health and Other Legislation (Public Health Emergency) Amendment Bill], slammed through during the last parliamentary sitting, is still in place.


Nothing will change until Australians demand an unconditional END to the lockdown.



"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will."      


Frederick Douglass



Two Woodford Correctional Centre inmates found dead within about 12 hours of each other [7 News - 7 May 2020]



Asylum seeker in Melbourne Mantra Hotel coronavirus protest forcibly removed and placed in official detention centre [SBS - 29 April 2020]



Bullied by "advocates" into not demanding freedom and an end to Labor's "never coming here" policy, Manus and Nauru refugees trafficked to Australia for "medical treatment" plead for "release into self isolation" [RNZI - 31 March 2020]



Manus Island asylum seeker granted 3 year residency visa to stay in PNG [RNZI - 22 April 2020]



"Why do people set themselves on fire in front of UN? Because ... human rights is a big business in this country ... and there is no real action".  eg #STAYSAFESTAYSTRONG



Israel’s Defense Minister issues permits for 7,000 new homes in settlement near Bethlehem [Arab News - 6 May 2020]



Israeli settlers ramp up attacks against Palestinians during coronavirus lockdown [IMEMC - 26 April 2020]:


In a 13 April incident widely reported by Israeli media, a group of settlers sent by the authorities to self-isolate near a popular hiking spot along the northern Dead Sea (Metzoke Dragot) attacked Palestinians and torched their cars.

Yet this was just one of eight physical assaults against Palestinians in the first three weeks of April. A particularly serious incident took place on 16 April, when brothers ‘Issa and Musa Qatash from al-Jalazun Refugee Camp were attacked by settlers while out for a walk in their family plots near the village of Jibya.

The brothers were beaten so severely that they required medical attention. The assault on 'Issa Qatash was prolonged and resulted in a fractured bone in his leg and two broken front teeth.

The settlers also spat at Qatash, which forced him to enter isolation in a Palestinian Authority facility for fear of corona infection, keeping him away from his family for several days after the traumatic event. He was released on 22 April and is now self-isolating at home.



“It was different when I was in Nairobi,” he said, during a break in his grocery rounds. “There was poverty, but it was more human. Here there is something diabolical about all this, something evil in how all these people are treated.” [ABC News - 3 May 2020]:


“I need help. Help me. For my children, for my husband, I need help,” said a tearful Mary Sado Ofori, a Nigerian hairdresser and mother of three who has been holed up in her overcrowded apartment block.

She ran out of milk for her 6-month old, and is getting by on handouts from a friend.



Migrants rescued at sea to be allowed off Italy's quarantine ferry; Malta still refusing entry to 57 migrants until there is an EU agreement on their future placement[The Local - 2 May 2020]



"As Malta and Italy declared their ports closed, migrants on board the Alan Kurdi had attempted suicide out of sheer desperation" [Times of Malta - 27 April 2020]



Greek coast guard pushes migrant boat back to Turkey [Daily Sabah - 1 May 2020]



Turkish coast guard pushes migrant boat into Greek waters [Greek City Times - 30 April 2020]



Austria sends shipping containers to detain migrants on Greek islands [Info Migrants - 1 May 2020]



IOM suddenly alarmed by "unintended consequences" of Libya's coronavirus movement restrictions [8 April 2020]



Almost 1,000 refugees have been intercepted at sea and returned to Libya this year already, trumpets the IOM [Al Jazeera - 15 January 2020]



Mexican officials say they have deported more than 3,500 migrants back to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador 100 Guatemalans infected with coronavirus deported from the US from mid-March through mid-April [Texas Public Radio - 2 May 2020]:


Some deportees are experiencing harassment upon return to their hometowns.

In Guatemala, some villages are threatening deportees, fearful that they have brought back the virus, according to Reuters.



Thailand's Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration [CCSA] has reported 18 new coronavirus cases all of whom are "illegal migrants" detained in Songkhla's Sadao district [Bangkok Post - 5 May 2020]



Fraud -> "Extremely anguished by the loss of lives," says Modi after 16 migrants killed after being hit by a freight train between Jalna and Aurangabad [Yahoo - 8 May 2020]



Bangladesh imprisons 100s of newly arrived Rohingya refugees on Bhasan Char island - along with those who have attempted to escape the misery of Cox's Bazar camps - as a "deterrent" [New Age Bangladesh - 6 May 2020]



Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Coast Guard refuse entry to 100s of Rohingya refugees [Dhaka Tribune - 25 April 2020]



Bangladesh has imposed a “complete lockdown” of Cox’s Bazar concentration camps – where over a million Rohingya refugees are imprisoned [The Star - 11 April 2020]



Refugees beaten by army for breaking "lockdown rules", while an internet ban spreads coronavirus fears faster than infection inside Bangladesh's Rohingya concentration camps [The New Arab - 2 April 2020]:


According to the report, some women at the camps were "scared" to tell anyone about symptoms they felt.

There were also rumours that those with coronavirus would be taken away, never to be seen again. 

One woman said neighbours had warned her about going to see a doctor as contracting the virus meant "they will shoot us to death since this virus can affect anyone who is in contact with the patient." 



"Hunger will kill us before coronavirus", say Rohingya refugees in India [Al Jazeera - 31 March 2020]:


"The Indian government is protecting its people while international organisations such as UNHCR (the United Nations refugee agency) have turned a blind eye towards us. We are literally left alone to fight this pandemic," he added.

Meanwhile, the UNHCR office in New Delhi denied delaying its response and said it has been closely monitoring the situation in coordination with local non-profit organisations.

"We are very much on it. We did organise various COVID-19-related awareness programmes in slums over the last few weeks," Kiri Atri, the assistant external relations officer, UNHCR, told Al Jazeera.

"From today onwards, we will start distributing hygiene kits containing soaps, while facemasks will be given on a case-by-case basis." 



Nine-year-old killed and 15 seriously injured in a village in Rakhine State’s Minbya Township in an air strike by the Myanmar military [Irrawaddy - 25 March 2020]



Myanmar army kills five Rohingya, including child, in Rakhine [Almasirah Media Network - 2 March 2020]



"Woodside is planning for a fourth drilling campaign offshore Myanmar during 2020 and 2021"



Woodside’s proposed deep-water gas development in Myanmar took an important step forward in December with the signing of important fiscal agreements.



"HESTA has a $240 million holding in Woodside, which has a market capitalisation of about $30 billion" [Sydney Monring Herald - 28 August 2019]



Instead of checking your superannuation balance and disciplining those of us who still have our critical faculties and do not wish to commit collective suicide, why not check your privilege?



Eichmann forced inmates to write postcards to friends and relatives extolling the beauty of Auschwitz, to encourage them to board trains that would carry them to their deaths 60 years on Israel prosecutor recalls Eichmann trial [AFP - 8 May 2020]



What could better represent the pinnacle of bureaucratic management than the information loop between computer and person? All pertinent information regarding an individual with even a single Jewish grandparent could be easily stored on a single IBM punch card, a unique card that would follow the victim from home address in 1933 to death camp in 1943. Eichmann, Bureaucracy and the depersonalisation of annihilation [Jerusalem Post - 14 February 2013]



Eichmann in Jerusalem [The New Yorker - February 1963]:


“Why did you not protest?,” “Why did you board the train?,” “Fifteen thousand people were standing there and hundreds of guards facing you—why didn’t you revolt and charge and attack these guards?,” harped on it for all it was worth. But the sad truth of the matter is that the point was ill taken, for no non-Jewish group or non-Jewish people had behaved differently. Sixteen years ago, while still under the direct impact of the events, a former French inmate of Buchenwald, David Rousset, described, in “Les Jours de Notre Mort,” the logic that obtained in all concentration camps: “The triumph of the S.S. demands that the tortured victim allow himself to be led to the noose without protesting, that he renounce and abandon himself to the point of ceasing to affirm his identity. And it is not for nothing. It is not gratuitously, out of sheer sadism, that the S.S. men desire his defeat. They know that the system which succeeds in destroying its victim before he mounts the scaffold . . . is incomparably the best for keeping a whole people in slavery. In submission. Nothing is more terrible than these processions of human beings going like dummies to their death.”

The court received no answer to this cruel and silly question, but one could easily have found an answer had he permitted his imagination to dwell for a few minutes on the fate of those Dutch Jews who in 1941, in the old Jewish quarter of Amsterdam, dared to attack a German security police detachment. Four hundred and thirty Jews were arrested in reprisal, and they were literally tortured to death, being sent first to Buchenwald and then to the Austrian camp of Mauthausen. Month after month, they died a thousand deaths, and every single one of them would have envied his brethren in Auschwitz had he known about them. There exist many things considerably worse than death, and the S.S. saw to it that none of them was ever very far from the mind and imagination of their victims. In this respect, perhaps even more significantly than in others, the deliberate attempt in Jerusalem to tell only the Jewish side of the story distorted the truth, even the Jewish truth. The glory of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto and the heroism of the few others who fought back lay precisely in their having refused the comparatively easy death that the Nazis offered them—before the firing squad or in the gas chamber. And the witnesses in Jerusalem who testified to resistance and rebellion, to “the small place the uprising had in this history of the holocaust,” confirmed the known fact that only the very young had been capable of taking the “decision that we cannot go and be slaughtered like sheep.”



"When our media is corrupt ... our academics are timid ... our history is filled with half-truths and lies – our civilisation will never be just. It will never reach to the sky"


Julian Assange



What’s happening in real life is that the virus reproduces, materializes, extends and intensifies – for hundreds of millions of people – dominant forms of biopolitical and necropolitical management that were already in place. The city in a time of plague [Asia Times - 17 April 2020]:


When the powers that be act like they are protecting us from a dangerous disease, they are imprinting their own immunity-based definition of the community.

At the same time they have the power to decide to sacrifice part of the community (elderly people left to die; victims of the economic crisis) to the benefit of their own idea of sovereignty.  ...

With pervasive social distancing in place, the new border is each and everyone’s skin.

Migrants and refugees were previously considered viruses, and only merited confinement and immobilization.

But now these policies apply to whole populations.

Detention centers – perpetual waiting rooms that abolish human rights and citizenship – are now detention centers inside one’s own home.



“They failed to grasp the significance of ‘the squelchy roundness of a still-warm body’ of the plague-bearing rats that emerge from their underworld to die in their streets” [Edward Curtin - 19 March 2020]:


We are all infected with the soul-destroying evil that our leaders have loosed upon the world, a plague of killing that is now hidden behind the coronavirus fear that is being used to institute tight government controls that many will come to rue in the months ahead, just as happened after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Coronavirus is a perfect cover-story for the occupation of the public’s mind by a propaganda apparatus that has grown even more devious over the past 19 years.



Young woman found dead in a wheelie bin in Western Australia reportedly put there by her family who used it to get her to hospital; authorities respond by shutting bottle shops [Yahoo - 7 May 2020]



Murder investigation launched after man's body found inside sleeping bag at Jack Evans Boat Harbour Park, Tweed Heads, one year after dead baby washed up on a Surfers Paradise beach [Daily Mail - 22 November 2019]



Elderly woman found dead in wheelchair on the side of the road in Florida [WVLT - 1 May 2020]



NASA does not want spectators for its May 27 astronaut launch, but Brevard County Sheriff is encouraging people to attend [Click Orlando - 1 May 2020]



100s protest lockdown in Sacramento [Lost Coast Outpost - 4 May 2020]



“He [Gov Newsom] keeps dangling the carrot,” said Dave Elm, a factory worker whose hours have been cut [Orange County Register - 1 May 2020]



Dozens in Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach rally to protest closed South Bay beaches [The Beach Reporter - 1 May 2020]



“More South Carolinians are being hurt by the government-imposed shutdown than by Covid-19 itself” State legislators push back against Governors’ coronavirus overreach [The New American - 1 May 2020]



Protesters took to the Michigan capitol against Governor’s stay at home order [CBS - 30 April 2020]:


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said Whitmer needs [to] allow routine medical visits and treatment, saying people with health problems, diabetes, and sickle cell disease are overdue for help.

“The one thing that I’m really calling on the governor and our hospitals and our doctors to work on are opening up the rest of the medical system. I think the day-to-day health care of a lot of Detroiters is being neglected,” Mayor Mike Duggan said.



An estimated 1,500 protesters gathered to rally against Gov. Tony Evers’ "Safer at Home" order at the Wisconsin State Capitol [Wisconsin Watch - 24 April 2020]



Footage taken in Paris on 1 May illustrates how enforcement priority of authorities is the harassment of Parisiens possessing protest signs, not anti-social dictates [One News Page - 1 May 2020]



In addition to pushing the narrative that this is all about a rescue of Main Street, not Wall Street, there is the Trump administration’s secondary narrative that everything was just fine with the economy and Wall Street before the coronavirus hit the U.S.

At Kudlow’s March 24 press briefing, he also said this: “We started the year very strong and then we got hit by the coronavirus.” That is also a false narrative. Congress Sets Up Taxpayers to Eat $454 Billion of Wall Street’s Losses. Where Is the Outrage? [Wall Street on Parade - 7 May 2020]



You have to ask yourself this: if this was really about helping Main Street, why wouldn’t that $750 billion have simply been added to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which is restricted to businesses with 500 or fewer employees – the Small Business Administration’s definition of a small business? JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and fossil fuel industry get bailed out under Fed’s “Main Street” lending program [Wall Street on Parade - 1 May 2020]



New Zealand's Epidemic Response Committee to summons Solicitor-General to reveal legal advice for lockdown [RNZI - 6 May 2020]:


The unprecedented move follows repeated public requests from the Opposition for this information over the past five weeks.

The committee chair, National Party leader Simon Bridges, said it was "inexplicable that the advice hasn't been made public".

"Serious concerns have also been raised by academics, lawyers and the Law Society.

"The people of New Zealand have given up their freedoms for this lockdown. We all deserve to know what the legal basis was for that," Bridges said.



While continuing to destroy livelihoods and keep us under indefinite house arrest, Australian government gives certainty to multinational plunderers and exploiters [Jakarta Post - 8 May 2020]



Head of Queensland Children's Court O'Shea says children in detention are being denied visits with parents. [1 May 2020]



A second inmate in a Canadian federal prison has died of/or with coronavirus [CTV - 5 May 2020]:


Catherine Latimer, the director of the John Howard Society, which advocates for prisoners’ rights, said she was “very sorry” to hear of the man’s death, and that she’d like to see the federal government move more dramatically to protect inmates from the virus.

In recent days, “the contagion in that prison looked bad and getting worse,” she said.

“I understood that some older, medically vulnerable prisoners were confined there and was worried about a bad outcome.”

The John Howard Society has been asking Ottawa to “move the medically vulnerable prisoners out of harm's was and to safely place some prisoners on house arrest in the community to allow social distancing,” she said, “but the government has yet to act.”

The death at the Mission facility in B.C. sparked a lobbying effort by a coalition of 38 organizations to get an "immediate inquest" into the man's death.

"The public needs to know what happened at Mission Institution and how the incarcerated person who died was treated,” the groups wrote in a letter to B.C. authorities.



According to the NGO Venezuelan Prisons Observatory, the riot was sparked by inmates protesting lack of food and reduced family visiting rights, factors exacerbated by the coronavirus lockdown. 45 killed in Guanare Prison riot [Venezuela Analysis - 4 May 2020]



“Abandoned like dogs”: 23 dead, 83 injured following riot at El Modelo prison in Bogota over coronavirus [Reuters - 23 March 2020]



Coronavirus rumour prompts prison riot in Thailand [The Thaiger - 30 March 2020]



Do as I say, not as I do: UN staff member fails to complete coronavirus self-isolation; leaves South Sudan without authorisation [Inner City Press - April 2020]



Deny and delay: Indian Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Chief Ministers of the party-ruled States accuse Union government of taking decisions without consulting the States and not providing them with adequate funds to fight coronavirus [The Hindu - 6 May 2020]



We will never know how many people died of starvation, because no state government will admit to starvation deaths [Indian Express - May 2020]



11 dead, 100s hospitalised in LG Chemical Ltd gas leak, Visakhapatnam; police official says negligence linked to lockdown [NDTV - 7 May 2020]:


Swarupa Rani, an Assistant Commissioner of Police in Visakhapatnam, told news agency AFP that the gas leaked from huge tanks that had been unattended due to India's coronavirus lockdown in place since late March.

"(The gas) was left there because of the lockdown. It led to a chemical reaction and heat was produced inside the tanks, and the gas leaked because of that."



5 seriously injured after explosion at Anglo American’s Grosvenor coal mine at Moranbah in central Queensland [ABC - 6 May 2020]



A 33-year-old man is the eighth Queensland miner to die on the job in the past two years [7 News - 13 January 2020]



The Queensland Labor government voted down calls for a mine safety inquiry last August [Sydney Morning Herald - 26 November 2019]



As at 12 March, there were 38 Australian workers killed at work in 2020. In 2019, 162 Australian workers were fatally injured while working, compared with 144 workers in 2018. [Safe Work Australia]



"Coronavirus cluster" or not, the Australian government does not care about the health and wellbeing of meat workers.



Japan extends state of emergency as Abe bullshits the citizenry about "easing restrictions" and hospitals reject coronavirus patients [Japan Times - 4 May 2020]


The owner of one of Japan’s largest chains of hospitals, who asked not to be named, said that coronavirus patients do not use any of his capacity of 5,000 beds because they are not classed as infectious disease beds.

Many are empty because people are postponing non-essential treatment during the pandemic. [Financial Times - 5 May 2020]



Thailand: Forty newly suspected coronavirus cases in Yala turn out to be false positives [Bangkok Post - 5 May 2020]



Workers subjected to ongoing martial law as Thailand's airports re-open for wealthy Thais and tourists.



The daily Covid19 deaths reports, issued by the UK government, are generally misleading and being so misrepresented by the media they amount to little more than a lie. [Off Guardian - 23 April 2020]



9 May 2020


8 May 2020


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